Raiders select CB D.J. Hayden at No. 12


The Raiders, exercising a pick acquired from the Dolphins in a trade earlier on Thursday, selected Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden with the No. 12 overall choice in the 2013 NFL Draft.

PFT’s Mike Florio reported earlier Thursday that the Raiders had interest in Hayden, who was regarded as one of the top CB prospects available.

Hayden’s senior season at Houston was cut short by a freak accident. He suffered a ruptured inferior vena cava, a blood-vessel injury that can be fatal. However, he has recovered, and now, he figures to contend for a role in the Raiders’ secondary in his first NFL season.

Oakland originally held the No. 3 overall selection but dealt that to Miami for selections Nos. 12 and 42.

The Raiders, who are reworking their roster with general manager Reggie McKenzie in his second year at the helm, have seven more draft picks, with the second-rounder from Miami and their own third-round selection slated for Friday.

39 responses to “Raiders select CB D.J. Hayden at No. 12

  1. Not a Raiders fan, but if this guy is totally recovered from his freak accident then Oakland got the best CB in the draft.

  2. I had hoped for some beef on the Dline, but Hayden is a better CB than Millner, so it’s a good pick if no one was willing to trade down a few more spots.

  3. We draft a corner with heart condition number 12 all Davis still seem much alive in Oakland

  4. IMO–big mistake—there might be tackling issues with this guy and he is no deon sanders who had the speed to compensate for it—-should have gone for one of the big tackles still available–thought reg was going to pulloff and excellent move then felt disappointed

  5. Disappointed the Raiders didn’t trade back down again! Another 2nd rounder would have been sweet and there are still several fantastic players that could immediately start on the Raider roster…..oh well, I wish Hayden the very best….shades of Lester Hayes I hope!

  6. Some people said that the kid had a 95% chance of dying with his injury. Now he’s healthy and now a NFL player. How can you not root for the kid succeed??

  7. Can’t complain. Would have liked to trade down once more and perhaps get Hayden in the 20’s but you have to have a team willing to trade with you too.

    Just glad it’s defense and not Geno Smith.

  8. Can’t hate on Reggie Mack for the moves he’s making, I can dig what he’s doing there.. Hustled up a 6th for CP, second 6th with Flynn, and a second just to pick nine slots later and still get who they wanted…

    I don’t know, y’all might not wanna writes us off that easily… Raider Nation!!!

  9. When you play in a division with Peyton Manning and Rivers, you better have somebody who can cover receivers. Last year we didn’t and couldn’t get the D off the field. I like the pick.

  10. radrntn says:
    Apr 25, 2013 9:56 PM
    maybe jenkins will be there at 42
    – – – – – – – – – – – —
    scratch that I will wait and see… might be a lot more players that drop

  11. Good pick for raidaz! Much better pick than most dumb analyst predicted! These analyst always tend to throw the trash to Oakland, but not this time! No fatsharriff or overratedsmith! Finally a worthy pick!

  12. Dont understand how the bills get picks 4 and move 8 spots and the raiders go from 3rd pick and move 9 spots and get only one pick.? I do like the Hayden pick I just think they could have traded down one more time and get more picks and get Hayden! BIG REG if your going to trade down please try to get more picks, trade the 42 for a more picks! You freckled fool.

  13. Initially, I was disappointed we didn’t get Star but after looking at DJ Haydens highlights i’m pretty excited. He looks like a game changer, and Dennis Allen being a secondary coach is about to make him even that much better. I hope that injury is in the past because if it is, this will be seen as steal in the future. The next shutdown corner is now on THE RAIDERS!!!

  14. I’m hoping for a run on QBs and CBs which leaves the Raiders in a position to draft a DE that drops….Datone Jones, Tank Carradine, Bjorne Warner, or Damonte Moore….

  15. Love this pick. This acknowledges that there’s good line talent in this draft, but not necessarily pass rushing. Ansah, Jordan and Mingo were supposedly the best but not promising enough to stay at 3 at take ’em.

    I’ve been quietly wanting CB the whole offseason. Obviously less so once Porter and Jenkins showed up but having “our guy” at CB for 8 years is the way to go.

    We need impact players at skill positions and Hayden fits the bill from what I can tell. Now Dennis Allen has no excuses. Secondary must be the strength of this team with his background and the talent we have now.

