Cowboys might use Frederick to replace bad signings


Most teams expect their first-round picks to start, but for the Cowboys that might mean admitting another personnel mistake.

Drafting Wisconsin center Travis Frederick with the 31st pick might be described as a reach by some, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he was the 22nd-ranked player on their board (on which there were 19 first-rounders).

Now they just have to figure out whether he plays center, or replaces 2012 free agent guard signings Nate Livings or Mackenzy Bernadeau.

“I had hoped we could come out of this thing with a legitimate starter, a legitimate starter, and he will start,” Jones said, via Tim McMahon of “He will start. First-rounder and not starting? I know coach wants there to be competition and should be, and we all know that’s the way it is.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be the first Cowboys first-rounder to not start (not that they’re busts).

But given recent investments, he better be playing center, replacing former undrafted rookie Phil Costa. Both Livings and Bernadeau were signed to eight-figure free agent deals a year ago, but that didn’t stop the Cowboys interior line from being a mess last year.

“We’re going to put a base in there where you don’t have a knock-back issue,” Jones said. “Bill Callahan is a big center guy. After your left tackle, he likes the center position as far as the best players on the offensive line. Well, we’ve got Costa. We’re pretty proud of Costa, frankly. Well, can this guy play guard? You bet he can.”

Jones said he considered trading up from 18 (instead of down to 31) if they could have gotten top-10 guards Jonathan Cooper or Chance Warmack, but adding an extra third-rounder instead of giving one up for the difference swayed him.

“I don’t know if I would have wanted to give up a 3 to have rather had a player we might have moved up for than to have Frederick and gained a 3,” Jones said. “We’re two 3s better off by having not moved up and picked another guard.”

Those extra picks are only worth something if you use them to pick good players, and nothing in the Cowboys’ recent personnel-acquisition history indicates that will be the case.

31 responses to “Cowboys might use Frederick to replace bad signings

  1. “Those extra picks are only worth something if you use them to pick good players, and nothing in the Cowboys’ recent personnel-acquisition history indicates that will be the case.”
    Bingo!! Not to say he can’t pick a decent player, but history is not on his side.

  2. Use a bad draft pick to replace a bad signing. Makes perfect sense. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I honestly feel bad for Cowboy fans.

  3. Have you missed the last 3 drafts?

    Dez Bryant
    Sean Lee
    Bruce Carter
    Tyron Smith
    Dewayne Harris
    Sean Lissemore
    Demarco Murray
    Morris Claiborne
    Tyrone Crawford
    James Hannah

    All of these guys have seen significant time since they’ve been drafted, and guys like Lissemore, Harris, Crawford, Hannah, all expect to see a significant increase this season. I’d throw Josh Brent in there too….but we all know how that turned out

  4. I was hoping he would be available to the Lions in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Good pickup by the Cowboys, even though it was a bit of a head scratcher for the TV guys. They really had nothing to say about it, except “OK?”.

  5. “Those extra picks are only worth something if you use them to pick good players, and nothing in the Cowboys’ recent personnel-acquisition history indicates that will be the case.”

    Nothing? James Hanna, DeMarco Murray, Dwayne Harris, Victor Butler, Tashard Choice, Orlando Scandrick, Doug Free (only counting their values as players pre-FA for the last two…getting oversigned doesn’t erase that they were good draft values) were all quality players taken by Dallas after the SECOND round in recent years. That’s a solid list.

    Not saying that Dallas will make good choices, but NOTHING indicates that they won’t…they hit and miss like most teams do with their lesser picks.

  6. I wonder if Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones honestly believe they are the smartest guys in the room. They rather draft 10 avg football prospects than draft 3 or 4 potential starters. Did they learn anything from the 2009 draft?? Drafted over 10 players and not a single one still playing for the Cowboys. Smh… more misery for the Cowboys’ fans

  7. As a Cowboy fan, I don’t mind the pick or the trade down. It was the compensation that they got in return that bothered me. They should’ve got the 49ers 2nd round pick along with a late round pick.

    Some say Frederick was a reach but so not so much. He was the highest rated center and it is obvious that the Cowboys were going to try and shore up the interior of their line.

    Frederick was a slight reach, being that, in most ranking websites, he was slated to go in the early 2nd round, not the 3rd round that Mike Mayock had him in.

    I think Eric Reid was more of a reach for the 49ers who traded with the Cowboys. On most sites he was rank as a high 2nd rounder. Reid has great measurables but was never a playmaker that could cover which is what you need in a 1st round safety. The only safety that was worth taking in the 1st round was Vacarro and there were obviously some issues with Sharif Floyd.

    So don’t get too down Cowboys fans! We did get a big upgrade at the position and I think we may see a guard taken with the 2nd round pick today, maybe Warford from Kentucky.

  8. .

    It’s never a good thing to be picking behind the Patriots in Round 1. They’ve never shown a reluctance to trade out, leaving you vulnerable to having a competitor swoop in and steal ” your guy ”.

