Not expected to be a first-rounder, Mathieu’s still partying


Maybe Tyrann Mathieu was sick.

Or maybe he knows something we don’t.

The LSU cornerback, who skipped a pair of visits last week due to illness, is planning on celebrating Thursday night, though no one really expects him to be chosen until Friday.

Mathieu tweeted out an invitation/flier for his draft party in New York Thursday night, which reads: “For 1st round draft pick Tyrann Mathieu, AKA Honey Badger of LSU.”

Now, this wouldn’t be the first time a flier for an athlete’s party contained information the athlete himself wasn’t aware of. These things are drawn up by promoters who are looking to attract a crowd.

And while he’s tried to distance himself from the college nickname — as well as his college drug suspensions — Honey Badger is an easy hook for someone making an ad.

And there’s also the not-insignificant fact that few have him pegged as a first-rounder.

So he’s either planning a party that might might turn into a pumpkin before midnight, or he’s just feeling confident and throwing a party.

There’s nothing insidious about that, in and of itself. But for a guy working to sell a new image, it might not have been the one he wanted to present.

53 responses to “Not expected to be a first-rounder, Mathieu’s still partying

  1. For a guy whose draft stock has been downgraded over ‘character issues’ … there’s nothing like a good party to make NFL teams feel better about you.

  2. This is all beginning to sound very orchestrated (as in rep promotion). It makes one wonder if maybe, just maybe, the Honey Boy isn’t all that his stats say that he should be. So he plays an “aloofness” game. Kind of Greta Garbo-ish, “I vant to be alone.” Make the teams come to him on his terms. “I’m so fantastic that the draft is only a mere formality that I needn’t bother myself with.” Or somesuch.

    I said that he had DIVA written all over him. I stand by that analysis.

  3. I can’t wait for the twitter 2 step authentication to start, so the excuse “I’ve been hacked” can not be used anymore……even though he hasn’t actually claimed that yet…….but it may be coming…..

  4. If some team in the NFL can draft Tebow in the 1st round, then it’s possible that somebody could draft Mathieu in the 1st round. NFL history is loaded with countless examples of legendary reaches. These teams are very slow to learn and evolve, and the scouting talent in football is more suspect than in any other sport. There are some total nuts out there.

  5. So sure of himself??? He’ll be one that gets in the NFL, and will either not be able to handle the game that comes with it, or he just won’t be able to maintain the competitiveness that the NFL requires. Shocked if he is picked in the first 20.

  6. Tyrann’s size will keep him out of the first round, and his character concerns will keep him out of most of the second. Look at what supposed character issues did to Vontaze Burfict, and even Ryan Mallett.

    And if the Redskins draft anyone but DJ Swearinger in the 2nd or 3rd I’ll be pretty disappointed.

  7. Please God, No. The Redskins do not need to bring this guy in. They have had like six players suspended for drug use in the last two years. No need to have this guy around. Not a good fit.

  8. Don’t forget the cowboys, “Lev”. They love character issues. After all, it’s a fact that 85% of the Dallas team has criminal records.

  9. Time for Schwartz and the Lions to step up to bar! The Detroit police blotter needs publicity!

  10. rodge1 says: Apr 24, 2013 1:15 PM

    He must’ve made some really good money at LSU to afford this party.

    Nike or UnderArmor or some sportswear company has probably lined up a deal with Mathieu. Endorsement money is gonna rain down on him whichever team picks him. (His agent is licking his chops.)

    First round? Hype. But I can see him being snapped up in the second round.

  11. logicalvoicesays says: Apr 24, 2013 1:09 PM

    He’s going to look great in Burgundy and Gold. Getting football and life lessons from DeAngelo Hall. #TheRedskinsareafamily



  12. This guy seems to think he is Leon Sandcastle and the League should revolve around him. I think both the player and the team that does draft him in the 3rd on, will both get eye opening experiences and neither experience will end well. Just sayin’…

  13. Once JPP indoctrinates him in the tub and LSU alum Corey Webster takes him under his wing, the Honey Badger will be a perfect fit across from the Prince for the next 10 years.

  14. 1st rd? Going on friday? Lol he is going to be in that club for a while bc no one will call his name. He is undersized and to many headaches, this isnt randy moss or even tebow. Moss was a pure baller and even though tebow may not be a qb he is a football player

  15. I just got my espn the mag with him on the cover saying how he wasn’t the honey badger and life lessons blah blah blah.I hope he succeeds not off to great start.

  16. This proves, without a doubt, that he is ready for the NFL.

    This is how it works right?
    A) Get drafted, play in the NFL
    B) Party, blow all your money while playing.
    C) Retire.
    D) Go bankrupt.
    E) Sue the NFL.

    He has only chosen to Do A after B, and most likely will do B after A again. He’s just showing how prepared he is, that’s all.

  17. @ explosionsauce who says:

    How dare he celebrate extravagantly.

  18. blackandbluedivision says: Apr 24, 2013 1:07 PM

    “I was hacked.”
    No. I can tell you exactly what happened– my girlfriend is Persian, (so yes, they own three nightclubs and all druve hummers- literally. Stereotypes exist for a reason) so I’ve ended up learning more about owning nightclubs than anybody could ever want to know. Clubs pay athletes just to make an appearance at events– the club plasters Facebook and Twitter with advertisements about that weekend’s celebrity, that creates buzz, and buzz sells twice as many drinks as they normally would on a Thursday. This almost certainly wasn’t Mathieu’s idea, he was definitely not involved in the advertising process, and he may not even show up for more than ten minutes.

  19. logicalvoicesays says: Apr 24, 2013 1:09 PM

    He’s going to look great in Burgundy and Gold. Getting football and life lessons from DeAngelo Hall. #TheRedskinsareafamily
    This guy has jumped the shark, how is he still being taken seriously? I mean if a Cincy fan started talking about how Pacman Jones could teach a rookie about money management, nobody would believe that he was actually a Bengals fan, or wasn’t being sarcastic.

    Voices isn’t even trying anymore, how can anybody still believe this guy isn’t just a troll trying to make Redskins fans look stupid?

  20. I am doubting the authenticity of this alleged party. I also doubt Mathieu will be anywhere near New York on draft night.

  21. thats gonna be a long 3 plus day party, they better have the fire dept on stand by, cause its gonna be a smoke out, snoop lion, whiz, devin da dude are all invited to the honey badgers “undrafted free agent party”

  22. @logicalvoices

    did he really say he will learn from deangelo hall? hahahaha this guy must be a crack baby

  23. Come on Tyrann!! I hope this wasnt you my friend. We want you to come to join the DCNation but you have got to tighten up bro!

    True burgundy/Gold for life!

  24. he better save his money, most late picks get a low signing bonus and yr agent gets a percentage of that and taxes and other fees, so dont ball too hard there honey badger

  25. He bought a bunch of drugs with LSU money. How much drugs can he afford with NFL money?

    Whomsoever drafts this ‘person’ is just asking for it. Which stooge will step forward?

    Does the NFLPA allow for ‘contingency contracts?’ You get paid ONLY IF…? This cat’s going to need a ton of conditions attached to him.

  26. he should go to Detroit – there seems to be a pattern forming there which may be to his liking…

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