Warren Moon sees biases hurting black quarterbacks

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Warren Moon wasn’t selected in the 1978 NFL draft and had to spend six years dominating the Canadian Football League before any NFL team would give him a chance to be the Hall of Fame quarterback he eventually became. It’s hard to view the NFL’s snubbing of Moon in the 70s and 80s as anything other than racism.

But while the NFL has made some progress on that front, Moon doesn’t think that progress has been sufficient: Moon told USA Today that he believes black quarterbacks are still held back by evaluators who view them unfairly.

Specifically, Moon noted that West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith was the subject of a scathing assessment that in Moon’s opinion crossed the line

“It sounds the same as two years ago,” Moon said. “It just shows that there are a lot of people in society who have the biases and stereotypes. And most of it is about your integrity or leadership or work ethic — all of these intangible things.”

Even 35 years after he was passed over in the draft, Moon still thinks the NFL has a long way to go.

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  1. Geno Smith will likely be the first QB taken tomorrow. E.J. Manuel might be a first rounder too.

    Cam Newton was taken 1st a few years ago. RG3 picked #2 last year.

    Please stop playing the race card.

  2. ENOUGH! Ive had it. Lost all respect for this guy. If anyone is hurting these young quarterbacks its Warren Moon and his constant playing of the race card.

  3. “It sounds the same as two years ago,” Moon said. “It just shows that there are a lot of people in society who have the biases and stereotypes. And most of it is about your integrity or leadership or work ethic — all of these intangible things.”

    Someone didn’t get the memo that the guy that wrote that was just doing it to get a rise out of people.

  4. I am so sick of Moon, unless every QB who is black is picked first he crys foul… get a clue the NFL is a Family like the military and his rants and raves are pointless.. go back to Canada..

  5. blacknole08 says:
    Apr 24, 2013 3:23 PM
    Geno Smith will likely be the first QB taken tomorrow. E.J. Manuel might be a first rounder too.

    Cam Newton was taken 1st a few years ago. RG3 picked #2 last year.

    Please stop playing the race card.

    Still isn’t going to stop them from the asinine comments that have nothing to do with their skills. Clearly as it’s happening every year.

  6. How many times do we have to hear Warren Moon talk racist garbage about the “black” quarterback? Just go away Moon! Nobody cares about your opinions! Geese!


  7. Oh Warren. Has Warren ever defended a white quarterback from criticism?

    I maintain that Warren Moon is a racist (can you call a black person a racist or is that reserved for us white folk)?

  8. Yes, the NFL is totally biased towards Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Josh Freeman, Michael Vick and RGIII.

    Seriously? The fact that Michael Vick is still in the NFL shoots some big holes his claim.

    I would say that Warren Moon just needs to shut up, but it’s still a semi-free country and he’s allowed to show us how stupid he is.

  9. Oh yeah, huge bias. They have only been named the starters of 5 different teams and Robert Griffin the third and Cam Newton were both taken at the top of the first. But yeah, I see the discrimination.

  10. It’s pretty obvious the NFL has a hard time with stereotypes, and it doesn’t stop with black QB’s.

    Look at how they say all white WR’s are slow and not athletic, and compare any white WR to a Wes Welker or Eric Decker even though they are different players.

    So the stereotypes are alive and well unfortunately, and it isn’t exclusive to black QB’s getting unfairly judged. You see it big time now with white WR’s too.

  11. Warren please shut up. You keep stirring things that do not exist any longer. Not one coach the the NFL cares about this, they would put an ostrich behind center if they could play QB & deliver championships.

    To keep harping on this is riiidiculous!

  12. Not that anyone wants to hear it, but Moon is right; there’s been some progress, but nowhere near enough.

    Two years ago it was Cam Newton’s ‘character’ and the authenticity of his smile, this year it’s Geno Smith. I know Moon makes many people uncomfortable by pointing this out, but he needs to continue doing it – until it’s no longer an issue.

  13. The only reason RGIII was drafted second overall last year was because he was a “cornball brother” – Rob Parker

  14. Warren Moon always bitches…

    Does he even realize that Doug Williams was a first round pick that year?

    People just missed.

    It has nothing to do with Warren Moon being black.

    And now that it’s 2013 – NO ONE CARES.

    He just needs to shut up.

  15. Racism is so alive in the nfl that 70%+ of the players are black? (A figure that isnt like the general population). Nobody has problems picking a black WR or RB first? Or CB, or S, or LB, or DL, or OL…but yeah, racism affects a ton of decisions in the nfl!

  16. I totally agree with Warren Moon that there is racism in the NFL and that affirmative action is needed. After all, we’ve all been taught for decades that when the workforce is 90% one color with no diversity, the government must step in and provide equal opportunity for all.

    I look forward to supporting Warren Moon and his efforts to make the NFL workforce more representative of society as a whole.

  17. Yea cause there are so many white wide receivers, corners and running backs etc….. Give me a break dude. Why is there no black place kickers? Answer that

  18. What is racist is constantly going to a black former QB for the definitive opinion about black QBs.

  19. Oh, come on, Warren! It’s not 1968. Sure, there may be a few GM’s who have neanderthal views, but look at the LOVE Russel Wilson and RG3 get. Look at Cam Newton. Christ, look at the love AND the money Jamarcus Russell got! Akili Smith and Andre Ware got chances. Jason Campbell and Tavaris Jackson had their shot. Look, Warren. Maybe you need to get on a plane, take trip to Canton Ohio, and stare at your bust for while to make you feel better.

  20. I know racism still exists on “All” levels but comments like this in this day and age is outdated. Tired of this crap it keeps it going. We have people out there who want to blow us up and cut our heads off because WE Are Americans and that’s with a capital A. focus on that Moon!!

