Jets replace Revis with Milliner at nine


The Jets just traded a star cornerback for a first-rounder, but used the first they already had to draft a star cornerback.

The Jets selected Alabama’s Dee Milliner with the ninth pick, getting a guy thought to have been a top five-caliber player.

The Jets were said to have wanted wide receiver Tavon Austin, but the Bills sent the eighth pick to St. Louis to keep him out of the division, as well as pick up extra choices.

Milliner might not be Darrelle Revis, but he is talented enough to step into the lineup and make the defense more legitimate than it was 24 hours ago, something they have a chance to add to at 13.

20 responses to “Jets replace Revis with Milliner at nine

  1. As a dolphin fan I hate the Jets. But I think this guy is a great choice.
    What I would really like is for the Dolphins and the Jets to be good teams so that when they play each other it means something. Like the difference between making the play offs or not. Then it will really feel good to beat the Jets.

  2. Jets could have selected God, and the critics would have said.
    “Bad pick”.

    Difficult being the centerpiece of the world.
    In everything.

  3. If these alleged football fans were really fans, not just subjective hate-mongers, they’d understand.
    You don’t pay a cornerback quarterback money. Especially one coming off an ACL injury.

    Funny, when Revis was a Jet, he was this, he was that, now he’s their favorite uncle.
    Hatred blinds logic.
    OK….we’ll see.

  4. Jets pick up a top five talent at 9, save 12 – 14 million in salary while enduring no hold outs for the next four years, yet the haters still chirp. Sad, sad trolls.

  5. Absolute lunacy! The Jets are trying to sabotage their chances to get a very high draft pick for next year’s draft..which doesn’t make sense. Players, coaches, and front-office don’t like losing, no one does. None of them, except the idiot owner, can guarantee their jobs.

    So, if the Jets are not collectively TRYING to increase their draft chances next year, what is it? Incompetence. The Jets are weak on offense. Their defense played fine and their defense is being run by a great defensive mind in Rex Ryan. Maybe he’s not head coach material, and some are just born offensive or defensive coordinators, but he can coach defense. So, who do they draft? Two defensive players.

    If the Jets believe in Sanchez, then why not draft some offensive players around him? How about an OT and a tight end? Or, keep the DT and draft a tight end or wide out. The Jets probably have the least talented offense in the NFL and these two draft picks did nothing to shore up the confidence of Jets nation or their team’s roster.

    I just don’t understand the mindset of this Jets team. I think with these two picks, Ryan just mailed in his pink slip. To keep his job, the Jets need to win. But without any offensive weapons, they won’t win many games. The days of the ’85 Bears and the 2000 Ravens are long gone, with the rule changes made to favor the offensive side of the ball.

    I’m even more upset about the DB pick. You trade the only true shutdown corner in the game, who has had an injury, for a corner who also is injured. Marshall Faulk said it best and is the only voice of reason I’ve heard on TV who lamented this pick. I could see if Revis was 32 or 33. But he’s still in the prime of this career! As the Sports Pope says, there is nobody else at his position that can do what he does; there hasn’t been a DB this good since Deon Sanders — that’s generations. Tampa Bay got a great DB from us.

    I don’t have confidence in these two picks and feel this trade will down as one of the top 10 worst trades in NFL history. I mean, if Revis can stay healthy and play at the same level for another 5 years, minimum, he will be enshrined into the HOF, no doubt.

    Then again, what can you expect from the circus known as the Jets, who trade Revis, fire the GM but keep the head coach, and still have Tebow on the roster? Idiots.

  6. Considering the number of holes that need to be filled on this roster you can’t really complain about the Jets picking the two highest rated players on their draft board and finally not reaching (*cough* Buffalo *cough*).

  7. Worried about his oft injury history which is probably why he was available @9 but Love his toughness in the face of it and he’s got top skills.

    We’ll have to see how durable he is at the NFL level!

  8. The “critics” say we should have kept Revis….it would at worst be for a year. Revis was the biggest and most selfish bum to them until……
    The Jets traded him.

    1. Remember it took him a couple of games to shake off the rust from his hammie, imagine an ACL tear. Whoops there’s the season.
    2. We also gained in cap money his $6 mill.
    3. His relationship with Woody was deteriorating daily.
    4. We’ll get some offense tonight I trust.
    5. Let’s Go Jets!

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