Report: Dolphins don’t think Albert’s worth a second-rounder

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Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said Wednesday that compensation coming back from the Dolphins is the sticking point in the Branden Albert trade talks and a report from Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post may explain the hangup.

Volin heard from a source Thursday that the Dolphins don’t believe trading a second-round pick is worth what they’d be getting in return. There’s no word on what the Dolphins would prefer to pony up to acquire Albert as the clock ticks on their chance to swing a deal before the moment passes both teams by.

Any trade for the tackle would include a long-term deal with Albert believed to be looking for something in the neighborhood of $9 million a year to put his name on the dotted line, a neighborhood the Dolphins weren’t willing to travel to when Jake Long wound up signing with the Rams. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins are on board with the financial compensation for Albert, which meshes with Dorsey’s comments about the trade compensation being the snag.

Signing Long wouldn’t have cost them any picks, obviously, so it’s reasonable to believe that the Dolphins think Albert is the better player for their offensive scheme. Whether that’s enough to push them to give up what the Chiefs are looking for in an Albert trade looks like one of the biggest questions we’ll have answered in the next few days.

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  1. Good job by Ireland. If the Chiefs don’t want a 3rd rounder they can keep him, pay him the franchise tag amount, and get nothing for him next year.

  2. It’s not just Albert in a vacuum. It’s Albert plus his contract demands.

    Theoretically, they could draft a RT in the second or third round (or, hell, sign Eric Winston) and move Jonathan Martin over to LT at a fraction of the cost. Unless they really, really don’t believe Martin can play on the left side, there’s not a huge incentive to overpay for Albert.

    I think the Dolphins would be wise to stand pat on a third-rounder. They’d still have to pay him, but that way they’d be left with three picks in the first two rounds to do damage, and they’d already have their tackle addressed, meaning they can do pretty much whatever they want with those picks.

  3. Good. I wouldn’t trade higher than the second of our two 3rd rounders. This is a deep class of tackles and you can get a great tackle in the second round. Try to trade down and pick up more picks.

    I also don’t think they should trade up. in this draft, you can get someone in the second round that is just as good as someone from the upper first round. Two good players for one good player is just bad math.

  4. In other words we found a trade partner and we will just draft one of the top tackles in the draft.

  5. Chiefs would be stupid to do the trade for less than a 2nd rounder. Let him hit free agency after this season and get a 3rd round comp pick for him.

    Don’t just give the guy away for what you would receive next year in compensation.

  6. The Fish need to just pony-up the 54th overall and get this done quickly. If this lingers into when they are on the clock it will be a nightmare for their board.

    The Fisher stuff to KC is a leverage attempt to sell the idea of a Fisher at RT and Albert at LT.

    Bottom line is that Miami will not get a tackle at 12th and Albert is FAR better than anything they can hope for at 54th.

  7. Miami is willing to pay Albert $8-9 Million per year to be their starting left tackle. Yet he’s not worth a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft?

    One thing’s for sure, they’re not going to draft a proven, starting LT with the 42nd or 54th overall picks.

  8. Pay alot and give up a 2nd rd pick? Dosen’t make sense. KC ‘s bad by tagging this guy and going after a tackle with the 1st pick shouldn’t be Miami’s problem. Sure take him off their hands and pay him so they don’t have to..but thats it. KC dragged it out this long to make Miami sweat and now they want Miami to bail them out of a situation they created. Miami should take Eifert at 12 and a tackle sometime after that if KC keeps playing hard to get.

  9. He is and he isn’t. Literally, he is worth a second-round pick, but the Chiefs have accidentally created a buyer’s market for Albert, lowering his price to a third and conditional 3 or 4 next year

  10. He’s not worth a 2nd round pick… but I’m gonna pay him $9 million a year.

    Jeff Ireland, ladies and gentlemen.

  11. The Arizona Cardinals are looking for a offensive linemen…If the Dolphins dont wanna give up there 2nd round 42nd rounder then they can just take t he best player on the board if they can actually find one.