    I suspect that Cordarrelle Patterson was the apple of the Cowboys eye. He and Dez Bryant would have made for a potentially explosive pair.


  9. I just dont understand why this did this to us.

    Catch a falling Floyd. And still get a nice OG in the second, whether, that’s Frederick still there, or Warford. They couldve finagled it.

    It’s the same as Buff, they couldve secured EJ Manuel at the top of the 2nd Rd. Philly liked him, so who knows.

    I mean at the end of the day if Mayock, Kiper and McShay were always spot on about guys and grades, they’d be GMs. But they’re not, they are talking heads. Maybe Frederick is Matt Birk for the next 10 yrs. He was an academic all American, with a crazy dual major. I did some reading last night and apparently all Wisc lineman put up bad bench numbers because they don’t lift high reps.

    Maybe we need to be proud of Jerry for not going for the splash. He could’ve went Lacy, or Justin Hunter, could’ve took a Tank off ACL. Could’ve took that short armed Margus Hunt. Today will be the barometer.

  10. johnnyjagfan says:
    Apr 26, 2013 10:29 AM
    Mayock had a 3rd round grade on this kid.

    Feels like Quincy Carter all over again.

    Mayock also had Floyd as the number 3 over all prospect.

    Most people had him mid-second, and that’s because they weren’t counting on 8 OL taken in the first round

  11. Always a good indication when you declare a draft pick a starter before he ever sets a foot on a practice field. Poor Cowboy fans, the bottom is still further down.

  12. To early to tell. All depends on whether or not the ‘Boys do something with the 3rd round pick the received.

    Fact: Interior offensive line is Dallas’ biggest need.

    Fact: Dallas drafted an interior offensive lineman. (Can’t have it both ways people)

    Fact: He has an Awesome beard.

  13. jason quit while you can. after another losing season you are gonna get fired anyway. you will be made out to be the fall guy.

  14. realfootballfan – if Jerry Jones had said he was drafted for depth, then you’d have slated him for not picking a starter in the first round.

    Cowboy-bash all you want, but please try and make sense when you do it!

  15. Not a Cowboys fan, but this is one of the smartest first round picks they’ve made in recent history. The interior of their o-line is a trainwreck. Did any of you criticizing their choice see Phil Costa and whatever no-name they brought in when he was injured snapping the ball? Never viewed so many high snaps in my life. Wisconsin o-linemen almost always pan out great and Frederick should be no different. He was a 2nd round prospect anyway and at 31, its not really that much of a reach. The Cowboys only other real logical options there were Cyprien and Elam and as a Ravens’ fan I’m glad they didn’t pick Elam, he was who I wanted for my team at 32 all night. Congrats to Jerry Jones for finally being non Al Davis-like and recognizing that if he wants Romo to succeed, he needs a good player snapping him the ball.

  16. I really don’t care who thy picked-I just hate the Cowboys and hope their recent run of futility and pain continues

  17. dallas88kj,

    No, how about the GM/owner e quiet and say he’ll compete for that job, leaving it up to you know, the coaching staff, especially when you have the spotty track record Jones has. Do you hear Ozzie Newsome, Jerry Reese, or other respected personnel evaluators saying such asinine things?

    But defend him if you must, I guess you have to do something in lieu of all the free time from the losing seasons resulting in your Novembers onward being focused on draft day.

  18. leave it to jerrah jonz to spend a middle to middle high first round pick on someone that every draftknk had raterd as a 3rd rounder.

    keep it up jerrah. your destined for another mediocre season.

  19. Not an NFCE fan (no hidden agenda)but the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as you have an owner who thinks he is a GM reaching for players 2 rounds earlier than needed.

  20. Don’t usually read Cowboys news but had to read this one to understand why this pick was done so early. Cowboys go somewhere in the middle of the second round again. Did they honestly think this guy wouldn’t be on the board say 20 picks later or even 52 picks later in the 3rd round when we haven’t really seen a rash of QB, WR, or RBs go yet?

    Will be curious how 2-3 go tonight.

  21. FWIW, All those talking heads are not GMs. What Jerry did was shore up the interior with the best center in the draft. After all is said and done, if the guy becomes a starting center, his draft grade doesn’t matter

    As for the Cowboys drafting to cover bad signings, isn’t that technically what every team does? I mean you draft guys hoping they make the team and if they do, well, you can’t keep everybody can you?

    Dez was right.

  22. The pick was an epic REACH! Fredrick was the top rated center and picking him made since but not at 31 when you could likely get him about 90 or so.

    No one is saying he won’t be a solid center. He may turn out to be a good one. But even Travis was shocked he went that early.

    Jerry lives in his own little world and surrounds himself with people who say yes sir.

  23. 2nd round grade on Barkley and they didn’t take him even in round 3. Why why why? They needed a pass catching TE? Barkley could have gone on the Rodgers plan and sat behind Romo for 3 years and been game ready.

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