Geno Smith says he won’t be back on Friday


At a time when quarterback Geno Smith has faced harsh criticism regarding his ability to handle adversity, Smith isn’t handling adversity well.

Specifically, the game that is the NFL draft isn’t going the way he expected, so Smith plans to take his bat and ball and go home.

Smith told ESPN’s Suzy Kolber after Thursday night’s opening round that he won’t be back on Friday for rounds two and three.

If Smith doesn’t return, he’ll be confirming in the minds of many that he can’t show grit and resolve under pressure.  That he’ll sink his head and slump his shoulders when the team is 14 points behind in the third quarter.  That he’ll pout if he’s not the starter or if he gets benched.  That he’ll complain about the use of too many running plays when he prefers to air it out.

At a time when multiple other quarterbacks remain on the board, Smith needs to stand tall in the face of disappointment and show up for Friday’s festivities.  Only 32 players have been picked, including just one quarterback.  And if Smith thinks he has it bad, at least Smith didn’t have to experience his college coach Dana Holgorsen take an NFL head-coaching job, trade down from No. 8 to No. 16, and then select E.J. Manuel.

When Smith accepted the invitation to the draft, he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t get picked in round one.  If he had any concerns about his ability or willingness to show up for the second day of the draft, he shouldn’t have agreed to make the trip to New York.

Then again, maybe he was listening a little too closely to those who were insisting that he’d be a top-five pick.

There’s still a decent chance Geno will be a top-five pick in round two.  If he doesn’t return to the draft on Friday night, interested teams could opt for one of the other quarterbacks instead.

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  1. If I was an NFL GM, it really doesn’t make me like this guys ability to play through pressure if he just runs away from a situation not going well for him like the draft.

  2. Is it still a bust if he’s drafted in round 2, or is it like “well we took a chance on him” type of thing? Because unless he shapes up (akin to Cam Newton), he’ll bust out of the NFL.

  3. Or, He doesn’t want to be one of the only players in the green room with a camera pointed on him until somebody decides to take him. Teams draft players who have been arrested, defiant, obnoxious, and just plain stupid. I highly doubt that a player who doesn’t want to feed into the talking heads wishes is going to hurt his draft stock anymore. Especially if teams draft players based on their performance on the field.

  4. there or not he will go when he will go , teams don’t care about how you sit at a table, they care how you play.

  5. If he doesn’t show up for the rest of the draft until he is drafted… he will show all of us NFL fans that he will never be anything in the pros…
    after losing to Syracuse in the bowl game and getting blown out in a lack luster effort.. I would take Nassib before I would take Geno Smith at this point… because football is about heart as much as anything.,….

  6. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be the subject of a forced ESPN human interest story. He shouldn’t have been there anyway, and the broadcast should have the decency to film something else once the playoff teams started picking.

    The show-the-disappointed-draft-prospect-as-he-falls-the-entire-first-round nonsense jumped the shark years ago.

  7. I hate the draft because of the garbage media it produces. It’s sick how they comb through these twenty year old’s lives without any shred of shame. I’m sure everybody who is “evaluating” these guys was a shining example of humanity when they were that old.

  8. who cares if he goes home?

    Maybe he has plans for Friday. Anything could be up. Maybe he hates being in Manhattan.

    This post is so much conjecture, its quite ridiculous you can post it.

  9. That may not necessarily translate to his character on the field, but it does show how gullible he was to believe in his own hype created by the media.

  10. He is not worthy to be in the NFL!
    Go home LOSER, chokes just like in bowl game!
    Quitter! Loser! Bust all over him!

  11. This is why he wasnt picked. You can tell alot about a player the way he handles NOT getting drafted. Remember Brady Quinn looking shocked when he wasnt picked. Then there was Aaron Rodgers not even affected by it and standing strong. Who wants a QB whos gonna pout about NOT being drafted in the 1st round?

