Raiders came within two minutes of taking Hayden at No. 3

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How badly did the Raiders want cornerback D.J. Hayden?  Badly enough to take him with the third overall selection, if they weren’t able to trade down.

According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, the call from the Dolphins regarding a possible trade came with two minutes left in the 10-minute window.

And if the call hadn’t come, which resulted in the Dolphins moving from No. 12 to get defensive end Dion Jordan, the player who nearly died last year after a fairly routine collision in practice would have been taken by the Raiders at No. 3.

Oakland had no concern about someone else taking Hayden before No. 12, but with strong indications emerging on Thursday that the Raiders wanted Hayden, the risk arose that someone else would trade up and leapfrog Oakland.

In the end, it didn’t happen.  And the Raiders move forward with a player who can help keep Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Alex Smith from scorching the Oakland secondary.

69 responses to “Raiders came within two minutes of taking Hayden at No. 3

  1. Hey they taken him at three the Raiders would have looked very Al Davis like.They still do actually.They could of traded down again and still gotten Hayden.I think he’ll be good but they needed a pass rusher and more picks.

  2. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen “Alex Smith” in the same sentence as “scorching the secondary.”

    Joking aside, there’s no-one I’d rather see achieve some real success than Alex Smith.

  3. I thought Oak would go w/ one of the DL. And after moving down once i wonder if they fielded offers for the 12th pick. Hayden would have lasted a bit longer.

  4. It had been 10 years since the Raiders had an impact CB with ballhawk skills (Woodson) i think he’ll be a better pro than Milliner

  5. I would have liked a couple later picks for the #3 but I love this whole deal.

    With a #2 in hand we can get the #1 pass rusher available in the mid 2nd….and plenty are left.

    In the 3rd we can get a fat space eating NT….and plenty are left.

    And the rest of the draft work on the interior o-line.

    Peyton is around for at least 3 more…we need someone to catch all the balls Rivers keeps throwing at the D….and we all know Reid will try to throw the ball until it pops. Love this pick.

  6. I guess were going to see how great of an eye for talent big Reg has. Can’t afford to strike out on anymore draft picks

  7. Not saying the kid won’t be good and I certainly wish him all the luck, but at No 3? Come on now! That would be way too high.

  8. Hilarious they only got a 2nd to move back about 10 spots. On top of that they could’ve got the best CB but settle for the 2nd? Stupid Raiders, “always” fails.

  9. I’m assuming the negative posts are from people who have seen this kid play.

    I have and he was the best CB in the draft IMO.

    We’ll see in 3 years but I’m thrilled with this selection AND getting back into the 2nd round is a bonus.

    Kudos Reggie!

  10. Very well played by the Raiders. What a difference no Al makes. I think if this guy stays healthy he could be the best player from this draft. I was hoping my Broncos would trade up to get him.

  11. this is the guy weve been targeting since last summer, no way reggie passes him up, perfect for what we are building

  12. Man, people already beat me to it. His forty-yard dash speed–I thought, oh, Oakland! Seriously though, this kid does look to be pretty good and came back from not your average injury–I mean lets think about it, that is pretty scary. Time will tell on this decision. At least they didn’t take him at three and were able to get another pick that they need so badly. I think this Raiders team is actually moving in the right direction–it’s just going to be “A long hard ride.” I say two more really strong drafts and some decent pick-ups in FA both of those off-seasons and they should be fine and contending for the playoffs again. They do have a big mess to clean up with bad contracts, busts and bad trades from the past.

  13. All the talk that Miami “fleeced” Oakland…but…if Ireland hadn’t thought, what the heck, can’t hurt to ask…the Raider’s aren’t picking 10 picks in tonight.

    As a Dolphin fan, I’m stoked. Many/most mocks had Jordan at #2. I didn’t see him as a possibility. Now he’ll be taking the pressure off Wake and putting it on Brady, Manuel and…well…whoever the Jets call a quarterback this year.

    Meanwhile, we helped recoup Oakland’s sunk Carson Palmer pick.


    I’ll certainly be rooting for DJ Hayden in Oakland. He seems like a great kid and it’s certainly a great story. Best of luck Raider Nation!