    Send him to Arizona and get the Cardinals 2nd round draft pick.

  12. I’ve been saying all week he’s not worth a second rounder…time is only running out for KC they pick first…if they take an LT then they have to get rid of Albert or eat his cap hit…the fins probably offered their second third rounder… now they just have to sit and wait for KC starts to sweat as the 2nd comes and goes…that’s if they don’t trade up with the raiders and take Johnson. KC has San Diego sure…but the chargers don’t have the draft ammo the fins have.

    sorry KC fans Ireland has you dead to rights.

  13. Gee, if only Ireland had drafted a left tackle last year in the second round. Oh wait, he did, but the problem is, he’s a left tackle who apparently can’t play left tackle. If he could, there would have been a seamless transition from Long to Martin. But in the Dolphins world of Jeff Ireland it’s simply one desperate attempt after another to fix one mess he’s already created.

    Ireland is pathetic and if you don’t believe me, look at their record over the past few years and all those empty orange seats. One more year of that idiot…….

  14. I don’t see how they could not feel he’s worth a 2nd, but think he’s worth 9mil+ a year?! I’d think it would be opposite. If you told them they could get an above average starting LT in the second round, they’d be all over that. It’s got to be the $$ they weren’t willing to pay Long.

  15. Lol smh at some of you dolphins fans. I was born and raised a chiefs fan but have lived in south Florida for 15 plus years. If you all think albert isnt worth a 2nd you’re kidding yourself. Dude allowed 1 sack last year. 1. Is he worth the 9 mil a year prolly not. But when teams over pay guys like Long then the guys who are better want that money. Seems you are willing to pay him to. But if you think the chiefs are that handcuffed… your wrong. I hope they keep him draft fisher and stick him on the right for a year and have albrrt on left. Nfl is a one year league. Who you gonna have block for Tanniehill? Martian? He was terrible at RT and dismal at the left. So ood luck on keeping Tanniehill healthy. Dolphins are in a spot of need. Not the chiefs.

  16. Good. He is not worth the trade compensation or the $$ involved to sign him long term. Raiders are desperate for picks so package the 12, the latter 2nd and a 4 or 5 to move up and grab one of the top LT’s.

  17. So let me get this straight? You think that the Chiefs should take a 3rd round draft pick for a guy that has started at left tackle for 5 years, drafted in the first round, and if they let him play under the tag, and let him walk next year they will get an extra third for him anyways? What GM in their right mind would do that? Maybe Miami’s! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  18. So they think he’s a good enough player to pay him 8-9M$/year but he’s not worth a 2nd rounder? That makes a lot of sense. Chiefs hold all the cards here. Ireland is desperate to fill that hole and the Chiefs aren’t in a position of having to trade him. No point trading the guy for anything less then a 2nd because if you manage FA properly next year, worst case scenario is the Chiefs will eventually end up with a 3rd or 4th round comp pick if he walks.

  19. Hello! The Chiefs have zero leverage. Thankfully Philbin is in the building. Patience. Once mid afternoon hits on Friday, the Chiefs will be in panic mode. I wouldn’t even answer their calls till tomorrow evening. We are bidding against ourselves for Albert. No other team has the combo of need or cap space. I personally would hold out for giving up a 4th rounder. The guy was hurt last year, he holds a large cap number and he will be a malcontent in the KC locker room when he can’t play LT. KC doesn’t want to pay or deal with this guy. Miami controls this deal. Just sit and wait. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  20. Is it just me, or shouldn’t the Dolphins just offer that same pick to the Browns for the right to move up to #6? Isn’t Lane Johnson on a rookie deal as good, if not better than, Brandon Alberts on a 4-5 year $30-40m deal? Cleveland is dying to trade back, so this seems like a mutually beneficial option.

    If they wanted to be really creative, Cleveland could also toss in a 4th or 5th round pick for Davonne Bess. Isn’t that also mutually beneficial?

