Chris Canty advises Ravens Super Bowl hangover “is real”

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After winning Super Bowl XLVI, the New York Giants were unable to return to the postseason last year after posting a 9-7 record in 2012.

Defensive end Chris Canty earned a Super Bowl ring with the Giants two season ago and saw the team fail to live up to expectations of a return trip to the playoffs last season. Canty signed this offseason with the Baltimore Ravens, a team coming off a Super Bowl victory of their own.

Canty knows what to expect for a team looking to ascend to the top of the NFL again and warns the Ravens about complacency in trying to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

[The] Super Bowl hangover is real,” Canty said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “[You] can’t just show up and win a championship.”

Despite winning the Super Bowl, the Giants entered the 2011 playoffs after sneaking into the playoffs as a wild card team. They just happened to get hot at the right time and rode that momentum to a 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots for their second Super Bowl title in five years. The Giants shouldn’t have had the mindset that they could just show up on cruise control and repeat as champions and it cost them a postseason berth.

With the players they’ve lost this offseason, the Ravens shouldn’t feel they can show up and have wins fall at their feet either. While they still have a very talented roster, Baltimore will have to work for their victories. With his experience in New York, Canty has an opportunity to prepare his teammates so the Ravens don’t suffer the same fate as the Giants this fall.

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  1. I hope his teammates listen! No one is going to crap their pants b/c the mighty Ravens show up at kickoff. Teams will bring their A game to knock off the champ. Intensity is going to be critical for every minute of every game.

    Canty may be stepping into a leadership role w/this team. Dumerville will do the same, I’ve heard he was the unquestionable leader in Denver. While the Ravens have lost Ray & Ed, looks like Doom & Canty & Ngata & Sizzle are stepping into bigger roles.

    I have no idea if they’ll go 5-11 or 11-5, but I am very optimistic about my Ravens chances to get into the playoffs again. Once they start, it’s anyone’s ballgame. Gotta get in to have a chance.

  2. It doesn’t count as a hangover if you dismantle your team and go into obvious re-build mode. That’s like saying the Florida Marlins had a WS hangover.

  3. Ravens have lost multiple key veteran starters and playmakers on both sides of the ball. They may not be in rebuild mode, but they are definitely going through a major transition. Don’t expect them to be a playoff team in 2013. Probably 8-8 tops.

  4. The WORLD CHAMPION RAVENS may have “dismantled” their team, yet they are still far better than the lowly steelers. Who is going to be catching Ben’s off target and under thrown passes? Who is going to be rushing the passer in pittsburgh? Who is running the ball? Who is blocking for the QB or RB? Who are the children playing on Troy Polamalu’s lawn? Lots of questions for the steelers to answer, far more than the RAVENS have to answer.

  5. I hope he didn’t leave out the part about how his lousy season was instrumental in that ‘hangover’.

  6. Looks like the Ravens took the steps to get better as a football team rather than bask in the glory of a trophy from last season.

    That trophy was won by a different team of players that will always be revered in the eyes of Ravens fans, but that was last season. That trophy looks good in the case, but won’t help win any games this season and beyond. This team is being built to win multiple championships. Only the games will tell if the FO has made the right player decisions.

  7. “While they still have a very talented roster, Baltimore will have to work for their victories”

    Thanks for the Captain Obvious quote of the day.

    Keep hating haters. We will at least make the playoffs.

  8. It seemed like the Giants thought they could just flip the switch late in the season and have an incredible run like they had the season before.

  9. I think everyone but the delusional Steelers fan agrees that the Ravens rebuilt a defense that was hovering around average. And aside from losing Boldin, the Elite Joe “Montana” Flacco still has plenty of targets with which to pick apart any secondary, including Pittsburgh’s withering crew of ragamuffins.

  10. stick to topics you know about crown. what you call dismantling everyone else calls improving. last year the d was subpar…so they brought in new faces. players take team friendly deals to come here. dont know if we will repeat but i do know ravens are better than steelers

  11. You mitigate hangover risk by parting ways with as many players near the end of their careers as possible, financially. Guys who have achieved the ultimate prize and are largely hanging around to pad their bank accounts for a comfertable retirement.

  12. thestrategyexpert: excuse me but you don’t get “lucky” and defeat Peyton manning in Denver, Tom Brady in new England and then take down a loaded 49er team in the super bowl in what is the 5 th consecutive year that the Ravens made the play offs. Luck had nothing to do with it unless you’re talking about the Ravens beating luck in the wild card round.

