Report: Browns want into top 3 for a pass-rusher


Might as well go ahead and make all the mock drafts (more) fruitless early in the day.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the “rumor out there” is that the Browns want to move up into the top three picks, from their current sixth slot.

The thinking is that they want to get in front of the Eagles (fourth) and Lions (fifth) to get the pass-rusher they covet. And since Browns CEO Joe Banner has insight into the Eagles front office from his days there, he has a clear sense of what they need and what general manager Howie Roseman values.

If they’re third, they’d miss out on no more than one of the top prospects there, as the Chiefs are expected to take an offensive lineman, and no one’s clear whether the Jaguars in the second spot go tackle or find a Leo for new coach Gus Bradley’s defense.

Such a move would put the Browns in position for perhaps Dion Jordan or Ziggy Ansah or Barkevious Mingo, as the annual run on guys who get to the quarterback begins.

33 responses to “Report: Browns want into top 3 for a pass-rusher

  1. Smells of either a smokescreen or stupid management on the Browns’ part, considering they would likely have their choice of Jordan, Ansah, and/or Mingo at 6 anyway. The odds of this being a smokescreen or stupid thinking are about even anyway.

  2. You do that, ratface Banner.

    I dont want Dion Jordan. He isnt going to amount to much in the NFL. Great measurables, not much production off the field. Great pick for Cleveland.

    And it will force the Eagles to NOT pick one of these awful DEs this year. Theyre just as bad as the QBs in this draft.

  3. There is also a report that Miami and Cleveland are in talks about WR Bess! This makes me think its a package deal with Miami moving up and sending their 1st rd pick to Cleveland, along with Bess, for Cleveland’s 6th pick in rd 1.

  4. This is an obvious smoke screen to show dis-interest in Dee Milner. If Buster Skrine is you’re freaking starting CB, you better get the best CB on the board, period.

  5. I’m hoping this is just Banner screwing with all of us… There’s no reason to move up… Unless RG3 is re-entering the draft so the Redskins can get him again for logical voice

  6. I feel like I’m in a cigar smoke off competition with 32 guys in a 12×12 room and no ventilation. It must be a crappy draft class, because everybody is blowing smoke this year.

  7. So, reports of the Browns trading mid-round picks for bess, trading back to pick 11 or 12, trading back to end of first round, and trading up to the 3rd pick…. Safe to say my Brownies are delivering smoke screens like crazy. As a Browns fan, to say I’m nervous they will screw this up is an understatement.

  8. I find this hard to believe. The Browns spent a ton of money in FA on pass-rushers, they’re already down a 2nd round pic, and they have many other needs. More likely, this is being leaked by a team in the top 3 to create the illusion of competition for a trade.

  9. This is actually a good idea, but what ammo do they have to make this work? If not stand pat and go with a CB.

  10. As much as I would like to have Dion Jordan, if we give up our 3rd and we already dont have a #2 I will be more than a little peeved at the Browns front office. 1 player? 1 player in the first 3 rounds? Is that what they are trying to sell the fans with all the help we need in Cleveland?

    All I have to say it, PLEASE let this be misinformation.

  11. Didn’t the Browns do something like this last year, when they were convinced they wanted Trent Richardson, and cost themselves a later round pick so they could trade up 1 spot with the Vikings, who were in no way going to draft him?

    New bosses, same mistakes!

  12. Joe Banner with insight on player personnel decisions is a total joke. He should stick to business and cap issues. He was the one who refused to pay Brian Dawkins, and hence forced him to go to Denver.

  13. I would rather they do this than trade back and take a QB, especially if they are targeting Geno Smith. But again, what will they give up to move up? maybe players?

  14. Haslam and Banner know this might be their only draft with the Browns…they will go for the bling…even though the Browns dont need it…

    …it being an QB !

    The Browns want to move up to get Geno Smith…who is not needed….

    …but Weeden wasn’t Haslam or Banner’s pick…it’s the excuse Browns use over and over, with each change in management and coaching…he wasnt our pick.

    The word you will hear a lot tonight…”consenses”…as in everyone agreed…HC, OC, GM, CEO and owner…all agreed, the Browns need another QB.

    Truth is, this show belongs to Haslam and Banner who might be out of work this time next year…so the sexy pick rules in Cleveland.

    Lord, I hope they prove me wrong…I really do !

  15. I said it before and I’ll say it again, the motor that makes this team run is Trent Richardson. Get the best O-lineman you can get! Stay at #6, take Fluker or thee tackle from Oklahoma. Its not the sexy pick but either guy helps your whole offense. If you are going to try and trade back, talk to San Fran, they’ve got tons of picks!

  16. This is actually a good idea, but what ammo do they have to make this work?


    Lot of talk of them being willing to trade Jabaal Shepard. But that wouldn’t be enough….

  17. There’s s many ways this could go….
    this yrs and next yrs 1st’s for Oakland 1st and second this year?

    You have ot assume Cleveland next years is 12-18th.

    I’d take Ziggy and Xaiver Rhodes…or even Swearinger….

  18. Too bad the Browns don’t have the #4 pick and the Vikings don’t have the #3. Then they’d be able to trade up.

  19. Of course Banner wants into the top three – it’s all about picking before the Eagles!

  20. Whether the Browns draft a DE, CB, QB,OL or a towel boy is really pretty irrelevant.

    What is relevant is that whoever they draft will be a bust with a capital “B”.

    It’s just a fact of life at the Factory of Sadness.

  21. Don’t worry Cleveland atl will replenish your draft pics. We have enough. We’ll take your #6 again give you a 2nd round basically like 2 years ago and you can blow those picks again…

  22. why would haslam be out of work? goodell can’t fire him. the owners approved his purchase…now there’s nothing they can do except be embarrased

  23. Awful scenarios for the Browns I hope it’s smoke but if they draft Eiffert or Smith at 6 that’s terrible and if they trade up for a pass rusher then they’re clearly foolish

  24. whitdog23 says:
    Apr 25, 2013 11:59 AM
    why would haslam be out of work? goodell can’t fire him. the owners approved his purchase…now there’s nothing they can do except be embarrased


    Youre a youngster, arent you?

    Google Eddie DeBartolo.

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