  21. I’d trade a 3rd rounder for Albert in a heartbeat, but thats the highest I’d go. I’m sure the overall value of what they pay him will look crazy, but I’m sure they’ll be able to get out of the contract in 2-3 years if Albert busts, Ireland has definitely struggled to find talent, but the guy does a great job managing contracts. JMO

  22. Good job JI. Stand pat on the 3rd, if the Chiefs don’t accept go to Plan B, C, D whatever. No need to cave or panic as we have many picks and trade bait. Go Fins!

  23. Boden5000 is correct, the Chiefs have zero leverage, Albert wants to be a LT.

    The Dolphins need a LT (Martin can’t play there) but they could have signed their own guy if they just paid 9 million a year (they offered 8 mil). Now they are going to trade a 2nd round pick and pay MORE money for a worse player.

    Why would they give up a 2nd round pick and pay more money for a worse player unless they are idiots?

  24. Evan Silva on KC radio discussing the trade negotiations: “Dorsey is walking Ireland around on a leash”.

  25. Jonathan Martin showed up to the Dolphins offseason program bigger and stronger than last season. The Dolphins should be intrigued enough to leave him at LT this year, sign Winston, and go BPA with their entire stockpile of early picks, and/or use a second or third to move back into the 1st round again.

  26. It sounds like finfans deserve Ireland.

    A franchise LT is worth more than a 2nd.

    Miami gonna be left holding the bag this year without a LT.

  27. If Albert is a top ten tackle why aren’t other teams trying to trade for him. Most reports I have seen have the three top tackles in the draft going in the top 5 or 10 picks tonight. So there is obviously a market for good left tackles. Why don’t some of these other teams see the value in trading for Albert.

    It looks to me like Ireland is, once again, overpaying and overvaluing a good, not great player.

    I would wait to see if KC drafts a left tackle with the first pick then see if they want to keep two left tackles and their corresponding salary.

  28. Hang tight Dolphins stick it to the Chefs they put themselves in this mess now they gotta pay Albert what they are obligated to.

  29. The phins hold all the cards here and can wait out the chiefs. As for the haters, Martin is stronger at RT but can play LT fine. Having a strong offensive line is about putting guys in a position to succeed and not playing them out of position

  30. The Cheifs are trying to throw Sean Smith in the deal realizing they overpaid a CB who cant catch the ball.

  31. Albert only gave up one sack last year? So does that make him KC’s best player? Is that why their so eager to dump him? I guess they don’t need him after winning all those games they won last year. So I guess they are really going to turn it around this year. Even if they increase their win total 100% that takes them to a whopping 4 win season. So if tagging Albert @ 10 million because you don’t want him is good stadegy then keeping Albert in KC is then flat out genius. Draft dat.

  32. The league’s worst GM, Jeff Ireland, will cave and will ship a 2nd rounder to KC for BA. And if its the higher of the 2 2nd rounders, dont be surprised. Ireland wont dare go into the season with a rookie LT or RT protecting Tannhell.

  33. How do the Dolphins hold cards ? The Chiefs are’nt afraid of keeping him ! Good luck giving up a ton to move up for the scrap LTs left. I feel sorry for Tannehill he’s gonna get crushed in that division

  34. Smart negotiating, wait did I just really say that about Ireland… He has made some good moves this offseason, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt so far this year. Chiefs have to trade him because they are taking Joeckel and he’ll be playing LT, Albert won’t be playing RT for the Chiefs, this is smart for both teams. So as a Phins fan, I take the 3rd rounder for Albert and take shot at Tavon Austin, Davon Bess is being rumored in a trade to Cleveland so they might be thinking this… Then with all the draft picks the Phish have this year, 2 2nd’s 3 3rd, they can fill the holes at DB, Oline, Dline. Can you imagine a secondary preparing to cover Wallace deep, Austin in the slot, and old dependable Hartline everywhere else making the tought 3rd and 8 catches . . . Exciting time to be a Dolphins fan, can’t wait for tonight and this year! We haven’t had much to be excited about in a long time . . .

