GM: 49ers “Absolutely” have a player targeted at 34


The Jaguars are open for business with the 33rd pick in the Draft, tonight’s first.

But the 49ers are ready to turn in a card.

General manager Trent Baalke, the owner of the No. 34 pick (via Kansas City, through the Alex Smith deal) said he’ll leave his phone on to listen but expects to use the choice.

Absolutely we know,” Baalke said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. “But that doesn’t mean something can’t happen overnight. You woke up tomorrow and the phone rings and someone has a deal that you can’t refuse and you trade back. Otherwise, we are prepared to make the pick.”

After moving up to 18th take LSU safety Eric Reid (and his adorable daughter) last night, the 49ers have a fixed list of needs. They’d like to find some defensive line help to replace Justin Smith down the road. More immediately, they need a tight end to replace Delanie Walker.

That puts players such as linemen Tank Carradine or Margus Hunt, along with Stanford tight end Zach Ertz in the mix.

But even after giving up the 31st and the 74th (which they acquired from the Panthers last year) to the Cowboys, the 49ers still have 11 picks left this weekend.

That includes the 61st and the 93rd tonight along with 34, and eight more Saturday.

22 responses to “GM: 49ers “Absolutely” have a player targeted at 34

  1. They go DT for Cowboy’s eventual replacement, CB or TE early in the second and then one of the other positions with their other second round pick.

  2. Wait, do you mean you know who you want to pick ahead of time? You don’t just wait for your team’s turn and just randomly choose someone?

  3. deathonwings410
    Apr 26, 2013, 8:44 AM PDT
    Hope their 2nd pick isn’t as HORRIBLE as their first one. Way to reach for a player who would’ve probably dropped to 31.
    What exactly is your professional experience with NFL drafts? For all you know the Rams might have taken him with their next pick with their safety need.

    Typical loser who thinks they can predict the future.

  4. Even if the niners can’t trade Gino Smith, they solve the problem of not having a quality backup to Kaep.
    There are so many quality defensive linemen that don’t get publicity because they went to small schools. The same with TE. Wide received hardly got touched and the RB didn’t at all, plus plus to take Smith.

  5. @questforthesixthnotthelast2013

    Chiefs and Jags had the same record so they switch picks every round. Actually a few teams tied so if you look throughout the draft order they all switch with each other. Chiefs had some sort of tie-breaker to earn the 1st pick. Probably beat worse teams or something.

  6. deathonwings410 says:
    Apr 26, 2013 11:44 AM
    Hope their 2nd pick isn’t as HORRIBLE as their first one. Way to reach for a player who would’ve probably dropped to 31.


    He wasn’t going to last until 31, the Rams were going to take him at 22. The Niners got the 2nd best S in the draft and needed him.

  7. barneyrumble says:Apr 26, 2013 11:56 AM

    It’s Ertz.
    We have a winner!

  8. I would be shocked if it is not Carradine. Tank is an absolute monster when he is fully healthy. You put Carradine on the Niners, already crazy good defense, and wow. Imagine Carradine rushing the passer with Aldon, Justin, Ray, and Brooks. It’s almost not fair.

  9. Potential replacement for Kaepernick, no doubt. Once he builds his arms up so he can’t throw anymore (per Harburgh), they’ll need to bench him mid-season. Or maybe its to cut one of the geriatrics on the O. Watch out Gore.

    But its all good, the gold and red know what they’re doing.

  10. why does everyone consider Reid a “reach”?

    have you watched all his game tape?
    do you know how other teams ranked him?

    you are just a bum that thinks Mel Kiper is anything more than an incorrect cheerleader the NFL uses to mislead other teams.

  11. 49ers will not be making a pick at 34. They have the ability to trade out of that spot, move back 10 and still land Ertz. That would leave them with a pick in the 40’s and #61. They have enough picks to make a trade and add a 3rd pick in the 2nd Round. I then see them drafting Zack Ertz, Margus Hunt, and Tyrann Mathieu. TE is a must draft. Two TE sets is a huge part of our passing and running game. We may make the selection at 34 and still trade into a 3rd pick in the 2nd. We will have 3 picks in the 2nd round. I can guarantee that. As I’m typing I’m now convinced that Ertz is the 49ers pick at 34 so lock it in! Margus Hunt will be drafted in the 40’s by the 49ers from trading back into the 2nd. I’ll make a bold prediction that Hunt gets chosen #49 overall by the 49ers. We’ll stay at 61 while everyone stays away from Mathieu because he smokes marijuana. It’s marijuana, not CRACK! If he had an alcohol problem I’d be concerned. It’s marijuana. Anyone else recall how teams passed on Warren Sapp because of marijuana? So at #61 the 49ers select Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu is the best CB and Return man in the draft. There is no way we pass on him either with our situation at CB between age and contracts. These are my 2nd round predictions for the 49ers.

  12. At 34th spot I go TE (Ertz) and then CB Mathieu at 61. DL Will be found in 3rd round.

  13. I read the first round like this. 9ers wanted to trade up to jets to get Richardson and got rebuffed. They went to uncle Jerry to get the S that They had rated #1, Reid, because it was such a bargain move-up, and they had the capital to avoid the risk of waiting. If they had made both deals they would have been waiting until the 3rd round.

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