Shanahan says RG3 won’t be allowed to play before he’s 100%

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Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has taken plenty of criticism for putting quarterback Robert Griffin III on the field with a knee that was less than 100 percent healthy in Washington’s playoff loss. But Shanahan says that Griffin won’t be on the field again until he’s all the way back from the reconstructive knee surgery he needed after that game.

Shanahan said at his press conference today that Griffin won’t see the field “unless he’s 100 percent.” And Shanahan also said that Griffin won’t be allowed to push himself too far in rehab, as much as he might like to try.

“We need to make sure he doesn’t go too quickly because he could set it back,” Shanahan said. “There’s time it’s going to take to do it the right way. The ligament needs time to heal. . . . When you see how hard he’s working, everyone is really optimistic. But you have to let a ligament heal.”

All of the reports about Griffin’s rehab this year have been so optimistic that it sounds like there’s little doubt that he’ll be ready to play in Week One. But the Redskins are wise not to push it, even if it means starting the season with Kirk Cousins under center.

91 responses to “Shanahan says RG3 won’t be allowed to play before he’s 100%

  1. Cousins is not RG3 but he isn’t Curtis Painter either. Good move not to push the healing of a franchise player, but can Shanny actually do that?

  2. Robert Griffin is the flagship player for the NFL. I’m so proud he will lead the Washington Redskins into the future. This franchise is set until at least 2030. #Iown5RGIIIjerseys

  3. Shanahan should keep him off the field until a quality football ready turf is underneath him.

  4. RG3 is no Aaron Rodgers, but he’s the best QB the ‘Skins have had since the days of Gus Frerotte and they should therefore protect him from their horrible field.

  5. Cannot understand the hate for this amazing player. I suggest you trolls watch the last ten minutes of the Redskins-Giants game that Griffin LOST last year. He was still the best player on the field, making the defending Super Bowl champion Giants defense look silly at home in the fourth quarter.

  6. Great thinking, Shanny! Too bad that logic failed you during the playoffs and only needed a torrent of scorn and criticism for you “finally” come to that conclusion.

  7. The Redskins’ favorite poster says, the Skins are set until 2030. Does that mean that he thinks that RGIII is going to be playing for 17 more seasons?


  8. if only that was your philosophy last season..

    despite my disgust for the bandwagon fans that are the redskins nation, I wish nothing but the best for Bobby I.R. g3.
    kids electric + smart.

    but in the meantime, i will enjoy cleaning the clocks of the over hyped / often lucky Redskins..

    I’ll see you clowns on MONDAY NIGHT.

  9. He just came off a blown ACL, he has less than a full NFL season under his belt, but he’s set til 2030. No make that 2040. He is set til 2040 and the Redskins will win the next 27 Superbowls with RG3. It’s only logical.

  10. …and every poster on the Internet immediately interpreted Shanahan’s words as meaning that he’s rushing him back.

    These same Internet posters consider themselves intelligent for saying so.


  11. wludford says: Apr 24, 2013 2:01 PM

    Too late on that plan buddy.


    Why, is Griffin deceased?

    You guys are amazing…

  12. Riddle time: What’s the difference between Heath Shuler and RG3?

    Answer: Heath Shuler didn’t cost the Skins 19 1st round draft picks.

  13. As a skins fan it’s good to see all the haters coming out and showing their non football knowledge. The skins won the NFC East last season and ranked in the top 5in total offense and number 1 rushing and the haters saying the sins will be at the bottom of the division this season. JEALOUS!!

  14. The Redskins and Griffin are the number one story on this site. Everyone love to hate America’s team. Washington is America’s team!!!! Hail!


  15. @justintuck
    That’s not a riddle. It is an attempt at a joke. Just worry about sheli and not having a running game pal. NFC East is owned by the Washington Redskins.


  16. Ok guys I understand that the field was awful last year but didnt you see the article yesterday? Redskins have taken steps to fix Fed Ex field………so shut up about the field already!…….And stop drinking so much haterade,its not good for your health…… one more thing the division door mat should chill with the trash talk!