  35. Miami and KC combined won 9 games last year. Mediocre to bad players on both teams. Quit patching crap together. May seem like a bad idea right now to give up a draft pick and spend tons of money, that is until we see Tannehill get whiplash next October. Who else we going to spend the money on? Get 3 starters and the draft is a success, no matter how we go about it. DO IT! Tired of losing.

  36. Reportedly, John Dorsey is prepared to walk away from the table if the first second round pick (#42) is not a starter.

    The Chiefs will receive a 3rd round compensatory pick next year if Albert is lost as a free agent. The Chiefs will groom their rookie LT at RT this year. They have already prepared to be under the cap in anticipation of this happening.

    Good luck with Martin as your LT. As a fan of the Chiefs, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Ryan Tannehill well. I wonder whom the Dolphins will select with the #1 pick in the 2014 draft? Get used to those kinds of questions.


  37. I would rather see the Chiefs keep Albert and keep him at left tackle for another year while Fischer gets a year under his belt at right tackle. No way you give up Albert for less than a second. A lot of the pft junkies, mostly dolphin fans, don’t know how good Albert is and don’t give him credit. Mostly because of name recognition, which OL don’t get much. For crying out loud, the same people who voted Jeff Saturday to the pro bowl last year. Keep the second rounder Dolphins. Please. The Chiefs will be happy to keep Albert and the dolphins will continue to see Ryan Tannehill on his backside. Even if the get Fluker, he will take some time to adjust to the speed of the NFL. I’m also sure they would like to draft Tavon Austin or a CB at 12 and not blow it on a tackle when they could get one now with a 2nd. Tough luck. Chiefs will never accept a 3rd for Albert.

  38. Miami is trading up. Most likely with the Raiders at 3 if The Chiefs take Fisher and the Jags go with Jordan. If one of those two take Joeckle then they go up to 6 in the deal with Cleveland that includes Bess to try for Johnson

  39. I think a lot of you are completely insane. If the Dolphins wait until after the draft you will be looking at at least a first round pick in 2014 to get Albert this year. The Chiefs can keep him and play him at RT, no problem. They will get a 3 comp pick next year if he does not get traded. Dolphins hold all the cards?????? Yeah sure

  40. It’s now looking like the Dolphins have been stringing the Chiefs along all week to make sure no one else screwed things up by taking Albert off the Chiefs hands. By assuring the Chiefs keep Albert they make sure Joeckle falls to a spot with a pre-arranged deal

  41. Rd. 1 Chiefs – Fisher
    Rd. 2 JAX – Joeckel
    Rd 3 OAK – L. Johnson

    Good luck moving up. Perhaps Miami can overpay to move to 2 or 3, but they will overpay.

    After the 2nd round, the Chiefs will still trade Branden Albert, but it will cost a #1 in 2014.

    Good luck. By the way, it’s Fish not Phish. Fish is something that gets eaten. I don’t know what the heck a Phish is because there is no such word in the dictionary. Perhaps it is migrant for spat out.

  42. My dad used to say, “if I had half a mind I would turn this car around.”

    Well, if I had half a mind, then I might be a Dophin fan.

    If I had a quarter of a mind, I just might be Jeff Ireland.

  43. “Miami is willing to pay Albert $8-9 Million per year to be their starting left tackle. Yet he’s not worth a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft?”

    Exactly. Makes no sense at all. Dorsey is keeping em all guessing which was his intention the entire time. This scramble for LT’s has now put the first pick in play for a trade down now which I think is what they wanted to do the entire time. That tag money was allocated to Albert a while back so they intended to keep him. Now if Miami gives up the second like they should then we’ll just go Jockel/Fisher and be happy. If not wait for the phone to ring. If we don’t get what we want then draft Jockel/Fisher anyway and wait for the teams left out of the LT sweepstakes to call begging for Albert. I think Arizona is gonna move up. Palmer standing there getting killed isn’t something Arizona wants to see that’s for sure with no LT.

    Supply and demand. KC will have two quality starters for the LT spot if we keep Albert and draft one of the big dogs and after the first round the asking price will go up.

