Te’o window runs from 19 to 32


The draft has begun, and one of the most talked-about players is thousands of miles away, in Hawaii.

After weeks of intense speculation and scrutiny and criticism, Te’o remains expected to be taken tonight, in the first round of the draft.

Though Adam Schefter of ESPN has pegged the Te’o window as opening at No. 20 with the Chicago Bears, we believe that the Giants are potentially in play at No. 19.

On the back end are the Ravens at No. 32, whom many think would run to the podium faster than Te’o’s pedestrian 40 time to put in the card with his name on it.

The most intriguing team is the Vikings, with two first-round picks and a pair of recent Notre Dame players who can help G.M. Rick Spielman make a good decision.  If the Vikings don’t take Te’o with No. 23 or No. 25, that perhaps could be the reddest of any flags that could be planted in Te’o’s front yard.