Stephen Jones’s comments highlight talk of Lattimore in Dallas

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Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones said Dallas “absolutely” needs a running back because DeMarco Murray frequently gets hurt and last year’s backup, Felix Jones, is a free agent who likely won’t return.

So who would that running back be? As PFT’s Josh Alper noted this morning, there’s been talk that Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State could be the player the Cowboys are targeting. But we’ll throw out another name: Marcus Lattimore, the South Carolina running back who was viewed as a first-round pick before he suffered a devastating knee injury.

We’re not the first to point out that Lattimore could make sense in Dallas. Last month the Dallas Morning News reported that the Cowboys have at least some interest in Lattimore. And a splashy pick like Lattimore is just the kind of pick that Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones loves to make.

Given Murray’s injury history, it’s possible that the Cowboys would shy away from a player with Lattimore’s injury history. But if the Cowboys believe Lattimore will return to 100 percent, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them choose him as Murray’s backup.

21 responses to “Stephen Jones’s comments highlight talk of Lattimore in Dallas

  1. Sure, read in to this all you like. Let’s take a RB with knees all beat up to eventually replace out often injured current starter. Makes no sense!

    Plus he’s maybe a year away from actually playing! Not buying it. All these GM’s are blowing smoke ’til the draft comes. THANK GOD IT’S FINALLY HERE.

  2. Murray is an outstanding back. I wish he were more physically reliable. When he got hurt in ’11 you could see the life go out of the whole team. That’s when I saw a lack of leadership. They just fell apart after that.

  3. This makes sense. You have the modern day Al Davis running the draft. JJ is clueless. Let’s draft Lattimore because Murray is injury prone.

    Lattimore isn’t? I admire the kids determination in coming back. With Jerry it’s all about how much headlines he can generate with his picks.

    Dallas will flounder (and I love it) until JJ steps away and puts a real personnel guy in charge.

  4. Lattimore won’t be ready, truly ready, to play until next year. Any team that drafts him this year and believes he’ll somehow contribute are just blind.

    The best team for Lattimore is #49ers. They can draft him in the 3rd and immediately put him on IR and just tell him “to work hard and rehab son!”

    Steven Jones needs to stop sippin’ his dad’s cough syrup too!

  5. Anything 4th and later I think is a great value pick up…if he’s not going to play this year, I don’t think you can spend 3rd on him. With this draft, you can get starters still there. Any team would benefit from his skillset if/when he’s healthy.

    Steelers could use an RB that doesn’t fumble every which way. No lead back – you see what happens to that team as they become more one dimensional.

  6. Why do people mention Dallas and “splashy” picks?

    Aside from Dez Bryant who have they gone splashy for in the past 10 years?

    It’s been pretty tame

  7. Eddie Lacy is likely to be available in round one. Why not take him? Lattimore is good, but will not likely be ready to play until later in the season, if all in 2013.

  8. I loved Lattimore at USC but i dred him heading to the COWGIRLS! Please pick another RB and dont ruin this kid! Plus i wont add him to my fantasy football team if they draft him.

  9. Say it ain’t so Stephen Jo…nes

    bigkountry24 says: Apr 25, 2013 10:46 AM
    Plus i wont add him to my fantasy football team if they draft him.
    Exactly. My pick has lined up with DeMarco Murray like two straight years now- usually end up reaching for Eric Decker or something stupid. People love bashing the NFC East now, but try winning your league when you can’t draft Murray, Bryant, Cruz, Nicks, or 2010-style Jackson/Maclin

  10. How is a running back with 2 career injuries “injury prone”? The play that seriously injured Lattimore’s knee last season would have injured anyone, it didn’t happen because he was “injury prone”.

    His injury was no more severe than Frank Gore’s or Willis McGahee’s.

    Yes, it may be a stretch to use a first round pick on a guy who may not be ready to play at the beginning of next season. But I personally believe that you should almost never use a first round pick on a RB anyway.

    But I definitely think Lattimore is a very solid 2nd-3rd rounder.

  11. Where does it say anywhere in the article that they thought about using a first rounder on lattimore or any runningback idiots. In general they are looking for a runningback but in the later rounds

  12. Lattimore reminds me of LB Bruce Carter who Dallas picked while recovering from a major knee injury. After a year, Carter was able to contribute and start for Dallas.

    They do need a RB and Lattimore is a classy guy that will be a good addition to any locker room. The big question is how that knee holds up in the NFL once he starts taking on tackles?

    He actually had both knees injured so he is a risky pick.

  13. Sean Lee and Bruce Carter were both said to be 1st round talents that, because of injuries, Dallas was able to take later. Lee has worked out so far. Carter is pencied in as a starter in the new 4-3 defense. Drafting an injured player with potential is nothing new for Dallas. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Lattimore or Corey Lemmonier from Auburn drafted by the Cowboys.

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