    Ireland is an idiot.

  44. I learned a long time ago never try and reason with a Chief fan. They are the same fans that wanted a 2nd rounder for a broken down Trent Green. There is a need for both parties to get a deal done. Reports state Miami want Albert for a 3rd. The Chiefs want Miami top 2nd. Ultimately they will settle for the second second round pick. Everyone knows this so why waste all this energy getting worked up? There are two RT options for Miami (Clabo and Winston). While I do not believe Martin is ready to be a LT, it is an option.

    Albert will get traded to someone this year because the Chiefs will lose him next year. Right now it appears the Fins are the only willing partner but I am sure others will crop up as the draft continues. I believe Albert is worth a late second, but not an early one because that is the equivalent of a first round talent. He is not that currently.

  45. Thank you Miami for taking Trent Green off our hands for a 5th round draft pick.

    The Chiefs used that pick to help them trade up in the first round, and selected Branden Albert #15.

    Thank you again for reminding us of that stupendous trade.

  46. Why would anyone give a 1st round pick in 2014 for a guy who will be a free agent at the end of 2013?
    And if you’re counting on a compensatory pick, the best you can hope for is the end of the 3rd round in 2015 and that’s only if you don’t sign any free agents yourself next year

  47. Wait a minute, time out. All these comments slamming the Dolphins for saying Albert is worth $9 million but not worth a 2nd. round pick? If he wasn’t tagged at $9M plus, the compensation to KC might be higher because it would be a better financial deal for Miami.

    The higher the compensation, the less attractive it is for Miami long term, therefore the lower the compensation back to KC. Everybody knows that a four year deal would be signed and Albert would be lucky to see year three. Think long term, is a two year rental worth a second round pick and high compensation?

    The Dolphins are right on this one. But that fact is lost on a bunch of people on this board who have never negotiated anything more than permission from their parents to stay up tonight and watch the entire draft. . .

  48. There is a reason why KC is drafting first.

    It would be funny as hell if the worst team in the league had two starting left tackles next year. I suppose they could platoon the position between their two best players.

  49. Dolphins hold all the Cards! Case closed.

    Trade our 12 and 42 with the Raiders and get Joekel/Fisher or our targeted Johnson and we leave the Raiders happy, we are ecstatic and the Chiefs have a fat, broken back, crying baby, financial burden on the Right side. LOL!

  50. The whole thing makes no sense. Fins should have just signed Long. Chiefs should just sign Albert and get other role players they need.

    Why they are exchanging draft picks and seeking the same, or close, type of players is mind boggling.

    How can Chiefs say Albert is worth a second round pick when they desperately want to get rid of him to pickup another OT. Why would Fins give a draft pick for position/player that is on par with one they just let go – Albert is looking for a similar deal Long got.


  51. @davidin863. That is not how it works all the time. Theoretically you are correct but no one will give the Chiefs a first round pick for Albert. I think his ceiling is a second rounder. You give up first rounders for All pro offensive tackles, which Albert is not. He certainly is capable of All pro appearances but you pay for potential on draft picks, not NFL veterans.

  52. The Chiefs already have Branden Albert signed. They are looking to see if Miami will give them enough reasons to trade him. If not, then Albert will play this year with the Chiefs. If he does well, then he can be franchised again. If the Chiefs don’t want to franchise Albert for a second year in a row, then they can let him test the free agency market. If another team signs Branden Albert next year, the Chiefs get a 3rd round compensation.

    The Chiefs do not have to give Branden Albert up for a 3rd round pick this year. They will get that at a minimum next season. They have the money to pay him this year. The cap is not an issue for the Chiefs.

    Jacksonville needs a LT. They will take whichever player KC does not want with their first pick. Oakland is looking to trade out, but may want to stay at 3 to draft a LT if a suitable trade is not available. Detroit could try to move up. The Eagles may want a LT. There will be lots of teams trying to get one of the top three LTs in the draft.

