Report: Jets will consider cutting Sanchez

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The Jets owe quarterback Mark Sanchez $8.25 million in 2013, whether he’s on the team or not.

Suddenly, “or not” is becoming a viable option.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, with the selection of quarterback Geno Smith, the Jets will now consider releasing Sanchez.

It makes sense.  Apart from the fact that half of the six quarterbacks on the roster eventually will have to go, the Jets need to pick a lane and stay in it.  If Sanchez starts, Smith will always be looming.  If Smith starts, Sanchez’s ability to adjust to being a backup will always be scrutinized.

The decision to pick Smith could mean that it’s time for the Jets to grab the Sanchez Band-Aid and rip it off.  In one fast, painful motion.

Doing so would trigger a significant cap charge.  Even with a post-June 1 designation, Sanchez would count for $12.353 million ($12.853 million if he gets his workout bonus) and $4.8 million in 2014.

77 responses to “Report: Jets will consider cutting Sanchez

  1. I think Geno should sit for a couple of years behind Sanchez so he can “learn”. LOL.

  2. u see the pic above, thats how sanchez throws the ball, with his eyes closed, lol

  3. According to Jet’s Beat writer Rich Cimini

    ” Jets can’t cut Sanchez, $17M hit. If cut with 6/1 designation, hed count $12.4M on ’13 cap, $4.8M next yr. Currently, $12.9M”

    So why would they cut Sanchez they would only save 500K this season.

    They’ll send sanchez out there to drown with rex and teach Geno how not to play the QB position and then start over in 2014

  4. Unless there’s a more talented player at any position on their roster that they deem to be better at their position that what Mark Sanchez is at QB, i don’t see the point in cutting Sanchez at all.

  5. Somebody has to step in and put an end to the madness, this team is completely out of control.


  6. Seeing how he is one of the worst QB’s in the NFL and they would be better off with a gas station tuna sandwich….yhea cut him

  7. nesuperfan says:
    Apr 26, 2013 7:51 PM
    I think Geno should sit for a couple of years behind Sanchez so he can “learn”. LOL.

    One of the best comments ever. lol

  8. Oh man, this team just becomes better and better every year. Even the Pats questionable secondary will have fun playing this team!!!

  9. Before the Sanchize leaves I sure hope he spends some time with Geno and coaches him up on the Butt Fumble. He is an expert on that play.

  10. Haha. Rex better start tattooing on his belly. More room there. What a dumpster fire.

  11. Obviously they’re not going to be held hostage by his contract anymore. Finish it and let it be done.

  12. Someone has to start at QB and Geno isn’t ready, especially not with the lack of weapons the Jets have. Personally, I think Tebow should start, because as crazy as it may sound, I think he would actually win the most games for Rex out of all the QB’s they have.

    Rex needs to win games this year. I don’t think he can even use the excuse of a rookie QB to save his job if he has a bad year again. I may be wrong about that but I doubt it.

    But the reality is, Tebow won’t be there much longer so it really comes down to Geno and Sanchez. Even as bad as Sanchez was last year, he’s still a better option than Geno at this point. So I don’t think this talk about cutting Sanchez is going to go anywhere. Geno will probably become the starter at some point during the season but right now, again especially with the lack of weapons they have, he’s just not ready. Let Sanchez take the pounding for half the season then put Geno in.

  13. Schefter is a horrible reporter. Yea I’m sure that the Jets will at least once consider cutting Sanchez. He says a statement that almost garuntees that he will be right, without ever having any personal knowledge if it actually happens.

  14. trapshoot says:
    Apr 26, 2013 7:52 PM
    The Jets are the gang that can’t shoot straight.


    Sorry, that title has been claimed by the Cowboys

  15. The media reaction to the Geno Smith pick really lays bare its ridiculous, agenda-driven coverage of the Jets.

    Let’s be honest: had the Browns, Cardinals, or Bills taken Geno Smith at six, seven, or eight, they’d have received less criticism than the Jets are getting for taking him at 39. And ironically, that’s the case even though websites like this one have spent the last year deriding Sanchez and Tebow as incompetent.

    Bottom line: sports-media outlets like PFT are absolutely married to the Jets-as-circus narrative because it allows them to be lazy; to do no actual reporting; and simply to post one sensationalist Jets-related article after another.

