Cowboys take Wisconsin center Travis Frederick at No. 31


With a brand new contract for Tony Romo in the books, the Dallas Cowboys are making an effort to help protect the cornerstone of their franchise.

After trading down from the 18th pick earlier in the first round, the Cowboys took Wisconsin center Travis Frederick with the 31st overall pick. The Cowboys also re-signed Phil Costa to a two-year deal earlier this offseason. The addition of Frederick will likely push Costa to the guard position. Dallas needed to upgrade the interior of their offensive line and Frederick addresses the problem.

Frederick is the first center to be selected in the first round since Mike Pouncey was taken by the Miami Dolphins out of Florida in the 2011 Draft.

123 responses to “Cowboys take Wisconsin center Travis Frederick at No. 31

  1. Dallas takes 3rd round talent with a 1st round pick. Their incompetence isn’t just reserved for Sundays in the fall. That made my evening.

  2. LOL!!!

    first rounders winners: Vikings, Eagles ( love the lane johnson pick for that type of offense )

    first round losers: Cowboys, Bills ( Manuel at 16?!?! I viewed him as a third round prospect )

  3. I’m a Giants fan but I give HUGE props to the Boy’s fans booing the pick. especially the dude with the sign asking to trade for a new GM lmao.

    Even the most hardcore Boy’s fans must be sick of Jerry by now

  4. …and with the 31st pick of the 3rd round Dallas selects…

    …wait. this was the 1st round???

  5. I think Jerry is betting against us. All the needs we have, trade down 13 spots for just one 3rd round pick…and this fool gets a center??

  6. Is it just me or did the Cowboys get raped in that trade? They got only a 3rd to move from #18 to #31? The Falcons gave up a 3rd and 6th to move from #30 to #22.

    Then they get to #31 and they take a 3rd round graded OC? I think Jerry has finally gone senile.

  7. Seeing the Patriots move out of the 1st round and get like 4 picks. From 18 to 31 and you only get a 3rd?!? I’m not too impressed, but only time will tell.

  8. Jerry Jones has solidified himself in the KNUCKLEHEAD HALL OF FAME!!!
    Travis Frederick is a nice player, but isn’t a First Round talent.

  9. As Cowboys fans, we deserve every bit of ridicule coming our way. GM Jerry has done it again. Looks like the wife’ll be reclaiming Sundays early again this year!

  10. I’m seriously mortified by the pick. Costa played well enough when his backwas ok, so you’re projecting Frederick to OG. Hello Warford. This clown had 21 reps at the combine. 3rd rd grade. Should’ve added Cyprien or Damontre Moore. I’m so devastated. Stupid Skeletor.

  11. Matt Elam was on the board as the next best Safety, which was a clear need for the ‘Boys, and they take a Center with a 3rd round grade (per Mayock). Ole Jerrah is certified crazy.

  12. Hey jerry, should have taken elam, then this guy in the second round. If ya need a assistant gm I’m available mon-fri

  13. As a long time Dallas Cowboy fan, I am shocked. They traded down to get a third, OK, but if they stayed at the same spot they could have drafted a very good DL in Floyd , then picked Frederick with the 3rd. Or they could have drafted Elam at Safety. Just shocking, mostly since Costa was re-signed and he is marginal at best.

  14. Jerry really was surprised when Leon Sandcastle dropped to his pick at 31. He was who Jerry wanted all along. But when he found out he couldn’t draft him, he picked any card off the wall in a furious rage.

  15. I’ll bet even Travis Frederick is in shock…
    And then reality set in…
    He has to go play for this dope!

  16. I don’t want to kick a dead horse but Michael Irvin on comedic NFL Network hot mic said exactly what everyone was thinking. So many other players that could have been drafted. That trade with the 49ers they got next to no value to move that many spots.

  17. I’m far from a cowboys fan, but just remember, because mayock or kiper give a “3rd round grade” on a player, it really doesn’t assess the way a lot of other scouts view these guys. Look on the bright side Dallas fans, you didn’t take this guy at 18.

  18. As long as Jerry Jones is the GM the Cowboys will NEVER win another Super Bowl. Even Michael Irvin laughed at the pick. I’m beyond shocked by this galactically stupid pick…..then again.

  19. Wow. What a dumb pick. Even if this guy ends up in the HOF, people can still question the pick at #31. Only in Dallas, people. Only in Dallas.

    Jerra loses either way on this.