  12. Well he just spent hours waiting for nothing, I wouldn’t go back either. He would probably rather be in a less tense setting with his family anyways.

    No reason to blow this out of proportion.

  13. He has a peanut head. I’m sorry, but everytime I see him, I think of Mr. Peanut. He is not a starting quality quarterback in the NFL, and I’m glad that all of the GMs see that also. Maybe Planters will recruit him for their advertisements.

  14. I think you go a smidge overboard with him crumbling in the 3rd quarter and whatnot, but I do think its completely immature for him not to go to round 2 & 3.

    He’ll surely be picked tomorrow, and it would be a shame to see him so distraught by tonights picks that he chooses to go home.

  15. Geno just confirmed what I’ve been thinking for a while now.
    Judging from the kid’s interviews and interactions, he doesn’t have the mental strength to cut it in the National Football League

  16. I played against Geno at Nike Training Camp in 2008. He’s a good player, but the whole draft process has exposed him. Systematic QB with low self-esteem unless things are going well. Like him a lot as a person, but you should have stayed home.

  17. That’s too bad.

    Show up, take your medicine and put a large chip on your shoulder as soon as your name is called. Use that pain to fuel your fire.

    What a wuss.

  18. Poor baby – you might have to wait another day to find out which city you will get paid to play football and make millions of dollars in. The scouts were correct – this guy cannot handle adversity, at all – I am certainly glad he will not be leading my team.

  19. Wow. Because he doesn’t want to willing subject himself to more embarrassment on a national scale, he gets ridiculed. Crazy times we live in man.

  20. Gotta say his demeanor all night turned me off. Hes supposed to be a leader. Just not seeing that in him.

  21. This is absolutely stupid criticism. I can understand Geno wanting to go home. He was there in person and sat there all night because he obviously thought he was going to be picked. When he wasn’t, he was obviously upset.

    Why should he waste another night sitting there in person waiting to be picked? People would likely criticize him for doing that too, saying he just wants attention focused on him.

    I highly doubt any remaining teams that were planning on taking him will bail because he decided not to come back for a 2nd night in person.

    Just stupid.

  22. Grow a pair man…you’re in a position where many of us will never get to experience. Enjoy it while you can. Take advantage of your invitation.

  23. Or you’re just making this a bigger deal than it really is. The kid is probably a little heartbroken and doesn’t want to go through all of the anxiety and nerves in front of the cameras again.

    Also: Nassib’s tough break doesn’t invalidate Geno Smith’s tough break.

  24. Oh please. This doesn’t mean the kid doesn’t have resolve. These decisions se made well in advance I am sure. To claim that this diminishes his skills or potential is ridiculous and just makes you look petty. There has been players who have only shown up for day 1 not get picked and left.

  25. The consensus on Thursday was, “why did he accept the invite?” The consensus today is, “why doesn”t he accepting the invite?”

    I”m no fan of his, but knocking him for not wanting to be the only player at the draft today’s kinda ridiculous.

  26. Why does him not subjecting himself to more ridicule and unwarranted criticism show any less character? He sat through the entire round knowing he was being filmed and shown on tv the entire time. All while trying to keep his composure( which I think he did ok under the circumstances) let him get away from the cameras trying to show a young man having his life long dream be shattered on national television for the sole purpose of ratings. It’s kind of disturbing to watch.

  27. I think you hit it right on the button. This guy shows he cannot handle adversity and would infect the team.

  28. Seriously? Can’t handle adversity? I would be upset and ticked off if the camera was on me the entire time. The guy expected to be a first round pick, and you have commentators mock him repeatedly. Sitting there waiting to be drafted for most of these guys are probably like living a dream. No one wants their nightmares to be shown to public.

  29. Geno go back stand tall, be grateful to be in a position to continue to play at the next level look where Tom Brady was chosen. Steve young was a supplemental draft pick and Bret farve was picked in the second round. steve and Brett where traded from the team that drafted them and look how it turned out for them. akelie smith was drafted first round pick three by the cincy bengals and he didn’t last long point made so stand tall man!

