Justin Pugh gets mauled after getting his draft call


One of the most pleasant surprises of the night came when the Giants kept Syracuse tackle Justin Pugh in the Empire State by plucking Pugh with the 19th overall pick in the draft.

Pugh, a finance major who had a great appearance last month on PFT Live, got the call from coach Tom Coughlin.  And the exchange was captured on video.

Watch it, and wait for the moment where he hangs up the phone.

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  1. It’s fun to see some pure joy. But the Giants didn’t keep him in the Empire State. They are bringing him to the Garden State.

  2. Hope my friends maul me like that when I finally when the Powerball or Mega Millions. Be the closest thing to any real excitement in my life!

    Good video though. Shows the Excitement for these guys. Hell, if I could of played football (we didn’t have a team too small of a school) and made it to even be a 3-4 star recruit, do well in college and get drafted in the 7th, I’d be estatic. Who didn’t want to be a professional athlete growing up?

  3. Did he knew that he was going to big blue??..i dont understand the thing of the hat..i just dont get it,..he knew it right?

  4. Congrats….Always to good to see the kids have tons of support with family and friends…And get to stay home…Giants got a good 1….

  5. If a couple of skinny boys can bring him down with ease, wait till he faces the Steel Curtain.

  6. One of the best videos I’ve seen. I liked how respectful he was. “Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir.” You could tell that even though he wanted off the phone, he had the sense to stick with the call.

    Wonderful reaction from his friends, although I’m sure he thought to himself, if one of you knuckleheads causes me to blow out my knee right now, I’m going to kill you!

    Congrats young man and good luck.

  7. That was great and all but anyone who doesn’t think the “My Boy” shirt in the back ground isn’t the best part of the video is…well….wrong.

  8. That’s pretty awesome. You could tell all his friends and family were so anxious to go nuts but were trying keep quiet.

    I started to get anxious too. What the heck were they telling him on the phone, it almost seemed like they just were yapping his ear off and repeating themselves over and over. I was getting the same anxiety I get when I have to talk to my sister-in-law on the phone. “Just stop talking already!”, Ha.

  9. With this guy being a Eagles fan I bet he is mad that now he has to go play for the giants well its better then playing for the redskins

  10. But don`t the Giants play in New Jersey? Last time I checked, that was not in the Empire State of New York. Despite using the “New York” name for marketing reasons, he will not be playing in New York. Only the Bills play there., but sometimes in Canada.

  11. Since he’s at home in the Philly suburbs, one of his buddies looks like he is wearing an Pro Bowl jersey for an Eagles player. Great reaction from all his friends

  12. battle23 says:
    Apr 26, 2013 9:13 AM
    Was that an Eagles jersey one of his friends was wearing? hah..hope he has a receipt


    Went to high school and lives in the Philly suburbs. He’s a big Philly sports fan. That’s the reason for the eagles jersey and phillies hat. Gotta be weird to play the Giants. Will be a decent player though.

  13. I’ve often wondered about the hats/jerseys etc. I really think the NFL pretty much provides one of each jersey/hat to the guys slated to be in the top rounds–probably 1-3, maybe the 4th but I don’t know (maybe a good article for PFT to address after the draft, as I’ve always been curious about this too) and then once they are drafted they could just grab the hat of their new team/or be handed their hat and jersey if at the draft. I could be wrong. Heck, maybe all of them go and buy the hats themselves and then put on the one from whomever drafted them. After all, aren’t many of them getting paid under the table anyways…oh wait…

    Seriously though, this was a pretty awesome video and good to see something positive with so much negative in recent weeks.

  14. Ha! His buddy in the Eagles jersey has a choice to make……root for his close friend as a Giant, or root for your team, the Eagles.

  15. this is a great pickup by NYG! signed beatty this year to a 5 year deal, still got snee performing at a high level, got afew other guys now this guy..O line looks pretty solid going forward… i wouldnt mind a manti te’o now that hes at round 2

  16. They are the NY giants. It is their name and has been for a long time. The comments about NJ are predictable and boring. Get over it.

    Glad Giants went o-line. Hope Pugh works out.

  17. @mobuccsfan they showed it last night what goes on..they actually have ironing machines right there backstage, and during that delay from when the pick is in and goodell comes out…they quickly iron on the guys name onto the jersey already with the number 1 on it…They must also have computers there that design the guys name in the correct font, cuz I was paying special attention to that last night

  18. the best part of the video, besides the ending, is 22 seconds in when he says ‘i’m excited to be a giant’, his boy behind him in the striped sweater puts on a face like he just got kicked in the nads. ‘oh no, not the giants’.

  19. @rjg427

    I thought I had read/heard this somewhere before–regards to jerseys. The hats being on hand in the homes is the one that always gets me. It seems like most of them always are seen putting on the draft hat at least, so that would be interesting…at least to me but i live in Missouri and have no life really outside of work, fishing, football and my writing, so what do I know lol. Thanks for clarifying this.

    I still loved this video and the overall reaction. One of the better ones I’ve seen and definitely great to see some positive vibes for a change around this place (country/world etc.). Sick of all the negative and bad stuff–which is why I love football, fishing and writing. A way to try and get away from it all and forget about the world and it’s problems and/or my own problems that come up sometimes in life. Nice to just get away–even if for a few hours.

  20. thesteelers says:
    Apr 26, 2013 9:10 AM
    If a couple of skinny boys can bring him down with ease, wait till he faces the Steel Curtain.

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    They looked like they had better form and took him as a team, something the Steelers won’t know about this year.

  21. I may be a Packers fan but that was excellent! The respect, the emotion…
    Best of luck in the NFL!

  22. @mobuccsfan – In this case, the hats were not provided for him. His mother purchased one hat from every single team and had them all ready to go. I know because he is in the extended family.

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