Nick Saban doesn’t care for the media’s tone on Milliner, Revis


Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks his old cornerback Dee Milliner will fit in well with the Jets, who selected him with the ninth pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night. But Saban would prefer not to hear about how Milliner is the heir apparent to the departed Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Saban got a little cranky when reporters at Radio City Music Hall began to ask him about Revis on Thursday night.

“I can already tell the tone of what you all are doing,” Saban told reporters. “What’s Revis got to do with Dee Milliner coming here? Just let Dee Milliner be Dee Milliner. Let Dee Milliner play like Dee Milliner plays. Whether Revis used to play there or not, what’s that got to do with Dee Milliner? Why do you want to make comparisons and make it like a circumstance for the guy before he ever gets a chance to go on the field? I think Dee has a vision for the kind of player that he wants to be, and I think he’ll be a very, very good player for a long time.”

Saban also said he hopes New York fans realize it would be counterproductive to get on Milliner’s case just because he’s not Revis.

“People have a much better chance of helping Dee Milliner be successful by being positive and supportive rather than being difficult on him,” Saban said.

Whether Saban likes it or not, however, Milliner is going to be viewed as the Revis’s replacement. And if Milliner doesn’t live up to his Top 10 draft pick pedigree, he’s going to find out that New York is a tough town.

75 responses to “Nick Saban doesn’t care for the media’s tone on Milliner, Revis

  1. I hate the Jets, but I hate this media game even more. Just let Dee Milliner be Dee Milliner!

  2. The only reason Saban bothered to say anything is because he thinks it’ll look good for recruiting for a coach to stick up for his players. Just like he stands in front of the cameras to hug his draftees on stage every year – he can’t get lost in the shuffle with the family and the agent.

    Lifetime opportunist and sociopath.

  3. He won’t be viewed as a replacement; that’s an outdated theory. The scorn will always go to Woody Johnson for botching the Revis situation since the day he was drafted. These days we root for the colors of the uniform and we adore the players that succeed in those uniforms. If the kid can play, terrific. If not, on to the next player.

  4. I don’t like Nick Saban. But he’s right. The media tries to make a story out of everything, and it just makes it harder for people to focus on anything when they’re being constantly harassed by media propaganda. I like reading useful information, but when they’re isn’t enough of that to write about, the media stirs the pot. Then, all we get is a bunch of garbage aimed to get people talking and arguing about what amounts to nothing.

  5. Nick Saban, the guy who swore that he’d never leave Miami… I bet the Dolphins didn’t like his tone when he left.

  6. I really don’t care for Nick Saban’s tone on just about every given subject either so I guess we’re all square here.

  7. I’m a Jets fan and I don’t expect Milliner to replace Revis. I expect Cromartie to continue to play well and perhaps a bit better as the veteran in the secondary. I’m just glad we’ve seen the last of Gazoo. Wilson sucks on the outside. Slot’s where he needs to be in the Nickel.

  8. who cares what nick saban say…i have deaf eared ever since he said rolondo mc clain was the smartest football player he has ever coached.

  9. The media and uninformed fans suck

    Is Jarvis Jones going to be compared every day to Harrison?

    Is Patterson going to be compared to Harvin?

    Is Reid goint to be compared everyday to Goldson?

    Is Elam going to be Ed Reed ?

    Is Austin going be compared to amendola ?

    Want to make something out of Revis /milner make a story about the other thins too

  10. Unfortunately, for Milliner, that’s exactly the issue with this pick.
    Milliner is a solid corner prospect, likely the best in this draft and wasn’t a reach at this pick, but he will Always be linked to Revis and these questions or comparisons will never end, whether Milliner, Saban, Ryan like them or not. The fact that everyone (Jets/Milliner/Saban) seem to be annoyed at these questions, points to frustration and tremendous pressure on the player, that will only grow from now on.

  11. Hey Nick, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not…..this is what happens when one of your players gets drafted by Barnum & Bailey

  12. Okay, let’s try that. Hey Milliner, guess what? You’re not Revis! You’re not even close to Revis! You aren’t even in the same league as Revis! He could run rings around you and not break a sweat. You’ll never be anything that even remotely resembles Revis. Revis is future HOF. You’re not.

    Think he got the message?