  30. Florio, you’re being a bit ridiculous here. The kid stuck around all night with his chin up despite the obvious humiliation. At least he accepted the invitation to attend, unlike many others. I really don’t see how returning for the second day will make a bit of difference to any NFL GM or coach.

  31. Philadelphia Eagles… congrats on your new QB. Better give him what ever number he wants or he might not come out of the weight room.

  32. He will calm down and return. He was just upset and it was an understandable blurt. My guess is he shows.

  33. Are you reporting the news or creating the news? I seriously doubt that Geno Smith needs to take up residence in the Radio City Music Hall in order to show he’s a good football player.

  34. The premiss of this post is nonsense. Pro football evaluators are going to be swayed by that? All of their scouting is trumped by such a meaningless display of ego? Your attempt at conjuring up psychodrama is laughable at best.

  35. He should go. Reality check to play with chip on his shoulder. Motivation that he was passed on by everyone and he was the biggest draft day slide.

  36. Dewd, pull your act together, get your butt back to Radio music whatever. Sit your butt down and smile before you cost yourself a ton of money.

  37. I don’t think there is a single person who would show up to the second day after falling as far as he did. I dont think teams will look that far into him leaving. I also think that this will give him a huge chip on his shoulder and the team that drafts him will not be disappointed in having to give up a 2nd rounder for him. I think you’re trying to make something out of nothing here.

  38. I hate to say I told ya so Eugene…But I kinda did.

    KBilly ‏@SuperSounds70s 23 Apr

    @GenoSmith_12 I think you mean Friday will be a special day. Maybe Saturday.

  39. Really? Not waiting around to hear your name called is the same thing as playing football at the highest level? He left a mind-numbingly boring event (for the people there) part way through, so that means he’s only going to play three quarters per game?

    I get that you need some content besides “the Vikings trade up and draft Corderelle Patterson. The experts say, ‘We’ll tell you in five years if it was a good move.'” But if you have nothing worthwhile to say, then go with that.

  40. are you kidding me who can blame him ?… This new format sucks. He’s not going home because he didn’t get drafted he probably just can’t stand HOW LONG this is taking and neither can I.

    Add the draft to all the other Rodger Goodell changes that are ruining football. Used to love daft weekend but this is just to drawn out and so watered down with useless analysis to be fun anymore.

  41. For the love of all that’s holy. Just say if Jax passes on him Chip and Howie!! Wait till next year for a QB. If he can’t handle not being in the 1st and pouts. He won’t last 5 minutes in Philly. Grab a CB with 35 please…

  42. I agree, he was holding his down all night. I would really hate to have him around if things don’t go well. His attitude did not seem as that of a winner and a leader

  43. I dont blame him. I was watching the draft on tv, had the luxury of going on the computer in between picks, made chicken terriyaki and rice and ate dinner all in the time of the draft.With a lot of time to spare. Sitting in a room, let a lone a chair that long with peanuts and gatorade sounds tiring and stressful. Hell, if i were him id stay in the hotel and sleep all day.

  44. While it must be very disappointing for him not to be drafted in the first round, you must wonder where his agent is, in all of this. I thought that this was what these guys were around for.

    All he had to do was to get in this guys ear for one minute and say;

    “Listen, if someone asks you, all you say is”:

    ‘Yes – I am very disappointed at not being drafted today. But like other great quaterbacks who have slipped in the draft and been disappointed, such as Tom Brady, I will use this each and every day of my career as motivation to prove everyone wrong.’

    I guess the teams that passed got it right, then.

  45. ‘If he doesn’t return to the draft on Friday night, interested teams could opt for one of the other quarterbacks instead.”

    If trivial things like this were to matter to a NFL GM then that GM should be fired. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he’ll be picked eventually based upon his ability to play football, not rough touch feelings ball.