  16. Congratulations Big Reg…looks like we have real football operations going on. I see the plan long term and I’m all-in…2nd round should be fun! The Real Nation!

  17. Honestly when was last time we traded down for more picks? So don’t act like he did something stupid. If ur a fan, ur used to trading away our picks. Get used to wining and this is the start…C’mon son

  18. Glad we traded down. Was hoping to drop to 6 or 7 and then work a 2nd trade down to 12, but as someone mentioned, you have to have someone willing to trade with you.

    Reg mentioned a couple times that this trade made sense and that other offers dwindled, or didn’t make sense. The “didn’t make sense” – I think is a veiled slam at whatever teams were trying to fleece him.

    Would it have been better to get more? Yeah. But if ony the Dolphins were offering, and no one to bid against them, we had to take what we could get. Kind of glad we didn’t trade down from 12.. we need more picks, but we need talent too.

    Will be interesting to see who we take tomorrow.

  19. Sounds like they really did their due diligence with this kid and feel that he can be a top CB in the league and the best cover corner in the draft.

    The best part is that they get a 2nd Rounder in addition to the player that they wanted the whole time! Long live Reggie!

  20. I can’t believe how many Debbie-Downers there are…I believe we got the best CB in the draft. This kid DOES NOT have a heart condition…know your facts! It was a freak accident that caused a tear in an artery leading to his heart, yes that most people die from (95%). However, Hayden had surgery and is COMPLETELY healthy. Nothing is wrong with his heart. This kid will be a stud CB.

    And for those saying Milliner has no health concerns…THE DUDE HAD 5 SURGERIES!!! Sure a couple were routine but others weren’t. Hayden only had a freak accident happen that in no way will affect him in the future.


  21. Smart move to trade down. still may trade down in 2 to pick up a 5 along with a 2. As far as the “heart” problem mentioned above. It was a torn vein, not a heart problem, According to doctors who helped him he is fully recovered. Great pick.

  22. I can honestly see the Raiders using the 2nd round pick on Damontre Moore. The guy was expected to be a top 10 pick if not for a weak combine. I’m sure Dennis Allen would love to have a guy like Moore (who replaced Von Miller at the joker position).

  23. Reggie (Magic) Mac has started to work his magic! Nice work on the trade Down AKA Trade UP in getting a HQ Player and more ammo to play with today! Thats why Draft rooms are called War rooms! Thats why GMs are called GENARAL! So to all my True Raider Nation Brothers and Sisters lets stand Tall behind our GM Magic Mac as he rebuilds OUR RAIDER NATION into a NEW RAIDER EMPIRE!!!!

  24. My opinion is the Raiders needed a DT, not a CB. I think his health is an issue and if he is still willing to take that hit when he tackles or is he gun shy. To many questions about this pick. The front defense needed more help than the backs on defense. I don’t agree with this pick. Time will tell if he pans out or is just a flash in the pan.

  25. Masterblaster78: I too thought the Raiders should go with DT because to my mind it all starts with the line. If the line can put pressure on the QB then that makes the jobs of your LBs and DBs that much easier but then after the pick I have rethought this.

    You D-line is not going to get pressure every time so you do need a CB who can stick to his man so, if the D-line can make the DBs job easier the inverse is also true. If you have a DB who can stick to his receiver that extra second that will give the D-line and extra moment to get to the QB.

    The DB will be on his man every time while the D-line won’t. So, good move imo.

  26. the problem w hayden is simple, he hasn’t played ENUFF FOR ANYONE TO DRAW A conclusion of how god he is !!!! and the American conf is not challenging enuff to gauge a player , reggie is under the ” Assumption ” that this guy will sign quik and under market value ! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ! once his agent xplains to hayden , that reggie is trying to take advantage of your injury by making you take less, you will all see the following, #1 he wont sign till preseason , he will get the same as player #11 and player #13 , that simple, reggie ASSUMED that this guy will take a lot less due to his injury is why he drafted him so high ! that simple ! if reggie got this guy to accept 70% of market on his deal, I would say great , but that aint the case nor will it be ! that simple !!!!!!!! nothing reggei has or can do will ever work because he is truly a protected guy , that has slipped thru the cracks his whole career ! that simple !!!!!!! AT MY EXPENSE !!!!!!!

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