  20. He could have thrown a dart at their draft board and had the same chance at landing an equally projected player.

  21. Welcome to the east little man. Meet cofield, carriker, Jenkins, and Bowen. #jerruhsworld # tonyblowmo #ware(ing)out #rg3turkeydaygame. HTTR HAAAAAIL

  22. I actually think this is a great pick for the cowboys but not first round value. I think cowboys fans will be pleasantly surprised how dependable Wisconsin lineman are.

  23. Jerry Jones is consistent and dependable.

    Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but consistent and dependable.

    And what makes it even worse for Cowboys fans and better for non-fans is that his son is just as consistent and dependable.

  24. Gotta feel bad for the kid who got picked. Those classless dallas fans boo’d him.

  25. Awesome pick Jerrah! LOL! What an idiot. Cowgirls will pick inbthe Top 10 next year.
    And then take a guy who is projected for the second round! LoL

  26. Wow. Jerry REALLY outdid himself. I’m from Wisconsin and I think Fredrick was at best a 3. No pressure kid, we all know the GM’s job is safe.

  27. I’m so happy that I became an ex cowboy fan after Jimmy Johnson walked out on Jerrah back in the 90’s….Jerrah has totally embarrassed himself and cowboy nation for too long and cowboy fans need to stop going to home games and send a message to Jerrah that he needs to fire himself as GM ASAP!

  28. I didn’t think it was possible but Jerry has just opened up another dimension in me & I’ve actually achieved compassion for the Cowboys fan base. Lousy trade. Lousy pick. What a waste.

    My eyes are also tearing as I laugh myself to sleep. Thanks for topping off my night & ending the draft evening with the colossal ineptitude.

    I’m happy. Revis gone. Milliner in. Couldn’t have worked out better.

  29. I’ll wait till the end of the draft to make a final judgement but to me it seems like Jerry Jones is entering the final stages of his metamorphosis into Al Davis

  30. ballreaper says:
    Apr 26, 2013 12:00 AM
    beyond lame , they might aswell not show up , there is other players left they could have grab, and they move on a 3rd rounder.

    I only gave a thumbs down for grammar. Otherwise, yeah, the Cowboys are the new Raiders. Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis.

  31. Everyone needs to calm down, our line was terrible last year and after signing Costa to a 2 year deal drafting Frederick who was the #1 rated center wasn’t a reach. I don’t care what Mayock and the others say.The safety Elam is undersized at 5’9″and ranks 38th according to Profootballtalk. I like Cyprien he’s 6′ 217 lbs. and is ranked 29th for those who care about rankings.
    We could also get Margus Hunt DE #34 or Jesse Williams DT Alabama #39 with our 2nd round pick. All these players could be there with our and would be a great pick. Safety would be taken with one of my 2 3rd picks. No RB where taken and value will be there in the 3rd with our 2nd 3rd round pick.

  32. Not saying this guy won’t help them, but if he really was the guy they wanted, they could have moved much further back and still gotten him.

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that Stephen Jones was saying how much they would like to add a running back? If so, how do they pass on Lacy there?

  33. Second round Margus Hunt DE or Jesse Williams DT
    Third round JJ Wilcox SS and Andre Ellington RB or Christine Michael RB with our 3rd rd pick we got from SF.

  34. the best part of that pick was the knowledge of all of america everywhere laughing maniacally at the Cowboys and having it confirmed by Mayock “uh I had a 3rd round grade on him”

  35. my goodness. i can understand not liking the pick, but come on people. considering that the last few drafts with jj/jason garrett have produced dez bryant, sean lee, tyron smith, bruce carter, demarco murray, dwayne harris, and morris claiborne i wouldnt say the dallas draftroom is COMPLETELY incompentent. anyone can tell you the cowboys needed someone on the interior offensive line. costa was awful and the center position has been a revolving door since andre gurode left. dj hayden went no 12 and not many had him graded high, ej manuel didnt have a high grade according to the media yet he went 16th, by media standards both justin pugh and kyle long were both HUGE reaches, deandre hopkins was considered a day 2 talent. isnt it possible that maybe the people actually drafting know more about scouting than mel kiper or mike mayock? feel free to hit the thumbs down since im not saying “OMG COWBOYS SUCK LOLOL THEY SHOULDNT EVEN SHOW UP.” idk if the guy is a bad pick or not yet, but just because you dont recognize his name doesnt mean he sucks. what if he ends up being the best center in the draft? no telling yet, so i dont think there is any need to freak out people.

