Jags targeting Nassib or Barkley in round two


The Chiefs hold the first pick in the first round.  Since the Jaguars had the same 2-14 record but lost the first overall pick due to tiebreakers, Jacksonville gets the first pick in round two.

And while the Jags surely will entertain trade offers from the time round one ends until the time round two begins, the thinking in league circles is that the Jaguars will be prepared to take one of two quarterbacks, if they use that pick.

The expected choices are Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib.

Nassib makes sense; the Bills definitely fear that the Jags will take him in that spot.  Which means that the Bills could end up taking Nassib at No. 8 or trading back into round one to get him.

Barkley likely will be available with the first pick in round two, unless someone trades up to get in front of the Jaguars to get the former USC quarterback.

Finding a quarterback who fits Jedd Fisch’s offense surely is a priority for the Jaguars.  While Blaine Gabbert was a first-round pick two years ago, the team has since gotten a new owner, a new General Manager and not one but two new head coaches.  Surely, coach Gus Bradley wants his own guy under center.

So don’t be surprised if the Jags go left tackle with the second overall pick, and then take a quarterback out of the gates tomorrow.  We actually wouldn’t be shocked if the Jaguars opt to swing back into the bottom of round one tonight in order to avoid having the Ravens trade down from No. 32 with a team that takes the quarterback the Jags would target on Friday night.

It could be that the Ravens squeeze the Jaguars into a one-pick flip-flop to prevent someone else from getting the 32nd spot.

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  1. The Bills are going to take Nassib at 8th overall and grab the best guard available in the second round.

  2. Jags not talking a QB in the first 3 rounds. We’ll just have to “take our medicine” with Gabbs this year and pull the trigger on a franchise guy next year. Why is that you ask? With number 11 at the helm we will be picking in the top 3 again one year from today……..I need a drink…

  3. Don’t flip the pick with the Ravens! I think the Jags need to pick a QB in this draft just to create some competion at a weak position…but I would not give up too much to get one. Are either of these rookies really future franchise QBs? The QB class looks much better next year (love Bridgewater!)

  4. Jags want more picks, not less. In a year where no one seems to know who the best quarterbacks are, or even if there is one, why would the Jags short change themselves for the position? It’s one of the stronger situations in Jacksonville. Barkley and Nassib are the same age as Gabbert within a few months, and there is nothing to suggest either of them is a better prospect than Blaine.

    They have top choice in waivers, (after K.C., who have a ton of QBs already), and would likely get a guy off waivers who is just as good as anyone in the draft. For a lot less. Makes no sense.

  5. Not that Gabbert is Tom Brady, but his first 2 years he had human turnstile Guy Whimper at RT. Most QBs would struggle under those circumstances. Personally, I am not crazy about any QB in this draft and hope they spend a 1st round pick on one next year.

  6. I like Nassib but not Barkley he would be a waste. It would b smart t get a tackle and a qb early that way the rest of the draft you can focus on defense.

  7. Smart thing to do for the Bills would be to call the Jets on their bluff, trade down and still get Nassib…either with the 1st rounder they acquire by trading down or by the 1st rounder they get when they trade up using the picks they acquired from trading down.

  8. those 2 QB’s are nothing special…and not 2nd rd pick worthy…I don’t see either one of them becoming a quality long term NFL starting qb….hope it is a smoke screen.

    Load up on Oline and Dline and then get some secondary help either in draft or nfl training camp cuts.

  9. Come on, Gabbert put up better numbers last year up to the time of his injury than Newton, Luck, Tannehill, Locker, to name a few. He is younger and smarter than any of them, and as good an athlete as any except Newton. That was in the most difficult part of the Jags schedule, while the team was absorbing a new offensive system as well. Henne is a four year starter who is just 27. At least half the teams in the league have worse QB situations.

  10. You would think with a headline like that there might be some type of evidence in the story to back up claims that the Jags are trying to get Nassib or Barkley, instead of just saying those are “expected” targets.

    But I guess pulling names out of thin air and making assumptions is par for the course on draft day. I can’t wait til 8pm, when most of these articles will stop.

  11. The Jags won’t be able to nab Barkley in the 2nd round.

    If you’re Minnesota and your starting QB is Christian Ponder, do you let Matt Barkley get by you in the late 1st round?

  12. They aren’t drafting Geno in the first round or any other QB. I do believe that will be one of the 2 OTs. They are also not giving away picks to move up. They will take what falls to them or trade down and collect picks if possible. Caldwell made a statement specifically to season ticket holders at a banquet that he is not taking chances with draft picks. He has to consider them “sure things” which will long term fixtures. I do believe however that if Nassib is there in the second round that he will pull the trigger b/c the value outweighs the risk. I don’t believe any of the top 3 QBs will be there by the time that pick rolls around though. There are too many teams who need one right now. And of course if someone makes an offer to trade either of our top 2 picks, he will make that trade for certain if it’s a reasonable offer and then of course all bets are off.. bottomline: no one knows what the heck will happen until it’s done.

  13. Come on TGG….face it: We SUCK at QB right now whatever the reasons. If we had “one of the best QB situations in the league” right now, Caldwell would not be talking about bringing competion at the position.

  14. I don’t really care either way.. but my opinion is that Nassib is in fact the most “NFL ready” QB in the draft and will be a decent QB for a long time.

    Cracks me up how much once media types and talking heads start making statements about a draft how everyone else just mimics those opinions.

    Now everyone believes there are NO qbs in the draft that at all that will succeed in the NFL.
    Too funny. Tell me.. when is the last time that really happened?

  15. I can state with certainty that the QB’s will be taken in the round in which they are drafted. It may be likely that some teams may trade up or down in the draft this year.

    This is my expert opinion and a philosophy that has never failed. Stay tuned and I can even tell you who went where after the draft!

  16. Gabbert is done. He’s not the future and everyone (except Gabberts mom who is a regular poster here) knows it. When a bad QB (Henne) outperforms Gabbert, you know Gabberts career is over. Draft a QB now with worst case he becomes Bridgewater’s backup next year. Or trade with the ‘skins and get Cousins.

  17. And this is why they will always SUCK instead of thinkn of taking the best QB in the draft when they have the #2 spot they gonna get a bum in the 2ND rd if u want a QB than get the Best one #Grow A Pair Jags Org

  18. Jags trade all picks for the staff of this site, since they are the “Carnacks” of the NFL.

  19. whoever we get I just hope he is able to make a play with his feet. tired of watching these statues in our backfield. if you know the o line has holes and youve been getting knocked on your butt all game than frikkin run dude…run!!! good luck today jags. i will be watching.

  20. The definition of insanity would be to draft a guy at #8 that other teams think will still be around at #33.

    For some comparison, Jim Kelly was the 14th pick when he was drafted by the Bills (arrival delayed by his time in the USFL, but they still spent the 14th pick on him). Unless they’re dead certain Nassib will be Jim Kelly good, it’d just be dumb to take him that early.

  21. Jags will be tagging themselves losers if they think any of the top QBs are going to be there in the 2nd round.

    #22, #23, #24, #25 pick holders are all getting calls from QB-needy teams desperate to move up and get their guy.

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