  13. Chris “Cant” telling anyone about SuperBowl hangover? He made a couple plays here and there, but, he had as much to do with the Giants winning the S-Bowl as I did, maybe less. Pretty funny. I love when journeymen players become leaders.

  14. I would feel liberated if Ray Lewis left my team. I don’t need my teammates to lead me. That is why the coaching staff is there. Everyone else, just do your job.

  15. The 9-7 giants were one of the worst teams to ever win the SB. Complacency, on top of not being that good to begin with, is a bad recipe for success. Its no surprise to anyone besides Giants fans that they did not repeat.

  16. The Ravens are virtually a different team without Pollard, Reed, Kruger, Lewis, Ellerbe, Boldin, and Matt Birk. They won’t win the Super Bowl again, but it won’t be because of a Super Bowl hangover. It will be because their identity will shift this year from relying on their defense to win games to relying on their offense. The shift began last year after Cameron got fired, but teams will adjust accordingly.

  17. Do some of you just sit here, read these articles, and just write stuff where you have no idea what you’re talking about? It amazes me when it comes to the time wasted where people just say things that make no sense with no facts or logic behind anything they say…A) Ravens did not win SB because of luck. They had a great run like many of the last few SB winners including the Giants, Packers, Steelers who were all not favored to win their playoff games. B) Chris Canty is a back up for the Ravens now, so please don’t talk about him as if the Ravens brought him in to be our savior or something, this is a stupid article, so save your breath about him in that regard C) Whether you want to believe it or not, the Ravens defense is better than last year. The Ravens had one of their worst years defensively in the Ray Lewis era. He clearly had lost a few steps, Ed Reed could no longer tackle, and there was no stopping the run on 1st and 2nd downs, and not enough of a strong pass rush until Suggs came back and even then, the Ravens weren’t that good. Now, you bring in a healthy Suggs/Ngata/Webb/J McClain, sign Dumervil, Huff, Canty, Spears, McClain and you lose guys who are being overpaid elsewhere. Now, have they lost “leadership”? Sure. But you can quantify missed tackles and not “leadership”. Players will step up and fill those voids, but to sit here and act like the Ravens are worse off or “rebuliding” is nuts.

  18. Ravens are winning Superbowl XLVIII. Whether or not we have to trample over the Steelers to get there, is up to them. Doubtful since they can’t beat us, Cincy, or Cleveland. Tennessee and Oakland beat them up pretty bad last year, and road victories against NE and GB are all but impossible. A 6-10 Steelers is the most likely outcome unless they find the next Joe Flacco hiding in the draft. Yikes!

  19. The biggest SB hangover of all time is after the Ravens first SB. Imagine going from a SB win to a murder trial. Yikes.

  20. Folks need to remember that usually the team that starts out hot isn’t the team that ends hot. This is why they talk about when a team “peaks”. Ravens may start slow and hopefully they will find their motivation somewhere and get momentum when its needed the most.

  21. Good one, Crown. But the murder trial (of which Lewis was not even a party) ended in June 2000, about 8 months before the Ravens won SB XXXV. On the other hand, after Big Ben was accused of sexual assault and suspended for four games, he blew the SB, got spanked by Tebow, and then missed the post season. So, that hangover is only getting worse! YIKES!

  22. The Giants definitely thought they could “flip the switch” but their schedule had as much to do with them not making the playoffs as the way they played.

    Not making excuses, but when you have the toughest sched in the NFL and are forced to win at Balt and at Atl in December (two teams that are about as automatic at home as they come), not many teams are winning 11 that year.

  23. Whether if your team is the Super Bowl Champion or not there is a target on your back for at the least 16 games. No teams holds any kind of advantage to start the season and all 32 teams start tied for first!

  24. what kills me is that this is supposed to be about the ravens chances of repeating, but instead its downgraded to bag in on the steelers. hahahahaha! I guess its like they say, maybe you aren’t scared of us, but we are always on your mind.. too bad for you guys because as a steelers fan, I’m not worried about the ravens. you played well last year. got yourselves a ring for it. good job. I guarantee you won’t do it again this year. maybe your defense is better.. maybe flacco is great.. but the gel that was there last year? nowhere to be seen this year.. and yeah we have problems, but we are working on fixing them.. but like I said, you ratbirds are the back burner as far as worries go this season. have a good year!

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