Seahawks sign Jerrod Johnson

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The Seahawks have signed quarterback Jerrod Johnson, the club’s website reported Wednesday.

Johnson, 24, was with Pittsburgh last preseason. The Steelers released him on August 31. The former Texas A&M passer also had a stint with the Eagles in 2011.

Johnson (6-5, 251) played with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League in 2012, completing 25-of-59 passes for 321 yards with three TDs and one interception in three games, according to statistics on the club’s website.

Johnson’s addition gives the Seahawks four quarterbacks on the roster. Brady Quinn looks likely to back up starter Russell Wilson, with Johnson and Josh Portis options beyond Quinn.

27 responses to “Seahawks sign Jerrod Johnson

  1. Seahawks? Really does anyone actually care about the Seahawks. The only good thing to happen there since Steve Largetnt is RG3’s injury. Yawn. HTTR

  2. First thing smart teams consider is having two worthy QB’s.

    Seattle will not get far simply because they are lacking a quality QB backup. They are in trouble with Quinn and Johnson being asked to step in.

    Their fans can only hope the smaller than small Wilson holds up.

  3. It’s so funny how Seattle try so HARD to be like the Redskins. Seattle is literally a fake/knockoff item you see on sale at the local thrift store. The Redskins can only be found in a high end limited access palace of a store. #TheRedskinscannotbeduplicated

  4. It must be tough to be the other 32 NFL teams. I don’t even care about the draft because the Seahawks don’t have a single “need” position. It’s gonna be a looooongggg year for the rest of the NFL.

  5. This is kinda depressing. I thot JJ showed quite a bit of promise last preseason. Always thot we shoulda kept him instead of ‘wind-up’ Leftwich or ‘old man’ Batch…
    Now Uncle Pete will mold him into something viable

  6. 25 of 60 passes completed in the UFL is atrocious. But hey, Pete can experiment a bit because having Russell affords you that

  7. Quite a few deadskin fans are commenting on hawks posts these days. Understandable. Your team is garbage and you mortgaged the farm on a QB who has a glass knee. Keep on hating its flattering. I hope you enjoyed your “playoff run” last year haha. HTTR. Hate The Terrible Redskins.

  8. Fifteen comments, two of which suggest Wilson is going to get hurt, one of which specificially mentions his size as a factor in his eventual injury.

    Once again, Russell Wilson 5’10 5/8th”, 210 lbs.

    Emmitt Smith, 5’10” 216 lbs.

    So he’s about the same height and weight as one of the most durable skill position players in NFL history, is all.

  9. the overwhelming hatred toward the Seahawks from the skins and niners is absolutely hilarious. its an article about signing a 3rd or 4th string qb… yet the hatefully jealous comments from fans of lesser teams start right up

  10. skin fans are jealous and understandably so…..their team traded away their future for to move up to get a qb who is less talented than the one seattle grabbed in the 3 rd

  11. A nice prospect, if you have room to carry 4 qbs on a roster. The Steelers just didn’t have that luxury last year. I was sad to see him cut last year, as he just needs a few years to learn a system and he could be at the very least a good backup.

  12. These same deadskin fans troll every single WORLD CHAMPION BALTIMORE RAVEN article, proclaiming that the RAVENS are the #2 team in Maryland and other such non sense. Envy is such an ugly trait, and these deadskin fans envy the Ravens as well as the Seahawks.

    Seattle you have a darn good team, in fact I’d say you’re the superbowl favorites at the moment (for what that’s worth in April). If my team can’t win the big one, I’m rooting for you guys.

    Oh, and the RAVENS beat the 9ers, you are the superbowl LOSERS. Seattle also dismantled your team and you are lucky you didn’t face them in the playoffs or you never would have even made the Superbowl.

  13. It’s so funny how Seattle try so HARD to be like the Redskins. Seattle is literally a fake/knockoff item you see on sale at the local thrift store. The Redskins can only be found in a high end limited access palace of a store. #TheRedskinscannotbeduplicated

    It that bad when you comment on a 4th string QB signing and compare the Seahawks to a thrift store and the Redskins to a palace.


  14. This Seahawks team is so deep the second team could whip half the teams in the NFL. Even with Quinn at QB. They have a gang of pass-rushers to rotate in and stay fresh while the 5 pro-bowl ball-hawking secondary players clean up. Pete Carroll has his NFL version of the Trojans.

  15. And Redskins fans, how about doing the rest of the country a favor by getting on your club to fix that field. It cost Seattle their kicker and best pass-rusher last year. Not to mention your own quarterback. No excuse for having to play in a pig pasture on that level.

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