  46. Or maybe he’d rather be with friends and family then take the “walk of shame” and field pity claps. my initial thought was the same thing. that maybe this says he’s not tough, but I’d rather not see him awkwardly holding up his jersey like when Eli held up the chargers jersey.

  47. He might go to JAX at 33. I know it’s tough to imagine how he feels but toughen up. The WR handled it great last year and he didn’t wait long day 2

  48. I couldn’t agree more with this. It’s going to look really bad if he doesn’t show. I hope my jaguars don’t take him with the first pick with an attitude like that.

  49. “Geno gwumpy. Geno go back to hotel. Geno watch cartoon. Leave Geno be. Wheres my binky???”

    – Geno Smith to Suzy Kolber after 1st round

  50. I know it can be easy to overanalyze moves like this, but i’m sorry this isn’t a good sign. This is a total crybaby pout move. Just suck it up and show up. He’ll probably be taken in the first 5 picks anyway.

  51. If this is true… teams should not draft him at all. Maybe he needs to go back to grade school and learn something. What a loser.

  52. Maybe the Eagles take him at 35? It will be interesting to see how this guy develops, since he will not arrive with the same sense of entitlement or circus that Cam Newton had. Dude folded v. Syracuse.

    I know Chip Kelly had to have winced slightly as EJ Manuel was taken by the Bills – corners Jamr Taylor and Johnthan Banks are still in play as well.

  53. He went from looking like the King of New York when this thing started to a 13 year old child with his shoulders slumped and texting. Hopefully the Browns will just take him early tomorrow and end his suffering.

  54. Whether he is there or not will have no impact. It is the 2nd round, no one walks across the stage. If the NFL weren’t so greedy and making the draft a 3 day joke, this wouldnt even be a story.

  55. It’s too late. His body language yesterday confirmed everything that has been said about him. He’ll be lucky if he has a long career as a backup QB.

  56. If he actually doesn’t show up, before his career even starts, that’s a pretty big red flag to me and I hope for Caldwell and the Jags too. I was keen on taking him with the 33rd pick but Im turned off now. Who is advising this guy? No doubt it sucks waiting 32 picks and not hearing your name, but show some character and have some class Geno.

  57. I don’t know why he was their on Friday? He had no chance of being picked in the 1st round! He is too big of a risk, maybe even as a 2nd round pick! I would not put my job (GM) on the line, to use a draft pick on him.

  58. Who cares if he goes home not…He is just showing that he has BALLS and did the best thing that anybody else would have done or said.

    Sports casters who did the mock draft on all sports websites including this one went 0% in the top 32 1st round draft picks

    Last year they only got 7% in the top 32 1st round draft picks.

    Told you guys that you dont know where no player was going..

    It took you all by surprise and you cant handle that the 2013 NFL draft took your mock draft right to the toilet and gave a 2 cent flush

  59. Because he doesn’t want to show up for the insignificant rounds in person, it means he’ll dog it in a game when his team is losing? You’re an idiot Florio. Eli didn’t get his way at first, then pouted and cried til he got traded to the giants, and he seems like a winner now.

  60. Geno’s got a bit of a bad attitude. I guess I’m not surprised. I’ve written to him a number of times and he never gets back to me. Oh well, maybe he’ll go in round two. He’s a good looking quarterback, I think.

  61. It’s gotta be discouraging listening and hoping pick after pick…but your in your early 20’s and minutes away from making millions to play football, how can you pout? Geno I hope your not that spoiled, if so maybe ya should board a plane to Maui and have Manti hold you in his arms on his private secluded island while reading aloud the Book of Mormon

  62. He should show up. It’s no new revelation that 99.9% of sports media people are redundant idiots that no one wants to deal with……. But you still have to do it. It’s part of being an NFL Quarterback.

  63. He looked like he lost his wallet hanging his head pouting before he got up and left with three teams left to pick in the 1st round.