    Lane Johnson has a huge upside potential, but could just as easily become a bust. He needs to be brought along slowly, and probably is not ready to start the season at LT. Teams would be wise to play him at RT his first season.

    Martin was not strong enough to play LT, but there was much more than that alone. Martin’s footwork was not good enough to play LT, and it may never be good enough. He was the worst tackle in terms of hurries in the NFL last season. The worst! If Miami doesn’t want to trade with KC, then they can opt for Run blocking RT Andre Smith, or Run blocking RT Eric Winston.

    Good luck.

  53. Drawz
    How is a second the equivalent of a first?????? And if that is true why not give up a first for Albert. After all it is equal to a second, right?

  54. Oh and Niko as far as free agents for the Chiefs next year are you kidding??? With all the free agents we picked up this year, not likely they will need many if any

  55. Hell, it’s not that they don’t think Albert is worth a 2nd rd pick, they know Reid has stuck his foot in the manure pile, and they can squeeze them for the 3rd rd pick…..their only pickle is that franchise tag price of $9.8. While he is probably better than the 2nd rd OT that will be available he isn’t worth nearly $10 mil…..

  56. I’d like to buy a 2012 Corvette which should cost me around $40. But the one I’m looking at has 87k miles. I really like the car and can live with the miles but I’m not going to pay $40k. I believe $31k should do it.

    The Dolphins like Albert and would even be willing to pay his $9M salary, but the current team owning his rights (KC) wants a second round pick (i.e. high miles). I’ve set my price at a third round pick. I’d pay more (in draft picks) if it wasn’t for his high salary and back issues last year. I’m not paying a premium draft pick and a premium salary.

    Its not like the Dolphins don’t have a left tackle who although not stellar, held his own after starting as a rookie. And the Dolphins have options in the draft. . .

    Don’t get auction fever. Quit watching pawn stars and storage wars. . .

  57. Texchief, if you keep him until February 2014, you don’t get a compensatory pick 2 months later. If that were true the Dolphins would be getting a pick for Jale Long this weekend.
    The pick would come in 2015

  58. Don’t compare what Jeff Ireland mismanaged for the Dolphins compared to what the new GM John Dorsey will do next year for the Chiefs.

    The Chiefs will be $6 M under their cap after they sign all their draft picks, and if they decide to retain Branden Albert.

    They can let another team sign Albert and will get a third round pick the following year in compensation. They have lots of dead money that will be gone next year, so they could easily re-sign him to a franchise tender offer. They could then trade him or work out a long term deal.

    The Chiefs are not the same team that muddled around under Scott Pioli. That guy is gone.

    Good luck with your team in 2013. I hope your quarterback makes it through the season. He seems like a nice guy. It would be a pity to lose him for the season.

  59. No offense, but im a casual fan, i try to watch has many games as i can, and i know, O-line are not sexy or famous name, but i have never heard of Albert until this draft, maybe idk my O-lines, but i have never seen on top left tackles list, or never mentioned on the clady, thomas, j.long, list.
    But then again, who watch the chiefs last year, they were horrible, and their RB(charles) was in my fantasy team, and i still never heard of him.

  60. All I know is the chiefs have 4M in cap. They will need 5M to sign rookies. Brandon Albert counts almost 10M against the cap. You tell me who needs to make the trade?

  61. Obviously you don’t know enough. Albert is already included within the cap. He signed his tender offer. The Chiefs have reworked some of their contracts. They are currently $10 M under the cap. Their draft picks will cost about $4M. Most of their picks are going to get paid minimum for the league. The new guys will replace vets who make more. The way the NFL counts cap is only the first 51 players count.

    The Chiefs are not going to be forced into a deal they don’t want to do.

  62. Ladies and gentlemen… Jeff Ireland.

    I am literally laughing my butt off over that one. Philadelphia is jumping for joy. Lane Johnson is exactly who they wanted to get.

  63. We’ll make it easy on Jeff Ireland. Take the day off Friday, you deserved it.

    KC gets 54, 77, and 82. Miami gets to protect their QB from getting broken.

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