Jets start the circus anew, draft Geno Smith


They avoided the quarterback market for a day, but couldn’t stay out for long.

The Jets triggered this year’s controversy, by drafting West Virginia’s Geno Smith with the 39th overall pick.

If Mark Sanchez wasn’t on the hot seat already, it just went nuclear, as they found someone with more passing skills than Tim Tebow to push him.

They might as well cut Sanchez now, and save everyone the trouble in what is clearly a rebuilding year for the Jets. Of course, if it wasn’t for the Rams trading up for Tavon Austin last night, the Jets would have had an exciting, if not polished, new identity on offense.

97 responses to “Jets start the circus anew, draft Geno Smith

  1. There’s not enough popcorn for everyone to enjoy this circus. Oh this is gonna be fun.

  2. I feel bad for the kid. Rex will be gone after this year along with the OC so I think Smith is going to fall into transition trap. Every year having a different system to learn.

  3. I’m sure he’ll have no problem handling the pressure of the NY media. Another terrible Jets pick. Sayonara Rex.

  4. Oh man, the Jets used to be funny, now I just feel bad for them. It’s been a long free fall, who knew Mangini put all those pieces in place?

  5. Gino Smith throws like Tebow.Tebow is bigger and tougher.The Jets need to play Tebow,the guy is a winner.

  6. The guy who wanted to shell up and hide from the media because he wasnt picked yesterday now has to face the NY media every day? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Congrats to him, but it’s only just beginning for him. He could turn out to be really good or a real bust.

    You think he has thin skin now, wait until he messes up in New York. The NY media and their fans especially will eat him up.

  8. Geno Smith is better than Mark Sanchez but won’t start as long as Rex and his tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey is coaching

  9. phillyphever says:
    Apr 26, 2013 7:09 PM
    There’s not enough popcorn for everyone to enjoy this circus. Oh this is gonna be fun.

    From a Philly fan? Ummm really? —>lol

  10. I love the Jets.. They are always good for a great laugh.. I got my popcorn ready.. Let the QB drama begin..

  11. All the doubters on here are forgetting one thing, Marty Morningweig, he was the main reason behind the Eagles developing all those QBs, he defiantly had some say in this pick and he definitely will do wonders for him.

  12. The Jets are a joke, but how sad for this kid that he is going to be immersed into a horrible controversy right away. I could not understand why the Talking Heads are saying “he can learn and be groomed”… by Who?? McElroy? It is funy, but definately more sad.

  13. Do people spell his name wrong on purpose?

    I hope so. I mean, it’s right in the damn headline.

  14. There is no circus or controversy here. If you think there is some conflict between Mark Sanchez being the starter or Tim Tebow and Geno Smith coming in to compete for the job, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the Jets. Sanchez is on the way out at the end of the year, regardless, and Tebow is probably out of the league before training camp.

  15. As a pats fan, this could not get any better. I only wish they would let tebow go, who did nothing so bad as to be part of this circus. Let him go, and let the show continue.

  16. What are the Jets doing?….Sanchez played so perfectly last year and we can’t say enough about how great Tebow is….hehehehe!!!! Week 1,

    Garrard Starts, and by wk 6 it’s the GSmith show……

    Sanchez had his time, didn’t produce and poor Tebow, head still scratching as to why they even brought him to New York, but he rebounds somewhere where he will be at least given a real chance…..

    The Jets are in better hands than they deserve to be with Smith and Garrard….

  17. At least Saban will have 5 Quarterbacks to choose from next year when he takes over the Jets coaching job!!

    Saban will be at Bama until he is literally to old to continue.

  18. You know what I thought was really funny? I saw that highlight reel on NFL Network and thought “This kid’s worse than Tebow!”

    At least Tebow got some trophies and won rings in college. I fell out laughing at the pick.

    So let’s take stock at the Jets QBs:

    1. Mark Sanchez- suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress.

    2. David Garrard- the best they got, but he’s old and brittle.

    3. Tim Tebow- Dude can’t pass the out-route. (Or the in-route. Or…)

    4. Geno Smith- Couldn’t determine whether it was the highlight reel or blooper reel for his college tape.

    The Jets have just became my “Must-Watch” team.

  19. Not a Jets fan by a long shot; but I think this will be a good pick up for them. Don’t rush the process let him sit and learn for a year or two…

  20. Cut Sanchez now. Can’t save the cap space but you can save some actual cash if he signs with someone else. It’ll get subtracted from the 8.5 you owe him.

