Report: Browns “seriously considering” trade for Davone Bess

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The Dolphins’ pursuit of Chiefs tackle Branden Albert has been a big storyline of late, but that may not be the only trade talk the Dolphins have engaged in recently.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Browns are “seriously considering” making a trade with Miami to acquire wide receiver Davone Bess. Other teams are also reportedly interested in Bess and Jensen is hearing that mid-round draft picks are being discussed as the compensation heading back to the Dolphins.

Bess has caught 321 passes over the last five years with Miami and has spent long stretches as the team’s most reliable receiver over that period. With Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson joining Brian Hartline at the top of the depth chart, the Dolphins could be looking to unload Bess’ $2.6 million contract now that they no longer need him to play a prominent role.

Last season was the first time that Bess averaged more than 10.5 yards per reception so he’d clearly be a possession guy for Cleveland. Josh Gordon gives them a deep threat, but Greg Little’s hands have been problematic so the consistency Bess brings to the table is likely appealing to Rob Chudzinski and the rest of the offensive staff.

40 responses to “Report: Browns “seriously considering” trade for Davone Bess

  1. Bess is a player that I’ve always liked when operating in the slot. Because he’s a good player, the Browns will almost certainly fail to acquire him.

  2. Bess is a stud BUT Philbin has said many times he wants receivers who can play every position ( X, Y, Z, & slot). Bess is a pure slot guy in the last year of his contract. It makes sense to move him now and get something.

    Good luck Davone

  3. Davone you have been really steady and a solid signing by Ireland but this is the NFL.

    If you move on thanks for the effort and best of luck wherever you may end up.

  4. Huge fan of Bess, made a ton of cathches against the Pats. Would love him in New England

  5. I don’t know. This trade seems too sensible for the Browns. They like big, splashy, and questionable moves that cripple their franchise.

  6. Phin fan here….and Davone Bess has been an outstanding player for us these last few years. Great hands and very dependable. I hope we keep him.

    Cleveland, if you get him, you will be getting a good one!

  7. One of the top slot rec in football, great guy, class act, Miami will get maximum value for him now, 3rd or 4th Rd pick and they can get swope or Patton with that pick. Ireland is really impressing me. Bess is the kind of player that can fit in any offense and produce.

  8. A trade would only be worth doing for Cleveland — even for “just” a mid-round pick — if Bess will agree to a reasonable long-term contract.

  9. As a Steelers fan this makes me cry inside when other teams (especially those within our division who used to be inferior!!) are actually accomplishing real stuff this offseason while the Steelers sit on their hands and lose key players and don’t do anything to get better. I almost hope the Browns go through with this just to show the Steelers what rebuilding truly is.

  10. Another boneheaded Browns move. Trade draft picks for a receiver, but don’t have a damn QB good enough to throw him the ball

  11. It doesn’t matter if they trade for Bess and take Smith if he doesn’t have a good rookie year cleveland will draft a QB in the next year draft cause they never give a QB a chance.

  12. If Bess is traded… Welcome to Miami, Ryan Swope! I hope Fins keep him, but 4th rounder and a chance to shed $2.8M is worth it. With Gibson, Fuller, Matthews and maybe Tavon Austin or Swope, we wont look back. Bess is solid, but dont compare him to the Wes Welker trade. If NE did not have Brady, Welker might not even be in the league anymore.

  13. I like Bess. A lot. Dependable. Quiet. Leads by example and is tough. Produces when you need him too. Hate to see him go, but if he does, package him with our #1 (12) to get up and get Cleveland’s #1 and grab one of the prime LTs in the draft and a mid/late round in return.

    No Albert needed and draft WR Swope with one of our 3rd round picks. You keep both of your 2nds and you’re not paying a guy named Fat Albert more than you offered Long.


  14. Bess is slow and is horrible YAC. Fins will find a better rookie in mid rounds. Thanks for the memories of not getting into the endzone bess!!!

  15. @thechronicjoker: As a ‘Phins’ fan, I would love to see that trade. The realist in me, however, highly doubts it would happen.
    As for Bess, good player, good character, would be highly missed.

  16. It would be hard to get excited about ’95 Jerry Rice joining your team when the quarterback throws more interceptions than touchdowns.

  17. To those that say Bess and our 1st… Not a good idea. That puts us at Browns 6th and all 3 tackles will be gone. Unless your hoping for Milliner or Austin maybe. Also, Swope will be picked in the top 60 for sure, he is no longer our little Miami Aggies secret. We better get him even if we have to reach a little with our 54th. He might be the biggest surprise in the Draft.

  18. mdev1987… Hahaha… better rookie in mid rounds than what Bess has done since he’s been in Miami?! You sir, obviously don’t get it:) Where ever he ends up, they will be most glad to have him. You better hope he doesn’t end up with the Flying Elvis and Mary…

  19. Ok, this is transparent for all…

    The Browns being in such a sorry state will make the playoffs so the NFL can protect it’s own.

    Enjoy your wild card appearance.

    It’ll be the last for a long time.

    Announcer paid to preach says “Well considering the off-field issues surrounding this team they have really pulled together with an us against them mentality. Browns fans have a lot to look forward to next year.”


    Very 1976 marketing fellas. Weak weak weak.


  20. Browns will toss him into the ‘ol Josh Cribbs statistical black hole role.

    Out of the irrelevancy frying pan and into the irrelevancy fire….

  21. Little’s hands were fine once he figured out that you have to locate and catch the ball before turning up field. For more than half the season he almost caught everything thrown his way. I’m hoping to see him in the slot more this year.

  22. I would hate to see bess go to another team, he is a solid 3 option and he always gets open and makes good catches, granted he doesnt score td or has alot of YAC, but you have to give the qb has much weapons as you can, if he goes to another team, hope the best for him.

  23. This is a trade that could benefit all parties. Miami moves surplus receiver, Cleveland upgrades WR corps, Bess retains starting role.

    Bess is a quality guy, great teammate and locker room presence. Good luck to him.

  24. All these Phins fans on the Swope bandwagon understand the Pats are taking him in round 2 right?

  25. LogicalVoice, get used to watching Kirk Cousins play. I know you’re only 14 and play a lot of Madden on the XBox in your mom’s basement, but the adults who’ve watched football for decades recognize that while RG3 seems to be a very high character guy and is extremely fun to watch, he will rarely play all 16 games in a season. QBs who run that much TAKE HITS. How many times has Mike Vick played in all 16 games? Randall Cunningham? They have 4 full 16 game seasons between them in 26 seasons of football. I do think RG3 will be like Cunningham and not like Vick and will actually learn to play his position before he gets old and can’t run anymore.

  26. Hmmm, Does that mean that the Phins might go after Tavon Austin with the 12th pick? That kid is a dynamic playmaker and if the Dolphins pull the trigger on the Brandon Albert deal with KC and land a Tackle prior to the draft, I say they take a swing at Austin if he’s there. They have 2 2nd rounders and 2 3rd rounders so can fill needs at DB and O and D lines there, players like Austin don’t come around very often, he can do a lot for a team not only receiving but in the return game! He even had over 300 yards rushing in a game last year. Make it happen Ireland!

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