Nine draft pick presenters also part of concussion lawsuit


Nine of the former players who will welcome picks to the NFL Friday night are also saying the league has done them irreparable harm.

According to Alex Marvez of, nine of the 32 team representatives who will announce second and third-round picks at the NFL Draft are also among the more than 4,100 players in the concussion lawsuit against the league.

The list includes soon-to-be-enshrined Hall of Famer Dave Robinson (Packers), Larry Centers (Cardinals), Tony Casillas (Cowboys), Dick Schafrath (Browns), Randy Gradishar (Broncos), Gary Barbaro (Chiefs), Joey Browner (Vikings), Jeremiah Trotter (Eagles) and Isaiah Kacyvenski (Seahawks) will step to the podium and welcome new players.

A league spokesman said the representatives were picked by the teams themselves.

“The concussion litigation is a separate matter and not relevant to our celebration of former players at the draft,” Greg Aiello said.

Perhaps not, but the juxtaposition of the new crop of fresh faces (and bodies) and the ones who claim they’re battered and discarded still makes for the possibility of an interesting “Welcome to the league” conversation.

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  1. Maybe I’m strange but if I had a lawsuit level grudge against a former employer, I think I’d tell my former team thanks but no thanks.

  2. Who would have guessed huge men running into each other every play was bad for the brain? It doesn’t take a doctor to figure out that when you’re dizzy or knocked out it’s not a good idea to keep playing, but guys still do today. Write it into contracts. This game is not safe and major injuries are LIKELY to happen.

  3. Most people, including incoming and current players know the risks of playing ball.. and to a point so did the former players. Advancements in medical procedures and time have shown to what extent the damage was or possibly could have been.

    But they still signed up to play the game.. and season after season continued.

    Personally the lawsuit is mostly a cash grab but also may further the rightfully forcing the NFL to share more of today’s wealth with the players that helped build this league with there blood, sweat and bodies.

    So no.. it probably will not expose the league or the players to deeper conversations than the players absorbing the moment with the thoughts of contracts and new teams.

  4. It seems counterproductive for the retired players to show up and participate in NFL activites if they are suing the NFL.

    The league will surely use this as leverage in the lawsuits.

  5. For those who think this is just about a cash grab, unfortunately the mix of players in this lawsuit extending over the period of time this does, complicates the situation and can give that impression. It’s easy to look at football today and forget how it’s has changed through the years, just as it is to ignore the advances in medicine and especially anything to do with the brain. The fact is, many of these older players played the game for the love of the sport, were not compensated hardly at all, forget the health insurance etc. It was expected for manly men to play through pain and go out and give the team 110% when there was no player’s union to protect their interests and nobody had agents. The NFL is concerned with what this lawsuit is going to mean to them financially when the moral thing to do would be to help these older legendary players who are in need. Of course, by helping a few they worry that would be an admission of liability for further cases so they will continue to put themselves ahead of “player safety” when it benefits them.

  6. Due to previous concussions, these guys didn’t remember that they were part of the concussion lawsuit…

  7. What gives?These greedy ex-players and their lawyers are trying to take down the NFL.They should not be allowed in the same building.

  8. This is kind of ridiculous actually. When you are being sued by a former employee you cut ties. You don’t invite them to events and parties. Once they sue, relationship over.

    This isn’t to punish or demonize the employee. It is just a simple fact of life that if someone is trying to sue you that you sever ties.

  9. On average….more than 3 players per team, each year, for 40 straight years? I don’t think so.

  10. NFL Attorney in court: “But yet you agreed to be a presenter at the 2013 NFL draft, did you not?……Then, how can you blame the NFL for all of your health problems?”

  11. Why is Dick Schafrath not in the HOF?
    Travesty, a guy who cleared the way for 3 HOF’ers
    Jim Browns, Leroy Kelly, Bobby Mitchell and also, Ernie Green

  12. You signed up to play . You don’t have nobody to blame for your health but yourself. Everyone who has played or currently is playing no the risk factors involved. Don’t try to play stupid just to get a few extra bucks out of the N.F.L.

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