  64. This cant make his agent very happy,I have a feeling that after a nights rest,some thoughts on his statement and a call from that agent he will once again be seen sitting in the green room with the other young,soon to be rich ex college stars.

  65. Poor decision on this guys part. If you agree to go, then go get your Goodell handshake and hug. He is going to get drafted eventually. Even Pat White was a second round pick.

  66. overanalysis. maybe he’s got other commitments on Friday. or maybe he just doesnt want clips of him waiting in the greenroom to be shown for years to come. plenty of people have passed on going to NY and ended up being pretty good in the NFL

  67. Really? If a team really likes Smith and passes on him because he doesn’t come back for the festivities of round 2 then whoa the league is even sillier than I thought. These players have been poked and proded for a few months now. At this point I would think a team knows what they’re getting.

  68. Funny I pointed out these same things when I heard this last night when espn reported it. I’ve been pretty consistent I wouldn’t draft g oh no smith till at least rd 3 now rd 4. At least my team the chiefs have no needs at qb till rd 4 or 5.

  69. because he goes home for rou.ds 2 and 3 does NOT meamANY of thst b.s. you just typed…haters gonna hate…and of course this WONT be posted…but at least u saw it…which u need to.

  70. Stay Strong, Kid. Don’t give them more reason to grind you. When you get pick, you should do a cartwheel on the stage. And take pictures with whomever picks you like you still went number one.

  71. To say that Gino Smith cant handle adversity because he chose to to go home after not being drafted in round one is absolutely LUDICROUS . This kid has every right to go home if he wants , just like any kid in his position would . As far as not being drafted in round one , the last time I checked Russell Wilson wasnt , Andy Dalton wasnt , and oh , by the way Tom Brady wasnt either . This kid is a winner and by year two in the NFL , alot of teams that were on the fence with drafting him are going to be doing some second guessing .

  72. Geno was really excited when he received a call from the Redskins asking if he would like to be drafted by them. He wasn’t happy when his name wasn’t called, then realizing that they didn’t have a 1st round pick.

  73. “If Smith doesn’t return, he’ll be confirming in the minds of many that he can’t show grit and resolve under pressure. That he’ll sink his head and slump his shoulders when the team is 14 points behind in the third quarter. That he’ll pout if he’s not the starter or if he gets benched. That he’ll complain about the use of too many running plays when he prefers to air it out.”

    I hope this is just trolling. If not, what a joke.

    Players that weren’t selected in the 1st should all go home, every year. There’s no reason to walk across the stage as a 2nd round pick. Either that, or have a lot more players invited to the draft so every player walks across the stage in the 1st or 2nd, and there aren’t a handful left hanging like this year.

  74. This is a terrible article Florio, very unfair and unnecessary. Anybody with a bit of common sense and a heart understands why Smith isn’t coming back for round 2. get a grip!

  75. This doesn’t pertain to Geno.
    But, during the draft, shouldn’t have Joe Namath been arrested in violation of the restraint order Suzy Kolber enacted.
    IDK, Florio you’re a lawyer…sick ’em!

  76. Over-rated QB in a poor QB draft class. How a person handles adversity speaks volumes about their leadership ability and character. The great QBs are leaders; if he is unable to cope with not being drafted in first round, how will he cope with boos and adversity on the field?

  77. Serious question… Ryan Tannehill is better than Geno Smith???? Because I don’t think so but my car also has more than 150,000 miles on it…and I’m late for work..

  78. Give it a rest, Mike. You’re piling on the kid. The NFL only invites those who they think are first rounders. No use dmbarrassing him.

  79. That’s not fair Mike. We knew and he knew going in that he could go anywhere in the draft. I don’t blame him for leaving. I wouldn’t want cameras to be following me around.

