Cowboys add tight end Gavin Escobar with No. 47 pick

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With the No. 47 pick, the Cowboys added a promising prospect to a position already in secure hands, drafting San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar in Round Two.

The Cowboys’ top tight end, Jason Witten, comes off a 110-catch season, and there’s no doubt he will continue to be one of Tony Romo’s primary targets in 2013. However, the 6-6, 254-pound Escobar will strengthen the Cowboys’ depth in the short term. Also, if he’s quick study in the offense, Escobar could bolster the Cowboys’ various multi-TE packages. The more capable pass-catching tight ends on the field, the better, as the Patriots have shown.

Escobar led San Diego State with 42 receptions for 543 yards and six TDs as a redshirt junior in 2012.

28 responses to “Cowboys add tight end Gavin Escobar with No. 47 pick

  1. As a cowboys fans all I can say is this guy better be able to walk on water.

    The reason Jerry continues to pull these shanagans is the same reason why he hasn’t realized he’s a dog crap GM.

    I don’t really like Garrett, at all, but I kinda feel sorry for anyone who has to be the head coach there.

    Hashtag PuppetMaster

  2. Escobar looks like a talented receiver. More of a WR than TE it would appear. Like his speed and size.

    But would I don’t get is why Dallas picked him in the 2nd rd. when they have a similar type TE in James Hanna who they drafted last year.

    Also, it feels like a reach since Escobar was projeced to go in the 3rd round. Just sayin’

  3. As a cowboys fan this draft is making me sick to my stomach. Jerry has completely lost it. This is like when Al Davis went from being bad to being a complete nut job.. Jerry has been bad, he’s now in nut job category.

  4. Yeah, great pick. It’s not like our two top Safeties have a combined 6 NFL starts or our #1 RB is always injured, or our Oline is the worst in football.

    Thank God we don’t have those problems and were able to draft a non-blocking TE when we already have two capable starters.

    End Sarcasm

  5. That’s it. I had my suspicions and now they’re confirmed. Jerry grew up a Redskins fan and his dream was to get rich, buy the Cowboys, and drive them into the ground.

  6. Yeah I don’t really understand what’s going on here with the cowboys damn Jerry if you wanted Garrett to quit there could have been better ways. What ever I’m contemplating being a browns fan now

  7. What makes you think that Jerrah wants Garrett to quit? Just because he moved his parking spot to the last one in the last row, switched his office to the utility closet, started charging him for eating in the cafeteria, put a payphone in his closet/office and makes him empty all of the trash bins in the stadium, doesn’t mean he wants him gone. Jerrah even upgraded his computer to Window 95, what more does he want, SMH.

  8. Jerry continues to draft the Cowboys into mediocrity. The reason Ware said they wouldn’t be 8-8 this season and would not commit to a record is because they will be 7-9 at best. That idiot Jerry Jones can’t get through his skull that it doesn’t matter how many WRs and pass catching TEs he drafts it doesn’t make any difference because Romo is running for his life or picking grass out of his face mask because the O line is complete garbage. Doug Free does just that let’s the opposing line run free to Romo. As a Cowboy fan I have come to accept that until Jerry dies or is declared insane and locked away we are doomed. He has taken one of the most storied franchises in NFL history and turned them into a joke.

  9. I love my Cowboys regardless, but these past 2 days were hard to watch. I’ve never been a Jerry Jones fan, and this draft so far solidifies it. I’m not upset with drafting Frederick, just not number 1. Then he takes a TE and WR BEFORE the main areas of need. *sigh* I sure hope there is a method to his madness, but usually…there never is.

  10. I think Jason Witten will want to retire while he can enjoy life and it appears he has a very good secure family and life

  11. Falcon fans sad that this guy is gone….Kelce, McDonald gone too; developmental TE to take over for Gonzo might not happen…..

  12. James Hanna can be a very good TE – good hands, fast, and working on his blocking. They have Witten as well, they needed to fill other positions. This may be the worst draft in Dallas Cowboy history and there have been more than a few. Should have drafted Floyd or Matt Elam in the 1st.

  13. What has to make this worse for lifelong Cowboys fans is that when JJ’s plastic finally implodes, they’ll get his son Stevie as the new owner/GM/self-declared Master of the Universe.

  14. phillyphannn83 says:Apr 26, 2013 8:39 PM

    “This has to be Jerruh’s best draft EVERRRR!!!! Bwahhhh hahahahahahaaha!!!”

    WTF do you care if Jerruh’s team just swept your beeeotch arse team! Beotch POOH C worry about your last place team before opening that mouth of your’s. Think before posting IDIOT!!!

    Shiggle’s the only NFC East team with no SB wins. Go sell your trailer home for a SB visit in about 10 years.

  15. phillyphannn83 says:Apr 26, 2013 8:39 PM

    “This has to be Jerruh’s best draft EVERRRR!!!! Bwahhhh hahahahahahaaha!!!”

    POOH C speak now beeotch after setting you straight. Exactly! Who SWEPT that arse in 12??? We did bbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  16. I’m very happy with the Cowboys’ draft thus far.

    – NFC East minus Dallas fans

  17. Not a cowboys fan, but I was very surprised they didn’t address the safety position with Elam and Cyprien still available and still a need at the rb position.

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