  21. yea, cause people say kaepernick,wilson,newton and rg3 are going to be busts and are horrible qb’s….oh wait,most people say they are the future and hold them in higher regards….tired of this guy, the only racist here is warren moon.

  22. Wow didn’t he run his mouth last year also, where was he when Parker from espn called RG3 a cornball “brotha”? But heaven forbid he get compared to Cam or Vic, I am sure is he wasn’t a run option QB he might not be. Did anyone ever say Cam plays like Bryon Leftwich?

  23. Sorry Warren, there are a lot of accidental racists out there…don’t take it so personally.


    Brad and LL

  24. I wonder how many millions NFL teams have blown on folks like Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell thinking they would have the work ethic and smarts to make it in the NFL? No question about their abilities, it was the work ethic and intellect that got them. Go back to whatever you’ve been doing Warren and leave playing the race card up to our Commander In Chief.

  25. Moon would be right if it were 25 years ago, but he is way off base now. There was a time when you would never see a black QB drafted in the 1st round. It used to be that if you were a black QB, NFL teams would force that player to play another position. The Canadian Football League used to be the place for black QBs, but not any longer. Moon sounds bitter.

  26. Yeah…Warren Moon only lived it. He has nooooooooooo idea what he’s talking about. Seems no one wants to the discuss the ACTUAL issue he raised. Let’s all just disregard his comments and collectively throw perverbial “race cards” at him! Shame on you, Warren Moon!! Haven’t you heard there’s a black man in the WH? Racism is way over, buddy.

  27. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he would also identify the other racist reviews of white WR’s or RB’s. Does he do that? No, so yes, he is a racist. He also ignores, as others have pointed out, how many times a black QB has been drafted first overall or the first QB to be drafted, which completely nullifies his statements. Maybe he has taken too many blows to the head!

  28. Warren Moon is the racist because he sees everything through a prism of race. If somebody isn’t picked or are criticized it must be because they are black. Whatever. Cam went #1 that year Moon complained and as of a couple weeks ago, the concerns for Cam’s progress are the same as what they were pre-draft.

    FYI, Moon has said that he wasn’t drafted because he was black. He might want to look up that draft–particularly pick #17. That is where the Bucs picked Doug Williams. Williams had a beef over his pay and went to the USFL over it but Moon has no business blaming race for not getting drafted.

  29. Sick of hearing this. Warren, get a clue man. Since 2001, 8 times has an African American QB been the fourth or higher passer off of the board, and 4 times have they been the fisrt off the board, and all but 1 year were they first round picks. This is why the race-card still exists, because people continue to use it as an excuse for something. It’s not a handicap Warren, you really need to get over yourself, as you continue to put these guys like Cam Newton and RGIII in the spotlight and it makes things like “Pouty-face-gate” and “Read-option QB” a stereo-type for these guys. Oh, and do you remeber ’04? When 3 AA QB’s were voted to the pro-bowl? Or RGIII, or Cam Newton, or Vince Young winning the OROY? Yeah, don’t let facts cloud you’re judgement.

  30. The best athlete on the team is probably the quarterback in high school. Often the fastest man on the team as well. Ditto for college. But a ‘running’ quarterback won’t last long and won’t win championships in the NFL. I don’t care black or white – just don’t give me a quarterback whose first instinct is to run with the ball. That man, black or white, is NOT a quarterback.

  31. His comment would carry more weight if he would expunge on things more than just saying one scout was a jerk for saying Geno Smith was uninterested looking during practices.

  32. The nfl does not care if you are black or white, only if you are good. As a Browns fan all I want is a star quarterback. I could care less about the color of his skin.

  33. Bottom line…Race will never be totally ignored. Never. There will still still be racist and ignorant people out here whether you are black, white yellow or purple. Meanwhile im burgundy and gold. Go skinz!

  34. Warren Moon is absolutely on point, in my opinion. So called “experts” like Kiper, Jr. & McShay are very bias and neither of them have actually played 1 down of Pro Football…..in fact, McShay was a backup before getting hurt@a non-elite college….high priced Big Mouths……

  35. 3 of most talented and positively talked about in the media qb’s last year were RGIII, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick. For 100 dollars Warren….can you tell me what they have in common??

  36. I agree with moon that only black quarterbacks are saddled with character issues and it drops them in the draft.

    A perfect example of this racism toward black quarterbacks is ryan mallett.

  37. Wasn’t there a black QB selected #2 in the draft last year? Moon…shut up and go back wherever it was that you’ve been for the last 20 years.

  38. Really? The NFL loves giving a athletic qb a chance which normally means black. Everyone wants a guy that can run to now days and just cause none have won a Super Bowl besides Doug Williams isn’t the reason why they don’t. It’s a matter of who gives you the best chance to win. White, black, Hispanic, or any other race. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin only if this guy has the skills, work ethic, and wants it.

  39. Does he ever stop complaining about this? Didn’t Michael Vick sign a 100 million dollar deal AFTER he got out of prison? Jeeeeeeeez, Warren. Let it go buddy.

  40. ok. for waren’s sake every team go with only a black qb. it dosent matter to him him who has the better skills. its only about skin color. i dont care what color or race you are. if your better, the job is yours. period.

  41. I don’t care what anyone says, facts are facts. There has been only one black QB to ever win a SuperBowl…and that’s all that matters.

    Until another one wins the big game, people like Moon will keep playing the race card.

  42. “First quarterback selected in the draft is TKTKTK, let’s go to Warren Moon for his thoughts.” Great you found a way into the conversation with the race card. No shut and go back selling cars or running your bar or running some charity blah blah blah whatever it is you do now that has nothing to do with drafting. Next year less people will care. HTTR

  43. Oh, and if you’re the coach of a team with a quarterback that has superior speed and agility, don’t call more than one or two quarterback runs per game. Let him use his speed and agility to keep from getting sacked and/or hurt. And absolutely don’t follow Shanahan’s example of calling QB run after QB run until you get your quarterback seriously injured. (And then blame the QB for not avoiding hits.)