  17. “#Iown5RGIIIjerseys”, really? He’s seriously jumped the shark. He used to at least try to make people think he was a Redskins fan. It’s like he just doesn’t care about embarrassing Redskins fans anymore.

    Seahawks and Niners are hot right now, why don’t you just move on already, bro?

  18. I think its funny everyone blames Shanahan except the person that actually got hurt, how much sense does that make? Stop blaming Shanahan, stop reporting the same stories every week, and just let the kid be. He will be ready week 1, there’s no doubt about it. He’s 3 months removed from surgery and already running on the field, looking like he didn’t just have surgery, and yes I have seen this personally. RG3 will be back better then ever, and smarter then his rookie year. Even though he can’t control a freak hit from Ngata, could have happened to anyone.

  19. You know its possible to criticize a player, coach or team without ‘hating’ them.

    I actually like Griffin and think he’s an excellent player. Not hating someone however doesn’t mean you can’t criticize the player or the people around them for past poor judgement.

    However I think Shanahan is not a good coach, nor do I think much of his salary cap cheating that goes back to the days of the Broncos SB wins. The way he handled RGIII in the playoffs last year was atrocious.

  20. #TheRedskinsarethestandardofexcellence

    Such excellent examples are providing their team the the highest quality field in the NFL, or roughly the 378th best field in the world…followed closely by the City of Detroit Municipal Field on 48th street.

  21. Logicalvoicesays obviously isn’t a skins fan. He’s what the CIA calls an “agent provacatuer” he posts simply to instigate hate toward Redskins nation. And it’s worked wonderfully.

  22. andylucksneck says

    u need to change that name, Luck isnt arragant or a diva like yr boy IRG3, folks dont hate him, but they do the redskins and IRG3

  23. NFL’s best new drama award goes to the Skins. I think Jets fans might be jealous.

    Eli will be ready week 1.

  24. you better believe it if logicalvoice says so,he knows everything about marylands WORST
    team.he needs to be 100% no doubt

  25. I don’t blame Shanahan 100% for the RGIII situation, but why would it take him so long to say what was obvious and needed to be said. The Redskins have wagered a lot on this QB, that investment should be better protected.

  26. @andyluck – you had the best running game in the league last year and it got you knocked out in the playoffs at home.

    We had the WORST running game in the NFL the year before and it got us a shiny, 10 tabler RING.

    Your team is a joke. That’s why skins posts get so many comments. It’s not because the skins are good, it’s that your team and fans are low hanging fruit.

  27. Shanahan said the right thing buuuutttt Shanahan will do what is best for Shanahan, he doesn’t care anymore about this kid than he does the price of tea in China. this man is a phony and as bad a coach that has ever stepped on the field.

  28. It’s a shame that RG3 got hurt and may never be the same. He had a chance to be special. Sadly that chance may be gone thanks to a dumb coach and a lousy field.

  29. Move along ?….. you know this is a Redskins article right ?…..

    thirdistheworrd says:
    Apr 24, 2013 2:40 PM
    “#Iown5RGIIIjerseys”, really? He’s seriously jumped the shark. He used to at least try to make people think he was a Redskins fan. It’s like he just doesn’t care about embarrassing Redskins fans anymore.

    Seahawks and Niners are hot right now, why don’t you just move on already, bro?

  30. To all those that feel that the field is just so atrocious that they have to share their opinion. Football is a contact sport. Injuries happen on any surface, not just natural and of course the field du-jour Field turf. RG3 originally was injured when he got hit by a 300+ pound DT and his leg bent the other way. Many people would have suffered the same thing on any surface, even the precious “field turf”. I guess what I am saying if you haven’t figured it out as of yet is that the constant whining about the field has jumped the shark and almost makes your voice worthless to hear. So in short, while it’s certainly your right to bore us with your incessantly moronic opinions about the field, it’s not our obligation to listen so in the end, you (constant field complainers) just sound like a bunch of dolts who feel that if you say things enough times that people will care. Well I don’t and I’m certainly not alone. This site is Pro-Football talk. Go open up a site called so all of you can have the forum you feel you desperately need.

