Report: Dolphins, Chiefs resume dialogue about Branden Albert


Earlier this week, word out of Kansas City and Miami was that the Chiefs and Dolphins were not communicating about a possible trade involving Chiefs tackle Branden Albert.

That picture appears to have changed. According to Ed Werder of ESPN during an appearance on SportsCenter, the two sides have “resumed dialogue” about a trade that would likely involve one of the two second-round picks that the Dolphins currently have in their possession. Whether that pick is the 42nd or 54th overall is one of the obstacles the teams would need to navigate to get a deal done by Friday night.

There’s also the matter of Albert’s contract. He’s signed his franchise tender for the 2013 season, which guarantees him $9.828 million unless he signs a long-term deal. Getting such a deal done would seem to be necessary for the Dolphins to pull the trigger, although it is unclear if they are willing to meet Albert’s reported demands. Per Werder, Albert wants a deal worth $36 million over four years.

Albert also had back issues that cost him three games in 2012 which likely makes a physical a necessary step before a deal can be consummated. And there’s also the matter of the Chiefs not yet revealing their plans for the top pick, something that could impact the deal if, as expected, the Chiefs take either Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher with the top pick. Adding a left tackle with the top pick would make it a bit harder for the Chiefs to press the Dolphins for the higher of the two second-round picks although it would also eliminate an option for Miami if General Manager Jeff Ireland is considering trading up for Joeckel, Fisher or Lane Johnson.


43 responses to “Report: Dolphins, Chiefs resume dialogue about Branden Albert

  1. the chiefs should have never backed down from wanting 2 second round picks. the dolphins have 2 and chiefs should have tried to get both

  2. The chiefs will be lucky to get a 3rd if they go with joeckel or fisher. Miami holds all the cards.
    If the chiefs take tackle then they have to trade albert and since miami is the only team that wants to trade for him that’s not in their division and can actually pay albert what he wants the chiefs have no choice.

  3. Wait until after the draft when you can get this guy cheaper. They don’t want to pay 9 million for a guy whos going to sit the bench unless he moves to RT.

  4. What everyone is missing is that if the Chiefs take a tackle #1, they have the option of keeping Albert @ LT, rookie @ RT for the year. Can always trade Albert early in the season when a team loses their LT to injury, which ALWAYS happens.

  5. Fins should wait until Friday then offer a third round pick. Fins hold all the power, Albert is basically a one year rental for the Chiefs. They aren’t going to re-franchise him next year for 120% raise. Plus he will be unhappy playing RT.

  6. Make no mistake, The Kansas City Chiefs will OWN this draft.
    Mr. John Dorsey and Mr. Andy Reid have a dynasty team 80% assembled with their shrewd and methodical off season moves. Now they will methodically manipulate the draft and the other 31 simpleton GM’s to acquire the additional 20% needed for the team to dominate the next decade.
    In 10 years all other teams will be trying to emulate “the Chiefs Way”, and trying to copy the blue print that they drew up to win multiple Championships

  7. would rather trade a second and a third to move up to select one of the three tackles available in the draft…younger and cheaper, albeit less proven…

    with the salary demands and the back injuries, albert is a big red flag to me…

    go cheaper and younger ireland!

  8. I agree they should wait until after day one if not the draft all together before they make a deal…

  9. Again, if they can’t trade BA, they’ll pick Fisher who has played RT. If not, then Joeckel will be the pick. And who in their right mind could suggest that the Chiefs would trade their LT, and not pick a LT first overall. That’s just silly.

  10. Miami is holding all the cards here…I’m sure Oakland would love the chance to pick up high second round pick along with Miamis first round…#3 puts them in a good spot to grab their left tackle at a better price cap wise. The Chiefs are looking at a third rounder tops for this old, hurt, overpriced tackle.

  11. Can someone explain to me how the two franchised players on one team thing works. Does Albert get a new contract? Does it even matter? This is new to me. Some help please.

  12. Would be a good move for the Chiefs, but I question Miami’s offseason. They are acquiring guys that play for the name on the backs of their jersey and for a paycheck. Recipe for disaster, but maybe a new stadium deal. Taking a page out of the Marlins playbook.