  44. I could be wrong but I don’t believe any of the top 5 qb in this draft are worth a first rd pick. No knock on geno but I don’t believe he better then Russell Wilson and espically not luck and rg3. Not very often u see so much success from rookie qb as you have last season so don’t beat upset when that doesn’t happen for a couple of years. I look at all the qb coming out and they all have question marks about them.

  45. Well Warren, what do you, Culpepper, McNabb, Vick, RG3, Cam, cunningham, mcnair, kordell stewart, and james harris all have in common? 0 super bowl rings.

    Unfortunately, all stereotypes have some truth in them. If it wasn’t for Doug Williams, this would still be an 0/47 shutout for the group of QBs that you, not me, linked together by skin color.

  46. ok so a comparison, patterson is considered to be a 1st to 2nd rd player, 6’2, good speed,ok hands and bad routes, but still considered top 2 in his position. ryan swope is the 3rd fasted reciever,known for great hands and crisp routes, 6’0 i believe but is projected to go in the 3rd to 5th rd…..swopes numbers on a black reciever would be 1st rd (tavon austin). racism is all over the field.

  47. I wonder why Moon doesn’t lobby for white defensive backs?

    Hmmm….maybe its because he is a racist & has an agenda.

  48. Shut that crap up, moon. Your still mad that Doug Williams was the first black QB to appear and win a super bowl. I’m still not convinced you are even worthy of the HOF.

  49. White players are underestimated too, so his point is valid.

    Look at how last year Brian Hartline has a good year, and everyone just writes him off because he’s white and couldn’t possibly be a good player. He just has “good hands” or runs “good routes”, but he’s “slow” and “can’t jump”.

    They say the same thing about white RB’s too.

    So unfortunately racism in the NFL is alive and well. A LOT of white skill position players like WR and RB tend to get overlooked or ridiculed simply because they are white. Even when they do perform well, their performances are written off as a fluke for no reason other then they are white.

    And a lot of black QB’s get labeled as a “running QB” or a “read option QB”, and everyone says they don’t have an arm and can’t pass. So I can see Moon’s point, however he failed to mention how an increasing number of white players are also subjected to stereotypes.

  50. I stopped listening to this clown once he was arrested for beating up his wife.A race batter and a woman beater

  51. Just so sad that certain people can never look at anything without race being a factor.

    Warren you would be a perfect intern for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

  52. Kurt Warner wasn’t drafted and worked his way up thru the arena league like moon did in the canadian league. So….

  53. One person’s ‘scathing assessment’ does not represent everyone else’s feelings towards that player’s ability to play football, their race or how they are as a person.

  54. Did you morons read the quote? He says “lots of people in society”!!!! He made no mention of the NFL. He’s talking about the talking heads, not NFL decision makers specifically. Geeze already!

  55. I’m sorry, but Moon’s comments don’t hold any water. His gripe is about the criticism leveled at Geno Smith by Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki, the same guy who leveled similar criticism at Cam Newton two years ago.

    Problem is, Nawrocki heaped praise on RGIII last year, was very complimentary of Russell Wilson, and back in 2006, had Vince Young ranked as a future franchise QB. So the idea that Nawrocki’s criticism of Geno Smith is based on Nawrocki being a racist is just flat out wrong.

    Nawrocki’s comments on Geno Smith are not made up out of thin air, but based on scouting reports and inside information for people who have worked with and coached Geno Smith.

    Does this mean Smith will be a failure as a pro QB? Of course not. Nawrocki is in business to do a job, and his work will be judged in time. But to charge him with racism because of negative criticism of Smith is baseless, and not worthy of serious consideration.

  56. Interesting comments, but the truth is that he is right. For one compare the NFL life expectancy of a “white” QB with that of a “black” QB.

    I mean think about the John Kitna’s, Brady Quinns, Drew Henson, Trent Dilfer’s, Mark Brunells, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Matt Leinarts, Tommy Maddox, Jay Fielder, Elvis Grbc, Charlie Frye, and the Detmer brothers.

    Then think about Kordell Sterwart, Daunte Culpepper, McNabb, Jason Campbell, Vince Young, Anthony Wright, Aaron Brooks, Tony Banks, Doug Williams, Steve McNair, Randall Cunningham.

    The Black guys all had short leashes and mostly never had a supporting cast. Most of these guys have >500 winning % but either had to retire early, couldnt even make a team or is still trying. One even won a SB(Doug Williams) but then was never resigned. Meanwhile, the Brady Quinns and Matt Leinarts continue to find ample opportunity. The race card theory has become the people’s crutch when they don’t want to deal with reality, but I’m afraid the proof is in the pudding on this one…….

  57. James Harris, Vince Evans, Rodney Peete, Doug Williams… and on and on. Even the Black fans are tired of hearing this from you Warren. Yes, you were passed over. But you eventually got your shot and you made the most of it and proved everybody wrong. Why can’t you see that things have changed for the better now.

  58. We put ourselves in this situation for wanting to be the exalted ones on the field. Once we achieve this by playing selfish (rg3) by trying to make ALL the plays we tend to stop studying and are caught up in being a celebrity and rely on athleticism to bail us out of games. I should know I was their once! All I have to say is that moon is a fool because I had every opportunity to succeed and did not take advantage of it. GSmith=JRussell=BUST remember that I said this first just like I called it with FatRussell!