  31. RG3 shouldnt have even been put in that position in the playoffs last year but unfortunately he was and we have to learn to deal with it…. Whether it was he and or Shanny’s fault. It comes with the game and decision making sometimes. So with all that said, hail to the BURGUNDY and GOLD nation!

    Stop Hating.

  32. Well with that type of knee injury, and loss of cartilage. He’s going to have chronic bone on bone pain in just a couple years. He will never be 100% again. He def can perform at a high level for years to come. But that kid better learn to slide and wear a brace.

  33. the IRG3 expierence will fail just as the mike vick expierience failed some years ago, both was just as hyped when they first came in the league and neither will ever sniff the superbowl unless they brought a ticket

  34. Just checked and guess what haters?????


    wooow good for yal, your first one in how many years?………..yeah, thats right, sit back down!!!!

  35. @logicalvoicesays Let me start off by saying kudos for being a diehard fan. I respect you for standing up for your Skins but having said that I also have to point out how ironic it is that a good amount of what you say is anything but logical. You’d get much more respect if most of what you said actually made sense instead of clearly showing how little you actually know about the game and your own team. Example, how is it you figure your team is set through 2025 let alone 2030 as you’ve stated on here? Which players on the skins have 13 years or more left on thier contracts? None! No team is set for the next 13 years. To be good in 2025-2030 will require players who aren’t even drafted yet. You should stick with worrying about the present. As for the 2013 Skins, you should be competitive but your not the only good team in the league. In the end I believe you will be looking up at my Niners as they hoist the Lombardi trophy. 😉

  36. @peytonsneck
    Arrogant is spelled arrogant, not arragant.

    What position do you play? You said we…. You must be on the team……. I take it you got a ring then? Sheli will once again be the third best QB in the league behind Griffin and Romo. The Skins will win the division again this year, and the wee-men will watching from their couches in the cest pool known as new york wishing they had a QB as good as GRIFFIN.


  37. andylucksneck says

    last time i checked this was a sports page not a english spelling course, boy u skins fans are real sensitive momma boys!!!

  38. Believe it or not, Mike Shanahan is a professional who will lead this team to a super bowl in the next 3 years. By that time RG3 will be on his 2nd MVP, and the spokesperson for Nike, Adidas, and Under armor. He will be the first athlete to drink a powerade and a Gatorade in the same commercial. Haters get your hate on, because Robert Griffin is on his way to your town.


  39. the skins finally won their division since the first bush was in office and they act like they won the super bowl, child please!!!!

  40. i heard the redkins turf has a new song out about IRG3 knee, called “i tore it first”

  41. Again, I post, and retort, if you will, without any hate for the skins and Griffin (hell of a football player). I do simply due to posters that feel that they need to bash other teams to lift themselves and their team up.

    With that being said, let’s go with the facts here fellas. As far as I can remember, one NFC East championship and a quick appearance in the playoff does not equal a SB Ring, or has it changed since the last time they played the game?

    You can talk all you want about the Giants sitting at home last year during the playoffs, but the Giants have had more success in the past few years alone versus the defending NFC East Champs skins. So, what is your point? Again, seriously, the skins can win all the NFC East championships they want, if they go one-and-done again and again, without winning the whole thing, it ain’t saying much. But, and I guess, whatever keeps you guys asleep at night. Remember the Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s? Guess what they’re known for? Losing all those consecutive SB appearances without winning a single one.

    So, go ahead and raise that trophy you guys won last year….. 0h, sorry, they don’t give one for winning the NFC East.

    Check with Eli and his crew, they have two!!!

  42. I like RGIII a lot, and the prospect of watching the team in general and Shanahan in particular grind him to powder is not a pleasing one. Don’t forget, he’s already had concussions too, and what’s the reaction of the guy who saw him limping around throwing wounded ducks in the 2nd quarter and then didn’t even bother to do anything at halftime? RGIII needs to learn to “slide better”.

  43. I think Shanahan is looking forward to Cousins playing the first 4 games. Watch him go at least 2-2 and then move him for a first next year.

