Talk heats up that Chiefs prefer Fisher to Joeckel


For months, the vast majority of mock drafts have had the Chiefs taking Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel with the first overall pick. But with the first round 24 hours away, we’re starting to hear more talk that the Chiefs will go with Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Chiefs are still fielding calls about trading out of the top pick, but Glazer believes that if the Chiefs don’t trade the pick, Fisher will be their pick. Glazer has a knack for going against the grain and getting it right, so we’d put a lot of stock in that prediction.

Both of NFL Network’s reporters, Albert Breer and Ian Rapoport, echoed Glazer’s prediction, saying that they also believe Fisher will be the first overall pick.

Still, Joeckel is generally viewed as the safer pick of the two, and not everyone believes the hype on Fisher. Peter King’s just-released mock draft has Fisher slipping all the way to No. 6.

Unlike last year’s Colts, who never hid their intention of drafting Andrew Luck, this year’s Chiefs are keeping everything close to the vest. Both Fisher and Joeckel have said they do not know what will happen on Thursday night. Like the rest of us, they’ll find out tomorrow.

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  1. I think Joeckel is a surer bet at left tackle, but if they’re considering using him as a right tackle to start with, they might prefer Fisher.

  2. lets get the drafted started, ive seen and read so much draft stuff the past few months, i think i can be a GM cause i know so much about most of the players now

  3. Question – who the heck wants to trade up to #1 overall in this draft?

    There’s no Andrew Luck/RG3 or even Mario Williams/Jadaveon Clowney type #1 overall guy worth getting the top pick for.

  4. If I had to take one of the 2 I’d probably take Joeckel just because we’ve seen him play against good competition like Bama, Florida, etc. Fisher may turn out just fine but SEC defenses are the closest thing to NFL defenses college players see. Take Joeckel

  5. fisher should be the #1 player drafted. Yea Joekel played in the more formidable SEC, but Fisher is a tank. Joekel will be a good NFL player, but he honestly looks kinda soft

  6. The big question is who will be ready to start from day one. Everyone seems to think Joeckel can do a better job from day one and Fisher has more room to grow. What options do the Chiefs have at tackle? ZERO. He’d better be ready to go.

  7. I don`t believe that there is that much of a gap between Joeckel & Fisher , with Fisher being a little more of a Tuff-guy and Joeckel a little more polished .

  8. As an Eagles fan I watched year after year after year of Andy Reid screwing up draft picks. And yes he is involved in making the selection with the Chiefs. He has a bad habit of over-thinking and always trying to go for the player that could have a bigger upside. For once Andy can you just please make the safe pick here and take Joeckel. This pick really should be a layup.

  9. my chiefs will pick which ever player that will end up being the worst and the biggest bust. our expectations are still low here in k c . and the Albert trade will be a debacle cuz they wont get adequate trade value

  10. Reid and the Chiefs are trying to drive up the price that the Dolphins would pay for Brandon Albert. They indicate going with Fisher and having him play RT and Albert LT then the Dolphins might panic and pay more for Albert.

  11. I’ve liked Fisher over Joeckel from the start. Joeckel has a good amount of bad tape in games against teams like Florida. I know Fisher went to CMU and the competition isn’t as good but so did Joe Staley and if you ask 49ers fans about him they’ll tell you great things.

    As an Eagles fan this kind of upsets me. I wanted either Dion Jordan (my first choice) or Fisher I hope Reid’s bad drafting continues over to Kansas City and he ends up taking Joeckel.

  12. man – this year’s first round SUCKS unless someone has a GLARING need that they’re willing to pay for – on the surface (not knowing either guy) Joekel would be my choice because at least I believe that A&M teaches more than just football – In an age where intangibles are – well, intangible – I’d go with the place that is SUPPOSED to be teaching those things – I know that is just as ethereal, but I do not know either guy – I expect the same can be said of most nfl teams…

  13. Hey let’s talk about how people hate when Draft is spoiled but here you guys are Spoiling the Draft.

  14. I don’t see how you can go wrong with Joeckel. He is a proven rock solid pick, and ready to rumble. Fisher is a guy from a smaller school who excelled in the senior bowl and combines. This is the one time of year where there is smoke you can’t find a fire.

  15. Since neither Joeckel or Fisher are 29 years old, Reid won’t take either. My guess is Ziggy Ansah. People think he’s 29 so that’s a perfect 1st rd pick for Reid.

  16. So if you are the Chiefs and you have the 1st overall pick how frustrating is it that it comes down to the best LT? You’re spending your first overall pick, the best in the draft, to protect Alex Smith’s blind side. Wouldn’t you rather have a can’t miss QB or a game changing WR or RB? Sort of sucks to be picking high this year.

  17. Both of these guys are solid football players. Either way they are going to get a solid LT.

  18. Fisher will end up being their pick if they stay at #1. Reason behind the Fisher over Joeckel pick: The Chiefs will be slotting him in the RT position, they are already set at LT. Besides, Fisher has a higher ceiling talent wise than Joeckel does.

  19. Cullen Jenkins, Frank Zombo, Joe Staley, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordy, Nick Bellore, and soon Eric Fisher. Fire up Chips!

  20. if they are picking Fisher they can keep Albert because Fisher will be a right tackle (Jon Runyan type) Joeckel will be a left tackle, better pass blocker.

  21. Do the Chiefs understand that when there are 2 nearly equal players (Joekel/Fisher) and one of them is a small school local guy for another good match team (Lions) that it’s not polite to take the other team’s local guy? How rude they are if they take Fisher!

  22. If Fisher goes number one look for Jax phones to be ringing for a trade. If AZ was smart they would trade up for Joeckle at 2 hell to the ya why not AZ was thinking about giving KC there 2nd rounder for Albert give it to Jax and et Joeckle there is AZ LT for the next decade.

  23. If we are all being honest we can admit it’s a lousy year to have the #1 overall pick. Hope it works out for KC and it’s not a total bust pick.

  24. Joeckel played against far better competition then Fisher. I do think Fisher will be good but at the number #1 spot I’m going with the safer of the two tackles, that being Joeckel.

  25. just because there isn’t a surefire #1 pick doesn’t mean the draft lacks intrigue. if anything, that makes it more intriguing. people knocking the talent either have an agenda or just haven’t done their homework.

  26. also, joeckel is not a surer bet at left tackle. succeeding at a high level in the NFL takes more than just the refined technique he possesses. fisher’s technique is hardly lacking, and some NFL coaching will quickly make up the difference between them. meanwhile, fisher will still be bigger, stronger, more athletic, and meaner.

  27. Actually that is not true. The Kansas City Chiefs like Luke Joeckel more then they do Eric Fisher. Why I say that is because Luke Joeckle helped Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Menzhel save from the Alabama defensive.

    While Eric Fisher of Central Michigan didn’t do crap

    If t he Kansas City Chiefs picks Eric Fisher from Cental Michigan. They better pray to god that Branden Albert is not traded.

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