Dolphins trade up for Dion Jordan with third pick

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Everyone expected the Dolphins to trade up and take one of the three left tackles at the top of the draft.

The Dolphins traded up , but not for a tackle. Dion Jordan of Oregon, one of the premier edge rushers in this year’s draft, was their target and the Dolphins took him with the third overall pick of the draft.

Jordan has drawn comparisons to former Dolphins pass rusher Jason Taylor and should look awfully good lining up on the opposite side of the line from Cameron Wake. In an AFC East where you’re chasing Tom Brady and the Patriots, getting after the quarterback is vital and the Dolphins just made a big move to improve their chances of doing it.

The Raiders received the 12th and 42nd overall picks from the Dolphins in the deal. That leaves a big question for Miami, namely whether or not they’ve used up their capital for a Branden Albert trade. The Chiefs were thought to be interested in that 42nd pick, the higher of two Dolphins picks in the second round, and if that deal falls by the wayside the Dolphins will be forced to look for tackle help elsewhere.

84 responses to “Dolphins trade up for Dion Jordan with third pick

  1. Yes!!! Like I said in an earlier post, I’m jumping out of my seat! Welcome to the Dolphins Dion.

  2. Gotta be honest, I was surprised when they didn’t call “Lane Johnson” but this guy sure has a lot of upside. Not excited to have to face him twice a year as a Bills fan

  3. i see jordan is wearing a bow tie. as a black man i can’t begin to explain to you why we keep trying to make the bow tie happen.

  4. Give the Fins a “F” for the draft grade!!!!

    They needed offensive help, but focused on D when they need to outscore New England???

    This will be the 2008 Jaguars all over again!!

    The Jags went from 18 to 8 to get Derrick Harvey and sacrificed a ton of picks and then went from a playoff team with fewer players to a loser with even less!!!!

    If you win without depth you need to add it!!

    If you don’t you’ll stink because you’ll lose players to injury and have no one to step in!!!

  5. The Raiders always have a funny pick in the first round so this was probably a good move.. I was expecting the Raiders to draft Leon Sandcastle or something.. Good move for the Raiders…

  6. LOVE it… Jeff Ireland blows it AGAIN.

    Now Mr. Dorsey will dominate this draft…. Dolphins, continue to be mediocre

  7. Hell yes! This is absolutely great! I hope the Raiders trade back again and try to pick up another 3rd rounder. I know it is a reach but it could happen!

  8. Huh. I’m not sure Miami had to trade. The Eagles would probably still have taken Johnson at 4.

  9. Great move, two picks in the top 50 for the Raiders. As for Jordon. Did he come across as kinda dumb to anyone else? “How’s it feel?” “It’s my first time…” Well, you don’t say?

  10. J Martin bulked up and should start at LT. Good options still in the 2nd, though, if they think otherwise. Winston will be signed at RT if not. Great pick up for the Dolphins!

  11. i, flounder says:
    Apr 25, 2013 8:40 PM
    i see jordan is wearing a bow tie. as a black man i can’t begin to explain to you why we keep trying to make the bow tie happen.

    that had to be the funniest comment PFT

  12. Dion Jordan, Paul Soliali, Randy Starks, Cameron Wake with Jarred Odrick and Olivier Vernon in the reserve……..That could possibly be the best defensive line in the NFL!!!

    I can’t wait to see Jordan and Wake wrecking havoc on Tom Brady this upcomming season!!!!

  13. Sorry I love my Raiders, and was a big supporter of them trading out of the 3rd pick…just seems like they didn’t get any value by just picking up a 2nd to fall that far back….I think part of it they just couldn’t afford the 3rd pick with there salary cap…We should have asked for there 5th just to have a full draft

  14. Dolphins are still trying to trade for Albert so they feel as though they don’t need a LT. Not that Albert is great but he is a pretty solid LT…if that works out for the Dolphins they are building a pretty solid team to compete in 2013.

  15. Great pick by the Fins. Our pass rush has been basically Cameron Wake the last few years….this guy will be a stud. This also fills one of our major needs.

    Looking for a CB or OL in the 2nd round…..or, we can trade back into the lower first round and do some more damage.

    Good start and lots of picks left.

  16. I like the fact that BIG RED traded the pick, but we should have gotten MORE!!!!!!!!!! Sorry a 2nd is not enough to move up 9 slots. Until we better understand how the draft works and value of what picks are worth, we will continue to be the laughing stock of the league.

  17. This makes Cam Wake the 2013 sack leader. Not bad value to make the trade, considering what the normal pick cost would be to move up that far.

    Martin will be left tackle and they will draft a right tackle.

  18. I’m glad they didn’t take another o lineman in the first round and I think this kid could be special but I’m not sure they did the right thing. Why not stay put and draft the best DE at 12 that’s available who could have as much upside as Jordan? It will be nice watching him one on one all game tho since wake is always doubled, just wish they stayed put.

