Steelers take OLB Jarvis Jones at No. 17

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The Steelers added a young outside linebacker to bolster their pass rush and help replace the departed James Harrison, selecting Georgia’s Jarvis Jones No. 17 overall on Thursday night.

Jones (6-2, 245) notched 14.5 sacks in 2012 for the Bulldogs. If Jones is to push for a starting role as a rookie, it would likely be at the expense of veteran Jason Worilds.

That said, the Steelers generally don’t rush their rookies into the lineup. They have to earn their way onto the field. Maurkice Pouncey played in his rookie season of 2010 because he was too good to sit, and guard David DeCastro looked poised to be a Week One starter before a knee injury last summer.

“Quite honestly, I don’t envision anyone coming in and being an impact in Year One,” Steelers GM Kevin Colbert said this week, according to the club. “I never do because I think there is always a growing process that has to occur.”

It can take time for Steelers’ outside linebackers to master Dick LeBeau’s defense. LaMarr Woodley, it should be noted, did not start as a rookie in 2007. If Jones can at least be a solid situational rusher (a la Woodley as a rookie) and pick up the defense, he will have done well, considering how other rookies have fared with this veteran-laden club.

59 responses to “Steelers take OLB Jarvis Jones at No. 17

  1. Welcome to the Steelers Jarvis Jones. You are now working for Dick Lebeau, the greatest defensive mind in the history of football. You are going to shine in this defense.

  2. If the Spinal Stenosis doesn’t become an issue, I love this pick. Welcome to the Burgh, kid!

  3. And here come the haters. Hate on all those who reached for picks while the Steelers let a dominant SEC defender fall to 17.

  4. You can see why the Steelers compete each year and the Bills suck.

    Pick 16 EJ Manuel
    Pick 17 Jarvis Jones

    Nothing fancy. They just show up and take the best player to plug into that defense.

  5. This type of player always seems to fall into the Steelers’ lap. While other teams pay attention to nonsense like 40 times, the Steelers come away with the guys who are actually good at football.

  6. Hey, go easy. This is the only time Steelers will be ahead of the Ravens. Let the fans enjoy this brief moment.

  7. We always do what were suppose to do. While others reach, we take the best player available.

    Ravens winning anything is an abberation. Normalcy will return when we win the division this coming season (as usual).

  8. It’s like Pittsburgh gets two picks since Elam will be catching most of Big Bens wobbly Hail Marys.

  9. Had to be Vaccaro or Jones..We go WR 2nd Round Hope Woods Hunter or Bailey..RB 3rd round..Franklin from UCLA maybe..this draft is deep at what we need most. Worilds is gona have competition that’s definite!

  10. Excellent pick. I’ll even say that if Woodley doesn’t have a bounce back year, this kid will be our #1 OLB by season 2.

  11. ebrownwareagle says:
    Apr 25, 2013 10:25 PM
    Rich Get Richer!!

    The Rich should focus on not missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.

  12. #1 Defense in the league last year just got even better. Blitzburgh !!! WR up next then hopefully rb we should be good to go!

  13. yeah, Second round WR, third round Franklin from UCLA. no wa Eddie Lacy will drop that far down ( but a fella can dream), fourth round Saftey.

    We need a dominant RB, Franklin would fit in perfect with our new zone blocking scheme

  14. realdealsteel, umm as usual?? The Ravens have won the division two years in a row and um the super bowl as well. Take a look at how the AFC North is listed on the PFT Home page. It’s just listed alphabetically but I have a feeling it is also indicative of how the north will pan out for years to come… Losers. Make the playoffs then try and talk trash to your superior.

  15. Just a Fan says:
    Apr 25, 2013 10:39 PM
    Brillient pick! In Colbert we trust!!!! Now stop with the ” oldest defense in the League” crap.


    One player ain’t going to change the oldest defense in the league stigma. He’ll probably bust.

  16. morganstan100

    You better hope Elam can come in and replace some of the production you lost when Reed decided to leave for the Texans.
    In the meantime, Joe better get his running shoes on, This guy is coming for him. Great pickup from a pillar of a Franchise. Great job Steelers Their is a reason you are a 6 time super bowl champion franchise. Others can pretend they are the Steelers but only one Steelers nation!!

  17. Leave it to the Steelers to take a safe, predictable pick that was widely forecasted in the media. Shows how they kowtow to the fans instead of the real experts on the ground. If they had any real sense, they’d take Geno Smith in the 2nd and bench Mr. Scandal.

  18. “realdealsteel, umm as usual?? The Ravens have won the division two years in a row and um the super bowl as well. Take a look at how the AFC North is listed on the PFT Home page. It’s just listed alphabetically but I have a feeling it is also indicative of how the north will pan out for years to come… Losers. Make the playoffs then try and talk trash to your superior.”
    Classic case of “small dog syndrome” right here.

  19. Steeler fans remind me of some crazy old man, sitting on his porch yelling at passersby:

    “We’ve got six rings, young-in! We’ve got six rings! Hey, you! Don’t you walk away from me! We’ve got six rings! Six!”

  20. Jones is a top 3 talent over 80 tackles and 30 sacks in two years at Georgia , he is a converted safety when he played in southern Cali. The guy is a absolute monster, and will transition into the NFL really well.
    And too the three idiot raven fans on here talking trash , it’s okay we all know you’re upset that Jarvis went to pittsburgh, jealousy doesn’t look good on you though.
    Now the next two picks need to be a safety , receiver or, running back , I’d love to see cyprien and jonathon Franklin but I trust Colbert to make the right choice !

  21. All three teams got good picks..Will they pan out? who knows.The AFCnorth just keeps gettin better. I said 3 teams cause I don’t count the Browns (yet) Maybe in a few years

  22. Great pick Mikey. Looks like finally he’s starting to turn the corner. I wasn’t so sure about that pick initially, but having a dangerous 2TE set will cause problems for opposing defenses. And im sick of watching greshams goofy ass run with the football lol. Best thing is we have a top 5 pick today which SHOULD go to eddie lacy albeit hes still on the board which he probably will unless JAX takes him. MJD is on contract year. and theres still Giovani Bernard whom pundits said at first was the best back in the draft. we get lacy AFCN LOOK OUT!its a rap Baltimore, Pittsburgh are registering the AARRP memberships as we speak. now only thing I think we need is S, OT, and a Head Coach I like marvin but he’s clearly not the guy. LETS GO!!! WHO DEY!!

  23. Well it’s officially the end of the day for Jarvis Jones and somehow, a guy who declared himself the best player in the draft was taken at 17. So the clock is running on when Jarvis Jones declares himself the SOD (steal of the draft).

  24. Ravens fans chime in LOL, must be having nightmares about Jones blindsiding Flacco. Ravens Elam pick is a big desperation reach, gives up on too many plays.

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