Moving down continues to be all the rage at top of the draft

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On Tuesday, there was a report that five teams among the top 12 picks were interested in trading their picks and moving down in the draft order.

Two more reports on Wednesday morning have pushed that total up to eight teams. Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that the Jets have made calls to teams in hopes of moving the ninth and/or 13th picks that they currently hold in the first round.

Adam Schefter of ESPN, meanwhile, adds the Raiders (currently holding the third pick and not actively shopping the pick according to General Manager Reggie McKenzie) and the Cardinals (seventh overall pick) to the list. Schefter also mentions “others” as interested in moving down, which suggests that it might just be easier to make a list of every team in the league and report that they are willing to consider trading their pick if the right offer should come along.

Obviously, there’s no way all of these teams interested in moving down are going to be able to realize their goal. There’s also no reason to believe that some of these teams are simply seeing what’s out there while making plans to stay put if they aren’t bowled over by a trade proposal. Given the amount of teams thought to be interested in a move, the chances of such a trade proposal being made wouldn’t seem to be all that great.

Especially since no one seems to want any of the players available in this year’s draft. We’ve already heard this called the worst draft in 10 years and the reports about the growing list of teams trying to trade away their picks underscores that belief. It’s not the best advertisement for Thursday night’s festivities and we’ll see if the feeling that NFL teams would rather spend the evening playing cribbage winds up impacting the television ratings.

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  1. Makes sense to me. If a draft is weak at the top and the perception is that the real value comes at the end of the first round and into the second, why not try and get as many lottery tickets in that range as possible?

  2. I think your comments about the ratings will be just the opposite. This is going to be the craziest draft of all time, as most teams grade the top 50 all on a similar talent level, so no one will be able to guess who gets drafted unless they stay tuned, there will be tons of surprises, trades, and all sorts of wackiness. Considering the 1st QB could either come in the top 8 picks, or fall to the 3rd round is another intriguing element. Ratings will be through the roof from picks 1-32.

  3. The problem is not that this is a weak draft, in total. The problem is that the value at the top of the draft isn’t in proportion to the cost of obtaining those players. The value from the middle of the first round down through the third or so appears to be very good. So, many teams are wanting to move out of the top of the draft down more into the middle, where they can get better bang for their bucks.

  4. Yes, this is going to be crazy. I expect several Christian Ponder moments, and hope for several Brady Quinn moments.

  5. Not to worry, all of the sportswriters will have their draft report cards turned in Thursday night and we’ll see the teams get graded A-D.

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Ravens trading the Jets for the 13th pick, to get Austin. But that’s not Ozzie’s style. Recently Ozzie has been known to trade out of the first round, because the top players on his board are gone, he will be able to get who he wants in the second round and he gets an extra pick. But with so many teams wanting to trade their first pick I don’t think he will be able to make a trade for a team’s second pick.

  7. It’s nonsense to suggest that this draft is any deeper than any other draft. This is a weak draft class because of the obvious lack of top end talent. Every draft class produces depth. The problem here is there are fewer than 10 players who would have been considered first rounders in last year’s (and many other year’s) draft.

    Dion Jordan and Ezekiel Ansah are top 10 picks? With 5.0 and 4.5 sacks respectively? Dee Miliner with his 6 career ints? Geno Smith? Tavon Austin could be a great weapon in the right system, but top 10-15 for a 5’7″, 175 lb. WR? He’s not a #1 stud! OL is the only group that is above average this year. The rest are below… pretty far below.

  8. I wouldnt mind the RAIDERS trading down if they got something close to what the Falcons gave up for Julio Jones a few years ago. Theres about 4 top tier players and after theres a big drop off.

  9. If a lot of teams want to move down in the draft, wouldnt that mean teams wanting to move up could do it for a fairer price since the demand is so high?

  10. Too bad for the Chiefs they sucked one year too late. They could have had a franchise QB in Luck or RG3, and this year they get an offensive tackle. Um yay?

  11. Moving down is so hot right now, it could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, and sell it to the queen as earrings

  12. nativeraider says:
    Apr 24, 2013 10:46 AM
    I wouldnt mind the RAIDERS trading down if they got something close to what the Falcons gave up for Julio Jones a few years ago. Theres about 4 top tier players and after theres a big drop off.
    Who wouldn’t love to do that, but there’s virtually no chance in this draft class. The talent isn’t unbelievable to begin with, but moreover there isn’t anyone a team needs to draft. Joeckel is almost a “need” type guy, but with Fisher and Lane Johnson available too, I don’t think teams are that desperate to move way up for “their guy”, whoever he might be.

  13. These are the drafts that produce the largest numbers of good players. I wouldnt be surprised if this draft contained more Pro Bowlers than last years, minus the superstar QBs.

  14. I wish I had a dollar for every time an ” anonymous” nfl person said it would be a terrible draft, I would be a rich man.
    It’s also ironic that this is suppose to be one of the deepest drafts.
    The statement was probably made because there is no prima donna out there this year.just lineman, and a deep secondary. that’s the kind of draft real nfl fans will enjoy

  15. The reality is with so many teams looking to trade back the value it would cost to move is dropping. It won’t cost nothing like a Julio Ones deal. Plus it’s making it harder for a team to get what they usually can for trading back. U want in the top ten it may only cost you a 3 or 4 th rounder to get it.

  16. Sometimes I think that BB and the Pats have a deal with the devil. First draft in ever that they don’t have many picks in? Well, it is only the worst draft class in the past ten years. Oh, and all of their picks fall into the range of where you’re getting the best value for the players available.

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