  14. Let’s be straight here PFT, Alex Smith will not be scorching anyone

  15. What happened to the Reggie philosophy of building strong trenches first ? On top of that corner was not one of the teams most pressing needs and even JG mentioned that he was bothered by not having seen a lot in the way of tackling from this guy–This may be another fabian washington story (taken in 05 right before the Pack took A rodgers–even thought there was a need fora QB)

  16. Great move by the Raiders, they get the guy they wanted anyway and picked up an extra high pick in the process. Reggie is going to be a good GM I think.

    Overall think this is a win win, both teams got the players they wanted and the Raiders added another pick in the process.

  17. CB is a definitely big need in Oakland. Porter and Jenkins are cast off by their former teams. It’s not even worth mentioning who’s left on the roster.
    But, I would have been pissed if we settle for Hayden at #3 overall.
    Getting a 2nd and moving back to #12 overall is very acceptable.
    I would have liked another 5th or 6th round included. Miami did have the better end of the stick.

  18. you guys are idiots. When you play Payton Manning, Phillip Rivers, and yes, even Alex Smith with all the weapons Kansas City has, you better have some corner. Having only two decent corner now and the what some experts say is one of the best corners in the draft is not a bad thing. You boys really need to quit listening to ESPN so much and use your own brains just once. This guy comes in as the best corner on the team and to this I say..good job Reggie. A DT or DE will not have the same impact a a top flight cover corner.

  19. That would have been Stupid!!!!!!!! All they had to do if the call didn’t come in time and they wanted him sooooo Bad is not send the pick up and let people jump them. Like the Viking did years ago when they wanted the Williams kid out of Oklahoma St. They wanted him a different slot b/c of money, so when their pick came up they let him fall knowing he wouldn’t get picked by the teams behind him b/c of need. That is how you work the draft. Big Red did well yesterday to get a pick, but we still didn’t get value for the 3rd Pick.

  20. I won’t go down the path of the above proven cyber-GMs but I will say this isn’t a very ‘sexy’ pick. IMO the only team that scored in the AFC West is San Diego. Despite the column by the buffoon in the UT, Fluker is a stud.
    As a Raider fan, I don’t want to see DJ twice a year for the next 10 years.

  21. This guy was rated as the highest DB on the board by many scouts. Folks that are saying this is a “Davis like – pick” are uneducated. Al would have taken either Gino or Tavon Austin at 3. Book it!

  22. Whoever coached D.J. Hayden on how to play corner, the raiders need to hire him ASAP. I’m so sick and tired of watching our previous corners miss easy interceptions because they don’t know how to turn their heads and look for the ball. D.J. Hayden plays the corner position to a T. He could very well be the second coming of Charles Woodson.

  23. Do you people bashing the pick not realize that he was considered a top CB in the draft? Just because he is fast doesn’t and the Raiders draft him doesn’t mean he is a reach. They got their player, an exceptional college CB and a position of need, and an extra pick. I’d say that’s pretty well done.

  24. DJ Hayden is the best CB in the draft as far as ball skills, and recovery speed, he’s a natural cover corner. Apparently the people that don’t like this pick don’t really understand what is going on in a football game. He will be much, much better than Milliner, just wait and see. I do agree we could have probably traded down a little further and still gotten Hayden but not much, perhaps could have traded down to Carolina panthers and grabbed another draft pick, but who cares, great first pick, now hopefully here we draft Jesse Williams, or Jonathan Hankins, but it’s looking like Damontre Moore will be the pick, don’t like his motor, hope it’s just a smoke screen.

  25. There were other “reaches” in round 1, so why is this one highlighted? We should be seeing stories about Manuel, Reid, Pugh and Long rolling in, shortly. All of these picks reek of positional desperation rather than who can/will help the team the most.

  26. Love the pick! DL heavy draft, our biggest need right now was DB and we snagged the best available (in some eyes THEE best) and a high 2nd rounder. I don’t know why some people have commented negatively, since when is it not smart to draft a shutdown corner with premiere speed?! We’ve added about 4-5 players to our front 7 in free agency. #RAIDERNATION!!