  13. And this is exactly why Nick Saban couldn’t handle the NFL. He has no concept of the mind games players have to deal with today. Saban is fine when it comes to controlling college kids that are scared of losing a scholarship under his thumb. But when it comes to the independent men of the NFL, where players are more powerful than coaches, he was a big fat failure. Stick to judging talent on the NCAA level, Nicky. Let the big boys play in the NFL.

  14. Difference is that in Sabans place, he could have 20 Milliners ready to go since there’s no limit to his recruiting. In the NFL you don’t have that option.

  15. He is the last guy that should be talking about the tone of others regardless….It is his right to speak but his tone was as disingenuous as one can get. As a HC he was responsible for the well being of his team. It is one thing to give your all and fail. However…it is a whole other animal when you hang people out to dry that invested their trust in you concerning their livelihood.

  16. Way to go Saban! Totally agree and glad you said it.

    Media had to be put in there place. Love it!

  17. I like Milliner, but I the real problem is that he simply will not be able to replace Revis. To the Jets credit, Revis had to go, Milliner was the best CB in the draft, and it was the right move. The problem is that Milliner will not be “a Revis”.

    It’s like having a Mercedes SLK convertible, but your job forces you to relocate to Albany, and you can’t keep the convertible. Unfortunately the best you can get after selling your it is a Lexus IS: still a great car, but it’s not going to be the same as the Mercedes. Still, you did the best you could with the cards you were dealt, and it’s not really fair to fault the Lexus for not being a Mercedes.

  18. Saban isn’t used to dealing with the NY media. I don’t know how guys like Derek Jeter and others stay calm answering their asinine questions and their intense scrutiny

  19. chief67 says: Apr 26, 2013 3:40 PM

    Saban thinks the world revolves around him…
    Clearly, you’ve never lived in Alabama.

  20. Unfortunately the only thing that matters to NY’ers is winning. If you don’t win, they will tear you apart. The Jets will not be winning any time soon, so get used to it, or you will fail under the super media pressure there. It is like no other city.

  21. It doesn’t sound too off beat to say something about the Revis departure having something to do with Milliner’s arrival. The Jets rid themselves of drama at its worse and a huge amount of cap space. In the same process, the Jets used the draft to fill the gaping hole with a top 10 pick in Milliner. Unfortunately, Milliner will have to deal with being compared to the star Cornerback of the past. Milliner will get through it though, he seems to have his head on his shoulders securely.

  22. newdolphinslogo says: Apr 26, 2013 3:33 PM

    And this is exactly why Nick Saban couldn’t handle the NFL. He has no concept of the mind games players have to deal with today. Saban is fine when it comes to controlling college kids that are scared of losing a scholarship under his thumb. But when it comes to the independent men of the NFL, where players are more powerful than coaches, he was a big fat failure. Stick to judging talent on the NCAA level, Nicky. Let the big boys play in the NFL.

    Well said.

  23. Saban is right to defend his former player. And would you expect anything less from his former college coach?

    But who honestly cares what Nick Saban thinks?

    The guy pulled a “Bobby Petrino” aka a “Benedict Arnold Special” on the last NFL team that hired him.

  24. I agree with everything Saban said, but he’s not going to win that battle. Like it or not, the media appeals to simple-mindedness, and the masses are already thinking that Milliner will be a bust if he isn’t Darrelle Revis. I’ll be rooting for the kid because those are some big shoes to fill and he’s under the biggest spotlight.

  25. Maybe Saban should not have gotten cranky but the media are the only ones labeling him as the Revis replacement and making this a story. The media has to create stories and they are making this into a story. It’s not a story. Not defending Nick but just saying maybe the media should talk to Dee about his game and try to get to know this kid instead of doing nothing but throwing the Revis name at him and trying to compare him to Revis all day long.

  26. The first WR that catches a pass anywhere near Milliner, and the boo-birds at MetLife will burn him in effigy.

  27. I don’t know why the Jets would need to replace a guy who played 2 games last season yet they still finished 2nd in pass defense. Seems like they did fine with whoever his replacement was, no?

    Shrewd move by the Jets though to trade Revis and get something of value for damaged goods.

  28. I think I’m gonna join Fireman Ed-I have had ENOUGH of Woody and his STUPID ways.Someone call me when ownership changes.Bye for now-Jet family-and I’ve been with them for 43 years.

  29. The New York media isn’t “tough.” Being cynical and snarky is hardly the definition of “tough.” Perhaps bitter and unoriginal. But not tough.