  59. When does it end Warren? As a black man I am starting to take issue with the ritual of Warren Moon claiming injustice for black QB’s. Lets move on to the next page already. So is it not fashionable to critique a black QB with playing the race card? Of course not because black QB’s are above approach. Why not just wait until a legitimate issue arises. At that point you can join Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  60. cglacius, just looking at some of those names and doing the math…… Matt Leinart finding ample opportunity right now? That is laughable. And meanwhile Jason Campbell just signed a two-year deal for what I think must be his 16th team. So you and Warren Moon can cling to your victim narrative forever if you want, and good luck with that

  61. I guess Moon was on vacation last year when everyone was falling all over themselves about RGIII’s work ethic, and leadership, and personality, and insane athletic ability.

    Put the card back in the deck, Moon.

  62. norseman69 says:Apr 24, 2013 3:26 PM

    I am so sick of Moon, unless every QB who is black is picked first he crys foul… get a clue the NFL is a Family like the military and his rants and raves are pointless.. go back to Canada..

    he was yours first, we don’t want him back. Didn’t he get caught for knocking his wife around? Class Act


  63. He’s totally right. The Nolan Nawrocki assessment was entirely over the line. Does anybody remember commenting how baseless it was it? We did. It’s PFT’s title on this post that paint Moon as a general belly-acher. Don’t hate on him for voicing an opinion many of us shared concerning Nawrocki’s questionable history of reports on black QB’s.

  64. Has anyone actually looked at Warren Moon’s college stats? I know race played a role in how his career went, but he might not have been drafted for additional reasons. That is if you believe game resumes are an important part of evaluating draft picks, expecially QBs. His QB stats really didn’t blow up till 1980 (79 wasn’t bad, but he was playing in the CFL).

  65. If you pay close attention instead of jumping on Moon you will realize that he is not saying Black QBs will not be selected. GMs know better that to ignore talent. What he is saying is that all these experts use different criteria when evaluating black QBs…Cam Newton was said to have a fake smile, was inaccurate even though he completed over 67% of his passes in college. Meanwhile Jake Locker was praised even though he barely throws better than Tebow and he was called a winner even though he never won anything at the University of Washington. Moon is right, black QBs are judged differently, they have to be superb while a lot of other QBs just have to be subpar.

  66. Most coaches don’t see players at any position in colors. Most coaches would throw their Grandmother down a flight of stairs if it meant playoffs.

  67. Warren Moon is speaking the truth he had to deal with it when he played and he is just calling it the way he see it. Its not the race card people some people tried to assassinate Cam Newtown’s character the same way they did Geno Smith’s. Some see black quarterbacks all the same.

  68. Hey Warren, are you still made about blowing a 35-3 lead against the Bills in the AFC wild card game? You do more harm than good for your mystical causes!

  69. Here is a reality check for Moon.

    The guys that are making the money to make the decisions have ONE thing that matters, winning.

    They win, they keep their jobs, they lose, they are out of work.

    If one of these men are seriously going to let the color of someones skin dictate which player they are going to pick, thus putting their own jobs on the line, then they aren’t going to last too long in the NFL.

    Grow up Moon, and let it go.

  70. Warren Moon & Donovan McNabb have alot in common. Neither can let go of the past and will say anything to remain relevant.

  71. How can this guy have been as good as he was, and still be so uninformed? With the pressure to win at any cost, there isn’t a GM in he league who would pass up a quality QB, if the “Predator” could play QB, someone would draft him. GM’s get paid to make smart decisions, what does Warren do?

  72. Given the irrational responses to Moon’s statement, I feel compelled to point out that he neither wrote the article nor called a press conference to discuss the events. He wasn’t asked for comment. The context is three consecutive drafts where highly questionable language was used by the press to describe the top black quarterbacks’ personal traits.

  73. Hey Moon this is 2013. 1978 was 35 years ago. Let it go. No one is called a “black quarterback” any more (except maybe by you).

  74. There are a whole bunch of guys dumping on Warren Moon because of this reference article – who didnt go and read the full article on USA today. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

    Trent Dilfer said that whoever wrote the stuff in profootball weekly didnt know what he was talking about and it should be scrapped. The same crap was coming out about Cam Newton who was criticized for having a fake smile 2 years ago and somebody who wrote that RG3 doesnt know how to deal with people.

    “It’s like people make this stuff up,” says Bucky Brooks, an analyst for NFL Network and NFL.com. “They are still perpetuating myths, using code words.”
    Moon was responding to a question from a reporter about this and he is correct and not playing any racist card.
    You posters are playing the racist card by criticizing Moon and not Dilfer. So dump on Bucky Brooks because he is black.

  75. The facts are that Nolan Nawrocki has proven he knows what he’s talking about. For starters, look no further than his prophetic report on JaMarcus Russell. Not to mention much of what he said about Scam Newton has been proven accurate. If Moon would educate himself and read Nawrocki’s scouting reports, he would find glowing assessments of Russell Wilson(from last year’s draft) and EJ Manuel(from this year’s PFW draft book). But of course any critique of a black QB has to be racist. The racist is #1 himself.

  76. Let’s see,

    Robert Griffin III plays quarterback for the Washington Redskins, Cam Newton plays quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, Russell Wilson plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Freeman plays quarterback for the Tampa Bay Bucs, and Michael Vick plays quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and there are a host of Black backups as well, 3 of them playing for the Eagles alone. In terms of starting quarterbacks, 5 out of 32 total starting quarterbacks are Black, or 15.6 percent of all starting NFL quarterbacks, which is higher than the proportion of Blacks in the overall US population, 13%. Thus, Blacks are overrepresented among NFL quarterbacks, and Warren Moon is an old fart who’s full of crap. Time for Warren to slip back into obscurity.

  77. Any Lithuanian QBs since Unitas? He had to play semi-pro before the Colts gave him a chance. Discrimination, I tell you!