  21. You people kill me you go on and on about how bad Sanchez is so the jets draft the highest rated QB (by most draft analyst) in this draft and it’s a horrible pick if he would have gone anywhere else all of the stupid comments wouldn’t even be posted. We know Sanchez hasn’t played well the last two years and we know Tebow will get cut so at some point the Jets were gonna draft a QB to replace Sanchez because he wasn’t gonna be on the team next year with or without Geno.

  22. Sanchez and Tebow will be released….Garrard will start the season backed up by McElroy and Smith.
    What will the trolls do without Tebow and Sanchez to pick on? they’re coming to your team now!
    Keep on hatin’!

  23. Poor Geno, he might be doomed to fail here. What he needs is some good coaching. Better coaching than Sanchez had gotten, who has pretty much shown zero improvement after years as the starter. Maybe you should’ve went home, Geno LOL

  24. To The Jets Critics:

    We really are flattered that you’d take the time DURING the draft show to troll over here without going to your team’s blogs (those who know which team they”ll follow this season).

    It doesn’t matter. The Dolphins will be Super Bowl Champions this coming season.

    Just ask those few Dolphnerds who post here. Hope there aren’t many blackouts this year. Well, not vs. The Jets!!

  25. Phillyfever- You’re making fun of the Jets??? Nice Dream team…maybe you can get Vince Young back to battle the canine Killer!
    I love it!

  26. Isn’t Smith the qb who has had all bad games in cold weather? Wait till he gets to NE or Buf in December!

  27. As a Patriot fan I am used to be baffled by my team’s strategy on draft day, but to see the face of the Jets fans when they announced that pick made me feel much better! Hilarious!

  28. They’re a “circus” for using a second-round pick on a guy who was a consensus first-round player and when Mark Sanchez is their quarterback?

    I understand that you’re desperate to continue the “circus” narrative so that you can justify being lazy and using the Jets to create 50 percent of your content, but that kind of nakedly agenda-driven nonsense is an embarrassment.

  29. I am not a Jets fan but I feel sorry for Sanchez.
    Your offense blows and you do nothing to rectify the situation. You could have drafted Joe Willie in his prime and it wouldn’t help this team.
    What a dysfunctional organization.
    Oh good, the Jets have more picks, I am expecting LEON SANDCASTLE to come off the board.

  30. But Rex honey, tattoo removals hurt, can’t we keep Sanchez?
    How about cutting Sanchez and give #6 to the new kid.

    With the Jets 2nd pick.. They confirm….. Now is Tebow time.

  31. I love this pick!!!! Because it takes all the “stupid football stuff” away from Cleveland. Now the Jests are the boneheads of the league. Thanks, Jets!

  32. As a Dolphins fan, I feel bad for Geno. I don’t know much about him, but I hope he hires a good financial advisor and manages his money wisely. He will be starting by week 6, and the calamity of that franchise will likely have him out of the league before the end of his rookie deal.

  33. …One team wins the Super Bowl
    So…………….99% of you …watched the superbowl with your team not in it!

    This is why the Ravens and Packers fans have more class than you shut-ins.

  34. Gino has no idea what he is getting himself into. He is going to get destroyed by the NY media. I hope he has a great publicist LOL

  35. Good pick for the jets they took the best QB in this yrs years draft n they got him in the 2nd rd so no big money involved thats smart management to me in no way was or is mark Sanchez better than Geno Smith mark was very limited as a nfl QB Geno brings passing a big arm running an leadership to that spot and Geno gives a much needed fresh start for the jets that was much needed in the fan base and in the jets locker room Sanchez own teammates wanted to kill him u have to move on when it gets that bad I’m a ravens fan but i like where the jets r going its nowhere but up from here u should support this kid and b thankful u picked him up just watch

  36. wait…. hold on guys.

    they line up timmy T at TE. Sanchize under center.

    the Sanch laterals to G-smith who is in the RB position. he music city miracles it to gerard…. gerard pooch-punts it.


  37. Did you see the guys from the NFL Network. They were incredulous and couldn’t stop laughing. (Figuratively). @footballady52 🏈

  38. Just a question….

    On espn (so much better without Berman and Gruden).. During the interview.. just after being picked…

    Did I hear him correctly? Did he say he “deserved it.” ????

    I’m sorry, but I just got the “Michael Vick, I’m entitled.” vibe from Geno..

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