Projected draftee Tharold Simon arrested on Thursday


Cornerback Tharold Simon expected to hear his name called from the Radio City Music Hall podium sometime on Saturday, but having it called by police on Thursday could get in the way of that.

Simon, who went to LSU, was arrested in Eunice, Louisiana and charged with public intimidation, resisting an officer and unnecessary noise violation. KATC-TV reports that a police report alleges an officer asked Simon to move his car and Simon responded by telling the officer “I own Eunice” and “you are gonna be mine” before eventually moving. The report goes on to say Simon “backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner” and turned the radio up while moving his car. Finally, Simon is accused of telling the officer that the mayor of Eunice was on his side and that the officer would be fired for writing him a ticket.

KATC-TV also spoke to the aforementioned mayor and Rusty Moody said that the town would go ahead with a ceremony proclaiming today “Tharold Simon” day in Eunice.

“In the United States, our justice system says everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” Moody said.

Indeed it does, but the NFL Draft doesn’t work the same way. Simon was projected to be a middle-round pick in this year’s draft and we’ll see whether this incident, which seems to show poor judgment more than criminal intent, has any impact on that status.

54 responses to “Projected draftee Tharold Simon arrested on Thursday

  1. Maybe one day he will be telling NFL WRs how he will end up owning them to in the future once he gets enough money to buy the team that he plays for. It’s all he can say while he’s getting burned playing the game in the present.

  2. Another 7th round draft choice for Belichick?

    The Dennard gamble worked out well last year – though this guy sounds like he’s in dire need of a “Code Red” from his teammates during training camp to gain the needed “attitude adjustment”

  3. Well he just got undrafted. Way to go man. Honestly…on the frickin night of the draft. I heard from a lot of sources he was definitely getting drafted. As high as 3rd round, all the way to 5-6-7. He doesn’t deserve to be drafted now. Playing in the NFL is a privilege.

  4. Was he listen to “we rock this city”? It has an empowering ability. The guy has a badge and a gun, should just listen to the man, especially since all this domestic terror crap going on. Good luck crackin any teams roster with an attitude like that

  5. You just gotta love small-town America.

    The ladies from the Eunice Auxiliary were probably having a bake sale to buy Tharold a train ticket to the Big City.

    Shame on you, Tharold.

  6. If he doesn’t do what cops tell him to do, he won’t do what NFL coaches tell him to do.

  7. Hmmmm, oversized ego? Check. Dreams of great power? Check. Vociferous to a fault? Check. Disrespectful of authority figures? Check. Expects to be paid mega-millions? Check.

    Perfect fit for Dallas or the Bengals.

  8. His attitude is gonna be the worst of this. I mean, talk about dumb. Wait till you sign the contract to get all high and mighty…..that said. That officer extended a little here if he thinks any of these things deserve an arrest.

    “backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner”? Geez….

  9. I agree with raiderrufan. But I think this punches a ticket to 7th round for sure or having to try and catch on as an un-drafted FA.

  10. I had relatives who lived Eunice. It’s a small Acadian (Cajun) town. There’s really not a whole lot to do there–so the police are largely peace keepers.

    I have a theory about Tharold Simon’s behavior. As he prepares to enter the ranks of professional football, could it be that he is using an anabolic agent like steroids or testosterone in order to bulk up?

    Phrases like “I own Eunice” and “you’re gonna be mine” are the rantings of a megalomaniac–or just roid rage. While at LSU Tharold was not known for being a total ass like that so that’s why I am wondering about the anabolic agents.

  11. All these CB’s think they are Primetime or something, when in fact most of them are going to be toasted their first few games if not first few years.

    Draft time, really bad time to get arrested for anything. SMH

  12. Good thing the cost of living is low in Eunice, because he just cost himself probably 50% of what he was likely going to make.

  13. backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner” and turned the radio up while moving his car…Finally, Simon is accused of telling the officer that the mayor of Eunice was on his side and that the officer would be fired for writing him a ticket.