  80. I was really surprised to see his reaction in the green room…like 99% of reports that came out in the last few weeks his info was wrong. Suck it up, you’re gonna get drafted and then go out and prove everyone wrong. But don’t pout, stomp your feet and declare you’re not coming back. He should just look in the camera and say “Nawrocki was right”.

  81. I don’t know what to make of this. However, I do believe that by him not showing up will drop his stock even further. Not saying it’s right for the teams to think this, but it is what it is.

    If he gets picked in one of the rounds, he is gonna have to prove even more that he was worthy, in his mind, a first round pick.

  82. Unless your the overall top player I have no idea why anyone would subject themselves to that potential embarrassment by going to NYC and sitting there with no guarantee you will be picked.

  83. > If Smith doesn’t return, he’ll be confirming in the > minds of many that he can’t show grit and >resolve under pressure.

    That is BS — Why would anyone want to stick around for the second round?

    So what?

  84. It’s obviously telling that 32 teams took a pass. Maybe they saw the next Vince Young.

  85. boo hoo hoo! take your ball and go home to pout. this is why he gets so much bad press. V.Y.2.0, or ryan leif 2.0 take your pick.

  86. show this guy has character issues. I’m glad no one drafted him
    showed his true colors. I hope he slides all the way to round 3 or later. guys like that will give you problems in his whole career. Jets had a really BAD first round but what else is new. they can get better by moving up and drafting Nassib. Yhey need so much help and they go defense both picks. pathetic!

  87. Even if he comes back today, the fact that in the moment he told Kolber he wasn’t coming back, shows how he’ll react on the field in a tough spot.

  88. This guy is such a sore loser…and he hasn’t even lost anything. I don’t get it???? It’s so hard to cheer for him now…

  89. Good article. Keep your head up Geno and stop acting like a baby. It hurts your stocks, don’t you get it?

  90. How is that being a sore loser? It’s called not wanting to subject yourself to further humiliation.

    If his people hadn’t falsely pumped him up to himself, he would have stayed home during the first round too.

  91. Wow this kids got maturity issues and a sad sense of entitlement. Next Ryan leaf, Jamarcus russle. Except he was exposed before the draft and is getting picked where he should instead of way to high

  92. Awwwww, is him just a wittle bit upset? Could be worse, could have been drafted by the Jets.

  93. I don’t feel bad for him at all. If you don’t want to deal with the embarrassment then don’t set yourself up to be embarrassed. If there is any doubt on when you will be taken in the draft stay home…

  94. I have yet to figure out how people can justify him going home. Being drafted at all is an honor. Being invited by the NFL is an honor. How about he honor his commitment to the NFL? Why should he be there? To show respect to the fans. If he turns out to be an average QB at least he will be around a few extra years if the fans love you. Show some pride. Let it put a chip on your shoulder and when you get drafted go out and be the best QB you can be. The fans will rally behind you.
    And if you do fall all the way to the third round and tear up the NFL there is something nice about being able to prove all the doubters wrong. Don’t believe me! Just ask Russell Wilson.

  95. everyone says he needs to man up and face this adversity. also that he needs to grow up…..well, that part is right. the KID is only 22. maybe he had somewhere to be on friday….maybe his ticket home forced him to leave on friday. do yall really know how the travel accomodations are set for these players? also, shockingly, he’s STILL a STUDENT. not sure of WV schedule, but i think classes are still in session. as an athlete, whether he cared or not is a question, but some athletes take their studies seriously.

  96. BTW, if you want to add your thoughts on the #3 pick for Miami, that would be interesting. The few clips shown indicated he is about a 5th to 8th (no miss on#) rounder.

  97. Geno – just man up and remember this:
    “With the 199th pick, the New England Patriots select Tom Brady.”
    “Mr. Kraft – you just made the best decision of your career.”
    It doesn’t matter how you get in, it matters what you do once you’re there.