  78. Warren Moon one of the greatest in modern day football to throw the spheroid. Keep speaking out Warren! To the deniers keep keep burying your heads in the sand. Losers

  79. It was clearly a different time when Warren was playing though and I can understand there ws some then. I’m black and I really don’t see racism against the black QB’s. Everyone is getting dissected right now with draft time. If there is racism you can say it’s assuming all black QB’s are running QB’s, but there isn’t anyone saying there isn’t any talent out there. Like one poster said, RG3, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Mike Vick….If you can play, you can play. And how many black QB’s are there at the bigger schools? (Let’s be honest, they don’t draft from DII and lower that often in the first few rounds for most positions where there may be more black QB’s). I do wonder where the white WR and RB’s are also. Racism claims can also work against us. I’d rather that card be saved and played when there truly is racism.

  80. Stereotypes, like profiling will persist because they are useful. Pulling 80 year old grandma’s in to be searched at airports in equal numbers with male Moslems is an inane misallocation of resources. With millions of dollars on the line for NFL owners, every perceived weakness at the critical QB position they are going to consider. Mr Moon can beat that drum to his hearts desire, but if the shoe fits, they’ll be wearing it. Regardless, the main color under consideration is green.

  81. Well, like they say, if you are looking to be offended then you will be offended. I don’t know what Moon is complaining about. If you want to know discrimination, ask Doug Flutie. The discrimination against whites in the NFL is REALLY pathetic.

    Look at the CFL stats. Warren Moon: 6 years, 21,228 yards, 144 TDs. Doug Flutie: 8 years, 41,355 yards, 270 TDs,

    And, Flutie did that after 1 year in the USFL and 4 years in the NFL and not really being given a chance to prove his worth because he was white. Imagine what he could have done in the NFL if he hadn’t been discriminated against!

  82. Well if integrity and work ethic are called into question, I would defiantly go another way. No matter what color. Who wants a lazy leader that is stirring up the club house??

  83. We always hear the same thing about white running backs. They don’t cut good enough or are to slow in the 40. etc, etc.

  84. You know when you’ve hit of some truth when there are this many dumb excuses.

    Stereotyping works to perpetuate white domination, that’s its use value. Most of the terror attacks against the US have been conducted by Christian white men. Where’s the corresponding stereotype?

    Doug Flutie was 5-10.

    Roughly 66% of the players in the NFL are black, but only roughly 16% starting QBs—hardly overrepresentation.

    Nolan Nawrocki has been proven wrong about Cam Newton—he’s averaging 3,950 YP, 20 TD, 720 YR, 11 TD.

    Nawrocki said nothing negative about Tim Tebow’s personal traits—media-courting religiosity, below average Wonderlic, SATs that should have precluded college admission, law suit that allowed HS football program shopping, etc. Yet, when it comes to black QBs, he can’t help himself.

  85. Lets be honest. Black QB’s typically have a different style of play than white Qb’s. Moon happens to be one of the exceptions to what I said, as he played more like a typical “white” QB in my opinion.

    I am not speculating on the reasons, and right now some NFL teams have found a very potent offence that 90% of white QBs cannot run as efficiently.

    Just like QB height, some NFL teams want a proto-typical QB in every regard. Makes a team like Seattle who gets a short black QB who can tear it up even more happy those stigmas are out there.

  86. Stay in Seattle where you belong Warren. You sound like all the rest of the seachick’s loser fan base. Quit crying about what happened 30-40 years ago.

  87. “It’s hard to view the NFL’s snubbing of Moon in the 70s and 80s as anything other than racism.”
    Well… in the 70s/80s Packer’s case – it wasn’t racism, it was just a bunch of buffoons who lacked eyes for any sort of talent.

    Talent’ism ?

  88. Doug Williams was drafted in the first round (17th overall) of the 1978 NFL Draft, chosen by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of Grambling State University. The Bucs, who had never been to the playoffs before Williams arrived, went to the playoffs three times in four years and played in the 1979 NFC Championship Game. Williams improved his completion percentage each year with the Bucs and was regarded as the heart and soul of the team.

    Doug Williams was the only starting African-American quarterback in the NFL at that time. During his tenure with the Buccaneers, Williams was only paid $120,000 a year—far and away the lowest salary for a starting quarterback in the league, and behind 12 backups. After the 1982 season, Williams asked for a $600,000 contract. Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse refused to budge from his initial offer of $400,000 despite protests from coach John McKay. While Culverhouse’s offer was still more than triple Williams’ previous salary, he would have still been among the lowest-paid starters in the league.

    That’s from Wikipedia but deny it all you want.

  89. To all of you moronic bigoted racist imbeciles that are criticizing Warren Moon you need to SHUT UP!! Mr Moon is straight on point and the sad thing is that you guys are so ignorant and blind you have no clue of what he is talking about. Moon was run off into the CFL and also received death threats in college and WHY you ask just because he is a black man. Now some 30+ years later and here we are using keywords writing by likewise clueless NFL analysts trying to understand and or define a black man. The caucasian guys (Barkley, Nassib etc…) are “intelligent, Smart, High Character etc… while the black guy is temperamental, doesnt read defense well, character question etc…. all mere code words and Moon and MANY others can see right through it nothing more then pure racist, bigoted bias and you FOOLS fit right in!!!

  90. Really, Two of the top two QB’s last year were black and you want to say that. It doesn’t help either after LA’s 1st round QB isn’t even in the NFL anymore. I like Moon playing but this kind of stuff has to stop some time. Well that what I think anyway.

  91. adonis10032, Did you ever think for a minute what their saying about this person is true. May he can’t read defense well, character question etc might be true. Because he black doesn’t make this true, but the person him self might. It doesn’t have to be about color to make it true.

