Dolphins couldn’t believe Jordan trade as cheap as it was


The Dolphins have been aggressive all offseason, and taking a swing at a player beyond what would have normally been their means paid off.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland described their move up to get Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan as a case of not knowing what you can get unless you ask.

The Dolphins traded up to third with a desperate-to-add Raiders team, and they didn’t have to add nearly as much as you’d think.

“There’s nothing better than when you get … [the] guy who you really loved,” owner Stephen Ross said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “It’s a great day. The value of the kid, with as little as they had to [give up] for him . . . is incredible.”

Miami sent the 12th and 42nd picks to Oakland for the third. Going by the traditional trade chart, that’s short of a fair deal by 520 points, or the value of the 38th pick in the draft.

But with so many people trying to trade out of the top of the first, and the Raiders knowing they liked the off-the-menu D.J. Hayden, they felt good making the deal.

The Dolphins felt great.

The idea was born when Ross asked his football guys which players they wanted most, regardless of position. Jordan’s name kept coming up. Ireland made a call while the Raiders were on the clock, was rebuffed, but the Raiders called back later and asked for the one and two.

“He was a player that we coveted quite a bit,” Ireland said. “We was very high on our board. We think he’s an outstanding talent, has tremendous versatility. He’s a great kid. We think the world of the player and what he’s capable of doing.”

The fact they were able to pull off the move while retaining their 54th pick, which could enable them to make a run at Branden Albert again, made it a great deal.

59 responses to “Dolphins couldn’t believe Jordan trade as cheap as it was

  1. Wow how clueless can you be. You gave up your 2nd round pick to move up 9 spots and you think that’s cheap? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The Raiders got exactly who they wanted and an extra pick out of it. Great move by the Raiders

  2. With this splashy of an offseason you just can’t help but feel the Dolphins are going to fall flat.

    The moves make sense on paper but I just can’t see it all working out.

  3. Not sure how his pro-grame will be–but if he becomes what they drafted him for–Miami’s defense definitely becomes pretty scary–assuming Wake continues his sack production.

  4. Excellent move JI, excellent move. Now use that #54 on B Albert, trade D Bess to Cleveland for a 3rd, pick up a CB or 2 later on, a WR/TE later on and another O lineman or 2 and possibly a RB and we’re in good shape. Go Fins!

  5. Why couldn’t they believe it? The difference in talent between the 1st and 2nd round is minimal, there are very few true blue chip players, and Dion Jordan isn’t one of them.

    The Raiders made a smart deal. They got the player they were going to draft at 3 with the 12th pick, and an additional premium pick.

  6. Going by the traditional trade chart is useless. It’s based on nothing. Try the more modern one from Harvard grad Kevin Meers. His values give Pick 3 @ 401 points vs Pick 12 @ 283 and pick 42 @ 159.

  7. I love this pick. He was the best pass rusher in the draft and had the potential to be a Jason Taylor or Aldon Smith. Once his shoulder fully heals expect him to add 20lbs or so and he will be great.

  8. Jeff Ireland found out that Reggie McKenzie isn’t too bright, and he also found out that he couldn’t outsmart Mr. John Dorsey.

    Now the Chiefs own ALL the cards over Ireland and the Dolphins. Mr. Dorsey will make that simpleton Ireland pay dearly now to get Albert.
    The Chiefs absolutely snookered Ireland,, and he grossly overreached for Dion Jordan(an undersized part-time player that will get manhandled in the big boy league)

    Dolphins continue to make bonehead decisions and are content with being mediocre for another dozen years after Ireland gets fired next season.
    The Chiefs will dominate and win Titles over the next decade while Dorsey becomes a LEGEND

  9. Congrats, traded the 12th and 42nd pick for the 3rd pick, and used it on a guy who should have gone in the 20s-30s. Winning football acumen.

  10. Dolphins should offer a 3rd round pick for Albert, not a 2nd. In fact,KC should give the Dolphins their 3rd round pick for the Dolphins take Albert off their hands.

  11. I think this trade was good for both teams. Fins got the player they wanted and the Raiders got a 2nd round pick and the player they wanted.

    Now, will these players be stars or busts, that’s another thing, but at least it was better than what the Jets drafted.

    How do you not draft an offensive player? I don’t think Sanchez is a great QB, but give the guy a weapon or two. Just setting him up to fail again.

  12. Great trade and great pick by Miami. Jordan is going to be a beast in the NFL. Miami still has 9 picks in the draft going forward, including 3 tonight.

    Oakland shows once again that they are the masters of panic.

  13. are they trying to convince me……or themselves?? a reach and a loss of draft picks for a player that could have been had a little later

  14. Great move by both parties. The Raiders desperately needed a 2nd round pick, and still drafted their guy at 12. The Dolphins needed to keep a second, and were able to move up on the cheap.

