Report: Nothing imminent with Andre Smith, Bengals


If the Bengals are going to re-sign right tackle Andre Smith before the start of the draft, they’re going to have to act pretty quickly.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said earlier this week that he was hopeful the team would get a deal done with Smith prior to the start of the draft, perhaps banking on the possibility that the Bengals would draft a younger player spurring Smith to accept whatever was on the table. There are a few hours left for things to change, but it looks like Lewis’ hopes may be dashed.

Geoff Hobson of the team’s website reports that nothing looks imminent on the contract front, significantly raising the likelihood that the Bengals will go into the draft without an obvious choice at right tackle. The team has been adamant that Smith’s situation will not impact their selections by pointing to Anthony Collins and Dennis Roland as in-house options for the spot, but both men have had enough starting experience to know that there’s plenty of space to upgrade over what’s already on hand.

The market for Smith never developed despite his strong 2012 season, something that has seemed to be pushing him back to Cincinnati for a while now. The last step back into a Bengals uniform has proven to be a difficult one to take, though, and it doesn’t look like the coming draft has done anything to make it easier.

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  1. i cant believe he hasnt taken his offer obviously nobody else is offering anything better. everybody knows once he gets a decent contract he’ll start smashing his face with ho hoes & ding dongs again and probably break his foot again. later andre

  2. Ton’s o’ Fun is never going to get the $8-$9 mil per season he thinks he’s worth from any team- it’s too big of a risk. He needs to just break down and sign the contract.

  3. The man, and especially his agent, are idiots. There are, at most 8-10 teams that need a RT now. Of those, how many — like the Raiders and Steelers — have nothing left under the cap? The Browns do but have done nothing to even contact him although signing him would weaken a division opponent. If the Bengals take a tackle in the first 2 rounds, that will be all she wrote most likely. The only possible hope for them is that it would put a lie to the Bengal claim that they are keeping money aside to sign their free agents as the main 2 they had this year — Smith and Johnson (and J Joseph before them) — they were unable to sign to a multi-year contract. That is, of course, if the feckless Cincy media would ever hit them on it.

  4. Smith should have a conversation with James Harrison about over-valuing yourself. He’ll be the first to tell him that the end result is you’ll end up on an inferior, more pathetic team.

    Second thought, Smith shoudln’t worry about that last part.

  5. I’d give Mikeyboy credit for this one, as bad of a GM as he is he’s got this one right. Fat Albert can take it or leave it and BUYER BEWARE.

  6. Just another painful lesson for the players from the new CBA. By agreeing to the owners’ opening request to manipulate the free market (rookie wage scale), and then agreeing to drop the collusion case, and then accept owners’ collusion in exchange for player cash (Cowboys and Skins salary cap “penalties” for spending over the non-existing cap), the players should reasonably expect that collusion is AOK. The fix is in and the league is “adjusting” salaries now, starting with corners and left tackles.

  7. If he had taken his job seriously from the beginning he very well could be getting the kind of money he’s been demanding. But he didn’t. He walked out of the combine and when he finally did show up to camp (after holding out) he was so fat and out of shape that he broke his food. TWICE.

    Later Andre, hello DJ Fluker.

  8. In ’09 with Roland and Collins rotating at RT, the Bengals swept the AFC north…. would rather have Smith, but his back-ups are not completely incapable of playing.

  9. Until this year you could say DRAFT BUST…AS USUAL WITH OUR NUMBER 1’s! A J Green has been a bright spot! Sorry Andre, one decent year does not make a star! Take the ,money or leave!

  10. Collins is 11-7 as a starter never has been blasted as bad as Smith did against the Eagles I believe he is a better pass pro OT and is neck and neck on run blocking with Andre Smith… He has been in a back up for 3 years because Marv hates guys with too much confidence…. I vote the job goes to Collins and we draft an OT in the 2nd or 3rd to groom behind him….. Let Andre “Chitterlings” Smith walk….deuces!

  11. The only thing I would not want to see is the Bengals take some 2nd or 3rd round guy in the first to fill his spot. Outside of Fluker, there really isn’t a guy to play RT at the 20th spot and Fluker likely will be gone. I hope Marvin is being honest about the “best player available” stuff.

  12. Smith’s agent, Alvin Keels, is one of the worst agents a player can have in the NFL. Front offices don’t like dealing with him, his negotiation tactics never work (if you can actually call them “tactics”), and he ALWAYS ends up accepting a less-than-desirable deal for his clients. He is a terrible agent.

  13. Andre should take the best offer on the table before the draft. If not his stock will drop like crazy after teams fill their RT needs in the draft. They will rather take their chances on potential than settle for a mediocre proven commodity.

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