  92. ok, I’ll try that too…
    To all of you moronic bigoted racist imbeciles that are agreeing with Warren Moon you need to SHUT UP!! Mr Moon is blinded by irrationally perceived racial slights and the sad thing is that you guys are so ignorant and blind to reality you follow his lead and repeat his nonsense. Moon was run off into the CFL WHY you ask just because he was not one of the better college quarterbacks. Now some 30+ years later and here we are looking for keywords in writing by NFL analysts trying to understand and or define a capable QB. Looking for code words by Moon and MANY others just shows nothing more then pure racist, bigoted bias by those that love to come across as thoughtless victims and you FOOLS fit right in!!!

  93. We need to cut Moon some slack. After all, his career was greatly impacted by race. If Moon was white, not only would he have been drafted, but he may have gone #1. Doug Williams story was rare – and you may have had 1 of 30 teams willing to go that route.

    Moon had a great career at Washington, and what happened to him was due to the color of his skin. I think we all see that. He obviously has some sensitivity to the issue and I think its his right to voice his own opinion.

  94. jprcox, there is no way he would have gone #1. He was around a 50% completion rate and threw 1 more TD than INT. (206 completions/18 TD/17 INT over his 2 years) He had one very good game. Calling his college career great shows you probably didn’t look it up. He got good/great in Canada, not college and made the most of it in the NFL. There may be a racial element in his draft process but it is probably not the driving factor. Did he have any character issues? Injuries? Questionable statements?

  95. No I do not trust these so-called experts on judging character issues and or giving their expert opinions!! Sadly “RACE” is and will always play a factor in these matters not so much blatant racism rather using those dog whistle terms they use. You can turn away from the TV and know what the race is of the guy they are talking about ie. He is smart, tough, knows how to get open, Not the fastest or the most talented but he is a warrior….that is the WHITE GUY!! He is fast, gifted, very athletic….that is the BLACK GUY!! Just listen with your 3rd ear you can hear all of these terms used to describe the black athlete. Matt Barkley is the blond hair blue eyed can’t miss guy, the boy next door the all-american guy, Geno Smith is the not so warm, tempermental, work ethic questioned etc…… Barkley is a FRAUD!!! They are trying to be the next great white hope no one mentioned the past USC qb’s pretty much ALL busts!!! Sanchez, Leinhart, Casell, Palmer is average at best even going back to Marinovich BUSTS!!! Barkley will keep the list of busts going.

  96. Just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it so, Adonis. There are white QB busts and black QB busts. Here’s a partial list of black QBs who are/were busts or mediocre at best: JaMarcus Russell, Charlie Batch, Seneca Wallace, Vince Young, Troy Smith, Brad Smith, D.J. Shockley, Cleo Lemon, Tarvaris Jackson, Darrell Hackney, Quinn Gray, David Garrard, Jason Campbell, Shane Boyd, Vince Evans, Joe Gilliam, Marlin Briscoe, James Harris, Rodney Peete, Andre Ware, Jay Walker, and Anthony Wright. And, I got news for you, Adonis, Carson Palmer has been much better than any of those quarterbacks.

    Your rant about Barkley as a fraud and your focus on his hair and eye color only reveals your own racism, Adonis. A fraud is someone who uses falsehoods to con somebody else out of something, you know, someone who defrauds another another person or entity. What has Barkley done to defraud anyone? Why call him a fraud? You may be among many who believe that Barkley isn’t talented enough to be successful in the NFL, but why does that make Barkley a fraud? Why can’t those who think more highly of him simply be mistaken, Adonis?. Who besides you thinks that Barkley is a fraud? Does it matter that most experts believe that Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel will be drafted ahead of Barkley?

    Your arguments are reflections of your own beliefs and your poor word choices, Adonis. You won’t convince anyone except someone as blind and rhetorical as you.

  97. miguel3557 you are indeed a clueless mindless jackass that has no idea of what you are talking about and it is people like YOU that are indeed the problem. You see no issue with race in th NFL and in our society heck why should you since we have a black President right?? lol it is sad and useless to try to talk sense to someone that is as blind as you are so i will not. Barkley is a FRAUD NOT because of his hair or eyes it is because he has not done JACK!! All of the guys that you mentioned were not groomed like they have done so often with with the white QB’s ie. Brady Quinn, Clausen (both busts) these guys were groomed to be the great white hopes lol what a joke. USC has not produced ANYTHING! And once again Barkley will be a BUST!! Geno will be a star!

  98. 21st century already

    I can’t imagine the wounds from the past couple centuries but I think there is less caring about people’s skin color than might be perceived

  99. Sadly gregmorris78 you have sight but absolutely NO VISION if you truly believe that race no longer a factor today because we see it everyday racial profiling in New York and LA and throughout the nation just to name a few. As far as playing the game with teammates NO race is NOT a factor but when we sit back and look and read all of the things that is written and said about athlete there are very STRONG racial over tones.

  100. Big Moon fan but his comments make no sense. You have RG3 as one of the most coveted QBs in the league and was taken #2 in last year’s draft. He may have been taken #1 overall but his style of play may not fit what the Colts do. That is how picks should be made. Who fits the system more than the other.

    Excuse me if I’m wrong here but what does Geno Smith have to do with anything? Wasn’t EJ Manuel taken in the 1st round and isn’t he considered a “black QB”? What am I missing here?

    Teams are going to take QBs they believe can help their team. Regardless of race. In fact, wasn’t Manuel the ONLY QB taken in the 1st round? Sorry but Moon’s comments just don’t fit here.

  101. The Eagles signed a black dog murderer… You know what bias NFL teams have? They have a bias for TALENT. If Geno were white, he still wouldn’t have been drafted. Black or white has nothing to do with the NFL.

  102. I can’t believe this. This is the same Warren Moon I looked up to as a great QB with the Oilers and later the Hawks? This is the same Warren Moon who is so congenial on “Seahawks All-Access”? What in the blue blazes is his point? Does he remember Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell? Does he remember our dud of a back-up, Seneca Wallace? With all of the successful QB’s in the NFL, past and present, what does he want? EVERY QB has to be racially the same as him?