  15. Someone needs to do a new draft trade value chart

    That old one is irrelevant – and even a new one would have to take into account that in THIS draft in particular, with so much parity among 1st and 2nd round draft choices (and even parity from the 2nd-4th rounds) there were a ton of teams looking to trade back, reducing the value of the top picks.

    Add to that the fact that rookies can no longer be signed to the long term contracts they once were – with the added factor that they also no longer cost as much in guaranteed money, you might as well throw out the “traditional” draft value chart for the top 15 picks at the very least.

  16. I think the Raiders could have asked for more. But, regardless they got the guy they wanted and picked up a second. A win-win for both parties.

  17. Not knowing the conversation you have to assume a discussion took place and hardball was played… if Reggie had passed the phins probably would’ve moved on. The leverage was definitely in Miami’s favor. Unusual year.

  18. Very classless statement by the Dolphins. Even if true it’s very low-rent of them to make the Raiders look like chumps.

  19. It’s always a great idea to go public with what an oaf your trade partner was, blowing your own horn. That way teams will just gush at the opportunity to make deals with you in the future, especially if your crowing later gets a GM fired. This is the kind of thing you keep to yourself, unless your huge ego won’t let you.

  20. Reggie McKenzie gets fleeced again. Gives up a starting NFL QB for nothing then gives away the third pick of the draft.

  21. Can’t see the Browns trading a 3rd for someone like Bess, especially when they already don’t have a 2nd round pick.

  22. Love the comments from the Raiders fans who desperately want to feel they did not get swindled. By the trade chart, the Dolphins took the Raiders for a ride. Considering the plateauing level of talent in this draft, the very best you could call this deal is win-win. You’d think Raiders fans would be happy with that, but apparently that’s not the case. There’s no need to make yourselves look foolish by trying to knock Dion Jordan. We should all know better.

  23. don’t mind the deal but I think Oakland should of taken a defensive lineman.They need to stop the run and generate a pass rush.Perhaps they’ll address it with the 42 pick.

  24. I’m not sure where some of you are getting that Jordan could be had later. Most mock drafts have him going in the top 5. He may have slid a bit, but not to 12.

    I have no problem with giving up our first 2nd rounder to trade up for him. I would have had a problem of giving it up for Albert.

  25. Ireland shoud stop crowing. I think he just got lucky. Sounds like McKenzie wanted more then a 2nd rounder, but no one else wanted to trade. He probably took the Dolphins offer because he figured he could get Hayden later and adding a 2nd is better than nothing. So Ireland moves up to take a guy at #3 that he could have gotten later. Where’s the value chart on that move, Jeff?

  26. The general thought was that the Eagles new coach would draft his ex-player Jordan. Miami moved up in front of the Eagles to get him.

    Odds were that Jordan wouldn’t be there for Miami at 12. As far as the Raiders go, every team says the guy they drafted is who they wanted all along.

    Iknoweverything, the chiefs don’t hold any cards. The Dolphins drafted a tackle (Jonathan Martin) last year who they picked to replace Jake Long. They need a RT which is why they didn’t draft LT at #3. The Phins could still make the Albert trade, but the Chiefs don’t really have any leverage in this.

  27. Where are you people getting the idea that he would drop to the 20s? He wasn’t making it out of the top 5. He was clearly seen as the top pass rushing prospect in this draft so who are you to say this was a reach? I have no idea if he will pan out but honestly no one else does either. It was a great move on paper and thats all any draft pick is now. So can we save the judgement until he actually plays a down in the nfl?

  28. In a draft deep with pass rushers especially at the top the Dolphins got arguably the best one and they only gave up a second round pick that is a steal. Last year the Redskins exchanged pick #6 for #2 and gave the Rams two more additional first round picks and a second, yes I understand it was for a can’t miss player like RG3 but compare that to the Dolphins deal. Also for all the haters out there, how is the Dion Jordan pick a reach??? Most mock drafts had him going in the top 5 even if he slipped I doubt he slips past Detroit at 5 or Cleveland at 6 which both of those teams selected pass rushers.

  29. Look i’m a season ticket holder and I flat out love this move. I cant understand how everyone says that Jordan was going to be there 12th. Too me you people are insane and idiots. He was going to be the first defense pass rusher taken period. Show me one mock draft where that wasn’t true. Do you guys just post without doing any research? There are plenty of options still left for line in Free agency and no dominate pass rusher who can step back and cover. Our second round picks haven’t exactly been studs in the past. Too me you trade for an immediate impact player who will see single coverage because wake is on the other end. Put that together with a top rated D-line and a young athletic linebacker core and your building something special. All we need now is more secondary help like a D-Hall for some turnovers when the pressure builds.

  30. So what are the chances the Raiders ever trade with these guys again?

    Thanks for telling the world you think you screwed us in the deal?

  31. what people fail to understand is the 2nd rd in this years draft deep and the Raiders needed a hight second round pick….since they didnt have one going into this year..

