Quentin Groves: I realize I let a lot of people down


Browns linebacker Quentin Groves’ arrest for solicitation on April 17 remained under wraps for a week.

It took much less time for Groves, who signed a two-year deal with Cleveland earlier this offseason, to address the matter once it became public. Groves has issued a statement apologizing for the arrest.

“I want to apologize to the Browns organization, our fans and the city of Cleveland for putting myself in this situation,” Groves said in a statement. “I realize I let a lot of people down, most importantly my family. I am committed to learning from this and moving forward.”

Earlier reports indicated that Groves would have a May 10 court date, but the Associated Press reports Groves entered a no contest plea on Tuesday. According to AP, Groves paid $365 as part of the settlement of the case. The Browns have yet to issue any comment about the arrest.

20 responses to “Quentin Groves: I realize I let a lot of people down

  1. You’re a pro athlete dude, you can get plenty of women willing & able for a good time.
    Makes no sense.

  2. Including the hooker who you only gave $100 to have sex with you. How low end can a NFL player get? Hell in NY that won’t get you 5 minutes with crack skank.

  3. How is this a crime?

    A 1st date will cost you way more then a hoe and a roll in the hay is not always guaranteed!

  4. Hundred for sex. $365 for the fine. All told it cost less than $500. Still cheaper than you’d pay for a hooker not from Cleveland.

  5. officialgame says:

    “Including the hooker who you only gave $100 to have sex with you. How low end can a NFL player get? Hell in NY that won’t get you 5 minutes with crack skank.”

    it sounds like you may have spent a little time with low end crack skanks yourself…

  6. People saying Groves is an NFL player, he can get women for “free” – aren’t privy to the whole story.

    Groves is married with a couple of kids. He seemed to not want to get involved with someone that could potentially cause trouble further down the road. In my opinion he was looking to pay someone who would never be seen again.

    His wife was on the Auburn track team and is from Jamaica. She’s a good looking chick who has that island blood in her – so Quentin has to worry about more than just Johnny Law or Roger Goodell.

    Also considering the proximity of Arizona to Vegas – we can just about guess this isn’t the first time he has done this…

  7. “Groves paid $365 as part of the settlement of the case”
    That is more than Joe Banner has put out for a staring corner across from Haden.

  8. When making thee kinds of “deals” over the phone, make sure you aren’t talking to the police!

  9. Get off his back. Obviously any pro athlete could do better than a $190 prostitute. Sometimes even billionaires eat at Wendys for the sake of expedience and convenience. Picking up women at a bar can be messy and complicated for the family man. This deal is simple and ancient(except when it is a cop). Why is this illegal? Its no secret the state makes a pretty penny by exploiting these outmoded puritanical ideals. If you humiliate the violator of the social code and he won’t question the ransom. Maybe Quentin should wear a scarlet J on his jersey to satisfy his community service.

  10. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for his situation.

    He simply thought the police was a prostitute.

    It’s a simple misunderstanding!

  11. For everyone saying, just pick up a girl there are a couple reasons why he wouldn’t.

    First, a real professional working girl would keep her mouth shut and not come knocking for child support, blowing up his image and family life.

    Second, let’s not forget it wasn’t $100. It was $120. The extra $20 was for a “particular act”. How can you ensure that the woman from the bar is going to allow that without ending up on trial for sodomy?

    Now that it backfired and he was soliciting a cop it shows the lack of foresight in the plan because all of the drama that he was trying to avoid has been compounded by the fact that not only was he being unfaithful, he was also paying to do so. Wives don’t generally take kindly to that kind of thing.

  12. This is sad. It just further proves that professional athletes can’t spell faithful. His wife is from Trinidad and not Jamaica and is a beautiful woman and they have two beautiful children. He doesn’t deserve her forgiveness and she deserves more than a man that would risk a broken condom with a skank that would have sex with him for $100. Believe me he has cheated before and this was another way to continue. I hope she makes the right choice and leaves his ass. Let him pay child support and alimony . . . then he will really regret what he has done and will only be able to afford $100 hookers. Lastly, truth be told he does not need magnums.

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