Bears take Kyle Long 20th


The Bears have beefed up their offensive line with their first-round draft pick.

Kyle Long, a guard from Oregon, is Chicago’s choice with the 20th overall pick, and an immediate starter whose job is keeping Jay Cutler upright.

Long is the son of Hall of Famer Howie Long and brother of Rams defensive end Chris Long. Football talent runs in the family.

This isn’t a sexy pick for the Bears, but it is a pick that should make everyone in Chicago who has been grumpy about the Bears’ porous offensive line happy. And it’s certainly a pick that should make Cutler happy.

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  1. Do gruden and kiper even care about what free agents a team signs? They were talking Teo and Eifert. Chicago signed…….a MLB and TE. Sheesh.

  2. Can’t believe we passed on ogletree!! I’d have settled for eiffert to give cut another weapon,but this is such a stretch I can’t even imagine what they’re thinking!? I was dreading T’eo,but I’d have been happier with him now even though long probably runs a faster 40

  3. Hoped that the Bears would’ve added Eifert. Felt this was a reach no where on the radar as far as the gurus go. A 2nd TE would make the new offense that more dynamic. I hope this pick works out. Welcome to Chicago Kyle Long.

  4. Stunningly bad pick. Embarrassing that the Bears have absolutely no clue what they are doing in the draft. It is as if they let the equipment guy handle the draft while they go golfing. Nothing against the kid but the front office has no idea what the values are for the selections. Pick up a draft guide or watch some Path To the Draft before you completely drown the storied franchise with these horrible picks. Beside myself right now.

  5. This guy only started 5 games as a senior !!! You can’t spend your 1st round pick on a developmental player, especially when we only have 5 picks total. Floyd, Trufant, Rhodes and Eifert were available, and all much more valuable. Best player available is the approach of smart GMs, and I’m afraid Emery is a total stiff. Depressing !!

  6. real Bears fans know that signing Bushrod did not solve all their line problems and this pick will help for years to come. we have seen the results of waiting until the late rounds and signing undrafted free agents to go along with other teams rejects. maybe it was a reach but would he have been available with their next pick? sometimes you have to draft for need and it does not get any needier than the o-line for them. I guarantee you if that if these moves work out for the Bears Cutler will not be screaming at or bumping anybody. then you can complain about his lack of passion for not showing emotion.

  7. No matter who the Bears picked most people would call it the wrong pick. The Sikes, lions and the wack all signed D Line. There is no such thing as a reach when it comes to the Bears O line.

  8. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 25, 2013 10:32 PM

    “Gabe Carimi Jr.

    Bust again.”

    Uh-huh…Had the Bears drafted Datone Jones, you would undoubtedly be calling him a bust, too.

  9. I miss the days where Bear fans would beg Angelo to draft an OL. I’m not surprised that Emery went with Long considering G Justin Pugh went to the Giants a pick earlier and Pugh was projected to go after Long. Draft is still deep in LBs and TEs.

  10. We got a GUARD, what we NEEDED. Do you think Carimi is going to be our other guard??? He could play tackle as well..even better!!! J’marcus Webb….do i need to say it again…J’marcus Webb…is our right tackle… We need this kid and he can be a longterm trench warrior for Da Bears..have faith Bear fans..BearDown!

  11. I’m fine with Kyle Long, I’m just a little confused as to why Emery didn’t trade down to get him….
    I think it’s obvious that the Bears gameplan is to put up a ton of points every week and win that way because their defense is full of holes at this point.

  12. Not what I was expecting, but the o-line has been the Bears biggest problem for the last 7 years. Let’s hope Emery knows more than me, but Floyd, Rhodes, Trufant or Jones would have been my pick. I also get a good laugh at all the dumb azz Bear fans that call a guy a bust before he ever hits the field. If it wasn’t for Packer fans, the Bears would have the biggest phuktard fans in the NFL.

  13. I like the pick. I know I’m in the minority here, but we definitely needed OL help, especially at guard. And we’ve been missing that nastiness ever since Kruetz left.

  14. I don’t know why the Bears even bother. They passed on a lot of talent for yet another reach pick. Long would’ve been there in other rounds. No matter the GM, some things never change.

  15. I must say this was not the smartest pick. My roomate who is from Chicago, heard the pick and went into his room for a half hour and cried. As a football fan, hope you Bears get it together some day!

  16. I like Kyle Long, and ultimately he may be an anchor on the o-line for years to come…But…I am not happy that Emery chose not to trade back to get him, along with an extra pick or two. We still need a stud linebacker, a center, a CB for the future, and a backup/developmental QB, and only one pick in the next two rounds to work with.

