Ravens remain interested in Te’o


Draft expert extraordinaire Mike Mayock said earlier this year that if linebacker Manti Te’o remains on the board when the Ravens pick at No. 32 in round one, the Ravens will sprint to the podium to get him.

Safety Matt Elam got in the way.

The decision to take Te’o isn’t a negative reflection on the player, however.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Ravens remain very interested in Te’o.

How interested?  So interested that a trade up for Baltimore from No. 62 isn’t out of the question.

Tune in at 6:30 p.m. ET to see what happens.  And watch Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network at 5:00 p.m.  Rod Graves, Shaun King, Erik Kuselias and yours truly will get you ready with a concise one-hour show, in lieu of the 10-hour marathons airing elsewhere.

45 responses to “Ravens remain interested in Te’o

  1. LOL! That’s why we are great and you are not. We have real championships and you have imaginary ones.


    You’re jealous?

  2. This kid was the runner up for heisman this year and everyone loved him before this fake gf thing. I hope he gets picked up and proves people wrong. Just cuz he was a dumb person does t mean he’s a bad football player.

  3. ravensbob- Every team except for probably the Vikings still have the ammo to move up.

  4. Here’s my take on Te’o…he’s either an idiot or a liar. Do you want either of those on your team?

  5. the ravens championships arent real? geez could you be more of a useless troll. anyways, personally not on the te’o bandwagon. would much rather get minter. go ravens

  6. I agree psuorioles. I’m not a Ravens fan but I am just not sure if Te’o in the end is anything more than a two or three down LB at best. I think they trade up but are targeting Minter and Brown and this could be more smoke screen. Last I heard, Vikings and Bears are both really interested in Te’o. Who knows. Can’t wait to go home and relax and watch the rest of the draft.

  7. If they were truly that interested in him at 32, then why would they make it that obvious and public? You dont want people to know who you’re really going to take to possibly prevent someone from jumping in front of you to get him. Makes no sense. #smokescreen

  8. Everyone’s blaming the fake gf fiasco on his slide…but maybe, just maybe it had something to with his 4.90 40 at the combine and his rather dismal performance in the BCS Championship game…just saying..

  9. Schematically I wonder how he would fit in BMore. The loss of Ray Ray leaves open the Mack ILB position and I’m not sure if Te’o has the size to play that. Brown or Minter would be better picks IMHO.

  10. The fact the Vikings passed on Te’o three times makes me wonder if he is about to have an enormous slide down the draft. They had a desperate need/fit, a affinity for Notre Dame players, the opportunity and passed. He could be another Vontaze Burfict in the making.

  11. @steelpenbucs87

    Agree. Brown or Minter would be much better.


    Also agree…I think this poor combine and bad showing in the Championship game showed he might not fare well at the next level–since everyone says the SEC is the closest level to NFL play.

  12. Ozzie… pleeeease draft Te’o!

    I would love to see the Bengals draft Eddie Lacy so he can school Te’o two games a year, just like he did back in January!

  13. This has to be accurate, NFL teams always leak the names of players they are interested in during the draft.

  14. thesteelers says: Apr 26, 2013 1:28 PM


    You’re jealous?

    This is twitter? Stop being a media diva and using hash tags on a forum. You look like a dork.

    and your life is better because a sports team you enjoy holds 6 rings? lol… The life of those players are better… you are still a troll that watches the games from your moms basement.

  15. We could move up. We’ll get any lost picks back next year. Besides all 12 of those selections most like wont make the team. Why not make cuts now with a proven prospect?

  16. Oz was asked about Teo in the press conference after the draft. He said Elam was rated higher so they took him. I believe it. With how the first round went I’ve given up all hope of figuring out round 2. I’d assume they’re looking at WR or ILB just based on need but that is just too obvious a move.

    Also, like others have said drop the hashtags. They’re silly here.

  17. ND fanboys swore up and down that he was a first round pick. Take away the hype, and you see that he had on okay season. His performance in the championship was basically: didn’t do anything. He’s not as terrific as people hype him up to be.

  18. Hope he doesn’t bring his girlfriend with him. She might be imaginably shot in that stink-hole of a city.

  19. Whoever gets him will at worst be getting a solid ILB for years to come. If we are judging him by the Alabama game alone then Tyler Eifert shouldn’t have been drafted last night cuz he didn’t exactly shred Bama’s D. If the Ravens draft him Steeler fans will bash him while Raven fans will hail Ozzy. If my Steelers take him we’ll be defending the pick while Raven fans bash it. Regardless he will be drafted soon.

  20. Anyone see Harbaughs face when Te’o ran his 40. From his expression, I can’t imagine the Ravens are going to pick him no matter how far he falls…

  21. get ready guys – here comes the hate…

    The ravens are already delusional – they’d be a perfect fit!

  22. Right on stillers35 nice to hear logic prevail. You can pretty much assume that whatever team takes him their rival will be all over it. He’ll be watched closely by the media for the year and we’ll hear about him adapting to his new team and integrating in the locker room until its run its course (or Tebow is picked up somewhere else). There will be reports from fellow players on the practical jokes he’ll inevitably receive during camp. We have a lot of Teo to go.

  23. thesteelers says:
    Apr 26, 2013 1:28 PM
    LOL! That’s why we are great and you are not. We have real championships and you have imaginary ones.


    You’re jealous?
    What are you twelve? This isn’t freaking twitter. I can guarantee you weren’t even alive when the steelers won the majority of their lombardis (and if you were that means you’re a middle aged man on twitter which speaks enough for itself). Go take out the trash, do your chores, then accept the fact that the steelers are slipping into another 40 years of mediocrity…

  24. If he’s a star, Ravens will go after him. If he’s going to be a bust, Pittsburgh will mortgage the house to get him. I trust Ozzie because he has the best record for picking HOFers. That’s why Ravens are world champions and the Steelers are both broken and BROKE! Yikes!

  25. Don’t mind the Steeler kids. They’re still smarting over having their 2012 draft graded A+ in their minds and watching 2 of their top picks go on season ending IR, another fail horribly, and another get booted off the team within one year.

  26. Great pick Mikey. Looks like finally he’s starting to turn the corner. I wasn’t so sure about that pick initially, but having a dangerous 2TE set will cause problems for opposing defenses. And im sick of watching greshams goofy ass run with the football lol. Best thing is we have a top 5 pick today which SHOULD go to eddie lacy albeit hes still on the board which he probably will unless JAX takes him. MJD is on contract year. and theres still Giovani Bernard whom pundits said at first was the best back in the draft. we get lacy AFCN LOOK OUT!its a rap Baltimore, Pittsburgh are registering the AARRP memberships as we speak. now only thing I think we need is S, OT, and a Head Coach I like marvin but he’s clearly not the guy. LETS GO!!! WHO DEY!!

  27. Cardio endurance-Ravens have 2nd most picks in draft next to niners. Not may teams have that “ammo”.

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