  32. Hey iknoweverything, you know nothing. “Now the Chiefs own ALL the cards over Ireland and the Dolphins.” You’re kidding, right? You can’t start two players at left tackle. And the pick you wanted for Albert is now the Raiders’ pick. You have no leverage. You gambled and lost. You could’ve had the Phins other 2nd round pick for Albert…now you’ll probably be lucky to get a 3rd.

  33. well I think most knew the raiders had leverage with that #3 pick if either Fisher, or Joeckel were there, but once they went 1-2, all value diminished. As far as Jordan being there at 12, who knows. I know I could see Jordan there at 12 more than I could see Floysd at 22 or 23 or wherever he went. Even Star fell, who for the majority of the past year was pretty much a concensus #1 overall pick until the combine.

    With that said Raiders got the guy they wanted, and in all reality the teams greatest need. I just hope one of these guys will be there at 42 in the following order

    Moore, Hunt, Carradine,
    Cyprien, Jenkins
    Watson , Teo, or Minter

    3rd rd hope warford is still on the board

  34. Cheap or not, the Raiders made the smart deal here. They still got the guy they wanted, and they undid Huge Jackass’s damage to our draft in one trade.

  35. Don’t have much confidence in Ireland. With that being said… He is a versatile player kind of a swiss army knife, can play lot of different positions. and should compliment Wake on the other side chasing QB’s… Should give the fins a better shot at covering TE’s… Will be interested to see how tough he is… Being from Oregon and the Pac 12 isn’t giving me thoughts of a knuckle dragging snot bubble blowing creature. Time will tell…

  36. Anyone with half of of a football IQ knows atthe very least was a fair trade. Remeber this went down with minutes left on the clock. Now to the field to see how it pans out. Win, loose or tie”…You know the rest

  37. eklypse69 says: Apr 26, 2013 12:30 PM

    Cheap or not, the Raiders made the smart deal here. They still got the guy they wanted, and they undid Huge Jackass’s damage to our draft in one trade.

    Finally, someone understands what’s really going on! As someone stated before, after the 2 OL were taken it diminished the value of the 3rd pick. To get the guy you wanted all along and gain a high 2nd is an excellent move.

  38. jaialaicharger says: Apr 26, 2013 1:32 PM

    Another “Buy Here Pay Here” deal for the raidahs!

    Just wince baby!
    Who is playing corner for the Chargers this season?

    By the way, I thought Fluker was a good get for you guys. They need some fighters on that line, and that guy is nasty.

  39. They’re going to be sorry.

    I like him as a player and liken him to the 2009 Draft version of Clay Matthews, but the Dolphins’ offense has yet to show that it has offensive fire power to outscore opponents.

    Improving the defense is only good when you can win games. How do you win any kind of game? Score more points than the other team. A defense is only good when it prevents catchups or keeps the opposing offense scoreless.

  40. The Raiders will make or break this trade with the 42nd pick. The DJ Hayden pick was already questionable. Currently, Reggie looks like he’s oblivious to where other teams are picking with his admittance that he would have taken Hayden @ #3.

    What’s the point of Miami coming out and making this statement in the first place? Sounds like they are already regretting the pick and doing a little bit of damage control.

  41. What if this happens? Dion Jordon becomes an NFL bust by year 3, and Hayden and whoever Raiders take at 42 are perennial all-pros? Hey, I’m just saying let’s not jump to conclusions. Dion Jordon came across as not to bright after he was drafted. The guy has all the athletic tools, but doesn’t mean he’s a guaranteed star.

  42. The Raiders made a solid trade. The old point system is just that- old.

    Big Reg acquired a 2nd rounder and gotthe guy he would’ve taken at 3. Well done.

    Kinda reminds of the draft a few years ago when Al took Bruce Campbell in the 4th round after a few of the “experts” were certain Al was going to blow a 1st rounder on him.

  43. spellingcops says: Apr 26, 2013 9:24 AM

    Haha, yet again, another Raiders failure. Commitment to excrement.
    If anyone makes a derogatory comment about fetus-head or any other Donkey, spellingcops bashes them for being trolls. Yet, he trolls every article that mentions the Raiders with the same lame comments. Stay down, jabroni.

  44. Raiders get burnt again. Reggie choked last year in the draft and again this year. Time for a new GM.

  45. the Phins pick is a waste of a high pick on the wrong position….

    they need O line as bad as ever to get everything going and protect Tanny before he gets snapped in half…. it’s a solid rocket booster emergency… and they are ignoring it

  46. I think it was a fair trade. And it shows just how much the Vikes got screwed moving up to get Patterson. I mean, I thought only Ditka did stupid stuff like that.

  47. of course Ireland was shocked , everyone is after they talk to ” THE REGGIE ” , they all wonder why did ron wolfe build him so much ! I thought he was smart ?? etc this reggie is a scam , mark davis didn’t land reggie , reggie landed on mark davis !

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