    Brown, Schwenke, Bray and Kelce are still available, but even if the Bears grab one of them in round 2, the rest will be long gone by the time the Bears pick in the 4th. round.

  17. Long chose baseball over football in college and flamed out with academics and a DUI. Flamed out as a DE at a junior college before switching to offense. Flamed out as a tackle before moving to guard at Oregon where he made just 4 starts at the FCS level in a fast paced scheme that did not require him to block for long, but had a lot of mental errors vs. surprise stunts/blitzes. But it should all work out because he is Howies kid.

  18. GM Phil Emery said that he felt good about the offensive line before last season, so with his astute judgement of talent and the Bears track record for developing linemen, I love selecting a “project” instead of adding a starter in the first round. The worst thing that could happen is we select in the top 10 next year and again rely on this clown to blow another pick.

  19. I dont know whats wrong with these
    people on this site but that was a GREAT PICK! Emery is protecting Cutler and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Kyle Long welcome to Chicago. Go Emery Go!

  20. GO EMERY GO! protect Cutler so he
    can shut up the media in Wisconsin
    and these cheese fans on this site. Trestman is planning to win games
    because of the offense NOT inspite of it. Cutler now has a chance to show what he can do.

  21. Let’s all understand something. We’re fans. We can’t spend 60 hours a week breaking this stuff down. I have no idea if he’ll be good, but I trust the FO to handle this. I’m guessing they couldn’t find a proper trade partner and took the highest-graded guy on their board. The only reason anyone is upset is because we’ve been listening to writers, draftniks, etc., break down the draft. These are not people on NFL payrolls. If they were so brilliant, they’d be hired immediately. My point is –I don’t know–I hope it works out, but I remember being excited about Curtis Enis, McNown, Terrell, Benson…all big-name busts.

  22. Also, I like the fact that he’s unlikely to be phased by the fame/wealth of his new situation. If he starts spouting off, his dad and brother will beat him senseless (figuratively, of course). I’m gonna stick with Phil…remembering that Dave Wannstedt traded the 11th pick for Rick Mirer. Ugh.

  23. Really a first round pick spent on a guy who didnt even start half the games for his team last year? Too funny. This guy could have easily been had in the second or even the third. Chitown where are you hiding?

  24. Emery has been great in his 1st 2 free agencies. Not so sure sbout the draft seems like he reaches a lot. Even last year even tho Shea is a good player not sure he was the best player even at his position left last year when we picked. Guess well see how it turns out. We needed a guard tho but never even heard of this guy and he barely started last year. Well see just hope emery knows what he’s doing

  25. Most had him going in the 2nd round, but then again most did t expect the o-linemen to fly off the board so fast. They said Long would go in round 2 because they thought Warmack or Cooper would still be there at 20.

    It is what it is. They wanted the best guard available, and they got him. It just didn’t pan out anything like what people expected.

  26. What do Shea McClellin, Brandon Hardin and Kyle Long have in common with Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Jim Morrison?

    Three white guys taken way too soon.

    Phil Emery did prove everyone else wrong by showing them that the Beard did indeed have a 3rd round draft pick this year.
    His name is Kyle Long.

  27. Had some time to think about it, and while I still feel Long could have been had in the 2nd. round, I am happy to have him.

    That said, I think all my fellow Bears fans who are ready to kick Emery out of town over this are overreacting…Since he took over for Angelo, the Bears have added Marshall, Jeffery, M. Bennett, Bushrod, Slauson, and Long to the offense, and McClellin, D.J. Williams, Anderson, and Zbikowski to the defense…And while Jeffery and McClellin had some growing pains as rookies, they should be fine moving forward. (The new o-line players alone should make us thrilled.)

    If nothing else, guys, shouldn’t you at least wait for the draft to play out before judging its success?

    Just sayin’.

  28. larryboodry says: Apr 26, 2013 1:18 PM

    Had some time to think about it………..


    …………..and have just now figured out how to rationalize the reach. It’s a common Bear fan coping mechanism.

  29. GenXJay says: Apr 26, 2013 1:18 AM

    Fine pick, Bears. Packers wanted him.


    Yeah, with one of our compensatory picks.

  30. @filthy:

    Admitting that taking Long at #20 was indeed a reach, but still liking that he has joined the Bears, is not rationalizing…What I still haven’t figured out is why I feel the need to reply to your constant BS.

    There is no rationalizing your irrationality.

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