  19. Worst franchise in professional sports (Dolphins) will ruin this kids career.
    I feel for him.

    Sit on your hands Dol-Fans – it’s been 40+ seasons since you won a Super Bowl.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  20. Dolphins fans all day talked how Ireland is so smart that he didn’t need to give up a #2 to get Branden Albert and would be smarter to trade up to get one of the elite 3 Tackles…

    Said that the Dolphins hold ALL the cards… HAHAHAHAHA

    They gave up a #2 and and moved down to REACH FAR for a undersized end..

    LOVE IT!!!!

    Mr. Dorsey will still trade Albert and get a premium pick and OWN this draft. Dolphins get no tackle and will get Tannehill hurt.

    Dolphins keep Ireland and will stay mediocre for another decade.


  21. Way to blow a potentially valuable second round pick when you could have had a player in equal value to Jordan at 12. Miami is going to be looking for a new GM next year.

  22. ONE trade in 7 picks. what happened to the every team is trading down theory?? whoops! Florio, Gantt, Alper, Smith, etc. totally blew it

  23. Haters gotta hate.. this is a great pick and will bring a edge to the defense. Everyone pissed and moan that all Ireland does is pick lineman..blah blah. He pulls off a great trade and its oh I wanted Johnson. Johnson played 1 thats right 1 season at tackle..good luck with that when he gets killed by the spread rushers that he has never seen.

    Great pick and a good start to the draft. Yes

  24. Solid value trade for Maimi. 600 points short of full value is a great deal, although I commend Oakland for getting an extra player. Thought there would be a later pick or 2014 pick included.

    Great move by Ireland.

    This draft will be the sum of its parts for Miami. If we trade for Albert and find a quality CB, we look very, very good.

    Long weekend to go!

  25. Philly wanted this dude in a bad way, or the ability to trade down and add picks. Dolphins took their thunder and some.

    Philly still got a solid player, not sure if he has a worthy QB to protect.

    Philly needs to pack some picks together and get back into Round 1 in hopes of landing a top two QB.

  26. Sorry Phin Fans, Jordan is a reach at #3, would of been there at 12, no doubt. Ireland hosed on the pick, plus the loss of the #42..ouch

  27. goraidersgospurs says:
    Apr 25, 2013 8:40 PM
    12 & 42, I am happy about that good job big Reg!!
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    raiders got hosed on that trade…should have got two 2nd round picks

  28. As the militant wing of the Dolphins fanbase, I LOVE this pick. While acknowledging my own homerism, This is looking like the defensive line equivilent of Madison and Surtain ten years ago.

  29. Dolphins fans claiming to love this pick…..Just shows that their intelligence is no better than Jeff Irelands

    LOLLOLing at the incompetence
    of jeff Ireland and the Fins fanbase.

  30. Absolutely baffled at this pick myself, we had picks, 5 good chances at real good players in the first 80 players, now we got undersized DE, when we have the position pretty set, Ireland,rrrrrg, gosh, now we only got a late pick in second round, all the best players pretty much gone, he bragged to us fans about getting 4 or 5 really good instant impact players, oyeah, I guy, pretty much a reach, although aww right player, nothing even close to what we could have if he stayed put. But Ireland is a numb head and he made it clear his scouts are just as uneducated. he may not be a bust, but not at all what we needed or could have had, gave away a 12 and 42 bonehead move.

  31. I love how every one has an opinion when really the draft is a crap shoot. You just never know what you will get with most of these guys. Example Tom Brady , Larwarence Phillips, the list goes on and on . I will save my judgement for 5 years down the road..

  32. Clearly Ireland knew to take the division he needs to beat Brady. The way you beat brady is to hit and put a beat down on brady. Jets are jokes Buffalo not there yet, they better get Albert or be sure Martin can step it up, it could be a great pick, is it september yet?

  33. This pick is surprising but adds to the versatility of the defense. The Dolphins can now transition from 3-4 to 4-3 without taking a single player off the field. Jordan can rush from the end or cover a WR as a LB. The OT stuff was a bunch of BS like many of us have said. If he plays as well as projected the Dolphins have a pretty good defense. Stout up the middle and a potentially awesome outside rush should make the secondary better as well.

  34. Love this pick especially since it only cost them one of their second round picks. Should help the pass rush immediately and now they still have another 2nd rounder and 2 3rds to go get OL and DB help which are 2 of the deepest positions in this draft

  35. It’s all about speed in this league. To beat the patriots you have to get to Brady. The signing of Philip Wheeler and Ellerbee is good. Jordan adds versatility. I’m definitely happy with the pick especially only giving up that much. In Jeff Ireland we trust

  36. The Patriots flew him in for a visit at the beginning of the month and lots of people wondered why. The Patriots are playing chess while everyone else in the AFC East are playing checkers.

  37. Don’t be scared PATRIOTENVY, its just one pick, get back to your Chess game buddy, You and the “GENIUS” and Tommy will be looking up!! JT II has arrived!

