Report: Texans expect DeVier Posey to open season on PUP list


Even if wide receiver DeVier Posey didn’t tear his Achilles in the Texans’ playoff loss to the Patriots, there’s a good chance the team would have been looking for a wide receiver in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Houston offense was overly reliant on Andre Johnson as a pass catcher before Posey was injured and the now-departed Kevin Walter was second among wideouts with 40 catches last season. The fact that the team has doubts about Posey’s ability to be ready for the season was likely just the icing on the cake baked to welcome DeAndre Hopkins to Houston.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Texans expect Posey to begin the regular season on the physically unable to perform list, which means he would be unavailable to them for at least the first six weeks of the season while rehabbing his injury. Posey, a third-round pick last season, had six catches as a rookie.

With Posey’s outlook in doubt, it would not be much of a surprise to see the Texans select another receiver to go with Hopkins. Lestar Jean and Keshawn Martin are the only other holdovers at the position who caught passes last season and neither one was particularly impactful while doing so.

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  1. I think Martin could get better if given the opportunity and Posey–once he returns, should be a good receiver over all, considering he recovers okay from the Achilles tear. I think Houston is thinking trenches now–OL and DL or even help for LB corps. Cushing is not going to be the same, the rest of the depth not that great and they did lose Conner Barwin–a pretty solid contributor on that DL.

  2. It’s not like we’ll miss him. One catch??? C’Mon, man…I could have caught 1 ball last season. Granted, he can’t develop into a good receiver if he isn’t on the field.While the Texans have drafted really well on defense, they have neglected the offense. Andre Johnson is an amazing receiver, but he’s getting older and his production is bound to declined.We have NO other receivers on the team…tight end Owen Daniels is the next leading receiver. When you have a struggling QB like Matt Schaub (who pretty much sucks right now), he needs more weapons. It’s time to pay attention to the offense. I realize our defense sucked REALLY bad and we had to use quite a few draft picks to improve it. I also realize we have to address the lack of depth at linebacker. I hope the Texans draft wisely, because I believe we’re only a few players away from the superbowl.

  3. I know plenty about my team but thanks for the advice. I don’t see anything wrong with my assessment. I watched quite a few Texans games last year. I think the Martin could turn into a real good receiver. And everyone knows that ACLs/tears, etc aren’t something to recover from too easy. Not everyone is going to be a freak like Adrian Peterson. Also, the fact remains Cushing was in some trouble–was he not–just a few years ago with PEDs? I mean that is probably why he could become even more injury prone. Think of Shawn Merriman–a beast at first and then nothing but injuries afterwards.

    Trust me, I know what Tampa needs and they are a long ways away still. Your team is really close to the big game and I think with the right pieces, they get there this year or next.

  4. @2ndaryinsanity

    I agree. I think the Texans are really close. And probably should take advantage of it while J’Ville, Tennessee and Colts continue to improve or even re-build (J’ville is a mess). I think the Colts will quickly challenge for the division again–based on last year’s performance. Unless Luck just completely regresses. And Tennessee will rebound and become a playoff team soon. I’d say in the next three to four years. Might be good for Houston to try and keep a hold on the division but also to win one or two SB. With the right pieces, I think they can. I wanted them in this year’s but it didn’t work out that way.

  5. The Hopkins pick is very bad for Posey. Martin is a much more prototypical slot receiver and Hopkins will definitely line up on the outside. The Texans RARELY run 4 wide, and if they do its because they put either a RB or TE in motion.

    As far as the Cushing comment. I tend to agree with the Bucs fan. I am definitely worried that Cushing will not come back the same. And then that leaves us with a HUGE hole in the middle of the field!

  6. overratedsteelerhater says: Apr 26, 2013 1:30 PM

    NO qb in texas,not going anywhere without one..

    Last year everyone said that about Baltimore too…
    Most analysts before last years playoffs compared Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco very similarly and most favored Schaub.

    Obviously Flacco made huge strides in the playoffs, but a similar stride by Schaub would have everyone thinking differently about him too.

  7. @8to8texansblog

    I think Hopkins and Johnson outside, Posey and Martin in the slot (alternating) wouldn’t be bad. Eventually one could separate themselves from the pack and become the true slot receiver. And maybe both become good enough to provide true depth at receiver.

    @overrated steelerhater

    The Ravens won a SB with Trent Dilfer–trust me, as a Buccs fan, I know all too well about Dilfer. I believe that means enough said. And that isn’t the only time a team won a Superbowl with a sub-par QB or sub-par QB play in the big game. I mean look at BR’s numbers in the Pitt vs. Seattle Superbowl. Not very good and that team won in spite of his poor play that day and a little help from the refs too (although I don’t think the refs totally screwed the Seahawks, like many others do. They had a chance and just didn’t make plays they needed to in that game).

    I honestly think Schaub, with enough protection and some more weapons can get it done. I also think highly of their back-up Yates. I personally think he could be groomed, learn and grow and become a solid starter for them. JMO

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