Eagles able to get Lane Johnson fourth overall


The Eagles were able to get their tackle, and they didn’t have to trade up to do it, taking Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson fourth overall.

With the Dolphins trading up a spot in front of them to get Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan with the third pick, the way was clear for the Eagles to get their needed pass-protector.

The Dolphins likely thought new Eagles coach Chip Kelly was going to reunite with his pass-rusher, but the Eagles had to have someone to keep Michael Vick (or Nick Foles) on his feet.

Johnson’s athletic enough to be able to handle Kelly’s fast-paced style, and gives them some cover at a position that was threadbare when Jason Peters was injured last year.

36 responses to “Eagles able to get Lane Johnson fourth overall

  1. Silly Eagles. You will be in last place for the next decade. McNabb ain’t walking through that door. Kerrigan, Jackson, Rak will eat this guy alive. #RedskinslaughatPhilly

  2. God I hate the Eagles! Love the pick though! Should help their O-Line out a lot! Good pick for a crappy team! : )

  3. At least he’s not a 50 year old firefighter like the last O-Lineman they used a first rounder on…

  4. LT’s Do not grow on trees……..for the trash by The OTHER NFC East teams……..y’all sound concerned a bit…

  5. I would of rather had Fisher, but it’s not like they didn’t take him. I think this kid is a solid pick. He should be able to step in at RT right away. Slide Herremans in to G, and assuming Peters Herremans and Kelce are healthy, their O-line looks pretty solid (Reports are Peters and Herremans are ahead of schedule, Kelce isn’t). The biggest question becomes if you want to slide Herremans over the the left side and set up a dominant side (like him and Peters were before Herremans was moved to RT) or leave him at RG to help the inexperienced RT.

    After he gets 2 years in the league, he should be ready to flip over to LT, and either have Peters flip with him, or move on. But unlike Joekel and Fisher, he will have the advantage of not having to start on the left side, and match up against the premier pass rushers each week. Assuming Albert isn’t a Chief by the season, Fisher and Joekel have to step into that spot day 1. You would have to assume Johnson is going to get much better over the next few years with his light experience at the postion

    Very solid pick IMO, although I still would of like to see them trade down and get an extra pick or two. But you don’t know if there was a trade there. But at this point, they could of traded down to 12-13 and still got either Star, or Floyd to help out up front on that 3-4. This pick should ensure the rest of the draft is focused on defense. None of the QB’s in this class are the answer. I don’t want to look back in 3 years at pro-bowl defenders on other teams because we took a shot on a QB that would normally be a 4th or 5th rounder. I think there are some very solid DL and S guys that will be there early 2nd and have pro-bowl potential.

  6. Wow, surprised to see Logicalvoicesays on here so late. Usually at this time he’s stuck in the basement “skiing” between his stepdad & his BFF!

  7. dallascowboysblahblah………….seriously????????…..”America’s Team”…..has done exactly what.????? In the last……oh I don’t 10 years…..please

  8. The pick fills a need.. Gets Watkins off the line..

    Cowboys? Really? 1 playoff win in the last 16 years.. U need to fire the gm.. Oh…wait…. He owns the team…. Righttttt … Good luck with the romo contract

  9. jaredo10 says: Apr 25, 2013 9:25 PM

    So many haters on this website. Oh well I guess that means the eagles own what team you root for. keep hating Eagles all day babyyy

    No DB, they own the fourth pick not anyone in the East or any trophies in their empty case.

    Oh yeah, I just checked and the REDSKINS ARE STILL THE NFC EAST CHAMPIONS.

  10. laxman1944 says: Apr 25, 2013 8:55 PM

    I quote “animal House”……….”Need the dudes”


    Dues, need the dues.

  11. NFCEAST CHAMPIONS!! Redskins will make this guy regret ever being a good enough prospect for the lowly eagles to pick him with the fourth overall pick. #osakpoed #stickaforkinhim
    Stick a F.O.R.K in him
    Fletcher orakpo Riley Kerrigan #DEFENDINGNFCEASTCHAMPS

  12. “laxman1944 says: Apr 25, 2013 8:55 PM

    I quote “animal House”……….”Need the dudes””

    Retard. If you’re going to quote a movie, please do it correctly. It’s “We need the dues.” As in money. Numbnuts.

  13. I think people need to stop with this idea that college coaches are going to favor their own players. If Jordan and Johnson had both been on the board, the Eagles probably would STILL have taken Johnson- they have no shot next year if they can’t keep the heat off of Vick.

    The Bills, much to their credit, were able to use this assumption by everyone else that they would favor Nassib because Marrone coached him to totally hide their interest in Manuel.

    It’s not like the whole “college coach will sign all his old players” theory has ever really worked out- remember when everyone was so certain that Pete Carroll would sign Matt Leinart a couple of years back?

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