Broncos use 28th pick on Sylvester Williams


The Broncos used their first draft pick on defensive lineman Derek Wolfe in 2012 and they followed up this year by opening their draft with another big fella to stick on the front line.

Defensive tackle Sylvester Williams from North Carolina is the man this time around. The Broncos made him the 28th overall pick of the draft in hopes of improving their defense after winning the AFC West last season.

Williams should join Kevin Vickerson and Terrance Knighton in the rotation at defensive tackle and should be on the field when the Broncos are trying to get after the quarterback on passing downs. He’s got the right size and ability, but Williams will have to show consistency to move to the top of the depth chart in Denver. With Wolfe at end and Von Miller at outside linebacker, the Broncos are starting to put some young foundations in place for their defense moving forward.

They might need to turn to a veteran for pass rushing help in the short term, though. Elvis Dumervil’s shoes haven’t been filled and the Broncos might not have a better choice for that role than signing either Dwight Freeney or John Abraham.

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  1. I have to defer because Jack Del Rio is the D coordinator who, I hope knows more about D, than the rest of us knuckleheads. This guy had better make some plays. Last year, we gave up our chance for the muscle hamster who would have been dynamic, especially against the Ravens when no show was hurt again and Willis was yet again hurt. Not saying we should have got a RB but, it is time to get aggressive and Williams has got some questions. I sure hope the Broncos were not watching Mel’s best available and are confident in the scout’s analysis.

  2. Broncos took a position of need and took a player that the mock draft analysts had going higher. 8 of the 9 mock drafts on had Williams higher than 28. The other had him at 31. 3 of them had him going in the top 15. Seems like this was the right spot for this guy.

    Not sure if any of them is right, but feeling better than Willie Middlebrooks, Marcus Nash, Robert Ayers, and Knowshon Moreno picks.

  3. What questions does he have!? Great pick, now find a way to get Arthur Brown in the 2nd.

  4. I sure hope the Broncos, after leaving Flacco clean in Mile High, are looking at much more than mock drafts to determine if a player being compared to Pot Roast (Terrance Knighton) is their 2013 first round draft choice. Maybe Pot Roast will be better with Del Rio, who drafted him, and perhaps we have now got a double barrel crock pot! Hope I am wrong.

  5. @nodindenver
    Elway knows better than to take a RB in the first round. RB’s are available all draft long. He did pretty good handing off to a 7th rounder named Terrell Davis if your not too young to remember.

  6. @ravensdominate

    ” It’s going to be very hard, after you lose that much chemistry… it’s hard to try that formula. That formula usually doesn’t work. ”
    Ray Lewis

    – Ray Lewis, undercutting the Ravens’ ability to repeat as Super Bowl champions

  7. If they still don’t have a Defensive End tomorrow you can say they’ll need a veteran. I wouldn’t say that yet.

    Tank Carradine and DaMontre Moore are still out there. Sam Montgomery, if you like him. I’m not a fan.

    Really, the first round set the Broncos up well for their second round choice. Two inside linebackers with first round grades are there. All the running backs are there. The draft is deep at safety and corner. And there are those few DEs that can play right away.

  8. Atwatercrushesokoye: oh is that right? Kinda like how it was going to be Ray’s “retirement party” in Denver??? We’ll just see wont we?

    Best franchise in the league


  9. The Broncos drafting a DT then going out to also acquire someone like Freeney or Abraham still leaves them short at RB. Maybe McGahee has another year left in him, but if they were gonna go after a FA pass rusher I would have loved to see them take Eddy Lacy with that first round pick.

  10. majormeatcurtains says: Apr 26, 2013 12:34 AM

    Elway knows better than to take a RB in the first round. RB’s are available all draft long. He did pretty good handing off to a 7th rounder named Terrell Davis if your not too young to remember.
    Davis was a 6th round pick. Are you too old to remember?

  11. Derek Wolfe turned into a good pick and is supposed to have an even better year this year. Williams, is a good pick. I thought they would pick Lacy, but Williams is the safer pick, and considering where the Broncos drafted from he was the best choice.

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