  30. Average Joe- The Jets did not use the Revis on Milliner…pay attention. Yes, they swapped 28 yr old corner for 22 yr old….and saved $14,000,000!

  31. Hey Nicktator, Rex already has this covered. You know, the guy who is Milliner’s HC now. He already said earlier that it would be unfair to compare this kid to Revis. Why don’t you let him handle this?

    I’m a Pats fan so I should be sticking up for Saban since he’s a friend of my team’s HC but let me tell you I can’t stand the guy and I don’t mind Rex most of the time. Saban IS a heckuva college coach though. Probably one of the best ever. But he’s as slick as owl s***. All HCs blow smoke to one extent or another, but his prevarication just rubs me the wrong way.

  32. Saban is a selfish self promoter who would sell his own wife if it meant his success. Personally it pains me greatly to see his success after what he did in Miami.

    I wish his players the best, however. His O-line, in particular, was full of studs. Better than half the NFL o-lines.

  33. LSU fans didn’t care for Saban’s tone when he said he wasn’t leaving for the Miami Dolphins

    Miami Dolphins fans didn’t care for Saban’s tone when he said he wasn’t leaving for the Alabama Crimson Tide

    Now Saban is saying he doesn’t care for some reporter’s tone?


  34. Whether or not he’s sincere – Saban sort of has a point.

    This Dee Milliner kid finally gets to live his dream of playing in the NFL, it’s tough to get there – no need to throw this massive Revis Shadow over him.

    Just let the kid play – criticize him if he does stupid stuff like pistol whipping senior citizens.

  35. See this is why Nick Saban will be a great college coach way longer than any of you will be even remotely s successful in your endeavors. New Yorkers sit on their obnoxious, overly opinionated but ultimately clueless asses and think the world revolves around them. Newsflash, it doesn’t. I’m starting to think John Rocker was onto something.

  36. As for all the people who don’t like Nick Saban they are from losing teams and they are all jealous that’s their problem …. Go Saban and “Roll Tide”

  37. Jets are a mirror image of their coach,a franchise on the down-slope.This will be Ryans last year.

  38. I can’t believe how empty and weak this culture is. Baffoons with a laptop or smartphone show us how pathetic they are. It starts with chump who wrote this gibberish, and continues through the comment thread with America’s witless masses. Read some of the things you put out there for all to read. What level if education, and I don’t necessarily mean finishing school or a university, I mean enrichment, and to that point, why isn’t enrichment a priority to you? Are you content with being classless, tasteless, clueless people? What does it say about you that you find joy or glee in talking smack about a young kid just entering the game that rules your every thought. He’s a great player and a good young man. He’s starting his career, and doesn’t media or any other clowns spitting hate like its their job. When Andrew Luck was drafted number 1 overall, even during his Dion Sanders interview, did anyone stick constant comparison and the other player’s name in his head? No, because Dion Sanders actually respects and loves the kids coming in. You could all learn something from him.

  39. I just read a comment calling Saban a “sociopath. If that moron thinks sticking up for your player is a sociopath You don’t know what a sociopath is. What an ignorant thing to say.

  40. dlk47823 says:
    Apr 26, 2013 4:43 PM
    Average Joe- The Jets did not use the Revis on Milliner…pay attention. Yes, they swapped 28 yr old corner for 22 yr old….and saved $14,000,000!

    They didnt use the picks they got for trading Revis on Milliner? Is that what you’re saying? Yeah, that’s kinda obvious and I don’t know why you drew that conclusion. I was merely saying they got something, PICKS, for an expensive, rehabbing player that their 2012 performance shows they didn’t need. Pay attention.

  41. When the Saban-hating, “panty-waisted” commenters on this topic can show me a college coach who can consistently out recruit and beat Saban on a regular basis, you will have cred. Otherwise, stop your whining and “he left the Dolphins” poor-mouthing and go back to your X-boxes. Alabama hit the “mother lode” with the Saban hire, so live with it.

  42. I don’t view Milliner as a replacement for Mevis at all!! Thats for you media folks to pump up & create a story out of it.

    I am done we Revis & I’m happy to say although I was torn about the process & decision that in the end I am complete, glad he is gone & have moved on.

    A new era in the Jets backfield has begun that has no connection with the past!!

    Milliner is his own CB and I look forward to see his contribution to the secondary and as such I’d much prefer, request and intend to view Revis as a player of the past and having nothing to do with the Jets anymore.

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