  13. Albert’s already said he will REFUSE to play right tackle, so after the Chiefs select either Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher as the 1st overall pick, Miami will already know the Chiefs asking price for Branden Albert will be forced to go down.

    With less-desired tackle prospects available at the conclusion of the 1st-round, Miami could even offer a 3rd-round pick or later for Albert since at that point KC will be desperate to remove all of his near-$10 mil salary off of their books.

    The only way I see this working out in favor of KC is if they trade their pick, or draft Joeckel/Fisher and then trade them later. Still, though, starting tackles like Eric Winston, Tyson Clabo and Bryant McKinnie are out on the market for more than reasonable prices that would make giving up a pick(s) and blowing money for Albert now look dumb if they can just sign someone for less on a short-term deal while keeping their draft selections.

    AND EVEN THEN, what if Miami secretly has faith in Jonathan Martin being a capable starting LT and are using ALL of this trading up/down, trading for Albert, signing and not signing Winston talk to scare teams into moving up and back to pick up tackles and Ireland is just looking for play-makers like Milliner or Eifert to drop to his lap while he can just go back and sign a free-agent offensive lineman that can start today???

    Jeff Ireland is driving up the court with the ball in his hand, time expiring and he’s up by one.

  14. Sorry, don’t buy it. The Chiefs hold all the cards here, not the Dolphins. Miami needs what Kansas City has. If the Dolphins aren’t willing to give what KC is asking for, the Chiefs can just keep Albert rather than accepting less compensation than what he is worth. KC can draft one of the rookie tackles regardless and either start the rookie at RT or move Albert to RT.

  15. I don’t like the idea of signing Albert to over 8 mil a yr, but I do like the idea of not having to trade up, give a 2nd and possibly more for a LT when we could sign Albert for a 2nd or hopefully less and re coop that pick by trading down. It would be a great move it Ireland could get him for less than 8 mil and the 54th pick or lower then trade down, still have the draft picks to focus on CB and DE.

  16. i think ireland is laying it all on the line for this year knowing his job is on the line…..scares me that he will go with albert instead of a younger and much cheaper option in the draft….one that may not help him win “this year” and thus helping him save his job…

  17. irkjames is right. It appears that Miami is content to let people think that they don’t have faith in Martin to start at LT. That’s the only scenario that no one is talking about right now, which would make it one hell of a smokescreen. I would not be surprised if Miami passed on a tackle on the first round and passed on Albert as well. I have no idea what their plan is, but I don’t think anyone else does either. The fact that the Albert talk is supposedly starting again after two weeks, on the day before the draft, is very suspicious.

  18. I’m not so sure I’d give up a 2nd rd pick. Staying at 12 and taking Eifert and then Pugh at 42nd sounds pretty good to me. Eifert, Wallace, gibbons, Hartline,Bess,Keller and miller the 2nd yr running back. Might have something there. Gardner can play Lt until the new guy get it and Eifert could change everything.

  19. I guess you all have missed the reports that Arizona is now interested in BA. Good ahead and low-ball this if you want to Ireland you will just lose. BTW tell us again why you got rid of your 2008 1st rd draft pick?

  20. hey iknoweverything i can recall only 4 draft picks made by Andy Reid and one of them is debatable as to how succsesful of a pick he was
    Donavan Mcnabb
    Brian Dawkins
    Desean Jackson
    Brian Westbrook
    not a long list for 14 years with a team,and i dont know if you noticed but they shredded all of the blueprint left behind by your supposed genius head enjoy the off season trophy cause its the only one your gonna get.Raidernation out.

  21. With Cinci taking Oakland’s 2nd rounder, Jeff Ireland should be on the horn with Reggie letting him know that he can get a 2nd rounder back if he’s willing to drop 9 slots in the first round. Fins can then snag Fisher and let Albert kick rocks. This isn’t last year’s draft, and that’s plenty of compensation considering this year’s depth and lack of top 10 standouts.