  98. Geez people, give the guy a break. He’s just a kid, barely out of college. He probably dosen’t have a job and do you know how much it cost to stay in NYC? I don’t see anybody tearing down the other players who have not been drafted yet that didn’t come t NYC but chose to stay home with their families and watch on TV.
    Give the guy a break

  99. To clarify about Marino, Kelly and Elway–self-entitlement, arrogance, etc. I understand having confidence and knowing that you are good at something and obviously they all showed it on the field for many years and are all three in the HOF–but some of their comments and hearing about what they said/did during that draft as it was happening just struck me the wrong way. I believe people should practice a little thing called humility. This is true today–too much arrogance and self-centerdness in this world.

  100. Leavng was a bad decision. Geno had Tavon and for the first quarter of the college footvall season was electric. Then they lost, and lost and really never recovered. So you had to think why…..Now things does not go his way, and throughout the night he keeps his head down, then goes home? This may mean nothing, but perception will be that he can’t handle let downs.
    one thing to be upset, totally different allowing it to affect you so adversely. How are you gonna handle losing a few games and everyone on your back.
    The entire country would have been sympathetic had you stayed… blew it.

  101. Amazing to see all the negativity directed at this guy. What the heck did he do exactly? It’s not like he’s been arrested or is ripping on teammates exactly. The ONLY thing this guy has said was that he was upset about the so called “draft experts” ripping him in the media. And how can you blame him?

    Don’t you think all that negative press from the “draft experts” mocking him didn’t have ANY impact on him slipping into round 2 and costing Geno a TON of money?

    Those same “draft experts” were so right about Mani Teo getting drafted in round 1 too weren’t they?

    I don’t understand what this kid has done or said that warrants such venom directed towards him in this board. If it were you and people were mocking you like this would you really want to go back so you can sit there all night and be mocked constantly by commentators and fans alike for how he didn’t get picked in round 1 and what must be wrong with him for that to have happened?

  102. Smith envisioned himself as an upper first round multi-millionaire pick. Now he will have to settle for being just a common NFL millionaire QB. Poor baby ~ but at least he is in character as he is certainly acting like one. Geno has the tools. I wonder if he has the maturity.

  103. I think this guy is pretty good. I don’t have any knowledge about his presence in the huddle and his ability to lead a team. I think he is a steal in the second or third round. Geno’s weakness is his inability to use his legs to extend plays. He doesn’t scramble and he only ran for 200 yards despite being lightning fast. Football wise Smith is much further advanced then EJ Manuel who was picked that high only because of the success of Kaperlick. Picks like that get coaches fired.

  104. This is stupid. Brady Quinn was pulled out of the green room and was criticized. This guy is just walking away and people are calling it an additude problem. I don’t get it.
    He should walk away.
    What’s wrong with being disappointed?

  105. This isn’t an attractive move at all. He is already showing that he is a quitter.

  106. Wow seriously are some of you that out of touch? Aaron Rodgers was still selected in the 1st round. No one gets mad at him for having a grudge against the 49ers or being sad that he simply had to wait more hours on the SAME day.

    The Bills picked a QB that is by no means above and beyond Geno. Last night Geno was gracious and handled things with class. Did he want to get picked in the 1st round? Yes, of course he did. Is he disappointed? Of course he is. What competitive person wouldn’t? Why would he put himself through the “Will Geno get drafted soon” media story? My goodness I swear people can be impossible

  107. Hope Geno holds a chip like brady and rodgers cause even as a pitt fan who doesnt care for the mountain folk to be nice this once. he deserved to go in round 1 and some of those picks were suspect but he should have went. Has any scout or gm or anybody not seen what this dude did at W.V the numbers and stats are sick and he doesnt go but his main pass catcher goes at what 7th 9th i dont know but i do kno Geno should have been drafted shame on every team he dumps on the next 10 years

  108. Just listened to Bill Polian on ESPN Radio, who said that the notion of Geno Smith not showing up tomorrow affecting the rest of his draft stock is “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”… I’m gonna go with Polian on this way; the ability to sit in a room and be humiliated is not in any way the same thing as being down 14 in the 4th quarter and needing strong QB play. Anyone in that young man’s (what is he 21?) situation wouldn’t come back for Round 2. Guarantee you from the stories he tells about his draft fall that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t have come back for Round 2 (had the draft been formatted the same way)… if Geno Smith fails it will be because there are only 32 men a year that snap that ball on Week 1, and 32 out of 6 billion people in the world is a small sample size, and maybe Smith just isn’t good enough… or maybe he is?