    Do some not get respect? Very few QB’s of any race get respect until they’ve earned it. But dammit man, minority players in the NFL are in the wide majority. Is that fair, according to your reasoning?

    If they’re going to start stirring the racism pot all over again, in the NFL, I may quit football. I fought hard against it (racism) during the 60’s and 70’s, and I’m sick of it.

  103. I respect Warren Moon and feel like he’s made good points in the past, but I just don’t think it’s that way anymore. McNabb, Michael Vick, Jamarcus Russel, Vince Young, Cam Newton, RGIII, Russel Wilson (? – not actually sure on that one).

    Teams don’t judge QB’s the same way anymore. If they’re a dynamic playmaker that can put points on the board, teams will adjust to their style instead of the other way around.

  104. Sadly seaeagle707 you are also CLUELESS when you make statements like stirring the pot of racism!!! Dude this is America and as I said racism bigotry is sown into the very fabric of America Moon was right on point and seaeagle707 because you don’t experience or and have never experienced it you are clueless to it. Those of us that experience it ie. racial profiling in New York (stop and frisk) is something that is REAL and it is in the NFL also. ESPN, NFL, MLB, executives, NBA etc….has a very poor record when it comes to a level playing field for blacks and those are the facts yet you act “SHOCKED” for some strange reason when a hall of famer that experienced death threats and the utmost racism all of because of his color…..he is the right person to speak on it and call it out. Speak truth Mr Moon

  105. You are WRONG kindbass the NFL does judge the black QB differently and with much more scrutiny. Just listen to labels put on Geno compare those to Barkley, Jones and the other caucasian QB’s. They talked badly about Wilson’s height yet praised Flutie and Brees though they are smaller in height. Sure there are some knuckleheads like Vince Young yet the great Brett Favre had a known drinking problem and drug issue yet it was not publicized and he is praised as a gunslinger. He was very devisive self promoting and was NOT a good teammate to Rodgers and others yet it is glossed over by the media. There are different standards used to judge the black QB and the Caucasian QB which is what Moon is speaking of. BTW, EJ Manuel was a VERY BAD choice for the Bills he is a 2 rounder at best.

  106. It is quite obvious that adonis is a delusional bigot with a “victim” mentality. He is cherry picking circumstances and making up “facts”. He just said that “NBA etc….has a very poor record when it comes to a level playing field for blacks” Really? C’mon man! Just a carnival barker thinking he’s standing up. He’s not only wrong; he’s wrong at the top of his voice.

  107. lol FinFan68 you are one of the ignorant fools that is living in denial and refuse to call it what it is!! When I referred to the NBA I meant those blacks that are in positions of authority ie. Owners (1 Michael Jordan) and other executive positions within organizations. The NFL is a good ol boy club and racism is alive and well as people like you FinFan68 prove so like I said FinFan68 put your head back in the sand close your eyes and act as if everything is ok you mindless fool.

  108. No. You are completely wrong. You claim that there is a bias against black QBs and for white QBs. The negative comments are “code word” racism. If so, why was the only QB selected last night a black QB? Wouldn’t those horrible racists have chosen all the white guys first? If it were racism, wouldn’t those statements have been said about EJ Manuel also? The comments I have seen about Manuel include “Intelligent, high character team leader” and those are supposedly your code words for describing a white QB. Smith is criticized because he is a suspect QB. That is an individual critique not a racial one. You assume that the playing field is not level but you do not know that at all. The good ole boy thing among the executives is more likely networking and not racial discrimination. All the other white candidates are passed over at the same time as the black candidates whenever the good ol boy moves happen. They are not passed over because they are black or white; it is because they are not a specific guy within the network. If you want to continue being the clueless victim that is obsessed with race or ethnicity, go right ahead. You are allowed to be as stupid as you’d like here

  109. This guy wasn’t even that great of a QB, not a top ten for sure. The only reason he is held in high regard is because he’s a black QB who likes to spout off about racism, the liberal media loves that. He can’t support his view with facts another thing the liberal media loves.

  110. Just don’t understand him. Sounds like he is very racist and that is a shame, Moon was good end of story.

  111. Ya,
    no one in the media ever got all stupid about a white QBs intangibles. Never happened.

  112. Adonis,

    I’ve been reading your rants, and it appears that you believe everyone who disagrees with you, and there are many, is ignorant or blind or, that “people like [ME] . . . are indeed the problem.” I already gave you the definition of a fraud, which you had misused in one of your earlier diatribes because you didn’t seem to know what a fraud was, you ignored it, and now you’ve redefined fraud as someone who “has not done JACK!!” Again, Adonis, a fraud is someone who uses falsehoods to gain advantage over others, someone who defrauds others; it has nothing to do with whether one has performed well or not. You’re an asinine ignoramus who isn’t educated enough to realize how badly you butcher English.

    You also wrote to me, “All of the guys that you mentioned (the many black quarterback busts) were not groomed to be the great white hopes lol what a joke.” What actual evidence do you have that any white quarterbacks are groomed to be “great white hopes?” Further, who still uses phrases like “great white hopes, a question that, in the past, derisively referred to white prizefighters who dared to be champions?” Arrogant black racists like you do, Adonis, those who perpetually whine about being victims of racism and use their indignant self-righteousness to attack, criticize or attempt to ridicule others who disagree with them as “enemies” unhinged from reality.

    You’re entitled to your opinions, Adonis, but just because others don’t agree with your opinions doesn’t make them part of a racist cabal. Why must you repeatedly disabuse others with different views as “clueless,” “wrong,” having “no vision,””moronic,” etc.? Are you so insecure that you must assail the intelligence or understanding of everyone who has the temerity to disagree with you?

