Patrick Willis restructures to give Niners some cash for rookies


Earlier on Friday, we brought word of the Redskins restructuring cornerback Josh Wilson’s contract to give them money to put toward signing their draft picks.

The Redskins had the least money under the cap of any team in the NFL heading into the draft and now the team just ahead of them on the list has also cleared some more cap space. The 49ers were less than a million dollars under the cap, but they’re in a little better shape now as Matt Maiocco of reports that the team has restructured the contract of linebacker Patrick Willis.

The 49ers will move $1.687 million of Willis’ scheduled 2013 base salary to a signing bonus, which allows them to spread the cap hit out over the final four years of Willis’ deal with the team. Willis’ base salary for the 2013 season will now be just $715,000 and it is fully guaranteed, although there wasn’t much fear of Willis getting dropped from the 49ers lineup.

With roughly $2.15 million in cap space, the 49ers can now start signing draft picks. They traded one pick to move up and take safety Eric Reid on Thursday, leaving them with 11 more picks in their bag.

19 responses to “Patrick Willis restructures to give Niners some cash for rookies

  1. This kid is going to be one of the best ever. He’s well on his way. It’s good to see a player that recognizes that he needs teammates to win titles, and helping the organization is the right choice.

  2. Its amazing how many ignorant people don’t get how a restructure works.

    Its not an act of charity geniuses. He gets a portion of his money guaranteed. Its like getting paid now for the work youll do in 6 months instead of waiting 6 months to get paid.

    Every single player would restructure if they could.

  3. Its just a “loop hole” in the system. Willis’ salary is now guaranteed and he gets it immediately. Willis didn’t sacrifice anything, a matter a fact, he made out better because of it.

  4. @si1m

    Thank you for that. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. However, I’m convinced nothing will stop 49ers fans from patting themselves on the back.

    Did you know the 49ers have won five Superbowls? How many does your team have?

  5. Chris Long did the same with the Rams,allowing the Rams to have $4 mil under their cap.Go Rams!

  6. Willis is a team player & class act, not denoting that fact…but “hey PW can we give you your $1.7MM now instead of throughout the year…it would be a big favor” isn’t necessarily too hard for #52

  7. I like Willis just like the next guy but boy fans have no real understanding of the business of football.

    Class Act, Team player, LOL!!!!

    In all of these types of restructurings, you are guaranteeing more money than on the original deal and giving a new lump sum (bonus).

    These moves have nothing to do with class acts and team players. It makes perfect financial sense for the player and they would do it even if there was no player waiting to be signed.

  8. Unfortunately for your argument Dusty……. Willis is a class act regardless of the restructure but yes people restructuring has nothing to do with character. Suh has even restructured before. The players do take a bigger tax hit taking immediate payment though. Especially in CA

  9. What’s the difference between an NFL millionaire and a billionaire? A millionaire in the nfl sacrifices some of his own money to help improve the team. A billionaire extorts the local community into giving him money for a stadium from which he then makes even more money.

  10. Classy move to help the organization. I’d say he’s pretty committed….

    No hate from this Seahawks fan.

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