  36. I’m a rabid Badger fan and Travis is an absolute stud. This wasn’t a bad pick, just wayyyy to early. He almost definitely would have been there in the 2nd, even 3rd round. If the Cowboys were one piece away on the o-line, it would be an OK reach but based on need Cyprien or Elam would have been much better picks.

  37. Those weekly Botox injections are starting to seep into Jerry Jones’ brain…What the hell was this pick all about???

  38. well…. look at the bright side next year you will probably have the #1 over all pick. r.i.p. dallas

  39. We, the undersigned, are of the belief that Jerry Jones, acting in the capacity of General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, has done an excellent job in the field of personnel operations and player selection.

    Furthermore, because of his demonstrated adroitness and expertise, we request that Mr. Jones be henceforth appointed to the position of Head Coach of said organization effective immediately at the start of the 2013 regular season.


    The NFL East

  40. Jerry Jones signed Romo for one of the largest contracts in NFL history and then to make fans happy he drafts a guard no one has heard of. Well done

  41. With moves like that Jerry just assured the 49ers will have there 6TH before the Cowboys… eerrrrr.. Cowgirls do. How do you make a pick that was not even heard of until he was picked???

  42. jerry sell the team,get out of texas and take the whole jones clan with you and tony romo too. please do us all this huge favor.

  43. This is what happens when an owner meddles with his team instead of just owning it. He might as well be his own head coach too while he’s at it.

  44. All you experts know he’s a third round talent cause you were told he’s a third round talent but really you have no idea who he is. You say wait til the third to take him but you need a center desperately and all it takes is one other team somewhere in the second who also needs a center to grab him and five years from now you’re on PFT complaining how the boys needed a center in 2013 and passed up a potential all pro in the first round and took some other bust with that pick. All I’m saying is give it some time and be glad Romo will be protected, you guys have great skill guys already, need protection.

  45. I guess in order to get approval in the NFL draft you need to draft a project defensive end or reach for a quarterback.

    You either select a need or the best player available and the Dallas Cowboys felt they needed an impact center to come in and play immediately.

    It may not be the sexy pick but Travis Frederick comes in from day one and starts it’s a great pick.

    My Giants went with Justin Pugh and sure I would have loved to hear Shariff Floyd or Tyler Eifert but they addressed a need which is to protect their quarterback.

    And can we not use Mike Mayock as a source, just because he had a third round grade on Frederick doesn’t mean he’s correct.

    If any team deserves ridicule, try the Kansas City Chiefs. They had an SEC proven tackle at their feet and they took Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan.

    I know, you’re going to say Joe Staley is a pro bowl-caliber talent. Well, I guess Brady Quinn and every other Notre Dame quarterback should have done fine since Joe Montana went there.

  46. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    Please Please Please continue to draft the players
    for the cowgirls!!!!

  47. Jimmy Johnson is sitting on his boat knowing that every Cowboys fan wished he was still running the show.

  48. Sorry to be the dissenter here but I think it was a solid choice. Maybe a little early but he’s a guy they sorely need at guard or center. Hopefully they can fill the other needs in the next few rounds.

  49. Everyone is downing this choice, but Wisconsin O-linemen are always legit. Could have gotten him later but at least he is addressing needs instead of drafting flash like his standard operating procedure usually is. Thanks from Redskins nation Jerry I am sure this dude will be abused by the Skins d-line.


  50. what are you guys doing in little d. JJ you need to go man. I call for every cowboy fan to boycott this team.!!!! rise up as one.

  51. Hey guys, you got an intelligent, talented and dedicated player that will help your franchise, give him a chance. Seems to me you have another Wisconsin guy that has done pretty well for you…

  52. I’m a Dallas fan n they got the worse gm in America

    3rd talent equals 1st round pick. Oh that’s how it works these days. Months n months of draft work. Down the drain. Without toilet paper

  53. I am happy with the pick for one reason only. They got a player for a positon they needed filled. What I mean is, could they have taken this guy later? Yes. But, at least they addressed a need, and did not just get some flashy player for a position that they didn’t need filled. Now, can they get a cover safety, which they have needed for about a decade now? A running back to back-up/start when Demarco gets hurt this year would be nice as well. Go Cowboys!!

  54. With the 32nd pick on the 2013 NFL Draft the Reigning Superbowl Champions select Matt Elam, Safety from University of Florida!
    Show a little respect and post something about the Ravens Pick, i know Yellow Press Florio hates the Ravens but at least comment on a kid who just got pick to become a pro rather than keep posting crap about those who are still on the board.