  16. All of this because they picked up the phone and called Peyton Manning last year

  17. Sanchez must be punching holes in his walls and throwing chairs through his windows in an epic meltdown. Expect to see him arrested for DUI this weekend


  18. The Jets have decided to just be a reality show. If they win football games along the way, great.

  19. No Way! The Jet’s aren’t capable of making a good decision such as cutting Sanchez!! I know that to be true because their biggest liability is still the head coach!!! 😉

  20. A lot of clowns commenting seem to forget that Sanchez with a decent supporting cast has already proven he can win playoff games.

    It’s neither far nor smart to judge Sanchez on last season because last year was a clusterflock that the Good Lord Himself would have trouble straightening out.

    If Jeff Garcia did his job right this off-season, Sanchez this season will be much tougher mentally with the self-confidence he needs to be a solid NFL quarterback.

    Give the kid a chance. With so many Jet heads on the chopping block, I think the circus is over and this years’ team will get serious and surprise a lot of PFL commenting windbags who don’t have a clue.

    And I’m not even a Jets fan. Just an observer who has at least ten brain cells still working.

  21. Merry Xmas AFCE fans,

    I posted today that I hope the Jets take Geno Smith. Watch the Pinstripe Bowl, with T Austin and S Bailey this team won 4 games. Good thing Geno didn’t take his toys and go home like he threatened this AM so his family could get those pictures with Jets hats.

    I actually told my nephew who is a HUGE Jets fan I feel sorry for him and fellow posters like nyjallfinday etc.

    Maybe based on the draft the Jets will get rid of Idzik along with Rex and start all over ??

    Would love to hear what Namath has to say now !

  22. Watch his walk to the podium after being selected,who would want him to lead their team ????

  23. Jets are a mess. U need weapons offense was the worst. No rb no wr no te. What else sanchez suppose to do Then he had tebow sideshow

    Why is tebow there still. Either start him or release him

  24. There’s no upside to cutting him outright, they don’t gain anything cap-wise. Start McElroy, he may do well. Have Geno learning the NFL game, maybe ready to go in halfway through the season, and Dirty there in case one or both get hurt.

  25. newdolphinslogo says:
    Apr 26, 2013 8:05 PM
    Jets should cut the best parts of their 6 QBs and stitch together FrankenQB
    None of the six HAVE any “best parts”

  26. harrisonhits2 says:

    Sanchez must be punching holes in his walls and throwing chairs through his windows in an epic meltdown.

    Then he checks his bank account to calm down.

  27. @ampats

    Don’t feel bad for me old buddy, it’s only gonna be sweeter when they finally do win the big one.

  28. coltzfan166 says: Apr 26, 2013 8:02 PM

    Just cut him. They can have Geno’s whole four year salary for what they would save by cutting Sanchez.

    In the spirit of trying to help the mentally challenged. Cutting Sanchez will not cut his salary.
    It will only ADD $4mm more to the cap.
    Good try though.

  29. Let Smith sit behind Tebow and learn how to WIN. Tim’s leadership and work ethic will inspire Geno and make him believe.

  30. pretty good his 1st two years.sanchez is bad,but the jets offense has been pathetic in all of the offensive players other than maybe holmes! why not give him some decent talent and see what he does this year since he is gonna get his money either way?

  31. nyjallfinday,

    whats another 45 years ? Maybe your grandkids will get to see the Jets win the SB ??

  32. Apart from the fact that half of the six quarterbacks on the roster eventually will have to go

    6 QB’s? I count 5 and 1 preachy Fullback

  33. The anti-Jet sheep of PFT. They haven’t predisposed you in anyway to hate…oh wait. Lambs being led to the slaughter…my bad.

    Just a joke. The Jets may suck this year, and Sanchez does suck, but you all suck even more for following the PFT lead and posting on these stories, pathetic. You hate the Jets cause they told you to. Pathetic. Grow a set and your own opinion, and not what they feed you.

    Your welcome.

  34. Is it remotely possible for PFT to spend time on who is picked, as opposed to who might get cut by one of the league’s most consistently mediocre and over-covered teams?

  35. Tannenbaum, ohhhh Tannenbaum, …… (whatever the rest of that song says …………………….)

  36. The Jets won’t cut Sanchez because of the cap, but he’ll sit out the season as the No. 2 or No. 3 QB, and then it’s adios amigo!

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