  109. I love how everyone in this post is constantly comparing Geno Smith to Cam Newton and RGIII. First of all you are all racist for doing so….. 1. he is nothing like either of those two Qbs. Geno Smith is a pure pocket passer, and if you watched him at all in college you would know that. I cant remember the last time I saw the kid run the ball.

  110. Why anybody would sit in that silly green room waiting to be drafted is beyond me. Only an idiot would criticize Geno Smith for walking away.

  111. I just knew that nfl scouts weren’t buying into this fake. this is another Vince young
    type of QB selfish me first attitude. some team is going to draft him today. he will not be in the league long

  112. They just reported that Geno has changed his mind and will be present at tonight’s draft. Which leads me to believe that either the Jags or Eagles are interested. My opinion…

  113. Take a note from one of the best QB’s in the game. Aaron Rodgers slid WAY farther than he should have. Alex Smith was even drafted before him. Did he run for the hills? No. He sat and waited…and then proved every single GM who didn’t pick him WRONG!

  114. Look at how Arron Rodgers handled this; then look at how Geno Smith handled this.

    Kinda speaks for itself. To me, he just hurt his draft stock even more.

  115. Stop comparing him to Aaron Rodgers. AR was picked in the first round. Nobody knows if he would have come back the next day.

    I’m not a fan of Geno Smith, but people here just love to hate on folks. Your blood lust is the reason guys like him get hyped up by the media in the first place.

  116. I have to hand it to Geno’s PR firm. There were reports of him being a top 5 lock, then a sure first rounder. Now i’m hearing that it’s a given he’s going at pick 33/34 and if the Eagles want him they’ll have to trade up to get him.

    I hope the talking heads are getting paid for their “speculation”. Eventually he will get picked and maybe in round 2 but the hype among the draftniks is off the charts.

  117. If there is a team that is considering Geno and they decide not to because he decided not to stay for the second round of the draft then they are morons and he is better off not playing for them!

  118. Rodgers didn’t pout and have his head burried in his hands. Guy looked like he just got busted for doing something really bad. Grow up!

    And you know this how? It is not like the camera was on him the entire time!

  119. to all of you guys saying “maybe he doesnt want a camera in his face” “he doesnt want to be disappointed on TV” etc.

    So monday night football, hell, sunday night football, halftime he is down 21. he has pllayed a rough game and has 3 ints. So its ok for him to not come out of the locker room? its national attention, the camera is always on the QB, etc.

    How he handles himself in this situation directly relates to how he handles himself in general and that includes football.

    Is he going to buckle to try to save face? is he going to be able to man up and play ball even during a losing streak? is he going to recover after a few incompletions and ints?

    so far the answer doesnt look good. If things arent going his way, he wants out. Great way for your team leader and cornerstone player to act.

  120. “If he doesn’t return to the draft on Friday night, interested teams could opt for one of the other quarterbacks instead.”


    Oh florio, as soon as you figured your opinion mattered (instead of just, you know, giving us news) this site started to go downhill. You were great at relaying news. Stick to that.

  121. This is really bizarre. Why does anyone care? Why does everyone have the same extreme opinion?

  122. well, thankfully for his sake he stayed because if he left he would’ve wasted time and money as he was picked by……………New York.

  123. Seriously, people are trying to correlate his not coming back for the draft with his ability to lead a team? Little bit of a stretch, LMFAO.

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