Raiders not actively shopping third overall pick


The Oakland Raiders have just seven draft picks and only three in the first five rounds of the draft that is set to begin Thursday night. The Raiders hold the No. 3 overall selection and could look to deal the pick to move down to acquire more selections.

However, Oakland doesn’t appear to be shopping the pick much as of just yet. According to Jerry McDonald of the San Jose Mercury News, Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is willing to listen to offers for the pick but isn’t making calls himself trying to find suitors.

“We’re just feeling around right now,” McKenzie said. “Nothing is concrete … just peripheral conversations.”

With a roster severely lacking in talent, the Raiders could use as many draft picks as possible to reinvigorate the quality of players on the team. With the rookie wage scale implemented under the new CBA, it would also prove to be more cap-friendly for a team trying to completely rebuild. Whether the Raiders will have a team offer them a package with a desire to move up remains to be seen.

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  1. The only GM who looks like he’s going to the HoneyComb hide out! LOL, Cmon Big Reg, hook us up on draft day!!!

    “Go Vertical”
    -Al Davis

  2. Talent alone doesn’t win you games! Asomugha, Seymour, Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, DeAngelo Hall, Carson Palmer, Jason Campbell, Darren McFadden.. Etc. Etc.

  3. You must need a bad haircut to be in upper management for the Raiders. First Mark Davis, and now Reggie McKenzie.

  4. I’m so tired of hearing how bad this team is before they’ve even played a game. They can’t be any worst than last years addition. At best, they will be dedicated to the team, play hard, and leave the attitudes. Everyone said the same thing about the Colts last year so you never know. Quit listening to everything ESPN say…they are not always right

  5. as a raider fan this has got to be the most action i have seen in the off season w/o having to spend money that we don’t have,looks like we are after players that actually want to play not read about how good they are, keep it going Reggie

  6. The Raiders are rebuilding. And it looks like they are working on bringing in blue collar, character type veterans and mixing in some youth with talent. It might not all come together this year, but give it some time and let them build this team right. I’d be surprised if they were worse than last year, if for no other reason than they have more effort players this year. Once they clear out all the dead money and make it through this draft that every analyst is saying is the worst in a long time they can start making real moves.

    I like the direction this franchise is headed, but you can’t fix a decade of commitment to the wrong direction over night.

  7. nope, but when az cards call them tomorrow night when they are on the clock, because they want to move up to get Jockel, or Fisher, we should make the trade and move down to #7. Then when the Titans call to move up to get Warmack in front of the Jets and Bills, we should make that move as well, and move down to the 10 spot as well. Stay put after that.

    If no takers for the 7 spot, and Warmack, Star, or Floyd are still on the board….all is good.

  8. The Raiders are a lot closer than everyone thinks. I know it’s all fun and games to poke and prod at the Raiders, but realistically we’re setting ourselves up quite nicely. If McFadden stays healthy we WILL have a top 5 offense, and if we add depth on defense and a RT in the draft we will challenge for a wild card spot THIS year. I’m a huge pessimist but Reg knows what he’s doing and has put together a solid team, weakest positions being, RT, DT, and FS and we have serviceable players in those positions and they will be drafting to help those problem positions.

  9. It’d be smart to target a team with preferably a top 10 pick, coupled with a second rounder for the 3rd overall. Some team (NYJ?) will trade up for Geno, or one of the OTackles.

    If they stay put, I think the pick is Dion Jordan or Sharrif Floyd.

  10. The Raiders are not drafting Sheriff Floyd with the 3rd pick! If Joeckel and Fisher go first and second, then Lane Johnson is the Raider’s pick. He is the last of the elite LT prospects and several teams will be willing to trade up to get him. No one in the top 10 behind the Raiders want or need Floyd so he will slide out of the top ten. With a trade down, the Raiders can still get Floyd if he is the highest rated DT by big red and have additional picks. So it would be plain stupid to pick Floyd at #3. Whats more, the Raiders have just as big of need of a 2nd starting tackle as any other team and keeping Lane Johnson would be my choice. So in your face Mike Mayoc and the rest of the idiot prognosticators.

  11. What reggie needs to do is one thing , and what he Is capable of is the reailty !
    the best scenario for both teams is the following
    jets – raiders
    #1 oak gets the # 9 for the #3 in round 1
    #2 jets get # 9 1st rd , for #13 in 1st rd , oak gets #39 in rd 2 #141 in round 5
    jest can then demand a flip flop in round round 3 , oaks #66 for jjets #72

    this gives reggie the moron what the team needs 6 spots in the top 172 . 13-39-66/72-100-141-172
    oak can then use 141-172-205-209 of their own, to acquire 3 psots in rds 3-4-5 ! this is how you do it ! JJ AL DAVIS AND LOMBARDI WOULD BE PROUD !!!!!!!!!

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