Tavon Austin wouldn’t mind not being the focal point of a passing game


On Thursday’s PFT Live, West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin — almost assuredly to hear his name called in Round One of tonight’s draft — shared an interesting take on for whom he would like to play and how he would like to be deployed when enters the NFL.

Austin told PFT’s Mike Florio that he would like to play for a team with a “spread offense,” one that has “a plan for me who can use me.”

Austin also said he preferred a “team where there’s already wide receivers there so I’m not really the main target and teams can double down on me.”

For more of Austin’s thoughts as Round One nears, including his list of the three teams that “stood out” for interest shown in him in the predraft process, check out today’s interview on PFT Live.

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19 responses to “Tavon Austin wouldn’t mind not being the focal point of a passing game

  1. Spread offense, Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kurley, Stephen Hill…….Tavon Austin! Jets O comes alive!!!!

  2. Welcome to the #49ers Tavon! Sick speed would be on that offense with Lamichael James in the backfield, CK7 under center and Austin in the slot with Crabtree moving the chains. Absolutely sick speed.

    And then when they take Lattimore in the 3rd and place him on IR to replace Gore in 2014. Ridiculous offense.

  3. I believe think Austin is the only receiver worthy of a 1st round pick. He is also a guy who will have the biggest impact right away. Austin is versatile enough to lineup at RB, slot receiver or wide out. He is also a return guy. A fantastic all round explosive player.

  4. Some are gonna hate n him for saying this, but it makes sense: if he isn’t the focal point of a passing attack, he can focus on other duties like returning kicks and playing running back, which increases his overall value to his offense.

  5. Spread Offense is a generic term for West Coast variations with an emphasis on read options. Running forces Defenses to play straight responsibilty. The Passing attack is a zone and bubble read with 4-5 receivers( not always WRs). Multiple Slots, TEs and RBs.
    More than a dozen teams run this. Go look at Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks on youtube it will explain it all. I doubt Philly takes him that early, but he would thrive there! He will suffer with the Jets ( for more reasons than one), but might do OK with the Bills, Panthers and Dolphins. He would be super dynamic with 49ers, Packers and Seahawks, but is not a pressing need. This guy is a more polished version of Randall Cobb and Percy Harvin types.

  6. It must be frustrating to be a fan who hates the Jets more than you like your own team. I guess that explains allot about your team. Watch the Jets improve tonight!

  7. 174 LBS??? If Kam Chancellor puts a “Vernon Davis” on him, he’ll explode like a vacuum cleaner bag.

  8. Surprise pick for the NOLA Saints… maybe? If so the Saints will be in the Superbowl without a doubt simply because no team would be able to score with them.. & if the D can do just enough, the Saints will be perfect. This will be perfect…

  9. watch for the rams he at least mentioned them interested in him in this piece as one of the 3 teams very interested in him add him to cook givens quick kendricks we become relevant on offense

  10. GB will want him then.
    He can get lost on offense since they have one player on Offense & the other on D.
    $$$,$$$,$$$.¢¢=2 chumps

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