Manti Te’o is a San Diego Charger


After waiting throughout the first round for his phone to ring, Manti Te’o finally got a call early in the second round. And it wasn’t from Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Instead, it was the San Diego Chargers, letting him know that they had selected him with the 38th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Te’o, the former Notre Dame star whose reputation took a hit when it was revealed that the dead girlfriend he claimed to be playing for during his senior season was nothing but a hoax, will now try to put that unfortunate part of his life behind him and focus on what he can do on the football field.

And what Te’o does on the field is substantial: Although he had a disappointing performance in the national championship game against Alabama, he was a Heisman Trophy finalist last year because he’s a strong, instinctive player who has a reputation as a hard worker and a tough run stopper. He should be able to start for the Chargers as a rookie.

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  1. and here I was, thinking that it was almost time for the Manti Te’o drama to be over…yay. TT is going to work!

  2. I’m really happy for the guy right now. Didn’t win the Heisman. Sucky performance in the National Championship. Girlfriend hoax, and all the following criticism. This is the best thing that’s happened for him for awhile.

  3. This guy is not going to pan out in the NFL. I dont think he has the mind for it, nor the ability. There’s a reason he got his butt handed to him in the Championship game….he is not that good when going up against great talent. If he he invisible against Alabama, I think he will be invisible against most NFL offenses.

  4. Don’t know Diego’s needs. But sounds like a good fit. I’m glad he has a job. And this franchise had patience for teo to develop. Wish him well.

  5. Welcome to the Bolts Manti!!!!

    Would have loved to have seen another lineman here, but I got a feeling this guy is going to be a great LB and leader for my Bolts for many years to come.

  6. Good for him!
    There are tons of hot imaginary chicks in San Diego.
    The place is crawling with them.

  7. People here are harping on Manti Te’o for one game. I don’t blame a person for having a bad game. It wasn’t just Te’o that was burned in that game. Notre Dame overall was destroyed by the Tide. Many people questioned if the Irish should have even been in that game. Te’o could be the face for the chargers for a long time. Tom Telesco is putting his legacy with Chargers on Manti’s shoulder pads. I am all for it.

  8. Welcome to San Diego Manti.

    Butler and Te’o. The Bolts now have the best 3-4 ILB tandem in the NFL. The middle of the field is closed.

  9. This is great. The Chargers should groom him well enough so that when he’s done with his rookie contract he’ll be NFL ready.

    The Chargers are THE NFL farm league.

  10. It’s time to get past this Te’o thread sports fans. Let the kid make or break his reputation on the football field and leave this other crap alone. I think we all deserve at least one break.

  11. As a Bolts fan, it is obvious they needed a pass rusher. Why draft a guy who only made 7% of his tackles behind the line of scrimmage. This Samoan is no Seau.

  12. Wow, so many TERRIBLE Te’o jokes, you guys are just making yourselves look like bigger fools than Te’o the more you attempt them.

  13. I will withhold judgment until I see if he has the speed to tackle or cover pro receivers and running backs.

  14. I think he’s completely overrated, and I think he’ll bomb.

    That being said, I’m glad he’s drafted so they can stop writing articles and there won’t be any more stupid fake girlfriend jokes.

  15. there is a reason he fell in the draft and has nothing to do with imaginary girlfriends. he is not that good and is just a product of the dame hype machine. unless they protect him up front he will be exposed in the pros to. he has bust written all over him. does this site get a cut of his contract? oh wait I forgot you guys work for the dame broadcasting company.

  16. He seems like a good guy, hope it works out.

    Being from Hawaii if he made a list of teams he’d want to play for, I’m sure San Diego would have been high on the list.

  17. You people obviously have no clue about Teo. You watch 1 game that Teo has ever played in and you say he’s no good. Do everyone a favor and watch film outside the NC game. O wait ill get this out of the way, no they weren’t in the SEC but yes ND still played good competition. He will be a beast! Good pick. The steelers missed a good one.

  18. Te’o seems like a nice enough dude, with a nice family…Might be he will flourish in a more laid-back place like SD…The media in places like NY or Chicago would circle him like sharks smelling blood. Good luck, Manti.

  19. bradyisthebest says:

    Wow, so many TERRIBLE Te’o jokes, you guys are just making yourselves look like bigger fools than Te’o the more you attempt them.

    They are nothing like what he’s going to hear in the locker room. I hope he has thick skin. I can only imaging the messages SD players are sending each other right now.

  20. Teo wasnt asked to blitz so the 7% is a little off. When ever he was asked to blitz, he made some noise in the backfield. He played more east and west read the field and make the play.

  21. The Chargers did well in getting an outstanding player like Manti in round 2. But you have to think there were better places for him to go than southern California.

  22. Actually, the only reason he was a Heisman candidate was because he lied about his girlfriend. He wasn’t even on the map before that.

  23. My brother lives in SD. I know what he means when he says the Chargers are a tough team to root for.

    I was hoping this likely stiff would be taken by a team I really dislike, so as not to damage one I like or about whom I’m neutral. I swear I’ve never seen a “surefire HOFer” on his BACK as much as Te’o against Alabama.

  24. Te’o didn’t lead in any stats as a linebacker all season…it wasn’t just one game in which he didn’t do much…it was all of them.

  25. Teo to SD is perfect for him. He will be a lot closer to the Mormon culture there and the beach. Everyone makes mistakes in their personal life, so why be so harsh towards teo. Ho who is without the sins, cast the first stones…

  26. Great pick …Great value and most important the Chargers become relevant overnight. Manti will also put the Chargers on ESPN/ Sportscenter more and PEOPLE in the seats. They will get a huge financial return by drafting him.

  27. I am tired of the guy! The press picks this guy to write about and little or nothing about the other kids. My god let this go. I can’t imagine the press before the kids first game! Nothing about the other wonderful non eventful work hard kids but this imposter!

  28. You guys are kidding, right?

    This guy can’t tackle (as shown in the Alabama game……and dont give me the BS about “it’s only one game”. What if THAT one game is a playoff game, or Superbowl…..or even against the Raiders regular season game. ) He is weak mentally (as shown by having an imaginary girl-friend….or he’s just stupid), he can’t cover receivers (as shown in numerous scouting reports) and cant take on NFL linemen (as shown in the Ala. game)

    Manti Te’o is the Tim Tebow of 2013………circus and all.

    Grade F!

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