Cowboys looking to draft a running back

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The end of running back Felix Jones’ contract with the Cowboys was met with mostly dry eyes in Dallas.

Since the team made him a first-round pick in 2008, Jones alternated between injury and ineffectiveness without ever becoming the feature back the team thought he could be when using such an early pick to acquire him. Jones may be unlamented, but his loss does leave the Cowboys without a back to lighten DeMarco Murray’s load in the coming season. That’s why Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said that the team is “absolutely” looking for a running back over the next three days.

“If you do look, unfortunately, at DeMarco’s history, he had [injuries] at Oklahoma, although he was very productive,” Jones said on an interview with KZDC in San Antonio, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s had [injuries] here, so obviously without Felix Jones in the fold right now, we don’t have that answer in terms of having a complementary back to DeMarco, so that will be something that we have our eyes on as well.”

The team has more glaring needs on the offensive line and at safety, but Murray’s injury history does make another running back significant. The Cowboys have gone 4-5 over the last two seasons in games Murray has missed since he burst on the scene with 253 rushing yards against the Rams in October 2011 and 10-6 with Murray in the lineup, which means they may have left a few wins on the table because they didn’t have a second back capable of carrying the load. For a team that’s been playing for (and losing) a playoff spot in the final week of the last two seasons, one or two wins would make a pretty big difference.

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State could be the player the Cowboys are targeting for this spot, although they’ll have plenty of options in the middle rounds assuming teams continue to prioritize other positions before running back. That’s a safe bet, as is one that has the Cowboys taking a running back before the draft comes to an end.

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  1. That’s why legit GM’s don’t just draft a guy because he played at their alma-mater.

    Jerry Jones is the problem in Dallas and he’s not going away.

  2. They’ll draft one, and then we’ll hear how amazing he looks in training camp, just like we hear every time Dallas drafts a skill position. The media was all over how much of a stud Felix was going to be. Not so, not so…

  3. If Dallas wastes a first rounder or second a third or even a fourth on rb I after 28 years of being a fan will find a new team to like

  4. Jerruh & Tommy Boy. If you’re listening, do whatever it takes to draft Stepfan Taylor. He’s the class of this years backs on and off the field. He’s a face-saver. #cantmissprospect, #Pac12

  5. As long as Jerry Jones is in control of the picks and the coaches that team will continue to be the joke of their division.

  6. Not only did the Cowboys use a 1st round pick on Felix Jones, the traded up to get him. So it was actually a 1st and whatever compensation they used to trade up with (I forget what the deal was) to get him. I remember the this because they traded with the Eagles and I was so furious with Andy Reid for not only trading the Eagles 1st round pick, but trading with the Cowboys of all teams.

  7. Buddybowl don’t forget your eagles traded the cowboys the picks that ended up being used on Sean lee and Anthony spencer….lol

  8. We have a history of drafting injury prone but very talented players a-la Demarco Murray, Sean Lee, and Bruce Carter. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Marcus Lattimore’s name called in connection with the Cowboys. And I would be ecstatic if that were the case. The only problem is, while these guys are highly productive, they have also proven to be injury prone in the pros as well.

  9. Cowboys do not reed to draft a running back. They have Dunbar and Tanner as back ups. I hope they only draft o-line men, D-line and a Safety.

  10. str8cashhomey, you are correct, sad to say. But hopefully now, with Fat Andy gone, the Cowboys will find a new trading partner with the Chiefs.

  11. Until the Cowboys manage to develop a run offense, it won’t matter who they draft or trade for. With the abysmal blocking of that O-line, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards any time soon. I suppose Felix Jones is as good of a scapegoat for “Jerry’s Jokers” as any.

  12. Jerrah has the 100 million man behind center, who has shown that he can still throw touchdown passes when the game is on the line. So what if its to the wrong team. He got rewarded for it didn’t he? In Jerrah’s mind- a completion is a completion, and a touchdown is a touchdown. Jerrah will be the Executive of the Year this year.

  13. IN real life, Felix Jones sucks.
    In Madden, Felix Jones is a GOD.

    Another reason why Madden & the exclusive license has ruined football video gaming.

    Bring back NFL 2k & some real simulation football, not that crappy Madden “it works because its a video game” crap.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  14. I expect Dallas to draft a RB and good ones can be had in the middle rounds. They also have shown interest in LeVeon Bell of Mich. St.

    They could use a RB that offers durability and can catch the ball too. Bell meets that criteria.

  15. vincentbojackson says:
    Apr 25, 2013 7:53 AM
    That’s why legit GM’s don’t just draft a guy because he played at their alma-mater.


    Yeah, Felix Jones brings the total number of Razorbacks drafted by Jerry up to one.

    The idea that Jones has an obsession with Arkansas players is a great way to tell knowledgable fans from the ones who just parrot the BS they hear somewhere.

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