Titans say they’re looking for a press corner


As the draft approaches and the tongues fork (more than usual), it becomes impossible to know who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

Easy rule of thumb?  Anyone who is talking isn’t telling the truth.

Of course, that could allow for some teams to tell the truth, with the assumption that they won’t be giving up any secrets because no one will believe anything they say.

Against that somewhat convoluted background, the Titans said Tuesday that they are looking for a press-coverage cornerback in the draft.  The desire for a player who can handle a receiver one-on-one comes from the Titans’ plan to use more blitzes in 2013.

“We’ll definitely look at a corner — if there’s one we like at the time we’re picking — that has those kinds of abilities, that can get up more in your face and play a little more man-to-man,” coach Mike Munchak said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean.

Of course, applying that “if” amounts to inviting anyone drafting behind the Titans at No. 10 to jump past Tennessee to get the best press-coverage corner on the board before the Titans can call the football equivalent of “shotgun.”

Which is precisely what the Titans may want someone to do, if they are actually targeting someone other than a cornerback with the 10th overall pick.

In other words, I’ll be glad when the draft finally starts.

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  1. They could be telling the truth. Does anyone remember if they said they were looking for a Jets runningback before Free Agency?

  2. What a joke. As soon as I read the headline, I thought to myself, “Titans want everyone to think they are looking at a corner in the draft”. Only two possible scenarios here:

    1.The Titans want everyone to think they are looking at a corner so someone will offer them a trade to snag a corner where they’re picking, so they can move down (like almost every team in the top 10 wants to do) and acquire more picks.

    2.They have went over there draft board the last 3 months and decided they will land one of the few players they want where they pick, but they have to get past a few teams that are interested in the guys they like so at least one of those players fall to them. They look at who is picking ahead of them and what is a draft needy position for those teams. They spin a story (which no team will believe) to get a club to pick that position instead of the one they want.

    Take the Jets for instance. They pick at 9 and 13. Well, the Jets have several needs, one obviously being corner with the departure of Revis. Let’s say the Titans need a WR, and so do the Jets. They want the Jets to take a corner at pick 9, and wait til 13 to pick the WR so they can nab Tavon Austin at 10. Problem is, I don’t think any teams are foolish enough to believe these public stories anymore. So if you say you are wanting a press/man corner (which Rex Ryan loves and just lost his number 1), you are more than likely telling the Jets that is what you AREN’T going to take.

    I can’t wait til the draft is over so we don’t have to hear anymore of these silly statements.

  3. I wonder who was leaking info about Dee Milliner? Hmmm…

    Anyone see Kipers commercial saying he could be Revis? Teo, the 47th ranked defensive player in tackles per game, a tackling machine and great leader? Ah Mel, you should retire.

  4. Another perspective you could look at this from: is Gregg Williams already edging DC Jerry Gray out the door? Gray prefers a more bend/don’t break mentality dropping guys back. Williams is obviously the polar opposite, and with all his aggressive blitzing the CB’s better be good on an island.

    I think the bigger story (if you can call it that) is how long before Gray is canned for Williams? Obviously if they start winning early it’s a non-issue. But 4,5,6… weeks in if the D is looking as awful as last year, we may see a change. Drafting guys that fit the Williams defense is a sign it may be sooner than later.

  5. I predict dj fluker in the ten spot. He will start as guard which is a need and then move to tackle when Stewart is gone. Bet on it

  6. I hope the Titans D crash and burn this year for hiring that bastard Greg Williams!! It would plesae me nothing more than for that team to give up the most yds, TD’s, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  7. Bob Kraft of the Pats used this term “press corner”to describe Tebucky Jones out of Syracuse when the media asked him why the team used a #1 pick on him. At first nobody knew what a press corner was. Then after a few games everyone who watched the team realized that it meant “a cornerback who cannot cover anyone”.

  8. Some things are too obvious to try and hide – this may be one of them. However, Titians also really need a good OT. Locker will not stay healthy otherwise, and at this point that might outweigh DB with pick #1.

    If possible, Titians should trade down with someone, as their needs at this point span multiple areas.

  9. I would pull an Elway. Why would anyone want to live in Nashville ( Detroit with Guitars). Small market franchise, dog and pony show stadium, and redneck fans who believe their team is actually relevant.

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