  22. Not going to pretend I know what is going on here, but wondering if this isn’t about Albert and more about the Dolphins trying to get the Raiders to lower their price for the number 3 pick.

    I had read that there was a deal in place between the Dolphins and Raiders but Miami didn’t want to give up a third round pick this year in the deal.

    Who knows? Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

  23. Your two franchise tagged players on one team if Miami trades for Albert wouldn’t matter. Albert received KC’s tag… It wouldn’t effect Miami except that his contract would be the tag number. Since KC wouldn’t be able to re-use their franchise tag even though they wouldn’t hold any rights to their franchise tagged player anymore.

  24. Gabe Smith says: Apr 24, 2013 11:44 AM

    Sorry, don’t buy it. The Chiefs hold all the cards here, not the Dolphins. Miami needs what Kansas City has. If the Dolphins aren’t willing to give what KC is asking for, the Chiefs can just keep Albert rather than accepting less compensation than what he is worth. KC can draft one of the rookie tackles regardless and either start the rookie at RT or move Albert to RT.
    I hate to break it to you, but that only makes sense to you. Miami has far more choice in the matter than you think. Martin is a LT who played RT due to Long still being on the team. If Miami thinks he can play LT, there are far more less expensive options at RT. And if they aren’t confident in Martin at LT, they can move up in the draft and grab one of the top 3 OT’s. Or they can simply wait for KC to show their hand in about 30 hours. Either way Miami is in the driver seat. KC’s window of having the advantage in this matter, passed them by a while back.

  25. Whoever thinks the Chiefs hold the cards in this is crazy. Winston wants to play for the phins, and I’m sure the phins can trade up if they wanted. If the chiefs draft a LT what they going to do with Albert? Sit him on the bench and let him collect 9 million. They could put the rookie at RT but who in their mind would draft a RT with their first pick?

  26. The Chief’s have zero cards in this trade. They’re gonna draft a LT with the #1 pick and will have nothing left to do with Branden Albert who refuses to play RT. The Dolphin’s could wait til the draft and maybe even get him for a 3rd round choice. As for what “Iknoweverything” said about the Chiefs being 80% complete on a dynasty team for the next 10 years….. What are you smoking buddy. They made a couple upgrades from what was a disaster of a team. I wouldn’t raise my expectations too high cause you’d only be setting yourself up for failure. Take if from a Dolphins fan. Remember what Alex Smith was before Coach Harbaugh got there. Practically a bust. Just think about that.

  27. that’s fine, but Miami is getting 2 players this way. They get one, if they move up…..and moving up from #12 to #3 is gonna cost a heck of a lot more than a 2nd round pick.

  28. iknoweverything must know about a Chiefs team that I don’t. Perhaps in an alternate, parallel universe? As for Andy and the draft, he doesn’t get his hands dirty very often, probably it being the evening and dinner hour and all. I don’t wish the Chiefs any ill, but c’mon, they made a score with Alex Smith, let’s not hand them the Lombardi automatically. I think you may want to wait for at least half the season to unfold before you crown them the champs.

  29. For those saying KC can just draft Joeckel/Fisher then move Albert to RT: Do you know that Branden Albert has already publicly stated that he WON’T play RT???

    Do you also know that if you keep Albert at LT while drafting Joeckel or Fisher as the #1 overall pick that you would look like complete FOOLS if you use the first pick of the entire draft for a RIGHT TACKLE???

    Get some perspective. First-round players are impact-now players and should definitely only either be a QB, LT, WR, pass-rusher or a DB; THE HIGHEST PAID POSITIONS IN THE NFL.

    KC got greedy and thought they could tag Branden Albert then trade him later for a high pick. Believe it or not, it was a combination of Jake Long’s over-hyped tenure as a Miami Dolphin and his injury-prone body that brought the OT-market to its knees this offseason. If Jake Long was the supposed-best OT coming into the offseason and he only got $9 mil/season from St. Louis, then it would only be stupid if anyone would just trade Albert straight up at almost $10 mil.

    The Dolphins were SMART to string Jake Long along for a week or two after the Franchise Tag deadline.