  55. The real travesty was not in the Cowboys pick (though it was a headscratcher to say the least). The dumbest move of the night was trading out of their original spot to let San Fran, arguably the best team in the NFC, get the corner they wanted therby making them stronger. In turn they received another third rounder which was negated by the fact that they used a first round pick on a projected third rounder.

  56. [quote]illadelphiasphinest says: Apr 26, 2013 12:20 AM

    Gotta feel bad for the kid who got picked. Those classless dallas fans boo’d him.[/quote]

    No, they were booing the GM that picked him, that wasn’t a reflection on the player.

    [quote]musicman495 says: Apr 26, 2013 12:18 AM

    The only team with a lower grade than Dallas in Round 1 was Washington with no pick.[/quote]

    Not true, they still have RGIII to show for their pick.

  57. Easy to bash, but really to early to tell. Will all depend on who the Boys take in the 3rd round.

    Fact: O-line was the cowboys biggest need.

    Fact: Boys drafted a C/OG

  58. Garrett shouldn’t be blamed or fired for the dumb picks like Andy Reid who got fired for his bonehead picks. Andy was the decider. Maybe Jones should let W the Decider makes his picks. Maybe it’s something in the water.

  59. The best center in the draft would not have been there when Dallas picked again in round 2. The kid is a stud, and he can play guard as well. He is a beast of a run blocker as well. Its a great pick 31 considering the need.

    What sucked was the trade. To get a the 49ers 31st pick is the 3rd round seems a bit low. i would have wanted one of their 2nd round picks #61.

  60. Those who continue to compare Jerry Jones to Al Davis…at least make the distinction to reference it to the senile version of A.D.

    For the record, Al Davis was a scout, coach, Commissioner and owner whose entire background, living, and many successes all came from a life dedicated to football. That is quite different than an owner that bought his way into the league and crowned himself king with no serious comparison of accomplishments.

    Mr. Jones never has been and apparently never will be half the football man that Al Davis was.

  61. Yeah, cowboys blow, ha jerryatrics needs to keep his investors interested, better sign off now, before the cowboys end up relocating to Oklahoma! Hahahaha
    Houston has been the better team since Romo took over. So what does he do, signs him til he (Jerry) is in a retirement home! Redskins and Giants are the only threat in that division, cause the eagles will start wondering why they run that high speed offense when their peers are making the same dough but don’t have to run wild like they will be!

  62. As a Cowboy fan, I don’t mind the pick or the trade down. It was the compensation that they got in return that bothered me. They should’ve got the 49ers 2nd round pick along with a late round pick.

    Some say Frederick was a reach but so not so much. He was the highest rated center and it is obvious that the Cowboys were going to try and shore up the interior of their line.

    Frederick was a slight reach, being that, in most ranking websites, he was slated to go in the early 2nd round, not the 3rd round that Mike Mayock had him in.

    I think Eric Reid was more of a reach for the 49ers who traded with the Cowboys. On most sites he was rank as a high 2nd rounder. Reid has great measurables but was never a playmaker that could cover which is what you need in a 1st round safety. The only safety that was worth taking in the 1st round was Vacarro and there were obviously some issues with Sharif Floyd.

    So don’t get too down Cowboys fans! We did get a big upgrade at the position and I think we may see a guard taken with the 2nd round pick today, maybe Warford from Kentucky.

    Let the haters laugh now. When the Cowboys are running the ball down these other teams throat, then they will be singing a different tune!

  63. justintuckrule says:
    Apr 26, 2013 12:11 AM

    He could have thrown a dart at their draft board and had the same chance at landing an equally projected player.
    He did………

  64. CBS Sports has 12 teams with worse 1st rd grades than Dallas. Real Cowboy fans are fine with the pick. Costa moves to guard and it fixes 2 positions on a bad line. Its a deep draft.

  65. The NFL should apply the Mercy Rule when Jerrah decides to make a pick.And when the networks go to the Cowboys War Room and everyone is shaking Jerrah’s hand for his amazing pick we should collectively just pause at how awesome a moment this is.

  66. This was a GREAT pick by the cowboys. This what the cowboys needed, now that we hav a rock in the middle of the offensive line, romo can now step up into the pocket, instead of scrambling for his life. Romo will have a breakout season a make jerry jones look like a genius. That right romo will be hoisting the lombardi trophy at the end of the 2013 season, to hush all those cowboys haters. The cowboys will b 12-4 this season, you can take it to the house. The cowboys are super bowl bound baby, romo & jerry will have the last laugh this time, guaranteed. go cowboys!!

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