  27. que in the Raiders trolls…. whose teams probably don’t have 3 Lomabrdi Trophies sitting on the shelf…..

  28. It was a good trade for both teams. Now we just have to see if both kids can play at the next level!

  29. Those saying this is an “Al Davis” style pick… actually, Dee Millner would’ve been the Al Davis pick. This was the better CB, the better football player and the better pick. I was hoping for a fatty in the trenches, but I’m excited we got our cover corner of the future.

  30. Who’s the 174 year old guy sitting at the Raiders draft table? Is that Al Davis’ grandfather?

  31. gibbyfan says:
    Apr 26, 2013 8:48 AM
    What happened to the Reggie philosophy of building strong trenches first ?

    That is not Reggies philosophy. He has always said he wants impact players. He wants someone who will make a difference no matter what the need is. Go to and watch his pre draft interview from Wednesday

  32. “According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, the call from the Dolphins regarding a possible trade came with two minutes left in the 10-minute window.”

    Well according to Jeff Ireland, it was the other way round. Oakland balked at their first trade offer (which was probably their later 2nd round pick), then called the Fins back and asked for the earlier 2nd rounder.

  33. Cute pick. Too bad there’s nothing they can do to address their offensive shortcomings. Clearly, one of the worst drafts in modern history for quarterbacks and running backs.

  34. I was thinking they didn’t get enough for the 3rd pick, especially with NE getting 4 picks for the 29th pick, but if they almost took Hayden at 3 then they’re lucky they got anything for trading down.

  35. It would have been nice if McKenzie could have squeezed a 5th rounder out of Miami, but getting back into the 2nd is a big deal for Oakland. As for Hayden, I thought corners were supposed to be fast. He has better ball skills than Milliner, and the guy everyone thought Oakland was going to take didn’t come off the board until 23. Time will tell, but for now I’ll just assume that McKenzie is smarter than trolls like jbaxt, who can’t even string together a readable sentence.

  36. I love that haters take so much time out of their day to spew nonsense. Well done trolls.

    The old guy at the Raiders table was Al’s brother.

    Hayden was widely regarded as the #1 corner in the draft but his medical history was a concern. Reggie gambled and took his guy.

    It will be 3 yeas until we know who got the best of it in this draft. Until then, pipe down and enjoy the ride.

  37. This was not a Reggie McKenzie pick, this was Al Davis brother and son who told Reggie they were taking him cause this is who Al Davis would of wanted due to his speed. Reggie wanted Floyd out of florida

  38. raidernation210 says: Apr 26, 2013 9:33 AM

    que in the Raiders trolls…. whose teams probably don’t have 3 Lomabrdi Trophies sitting on the shelf…..
    They’re called LOMBARDI Trophies, and your team’s three are getting very, very dusty. Over half of your current weren’t even born when your team won its last one, back during President REAGAN’s first term.

    And for the record–My team won multiple Lombardi Trophies before yours did, has won multiple ones since your last one, and has won some this century.

  39. I hope he does well after that freak accident. lucky for him he wasn’t playing in the Earl Campbell days because a bit from h to the chest an he would of been done

  40. also have to love the message board gm’s that say the raiders should have traded down again to get Hayden. that would have been great but how do you know they didn’t try too? it takes two teams to pull it off, no matter how bad you want to trade back. how do you know they didn’t suspect another team, maybe SD, didn’t want him within the picks they would of had to sit through depending on the team that was willing to trade, then they lose the potentially best cb in the draft? idiots

    You take the guy you want, trade back if youcan and fell like you can and still get your guy. You don’t take someone else you don’t want just because you can’t trade back. most of the times the guy the experts said to take and criticize you for not taking doesn’t turn it all that special.

  41. As a Raider fan I am not happy with this pick. Explain to me how a shutdown corner would have stopped Doug Martin for running for about 500 yards against us last season.

    Furthermore, even the best corners cant cover forever. If Manning, Rivers etc have all day back there someone comes open eventually. We had a pro bowl CB in Asomugha and still had horrendous defenses because the front 7 was swiss cheese. You want to stop elite QBs you need to create pressure on the edge and up the middle. One CB cannot cover 4 WRs, as we saw when we had Asomugha. This was a great opportunity to go DT round 1, DE round 2 and presumably fix the D line. McKenzie and Allen fell in love with a story and failed their organization and its great fans.