    Thats idiotic of him…but not sure how that is worthy of an arrest…sounds like an overly sensitive cop… he moved his car and after that cops should have give him a card and write down your badge numbers and tell him he can call the mayor and report him, laugh at him and drive off…in no way do i feel sympathy for Simon, per the report he was arrogant and stupid (if that is a crime, inmate population is going 2 skyrocket by 10 million percent) just sounds like an over zealous arrest

  14. Stop putting these kids on a pedestal and maybe the entitlement will stop?? Novel idea eh? I see it here even at the HS level….that’s where it all starts…sportswriters kissing athletes butts all the time. It’s actually quite disgusting.

  15. I never judge after hearing only one side of any story, but… yeah; my turd detector is tingling…

    If all this kid did was say something non threatening and play his music loud while complying with the cops demands, then he gets arrested.

    So much for being a free country.

  17. Cops so often use exaggerated quotes to get first dibs on public opinion after the arrest of someone famous.

  18. greysolon says: Apr 26, 2013 2:42 PM

    Cops so often use exaggerated quotes to get first dibs on public opinion after the arrest of someone famous.

    Wait! Someone famous was arrested? You must be a Eunician.

  19. Who really belives this story? This cop didn’t like how he backed up aggressively he must have feared for his life. And really a young black male in Louisiana is really gonna tell a cop (your gonna be mine) really in Louisiana? No the cop knew he was having a draft party & after he jumped in that 2014 & backed up aggressively & turned his music up to eardrum busting levels lol. Who believes this story? I find it laughable that he could get arrested but if I’m a cop on a set salary and I don’t like young black males in New cars in Louisiana with there music turned up I’m gonna arrest you & write on the arrest report whatever I want & all I need is a few buddies on the force to say they overheard those aggressive comments. It seems the cop doesnt like the mayor that much either, so maybe you kill two birds with one stone? How can you believe this story?

  20. “Wait! Someone famous was arrested? You must be a Eunician.”

    You must not be familiar with football in the South.

  21. IMO the Bugles need a safety more than a corner. Then again, this guy may be the right fit, because he also needs a safety–on his mouth.

    When a cop tells you to move along, you move along. Just do what the man says and everything will be cool.

    Small town cops aren’t always the bigoted butt-kickers the movies portray them to be; most would rather just get through their shift without anything significant happening. This fool (Simon) probably thought he could mess with the cop without repercussions, and the cop probably said to himself, “Well, if he wants trouble, I’ll give him some.” “Backing up in an aggressive manner” probably means that he was standing behind Simon’s car and Simon played chicken with him.

    I doubt that anything major will happen because of this, but this kid needs to learn not to mess with people. Go about your business, young man; just because you think you’re hot stuff doesn’t mean people have to take all your cr**.

  22. This town is definitely small enough that the officer knew who this guy was, and that he was in town to be honored by the city government on the next night.

    Why mess with the kid…? Small-minded jealously on the part of this officer.. he should now be on the job if he doesn’t know how to better diffuse such a situation.

    And yes, I’m white (and proud of it :-)) and conservative… and I grew up about 30 miles from this town…. this cop was out of line..

  23. It’s called “Respect.” The police officer earns his every day in the real world. Tharold, and I find it hard to even type that name w/o laughing, hasn’t earned anything, yet. A polite, “Yes officer,” and PFT is back to Revis and Draft day 2 !!

  24. Well if any of u guys were from eunice la u would kno jus how these sry cops are this is a young man that bettering himself an there jus tryin to Kill His Vibe like they do most African Americans in eunice so be for makin comments on the dumb stuff do a Lil research on Eunice an u will all see wat goes on here

  25. Being a Eunice native I can easily state that majority of the police officers not only over-abuse their power, but are also mediocre when it comes to dealing with situations appropriately. Simon grew up much more difficult than most, but both as an athlete and a young man has come a long way. His comment to the officer may have been inappropriate; however, I can bet my bottom dollar that the officer instigated Simon to do so. I personally was not there to witness the incident, but from hearing sides from both witness and city officials I see Simon as a victim. If you’ve ever been to Eunice, then you would have no difficulty seeing that.

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