Eddie Lacy surprisingly tumbles

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It was a mild surprise that Alabama running back Eddie Lacy fell out of round one, the first time no running back has been taken in the first round since 1963.

It’s a shock that two other running backs (and counting) have heard their names called, and Lacy is still on the board.  The Bengals took North Carolina running back Giovani Bernard with the 37th overall pick, and the Steelers pulled the stunner, opting for Le’Veon Bell over Lacy 11 spots later.

So what’s going on?  As one league source put it, Lacy’s slide arises from both injuries and a perception that he lacks the passion necessary to play pro football at a high level.

Running backs take a lot of punishment.  They need to not simply tolerate it but thrive on it.  Lacy, right or wrong, isn’t seen as a guy who is ready to go all in for the NFL.

But there’s still hope.  After all, Manti Te’o got drafted.  Despite having Lacy run circles around him at the BCS national title game.

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  1. Wow, lots of hate for Manti Te’o. Or did the author forget that football is a team game, and Alabama ran all over Notre Dame in that game. The team was overmatched. Of course, having never played a down in his life, maybe he just doesn’t understand that.

  2. After watching the special ESPN did on him, I doubt that he lacks the passion necessary to play in the NFL. Some of these NFL GM’s have no conscience

  3. After this mess of a draft, Jerry Jones better make his ass tumble into Dallas…

    Then a Safety…

  4. Not surprised, Bama had 2 OL drafted in the first 11 pks and Ingram has done nothing. TRichardson, it’s a little too early to tell, but I wouldn’t take him in the top of the 1rst rnd. They’re all different types, but in this day and age, where most teams have a changeup RB, and you can get good RBs anywhere, you have to get an AP type to justify taking a RB this high. Especially a slow plodder that can’t beat defenders to the edge.

  5. I’m not surprised. I knew Bell and Benard and Ball would all go first. I think GB or Cincy ends his slide–if Cincy gets to him in the third. Think the injury concerns are the reason for his slide.

  6. are you serious?
    No way he’s gonna be available for my Packers.
    We even traded back in the 2nd round.
    No way…. I won’t believe it.

  7. Some team is gonna get a blue chipper in the 60 to 70 pick slots . This is a free bee all pro player for the taking .

  8. I hate the designation that he “doesn’t LIVE football.” GTHOH. Just their way of holding him down. I hope he does well, but that designation isn’t fair.

  9. Welcome to Green Bay.

    Good things come to those who wait.

    He may not get the touches he is use to, due to the passing attack.

    He will be given opportunities with good play calling and audibles to gash the defense on occasion I hope he makes the most of it.

  10. Yeah–damn lack of sleep. Forgot Cincy grabbed Benard so GB made the most sense for Lacy.

  11. This is one happy Packers fan here. Just get those third and shorts, Eddie, maybe break a few big ones every once and a while, and our offense could be better than it’s been in years past.

    Any Chance of Keenan Allen falling to us? He wouldn’t have to contribute from day one, but would be huge in upcoming years.

  12. This guy will be another number two busts for TT. James Worthless last year and lacy this year.
    Lacy does not have breakaway speed, nor is he a grinder. He ran through huge holes from a top O line that he will not have at GB. This may be the worst team for him to go to

  13. Why would we draft this guy when we are trying to get more physical? Maybe the guy will toughen up, but I don’t know. I’m gonna throw back a few more PaintThinnerIceTeas and maybe when I wake up on Sunday my Packers won’t look soft and getting softer.

  14. Running backs just aren’t highly valued today. If you’ve got a guy who seems lackadaisical, it would definitely drop him lower.
    There will be backs taken in the later rounds.
    Teams just don’t want to put out a ton of money at that position.

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