Thursday morning one-liners


Here’s a historical look at the way the Bills have systemically ignored QBs in the Draft (and we wonder why they are the way they are).

For the Dolphins, the 12th pick represents the least of the drama, as trade talks on multiple fronts are ongoing.

Retired Patriots mainstay Kevin Faulk has given newcomer Leon Washington permission to wear his No. 33 jersey.

Short-rope coach Rex Ryan might need the Jets to draft a QB to increase his own job security.

The Ravens have multiple options to find some help at LB.

While the Bengals are hopeful of an Andre Smith deal, he’s still unsigned, which puts RT on the needs list.

Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer believes finding CB help is the top priority for the Browns.

The Steelers are taking a closer look at character issues during their pre-draft preparations.

Texans RB Arian Foster will have a role in the movie Draft Day, playing a draft prospect.

The Colts needs list is easy: Anything but QB.

Fan voting has chosen the Titans’ 15th anniversary logo, which includes a sword and Roman numerals.

The Broncos are hoping for an early run on QBs, to push the guys they want down to them.

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star is coming around to the idea of the Chiefs trading Branden Albert only to draft his replacement.

Before they can worry about a Commitment to Excellence, Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie wants his team to have a commitment to character.

Few teams have a more glaring need to fill than the Chargers all along the offensive line.

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones says it’s a 50-50 chance the team actually uses the 18th pick.

The Giants haven’t drafted a LB in the first round since 1984.

E.J. Manuel, who said the Eagles “want me pretty bad” is being mentored by former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb.

The Redskins are comfortable with having the night off tonight, since they have their QB position taken care of.

The Bears might want to move down, but they can’t afford to go too low.

Tonight’s the kind of night that could save Lions GM Martin Mayhew’s job.

The Packers worked out RB Cedric Benson yesterday, but no deal appears imminent.

Vikings GM Rick Spielman said his picks are unlikely to be a “surprise.”

All signs point to the Falcons drafting a CB, whenever they draft.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson told city leaders he moved a mountain to accommodate the Democratic National Convention, during his plea for public money.

The Saints can doubtless find someone to help their league-worst defense at 15.

You can’t count the Bucs out tonight, though they don’t have a pick at the moment.

Cardinals GM Steve Keim is ready for his chance to sit in the big chair.

The Rams have solid players, they need playmakers, writes Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Everyone anticipates the 49ers making moves tonight and throughout the weekend, and that raises the stakes for GM Trent Baalke.

The Seahawks have made their moves, so they’re sitting back and watching tonight.

9 responses to “Thursday morning one-liners

  1. “Panthers owner Jerry Richardson told city leaders he moved a mountain to accommodate the Democratic National Convention, during his plea for public money.”

    Hey Jerry..your the only one who thinks we need a new stadium..Truth is..we dont! Put a winning team on the field and the money will come..

  2. The 49ers are absolutely locked and loaded. As a Packers fan I hate to see this, but this organization has been run the best in the league in the past couple of years.

    I don’t know why they wouldn’t trade up, nobody drafted below the 4th/5th round is likely to make that 53 man roster anyway.

  3. wchadwicks says: Apr 25, 2013 8:30 AM

    Not that anyone cares, but there are 31 morning one-liners on draft day and the team without one holds the number two pick tonight.

    Very true & I wonder why… The suspense continues down south. This is becoming a mystery & I personally think there’s a plethora of mind-games going on. That #2 pick will be a special pick, granted “no one” (not a soul whether a Jags fan or not, even the “so-called” experts) knows WTH we’re doing.

  4. Jerry Richardson, wow you’d think that getting hundreds of money sucking politicians to town would grease the wheels a little huh? People will see the poor little boy hiding in the corner, aware of the fact that his iPhone is not the newest one on the market, crying on the inside. Why oh WHY would the villagers try to make him part with some of his stack to buy his own? Can’t they see how much he is hurting in his shame? A travesty I tell you. A travesty.

  5. Faulk is the ultimate team player and loved by Patriot fans. If you bother to read the story whitedog23 you would have seen it was a symbolic approval. It was just a gesture of support. But you took a simpleton view.

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