    In my opinion, Adonis, you’re the problem, just as Warren Moon’s ongoing whining today is a problem, stupidly fomenting racial discord among members of a community (football fans) who are just as happy seeing a gifted black quarterback succeed in demonstrating his athletic excellence as a gifted white quarterback. Although I’m a 49ers fan, I love watching Russell Wilson escape, I am fascinated by Colin Kaepernick’s fastball and his accuracy (he’s half black, Adonis), I marvel at RG III’s speed and his throwing ability, just as I loved Fran Tarkenton’s escapes, Brett Favre’s gutsy fastballs into the smallest windows, Steve Young’s accuracy and running ability, Dan Marino’s quick release and his longevity, John Elway’s cannon and his cool, and Joe Montana’s ability to pick the correct receiver almost every time as part of the West Coast Offense run by its creator, Bill Walsh.

    I’m sorry to tell you this, Adonis, but your obsession with reducing everything to black and white terms, itself a manifestation of racism, will not spoil anyone’s appreciation of the athletic prowess and excellence that charms us every Sunday. LOL.

    Enjoy the coming season, Adonis.

  113. FinFan68 you prove my point exactly you are a MINDLESS FOOL!!! I do know exactly what I am talking about because i played in the NFL!!! Though I did NOT experience direct racism amny of my teammates and other guys in the league did and do and YES we talk about it!! Manuel appears to be a good kid and I would not have drafted him that high. Smith is a baller this guy completed 71% of his passes and is as accurate as hell. You cannot see racisn because like your fellow caucasians your people have been the oppressor since this country was first stolen from the natives. Today the good ol boy system is in full effect but because you live with your head up your butt you cannot see it for what it is and act as if Moon and others that speak about it are just making things up!! Your narrow mindedness is part of your undoing because you will NEVER view America through the eyes of a black man!! Stay ignorant and clueless dude.

  114. There may be racism in america, with all the white supremesists here, but c’mon, there’s a black president for cry in out loud, and he is Muslim.
    Its not fair this and its not fair that, bunch a bs.
    I’m white, and red. I don’t run around say in Its not fair I’m not rich and I don’t have custody of my kids and I never really amounted to much.
    I’m glad I never became famous, I’d have probably put a barrel in my mouth cause it’d be in the public view how big a loser I’ve become.
    I’m alive, I’m gonna have my day, when its all said and done, can’t beat my life.
    Crying about yours and carrying on how depraved you are because your colored is just rediculous.

  115. Why the mere mention of race sends many of you into a fit is indeed troubling. You’d have thought Moon said something about your family. The nation is evolving, but problems still remain. Which is a better looking car, a pinto or a mercedes? A Mercedes, right? None of us were born thinking that, we were taught to believe that. There is no escaping a bias in preference toward cars, color or a 1000 other things connected with culture. Can any of you honestly say you don’t think someone like Jerry Jones might be a little prejudice? Quincy Carter led the Cowboys to one of the team’s few playoff appearances, but Parcells had to overrun Jones just to keep Carter as the starter. Not saying he’s racist, but can’t I at least consider bias without being shouted down like I just accused Mother Teresa of having a gambling problem?
    We are so sorry people are tired of hearing about problems that may involve race. To many of us, they are merely a topic of discussion, like the budget deficit might be a topic of discussion. How can it be that anyone who gets this mad over the mere discussion of race, is not himself at least a little prejudiced. Me thinks (you) doth protest too much!

  116. Dear atthebarbershop2,

    I don’t think the topic of race or racism sends many into a fit, but rude name calling of those having honest disagreements about matters of opinion is unfortunately rampant in our society. I did get exercised about Adonis’s employment of angry hate speech to attack personally anyone whose opinion he disagreed with as clueless, ignorant, moronic racists, not just someone with whom he might have an honest disagreement.

    IMHO, atthebarbershop2, harkening back to what Jerry Jones might have been thinking when seeking to demote Quincy Carter was so, you know, 20th Century. Last I looked, the Bills signed E.J. Manuel to be their quarterback, and the Jets drafted Geno Smith to be their quarterback. If they start for the Bills and the Jets at some point next season and you include 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the count of Black quarterbacks in the NFL (he’s half Black, like Obama), that would make a total of 8 Black quarterbacks out of 32 total, or 25% of all NFL quarterbacks. As you’re probably aware, Blacks make up approximately 13% of the US population. If Manuel and Smith start for those clubs, it would mean that Blacks’ representation in the NFL at the quarterback position would almost be double its proportion of the US population. And, in anticipation of the common retort that racism still exists because 25% is far below the overall percentage of Blacks playing in the NFL is nothing but a cheap rhetorical device designed to reach a foregone conclusion.

    Now you and I may want to debate this point, atthebarbershop, but neither you nor I will call each other idiotic or brain-dead just because we may disagree. You may believe that Moon was vastly superior to Montana because Moon had gaudier career numbers when one includes his years in Canada and that Montana’s exaltation is a manifestation of racism, but I would politely disagree and say that 4 winning Super Bowls and 3 Super Bowl MVP awards suggest otherwise. We’re all entitled to our opinions, and just because the topic is racism doesn’t alter that fact.

  117. Wait a minute, we’ve got someone criticizing Jerry Jones because he didn’t play Quincy Carter enough? Really??? I mean, REALLY??? First of all, Jones got slammed for drafting Carter in the second round. Does that sound prejudiced? Carter had the tools to be an NFL starter. What Carter lacked (as he’s shown time after time) is the ability to stay off the pipe. He’s a drug addict. Being a black QB shouldn’t get you some sort of exemption for being a drug addict as Mr. Barbershop seems to imply. The starting QB is held to a different standard from some third stringer. Race doesn’t enter into that.

    Goodness gracious, the main reason that Moon is even in the Hall of Fame is because he’s black.

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