Pead calls rookie season “miserable”

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As this year’s crop of incoming players, especially those taken in the first two rounds, celebrate their new circumstances, they need to keep one thing in mind.

Several months from now, there’s a chance they will think those circumstances stink.

Rams running back Isaiah Pead fell right into that category last season, despite being the 50th overall pick in the 2012 draft.  Presumed to be the heir apparent to Steven Jackson, Pead became largely forgotten last year, sliding behind seventh-rounder Daryl Richardson.

“Honestly, I would call it miserable,” Pead said of his rookie season, via the University of Cincinnati official website. “Miserable life.  Miserable four-five months.”

When the season finally ended, Pead packed up and left.

“I took off and I didn’t come back until it was time to,” Pead said.  “I just wanted to stay out of this area, I came back for a couple days to pack up then all the memories and walking back into my house by myself, had a couple days by myself, I just needed to get out of that area.”

Pead is partially responsible for his misery.  He didn’t deal well with being demoted behind a guy taken 202 spots later, showing up late for a pair of meetings.

“I was literally fed up with football,” Pead said.  “Not a quitter, not quitting, I was just tired of football.  Tired of practice for the day and I would just lay there play video games and whatnot because it was so miserable, so stressful.”

With a fresh opportunity coming from the departure of Jackson, Pead is ready to turn the page.

“Whole new era, whole new attitude, whole new team, whole new Pead,” Pead said.  “I’m not going to sit and linger on something, but I am one to not forget about a situation.  I am moving on from last year, last year is last year, but I have not forgot about last year.  I wouldn’t call it revenge, but the chip that I put on my shoulder is just a little bigger.”

He needs to perform more than a little better to erase the head start that Richardson earned in 2012.  While Pead finished with 10 carries for 54 yards, Richardson had 98 carries for 475 yards.

Pead also needs to hope the Rams don’t use one of their high draft picks on a rookie who’ll get a chance to in 2013 that which Pead couldn’t in 2012.

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  1. Must be a horrible making a great living playing a game. As a Rams fan, shut up and play.

  2. Not all rookies can have a season like RGIII and Alfred Morris. Both on the same team! Wow!!! And Morris being 173rd pick and do what he did! Now that’s a rookie season. Not to mention RGIII’s records. Now these are two phenomenal players who had two of the best rookie seasons for a very long time. If just the fatty wouldn’t have plowed RGIII’s knee.

  3. He sounds like your typical 20 year old. Only 10 carries in a full season is extremly low.

  4. He put the ball on the carpet a couple of times early so Richardson got the carries SJ didn’t. The Rams’ O obviously can’t recover from turnovers. It’s too early to give up on him.

  5. He’s got the fire. I love that he’s not just giving up and saying screw it and moving on. Give him one more chance to prove himself. Pead wants to play, can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in 2013.

  6. I was high on Pead last year, but he couldn’t beat out Richardson, who has a similar skill set, as the complementary back. He better get competitive, or he will be out of the league soon.

  7. yeah I’d be miserable too if I couldn’t just lay around playing video games all day instead of getting paid handsomely to play in the NFL

  8. I’d be willing to bet a lot of rookies feel like this and are just smart enough to not talk about it in the media.

    We can’t understand what it’s like to go from 12-13 years of the game being just a game to being a personal business the day you get drafted. I bet it’s overwhelming for alot of them.

    Now if he has this attitude this year… we have a problem

  9. he was trying to get to the level of trent richardson and got passed by daryl richardson

  10. Sounds like Richardson came into the situation with a chip on his shoulder while Pead thought everything should’ve been handed to him. He showed little work ethic and when challenged he tucked into a ball and cried himself to sleep. I bet J.Fisher has seen all he needs to see from this kid.

  11. Just goes to show that 90% of the ability to play in the NFL is between the ears. You’re not in high school or college anymore. You actually have to work hard and shut up.

  12. Pead needs to ask himself “Why did I slide behind Daryl?”

    Was it because his abilities were less than Richardson? or was it his roll-over-and-just-give-up-on-competing-for-the-slot attitude.

    Pead is revealing a lot about himself by whining about his situation. If he felt entitled by virtue of his draft status and felt disrespected when a “lower” player saw more action than he did, Pead really needs to study the definition of competition…

    …and keep his mouth shut because evidently he has a negative attitude. If I were a coach, I’d sit his a$$ on the bench for that reason alone.

  13. He went to a school with the stupid “quarters” system so he couldn’t join the team until his class graduated which meant no OTA’s or minicamps, plus they still had SJ39 and you know who’s gonna get the carries. The Rams knew that when they drafted him and, much like Quick (in his case, small school/never used a playbook, planned on basically red-shirting them for their rookie seasons and bringing them along slowly. Must have been frustrating for both but I believe they will show why they were worth premium picks from here on out. I trust Fisher and Sneed when it comes to drafting and putting the team together.

  14. That’s sad, you have the amazing opportunity to play in the NFL and you want to sit at home and play video games? C’mon man! You were “tired and fed up” with football? Your rookie year? You aren’t going to make it then kid…. They should’ve drafted LAMAR MILLER, obviously.

  15. Lattimore would be a much better back in ability, toughness, and character most of all. That should be the guy we take and just let Pead go play video games on his own dime…cap savings.

  16. I wonder if his mates wanted to go play video games after he kept dropping the ball. He is right ,the Rams have been very insensitive to he needs. Nice lifestyle,nice pay for couple yards per rush assuming he kept the ball. Where do I sign up !!!! They can treat me that bad all day long. Here I’m hopeful that these guys will be able to carry the load seeing as Jackson is gone and now this muppets feelings are hurt because of his entitlement to play because of the draft, earn it you smuck and be thankful everyday you wake up in the privileged position your in

  17. I can see how going from the superstar on all of your teams from the time you were in Pop Warner through your college days, and then sitting on the bench behind two other guys could punch you right in the ego. I could see how that would make you feel fed up with football after never facing adversity.

    I can’t see you coming out and admitting it, even if you are talking about turning the page this year, as helping your cause. The world is full of guys that want nothing more than to be sitting on the bench of an NFL team behind two other players, just to get the chance to work their butts of and get on the field.

    All the talent in the world doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have the work ethic to back it up.

  18. Most people who are driven and mentally tough, use this thing called “motivation” after a down year. They hit the weights, watch some film, do some workouts, go the extra mile, etc.

    Losers run away and play video games when things don’t go their way….

    If your not prepared to roll with the punches in your careeer then you are not going to be successful in anything, muchless pro football

  19. going by the comment left…i dont think any of the people who left us words of wisdom, read the article…and that includes the author of this. click the link…and read the entire article before you throw your judgement out there…

  20. Not going to work hard when he doesn’t have a good chance of playing. Does anyone think he wouldn’t be demanding a trade or quitting if Steven Jax was still there?

  21. Only thing he didn’t quit was video games. I hope he keeps it up. Only because I am not a Rams fan.

  22. I’m pulling for you, kid! Where would a lot of people be without second chances? Go Isaiah!

  23. forgot to mention his comments while unfortunate may provide an impetus to a better year 2 ill bet the rams didn’t see it like the haters do they don’t want him to fail and im betting they got it right go pead go rams

  24. Isiah Peed should switch to defense so that some day he and Patrick Peterson can wind up in Baltimore playing for Dean Pees.

    Then I can make all the pee-pee jokes I want.

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