  42. justwinsomeday says: Apr 26, 2013 8:32 AM

    “I’m assuming the negative posts are from people who haven’t seen this kid play. ”


    Nope, just comments from a bunch of haters who don’t really know much about football. They seem to creep around when we start talking about the Raiders…

  43. Haters will keep hating. Love the pick this young man will be the best cb of this yr’s draft! This kid is destined for greatness and will be the light in Oaklands secondary with no diva reputation!

  44. I thought it was a good trade for both teams. As a Dolphins fan . Jordan has the potential to be a beast of a pass rusher and a good pass rush is the best way to beat the Patriots. If the Dolphins stayed at 12 I wanted them to take Hayden, so good pick for the Raiders in my opinion. The Al Davis Raiders would have taken Geno Smith at #3.

  45. A win for both teams… on paper. The Phins gave up surprisingly little for 3rd overall pick, yet picked up a questionable one-year wonder player who didn’t even dominate the Pac-12. Dion Jordan is this year’s Mike Mamula.

    The Raiders would have been mocked endlessly had they picked Hayden at #3, this year’s Darius Heyward Bay for completely overreaching. However, they were desperate and at least got another pick. Considering what the Pats got for their #29 pick, they Raiders definitely got hosed for their #3.

  46. mjc6118:
    Fantastic points. People too often forget just how crucial the pass-rush is, without exception. Even an average CB can look great when the QB is scrambling, and throwing off his back foot every other down.

    It’s just sort of typical Raiders behavior, in the last decade, to make an odd pick like this. Picking a CB is the kind of luxury item you nab when you already have the other pieces in place. Which, obviously, Oakland does not. Sorry for the obvious quote, but there’s no there, there…

  47. I think this kid has some pretty good potential to be a longterm starter, but at #12? Sorry Raiders fans, but this pick has some Al Davis’ ghost fingerprints on it, if you will, especially considering the kid’s 40′ time. Hope he pans out though, would like to see him succeed considering his recent brush with death.

  48. Good trade for both teams. Raiders save some money trading down, picking up a 2nd rounder & drafting a player many believe will be a impact player. Dolphins get the player they wanted. Don’t be shocked to see Reggie trade down in the second round to pick up a 5th round pick.

  49. I was very confused by this pick, a little upset even, but now I have a positive outlook for the rest of the Raiders draft, after seeing how many impact defensive players are still on the board after round 1.

  50. @commitment2excrement :
    From near death experience, to being selected by the Oakland Raiders. This poor guy can’t catch a break!

    Can I call you (commitment2excrement) since that what you call yourself !!! weeeeeell you name speak for itself .

  51. “They’re called LOMBARDI Trophies, and your team’s three are getting very, very dusty. Over half of your current weren’t even born when your team won its last one, back during President REAGAN’s first term.

    And for the record–My team won multiple Lombardi Trophies before yours did, has won multiple ones since your last one, and has won some this century.”

    • Interesting. I’m presuming you’re a GB fan. If so, Oakland played GB in SB II. So both teams have great histories. As for it being “your” team, they have no idea you even exist.

  52. To DougyDougDoug and Mjc6118:
    Shariff Floyd and Star Lotulelei definitely would’ve been an upgrade. No doubt. I’m not gonna lie, I threw my hands in the air when neither of these names were called. I never heard of D.J. Hayden before. After his name was called and I saw his 15 second highlight reel, I had a smile from ear to ear. I thought I was watching a young Charles Woodson all over again. Now here’s the kicker. The raiders were reluctant to blitz because the corners were horrible. If you can get guys that can cover, I guarantee Coach Allen is bringin’ the house all day long as long as he knows his corners can cover. You get good corners and I promise you, we will bring the house. You can’t blitz if you can’t cover. Success is in the backfield my friends. All the best defenses in the league have great DB’s. It’s only a matter of time before winning becomes a habit again. Believe in the Shield.

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