“20 witnesses” say Simon did nothing wrong

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Instead of being drafted Thursday night, LSU cornerback Tharold Simon was arrested.

His agent, Peter Schaffer, says that Simon is innocent.

“I have spent the better part of the morning investigating this matter, including getting statements from over 20 witnesses,” Schaffer told PFT by phone.  “The witnesses corroborate that Tharold did nothing wrong, certainly nothing illegal, and he acted with dignity and class throughout the entire ordeal.  I am 100 percent certain that no charges will be filed.  We are looking into pursuing a lawsuit against the office for violation of Tharold’s civil rights.

“I am appalled by the behavior of the Eunice, Louisiana police department.”

That may or may not be enough to boost Simon’s draft stock.  If it’s not, Simon’s potential damages could include the money he would have made if the untimely blemish hadn’t pulled him down the board.

56 responses to ““20 witnesses” say Simon did nothing wrong

  1. So if you get statements from twenty friends saying you are innocent that means you are innocent? Wow our court system has been so wrong all these years.

  2. “I am appalled by the behavior of the Eunice, Louisiana police department because what about the BMW I just bought on credit with my agent money?”

  3. His agent isn’t exactly a reliable sort at the moment. He’ll spin this all day and night.

  4. So his agent found 20 relativ….er, witnesses to the incident. And shockingly, they all say he handled the ordeal with “dignity and class.”
    This agent should do stand-up.

  5. Let’s see how this plays out and if it was police fudgeness or if his “20 witnesses” were homies at a partaaaay

  6. I haven’t been this appalled by the Eunice PD since Officer Sparkplug patrolled the Sonic and McDonald’s on weekends back in the late 80s and early 90s.

  7. Clearly the agent’s motivation is money–he’s paid to promote his clients–but that makes his view highly biased and leaning toward–dare I say it–a package of lies.

    And shame on the agent for making the statement “I am appalled by the behavior of the Eunice, Louisiana police department”. He should be appalled by the big mouth and big ego of his client.

  8. So “his boyz” said he was innocent? Why didn’t you say so sooner? You’re free to go young man!

  9. It’s small town Louisiana, of course we’ll be dealing with some crooked hillbilly cops. Wouldn’t be surprised if Simon is innocent and it stemmed from a personal beef the cop had with him.

  10. My guess is the Patriots are behind this. Yesterday they loaded up on Picks and tomorrow they’ll use one on Simon.

    By Monday, he’s cleared of all charges. Brilliant.

  11. C’mon, do you see the “Days Without An Arrest” meter? These teams don’t care about this, he’ll get drafted right were he would have got drafted, maybe better. You want a corner that “owns” that football, “owns” that receiver, “owns” that town! He’s got what it takes…move him up, take him!

  12. Just when I thought the kid who crapped all over his hotel room at the combine may be the dumbest football player ever, meet Mr. Simon!

  13. I expect Simon’s friends to each receive a check for whatever his signing bonus is, divided by 20.

  14. Eunice sounds like one of those towns where the big excitement on Saturday night is to go and watch the Wal-Mart truck unload. Now I’m not saying that either party was right, but “arrest” seems somewhat extreme, given the facts that we were. Something’s missing here. Like possibly that Simon and this cop have a “history”. What we’ve learned so far, could’ve earned the LSU star a summons, but arrest seems a bit heavy handed.

  15. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Apr 26, 2013 2:18 PM

    You’d think he could get more than 20 people to proclaim his innocence. He owns Eunice.

    Exactly. There are only 23 people in Eunice. Simon, the cop and the chief of police were excluded.

  16. smh 20 people said the man did nothing wrong and all you Judges in here already sentenced him……You’re just as bad as police…….you get a boner when the opportunity to stick someone behind bars presents itself……..

  17. puahaha, deleted my comment huh? The truth stings doesn’t it? How about this one… Young African American men need to stay above the Mason Dixon Line. Most of these arrest you read about happen in the south.

  18. Those twenty are his entourage…. It’s to bad the kid can’t do that on the field. These kids these days are believing they are owed something.

    Pants on the ground….yeah buddy

  19. He should give Alphonso Dennard a call to learn more about plummeting in the draft shortly after getting arrested. Dennard went from the 2nd round to the 7th, costing himself millions.

  20. Why would the agent waste his time interviewing 20 witnesses? Was he going to drop the kid if they’d said he was totally in the wrong? He’s going to say anything he can to try to control the damage. That’s his job. He’s not Matlock, he’s a stinkin’ sports agent.

  21. bricktop02 says: Apr 26, 2013 2:57 PM

    Just you wait. Rev.Al and uncle Jesse will be down there to let everyone know that this injustice is wrong.


    Comments like this are just like the “Tiki’s Flabbergasted” and “Drew Brees needs an explanation” memes. Please just let it die. We get it…you have a problem with black people. Damn.

  22. He better hope he still gets drafted and sues for false arrest so he’ll have enough money to keep his 20 homeboys in line and happy.

  23. Guaranteed we’ll be seing Tharold Simon on ESPN 30-30 in an ongoing story about broke athletes.

    Tharold Simon: “Well, like I said, I gots to take care of my boyz. I be having 20 of my boyz and hoes in my entourage….”

  24. Did this post get Hijacked by the Ted Nugent Fan Club? Without knowing anything about what happened you all openly scorn what the attorney says, despite the fact that you all apparently believe that he actually has 20 witnesses Because, after all, small town cops are the elite of our law enforcement in this country.

    The only reason you post this way is because no one knows who you are and can’t call you when you are 100% wrong and rude in the bargain. You are like little kids that like to write bad words on the sidewalk.

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