  30. Neither the Chiefs nor the Dolphins hold the cards here- Albert does! He’s already guaranteed 9.8 Mil this year. Don’t care who KC picks, they’re not going to pay him that to sit on the bench. So he’ll either play or get traded.

    No trade will happen without him agreeing to a long term contract. It’s not the pick that’s holding up the trade, it’s his ludicrous contact demands. But why would he take a pay cut, especially since this is likely his last big contract..

    His best bet is Friday, after tackle-desperate teams who missed on the top guys will be willing to pay his big contract demands, while the trade compensation will likely go down as KC picks Joeckel or Fisher. I see KC getting a 3rd rd pick in trade, and the team that takes him paying close to his $$ demands. Lose, lose, win. Albert wins.

  31. Dream on islander! If Albert is not traded he can be told to play right tackle. If he holds out he does not get paid and he is viewed as trouble. If he plays RT poorly his value goes down. If he plays well his value still goes down. If he refuses he is not a team player. He will get much less next year in free agency however it goes. Is is in HIS best interest to be traded

  32. Hold out Dolphins….. Chiefs are about to crack….. They’ll never be able to trade Albert later with his $9.8 mil salary, and they don’t want to pay him themselves, and why would he renegotiate after he’s into the season when free agency happens next year for him?…… The only real fly in this ointment is that Albert and his agent must really believe he’s worth $9.8 mil.

  33. Maybe it is because Long came in and replaced him, but I’m wondering why no one is talking about trying to trade for Saffold. He’s still on his rookie deal, so it isn’t expensive to bring him in. And since he’s nearing the end of that deal, you could potentially get him for that low second rounder that you are looking to give KC. It isn’t like the Rams roster is so stacked they can refuse more draft picks, regardless of how many they got from Washington.

    As far as everyone saying Albert REFUSES to play right tackle… Yeah. I’m sure that showing yourself to be a team killing malcontent the year before heading into free agency is going to be less damaging to your payday than playing a season on the right and demonstrating versatility.

  34. This boat has already sailed; it’s still in port and could turn back for an emergency, and you people in KC can blame your front office. ALBERT needs a physical from Miami and it’s less than a 24hr time frame right now.. good luck pulling this off prior to the draft. It is possible, however, KC better just realize that it is getting the 54th pick overall for him and pull the trigger.

  35. The Chiefs won’t take anything less than a 2nd rounder. If they keep Albert under the tag and he walks next year they will get a minimum of a 3rd round pick as a compensatory pick. So there is no sense in trading him for less. For those that think the Dolphins hold all the cards I respectfully disagree. The Chiefs have cap space and can keep Albert without a problem and get a 3rd next year. The Dolphins need a tackle and if they are going to trade up to get one they are probably giving more than the 2nd round pick the Chiefs are asking for. So it’s a question of draft picks vs. cap space for the Dolphins. Could go either way.

  36. [QUOTE]Hold out Dolphins….. Chiefs are about to crack….. They’ll never be able to trade Albert later with his $9.8 mil salary, and they don’t want to pay him themselves, and why would he renegotiate after he’s into the season when free agency happens next year for him?…… The only real fly in this ointment is that Albert and his agent must really believe he’s worth $9.8 mil.[/QUOTE]

    If Miami agree to pay Albert 9.8 KK – someone there needs to have their head examined. Albert is about a 6KK tackle at this point until he proves he can play without his back, or his ego, starting to spasm again.

  37. Arizona is now the front runner reports are saying.. Have fun with a TE ignorant fin fans.. As of now dolphin fans scouts say you have the 20th best o line in football..have fun

  38. People are obviously delirious if they don’t think this trade is happening just like Adam Schefter said this deal has to happen just like the Revis deal. The dolphins wouldn’t have spent this much time working this deal out if they weren’t interested. The hang up is the chiefs want the 42nd pick & prob another late pick when it will probably come down to the chiefs taking the the 54th pick no way Albert goes for a 3rd rd pick wont happen sorry dolphins fans it’s gonna happen.

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