On eve of draft, Mathieu shows good backpedal


With the hours ticking away before the start of the draft tomorrow night, damage control is moving at high speed.

Not long after advertising the after-party for “1st round draft pick Tyrann Mathieu, AKA Honey Badger of LSU,” Mathieu is trying to explain it away.

He just tweeted out word that braggadocio was not his intention, and “I did not approve that part of the flyer.”

Not knowing what the flier said is utterly believable. Many athletes have no idea their images are invoked on such ads until they’re printed, and usually not until they become embarrassing in some way.

But Team Matheiu should have been keeping a closer eye on anything with his name on it, because his name (and not his game) is much of the reason he’s not expected to be drafted until Friday (or Saturday).

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  1. I hope the party is scheduled for Saturday night because his phone won’t be ringing on Thursday or Friday.

  2. So who was responsible for that part of the flyer? Name that person and hold them accountable for doing something wrong. They need to be outed and chastised for publishing something on your Twitter without your permission regardless of who this person is. You need to do what’s right, not convenient.

  3. Back peddling is too late it is already out there. Almost half of NFL GM’s say they will not draft him, and I imagine that number is growing as we speak.

  4. As a Bengals fan, I kind of hope it does turn out like Burfict. I’m sure the redeemer would give him a chance if the price was low, and I’d be ok with that.

  5. billmead1976:

    Vontaze was not dumb.

    He was one of the guys I was most excited about in the draft for the back rounds for the Lions. Everybody trashed on that guy and I gave him BONUS points for what he said and how he acted before the draft. In my mind Burfict did everything right and was saying all of the right things and he had a fantastic attitude.

    I wrote more message board pages of support for the Lions drafting Burfict than I did for any other player in the draft because of how smart and talented that Burfict appeared to me.

  6. agree with blacknole08
    Despite all his troubles I still think he is a good prospect. He’s got playmaker ability and if the right team gets him he could be a steal.——————————————————————————————–
    6 Forced fumbles & 5 fumble recoveries in a season for a DB against SEC competition speaks for itself, someone will gamble on him when the price in the later rounds.

  7. I will go to bed tonight dreaming that the Bears draft him and Te’o both…Then I will wake up screaming in terror.

  8. packerbackernj says:Apr 24, 2013 2:32 PM

    I’ll still take him in GB.
    Of course you would. GB even took back Jolly so they can be carpool buddies.

  9. I for one think all this negative hype surrounding Matthieu is is nothing more than GM smokescreens. This CB will go in the first round, and perhaps behind only Milliner. All it takes is one GM who thinks this is a non-issue and that the talent outweighs the risk (which it does).

  10. Packerbackernj is clueless. I live in Green Bay. Nobody in Green Bay wants that knucklehead around here. A few guys like that is how you turn into the Lions.

    Also, no way the Hookah Badger gets picked until Saturday. There is zero chance Ted Thompson would even use a compensatory 7th rounder on this clown, and I don’t see any other GM making the mistake of using a 1st-3rd rounder on him, Al Davis afterall, is no alive.

  11. inyofaceagain,

    Yeah, getting drafted by a young team with a star QB that just won their division would suck.

    Why are there so many skins trolls? The way you people troll them you’d think they’ve won the last ten super bowls.

  12. contra74 says:Apr 24, 2013 3:31 PM

    packerbackernj says:Apr 24, 2013 2:32 PM

    I’ll still take him in GB.
    Of course you would. GB even took back Jolly so they can be carpool buddies.


    Not really fair. Johnny Jolly has admitted he has a problem and is trying to turn it around. We’ll see if he can do it, and maybe it’s a longshot, but he should at least be given the chance…

  13. @contra

    Besides, we have Chris Cook on our team. Not sure we should be throwing stones, I’d rather someone who has a hard time quitting the purple drank than somebody like Cook, who has been very disappointing both on and off the field….

  14. Either he has the worst advisors in the world or he is completely stupid. Most draft picks are surrounded by their friends and family on draft night and not out at the club.

  15. this guy has depression written all over him, could get paid and do like that one DT from penn state did a few years ago and quit football cause he was addicted to video games, if a GM drafts him too high, he could be a zero or a hero, depending on where the honey badgers mind is at

  16. @thestrategyexpert, Vontaze Burfict was a complete idiot coming out of college or he would have been a much higher draft pick. His talent was never in doubt, it was 100% character issues that kept him from being one of the more desired players in the draft. If you watched many of his games at Az.st you would have already known that he’s a personal foul machine, constantly doing dumb stuff and shooting his team in the foot. I saw on more than one occasion where they had to pull him out of the game for a few plays cause he was out of control and couldnt keep his mouth shut. Then he shows up to the combine overweight and out of shape and runs a 5.0 40-time. And of all places for him to go, Detroit would have been the worst place for him to try to get it together

  17. @daltex, smokescreens? Are you even being serious? Negative hype? The kid admittedly didnt even “feel like” playing in the national championship game, played anyways and was terrible, then proceeded to fail 10+ drug tests and got kicked off the team, then he pulls this crap and denies knowing about it? Thats not hype. The dude has issues and he’s never even played 1 nfl game nor does he have money yet. Theres no doubt he has tons of talent but that wont help anyone if he’s on the bench or serving a suspension. One more thing, if he gets drafted in the 1st round like you predict, i will personally come to your house and kiss your bare a$$ on national television. It’s not gonna happen

  18. The war on drugs is stupid, so is testing athletes for pot. Who cares what a guy does in privacy? If you don’t harm another person, or their property, why is it a crime?

  19. drsimester:

    I researched a great deal about Vontaze Burfict and sorry but I did not see character concerns, I saw a character that I fell in love with. You may be right that Detroit would not be a good fit since the coaching culture there I don’t think would be ideal for him based upon my personal viewpoints about their style.

    But nevertheless I am not going to pass over a guy just because I’m worried that our coaches will drop the ball. I make my picks based upon what makes sense under the assumption that they will get adequate coaching support even if it may not be there for them. I think the LB/DB groups are the positions the Lions have the most trouble coaching and I have strong concerns no matter what player we draft in those positions and I think Vontaze is a strong willed man that could have done a decent job on his own all by himself if he had to do it alone.

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