  38. Ireland suggested that ‘Iknoweverythings’ momma was a lady of the night. its the only explanation. Him speaking of intelligence is an oxymoron. This is an awesome deal. did you see who was available at #12? Jordan is an elite prospect in a draft that has very few. Skins paid two 1sts & a 2nd to move from 6 to 2. We gave up a 2nd to get from 12 to 3 and stole the eagles target. stop crying about the gm by name just profess your love for him.

  39. patriotenvy
    April 25, 2013, 10:52 PM EDT
    The Patriots flew him in for a visit at the beginning of the month and lots of people wondered why. The Patriots are playing chess while everyone else in the AFC East are playing checkers.
    what do the pats and Jordan have to do with anything ? some day you’ll be a pretty decent patriot troll, keep at it.

  40. To review: the last 2.5 years the Phins O Line has been ranked 29th or worse in:
    – hits on QB
    – run blocking
    – sack yards lost

    ya think if the Offense is shut down by O line mediocrity that Ireland might want to address, without a doubt, the most serious need in the team???!!!???

    the continued lack of focus on O line dooms the Phins to a second rate team indefinitely….

  41. I don’t understand why people are bashing this pick. They needed 1000 points to move to third and got away giving up only 400. Huge steal. Plus everyone knows you have to win your division and the only way to beat brady is to beat brady down. Pass rush all the way. Everyone is saying he is undersized. He’s 6’6″ and can bulk up 20 pounds and be a force.

  42. It’s crazy how bling hate for Ireland makes so many Dolphin fans instantly hate this pick. Mainly only giving up 12 and 42 to move up to 3, that is a steal no matter how you look at it.

  43. I love it! Every mock draft, every NFL expert said this guy is top 5 pick, one of the elite players in the draft, Miami picks him up and now he is overrated, undersized and a reach…. I know people like to be trolls because they hate their lives and have nothing else to do, but at least be a competent troll. This move solidifies the dolphins d line as top 3 in the NFL. They can get a CB in the second, trade for Albert or move martin, and fill depth in the late rds. Good job Ireland.

  44. it’s incredible how stupid some people are. The guy is 6 foot 7 250 pounds runs a 4.6 40 and used to cover slot corners in college. his upside is ridiculous and has Jason Taylor\Aldon Smith written all over him. They traded up using only 1 second round pick which is ridiculous considering the rams traded 2nd and 3rd round picks to trade up in the 1st round!! you get a guy with that kind of speed, size, upside and athleticism to at the VERY LEAST play passing downs opposite Cam Wake we are INSTANTLY better!!! Haters are gonna hate, bottom line is. good trade value, fills a need and got a guy who could be an all pro. shut your stupid mouths already.

  45. Do you realize that by giving up only the #12 and #42 picks to move up 9 spots to #3 that Jeffrey Ireland got back 580 points equal to the #38 overall pick in the draft?

    The naysayers above me are all crying about reach, when this kid was mocked as the #3-6 pick overall and would have definitely gone to Cleveland if he’d been on the board.

    Bookend’d with Cam Wake and the rest of the Fins’ front seven, yikes. This could be a genius move for Miami. I like the swerve, Mr. Ireland, I like it very much.

  46. patriotenvy
    April 25, 2013, 10:52 PM EDT
    The Patriots flew him in for a visit at the beginning of the month and lots of people wondered why. The Patriots are playing chess while everyone else in the AFC East are playing checkers.

    They wondered why because he’s the top pass rusher in the draft and the Pats had no chance of drafting him. If you consider the Dolphins to be playing checkers, then they’ve jumped a lot of the Pats chess pieces this offseason. Checkmate… the gap is indeed closing.

  47. I thought Jonathan Martin played pretty good at left tackle last year when Long went on IR. The Phins can always go RT in the second round and move Martin to the left side.

  48. Guys I think the trade works out for both teams but it all comes down to Jordans heart. Does he really love football? Is he a leader with no fear, great work ethic etc. he has all the talent in the world to be a top ten DE in this league but will he earn it? He’s not a can’t miss but who is? If this trade happened any other time in the off season people would marvel at how the dolphins hosed the raiders only giving up one of their second rounders, great trade for Ireland but will the player produce? Is it late summer yet??? I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  49. Dolphins OWNED this pick and flececed the raiders.

    Man, are there some dumb posters here tonight.
    You’re going to be disappointed in your teams.

  50. patriotenvy says:Apr 25, 2013 10:52 PM

    The Patriots flew him in for a visit at the beginning of the month and lots of people wondered why. The Patriots are playing chess while everyone else in the AFC East are playing checkers?

    Get some new material. You’re boring

  51. Don’t have much confidence in Ireland. With that being said… He is a versatile player kind of a swiss army knife, can play lot of different positions. and should compliment Wake on the other side chasing QB’s… Should give the fins a better shot at covering TE’s… Will be interested to see how tough he is… Being from Oregon and the Pac 12 isn’t giving me thoughts of a knuckle dragging snot bubble blowing creature. Time will tell… I give it an A for being Agressive draft trade, but it will probably end up being.a.B minus.

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