E.J. Manuel is the first quarterback selected, taken by the Buffalo Bills with 16th pick

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When the Buffalo Bills traded out of the eighth pick in the draft to move down, it seemed they were moving down with the intention of selecting a quarterback.

The Bills were thought to be high on Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib and West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. Just about every quarterback was linked as a possibility for the Bills at some point in the process. The Bills were able to accomplish their goal of drafting a quarterback, it just wasn’t the one everyone was expected.

Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel become the first quarterback off the board in the 2013 NFL Draft. It’s the first time since 2000 that a quarterback wasn’t selected in the Top 10. Manuel comes in alongside recent acquisition Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson to compete for the Bills starting job. Manuel is the first quarterback taken by Buffalo in the first round since J.P. Losman in 2004.

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  1. I hate talking badly about the kid after that emotion he just showed but my first thought was “great, five more years of futility in Buffalo.”

  2. Wowwwwww……crazy reach. but good for EJ. Hopefully they won’t rush him to play

  3. And just like that, Buffalo turns a great trade for them into an all time dumb pick. Manuel may very well turn into a good NFL QB but there’s no way he should he picked 16th overall or be the first QB off the board. If Buffalo wanted him that badly, why not trade down again?

    But this is Buffalo after all. I guess we should expect inexplicable decisions like this.

  4. Yikes, I’m willing to give the kid a chance and I don’t know much about him but when everyone says its a reach it makes me nervous.

  5. I like this move. anything is an upgrade to what we have now. I’m not saying we are in the Super Bowl but he has serious athleticism. With the coaching and some stout play from the defense, Buffalo could make the AFC East interesting. And get the ball in Spiller’s hands more. That won’t hurt either.

  6. From a Broncos fan, I hope he becomes your next franchise QB. Bills & Browns fans deserve a good team.

  7. What cracks me up is the scam that Kiper & Mayock have going this year.

    Last year they’d know the pick minutes before it was announced. This year, they still know it but have been told not to spoil it.

    So when I heard Mayock say “Watch out for EJ Manuel as the dark horse here!” as Goodell walked out to the podium it cracked me up.

    Now Mayock and Kiper can look like “geniuses” for guessing the surprise picks when in fact they’ve just been told who it was.

  8. As and eagles fan I will be personally thanking every bills fan I meet. I watched this kid against Florida and he was just awful. So happy right now

  9. if it’s the guy they want, it’s not a reach. they got who they wanted and added a nice pick. New rookie wage scale changes the dynamics of drafting.

  10. Absolutely ridiculous pick. Even if Philly had taken him in round two, Nassib or Geno would have still been there for Buffalo to take in the 2nd.

  11. Manuel seems to have that “it” factor. That factor than Geno was lacking. He’ll sit a season behind Kolb and be coached up before showing what he can do.

  12. I’m a huge Noles fan from buffalo and I’ve said it all along…he reminds me of Donovan McNabb. He’s a true leader and all around threat.

    4-0 in bowl games, the kid knows how to win. Thrilled it wasn’t Nassib or Barkley.

  13. Its not a reach if your team needs a QB and you want this particular QB. If a QB was taken ahead of the bills pick, then you wonder if they were desperate cause they didn’t get their guy.

    Solid pick. The team needed a QB. Time will tell if Marrone is to blame or Nix or if they chose wisely.

  14. As a Bills fan, I’m happy with this pick. He may be raw, but he’ll have some time to sit behind Kolb before he takes over. Watch his game against Clemson.

  15. 16th? I find this the most disrespectful situation regarding black qb’s! How dare this happen! I want a full inquiry as to why it took this long.

    Warren Moon

  16. While this might be an unpopular pick, I think this is the QB who will have the most successful career.

  17. FSU fan here. Hope the Bills don’t play NC State! Seriously though, accuracy will be a problem. He is not a runner either. Great guy though. Not sure about the pick but hoping for the best for EJ

  18. I was hoping for Jarvis Jones in the 1st and Manuel in the 2nd, and certainly not Nassib or Barkley. I haven’t seen Manuel play, just read about him (Big Ten country), but I hope he can become a good pocket passer.

  19. As and eagles fan I will be personally thanking every bills fan I meet. I watched this kid against Florida and he was just awful. So happy right n

    one game huh? oh wait, i forgot you have Nick Foles waiting in the wings.. good luck with that bro

  20. Please go easy on the Bills fans. Forget about winning a playoff game, they haven’t even appeared in the playoffs in nearly 1.5 DECADES. It is probably a reach pick according to 99% of football pundits, but it gives hope to a fanbase of maybe appearing in the postseason before a second decade passes.

  21. Wow. What has happened to the Bills. I actually do feel bad for Bills fans. No idea what ur team is trying to do. Canada called, they no longer want you playing in their country.

  22. billsfan1 says: Apr 25, 2013 10:53 PM

    As and eagles fan I will be personally thanking every bills fan I meet. I watched this kid against Florida and he was just awful. So happy right n

    one game huh? oh wait, i forgot you have Nick Foles waiting in the wings.. good luck with that bro
    OK then, let’s do some comparisons…
    Both have identical career completion % – 66.9
    Career passing yards: Foles 10,011 Manuel 7,741
    Career TD/INT: Foles 67/33 Manuel 47/28 (20 more tds, only 5 more picks)
    NCAA Rankings: Manuel only qualified in the top 10 in the NCAA 3 times in 2 categories , Foles 23 times in 10 categories including twice being 1st overall, 3 times being 2nd, and 4 times being ranked 3rd, 4 times ranked 4th, and 5 times ranked 5th. Thats 18 Top 5 rankings. Manuel’s rankings: 8th, 10th, and 10th.
    Oh, and Manuel was a 4 years starter, Foles only 3

    So tell us again why EJ Manuel is better than Nick Foles, we’re all dying to know…

  23. Manuel would have been there in round 2. Has all the tools, but as much as Jimbo Fisher hindered him much like Kiffin did with Barkley, Manuel is missing something.

    It will be on the coaching staff to get the most out of him because everybody’s job is riding on his shoulders. Just ask Rex Ryan how that works out when your QB pick busts, and they made two AFC championship games together.

  24. Out of all of the QB’s in this draft, which one was the “can’t miss, sure bet, solid all-star,All-Pro” ?Somebody respond back. Which one??

  25. I like the deal to trade down. Not sure about the pick. All the QB’s this year are flawed, hopefully they picked the skinniest kid at fat camp.

    From WP:

    “In 2004, three players Nix drafted were selected to the 2005 Pro Bowl. In 2005, six players Nix drafted were selected to the 2006 Pro Bowl. In 2006, eleven players Nix drafted were selected to the 2007 Pro Bowl. In 2007, eight players Nix drafted were selected to the 2008 Pro Bowl.”

    He better be right on Manuel, or Doug Whaley may be getting a shot at next year’s draft.

  26. As much as I don’t love it at 16, if you can’t trade any further back, and you know that Jacksonville, Philly, Arizona, Cleveland and the Jets all pick before you in round 2, you gotta do what you gotta do to get your guy.

    This isn’t a throw a dart at a board and hope for the best kind of pick. They obviously think this guy is the future of the franchise. He’s big, has a strong arm, decent speed, and is loaded with the intangables that you look for in a QB. His accuracy might not be the best, but they have time to work with him on mechanics while renting Kolb for a while.

    He won’t be starting out of the gates, barring an extremely good camp and preseason for him.

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