  44. Now.. That’s a logical comment.. I LOVE my Skins!! But chances are your Niners will get to SB before my SKINS.. Wish there were more non Redskins like you on this post!

  45. the Wizards will win a championship before the redskins do, and that tells u something !!!

  46. i can’t say who or where but a close friend of Dr. Andrews has assured me that RGIII will be ready by week one. you heard it here first.

  47. Ok give me a break it wasn’t the turf that hurt RG3. It was both him and the coach. Shanny should have known better but he wasn’t thinking about his qb. And i think he will recover payton did and he shouldn’t have come back either. Of course he isn’t and never will be 100%. Hopefully RG3 recovers but i really wonder with the coach’s bad decision. Either way cousins will do fine if he has to play for a while. And don’t make me laugh the eagles suck it will be a long time coming before they get their act togther.

  48. Amazing how any topic about the Redskins brings out the jealousy in other team’s fans. It proves the level of fear those in the NFC East have for a very proud and storied franchise that has possibly learned from past mistakes and is on the fast track to their return to glory. The Eagles, Giants and Cowboys will continue to struggle and the Redskins will continue to be successful.

    The Seahawks will always be a second class organization due to their bandwagon fans and the fact that even in their best years, they are overshadowed by the 49ers, Redskins, Packers Giants and to a lesser extent the Cowboys and Falcons (lately).

    HTTR BABY! 2014 World Champions!

  49. I think you missed that game. The Ravens looked like b*tches who were confused on how to deal with the one two punch of RGIII and AlMo. The only thing that went on around RGIII’s ass was the Ravens giving it a good tongue job. The minimal number of Raven fans at FedEx field that day were classless and applauded when RGIII went down, what they didn’t seem to get was that AlMo was the one who was really having a great game. End result, the Redskins won and have bragging rights for 4 years… Congratulations to the Ravens for the Super Bowl win. As any intelligent fan knows, usually the team with the most superstar additions in the offseason doesn’t fare well in actual play (just ask any Redskin fan), it takes a team of players, each doing their job effectively to be successful. Fortunately for Skins fans, this salary cap penalty may have forced the team to rely on the continuity of average to slightly above average players to win. I’d take that any day and by the level of fear I see in these anti-Redskin posts I can see that doesn’t set well with the non Redskin fans.


    Road to the Super Bowl is paved in Burgundy and Gold

  50. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 24, 2013 9:13 PM

    the Wizards will win a championship before the redskins do, and that tells u something !!!

    I think that the Capitals will win a championship first then the Nats then the Redskins then the Zards

  51. justintuckrule says: Apr 24, 2013 2:29 PM

    Riddle time: What’s the difference between Heath Shuler and RG3?

    Answer: Heath Shuler didn’t cost the Skins 19 1st round draft picks.
    Isn’t that so funny, and hilarious, and clever, and thought-provoking, and profound, and lol, and oh, did I say funny?

    Giant fans are sooooo amusing, ain’t they?

  52. Now, just imagine bluballs4life saying that in a Sylvester the Cat voice. The NY football Giants have a tremendous amount of SUCK, both in their organization and especially in their fan base. Giant fans and Ravens fans show little class when it comes to the Redskins. Not that trash talking isn’t part of being a fan but honestly, wishing, praying and hoping a player like RGIII would get injured and end his career, REALLY…??? Grow a set of balls, put on your big boy pants and love the game. And if you really don’t have a reason to trash talk, because your team lost head to head, don’t embarrass yourself by showing just how jealous you are that the Skins are on the rise.
    Congratulations to the Ravens for a great season, I only hope the Redskins can get us back there soon. The Giants, of the three other teams in the NFC East, I hate the Giants the least.
    I remember last season, prior to the Redskin’s bye, the team was in a downward, out of control spiral and it looked like another disappointing season. RGIII did a post game interview and said “when we come back from the bye, this Redskin team will be totally different and we will make a playoff run.”. That prediction came true and I can understand why every fan and every coach is fearful of what will happen once RGIII is back at full health.

    HTTR BABY!!!!


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